Feature Writer: Quixerotic1

Feature Title: THE CRIMSON MILK 16

Published: 15.12.2019

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: A insidious change begins with a drink of crimson milk.


The Crimson Milk 16

Maggie flipped through her magazine while keeping an eye on monitor three. A couple of college kids were loitering a bit too long beside the lingerie shop. The other monitors all portrayed various scenes from around the shopping center. Husbands waited idly in uncomfortable chairs while their wives tried on various outfits to elicit false compliments from sales people. The majority of traffic centered around the food plaza where young professionals from the nearby office buildings all congregated for quick, unhealthy lunches. Maggie always found herself judging them a bit more harshly than she should as she ate her salad and went hungry for greasy fried foods.

She didn’t mind her job. It gave her time out of the house, away from her mother. The monitors let her watch other people, peek into their lives for a moment. Though she didn’t admit it to herself, she occasionally liked to fantasize about spending the day with the odd persons who crossed her monitors. Some of the lunch crowd was so regular that she felt like she knew them, even going so far as to learn their names from the occasional name tag.

One young woman in particular, Patricia, who worked in one of the center’s shops became a favorite of Maggie. Patricia was everything Maggie wasn’t. Thin and attractive with dark luxurious hair and deep round eyes. Men would go to her kiosk just to drool over her. Some would even go as far as buying the odd little trinkets she sold just so they could have an excuse to talk to her. Maggie had three.

She didn’t think that Patricia knew who she was. She only visited the kiosk while in plain clothes. Outside of her mall cop uniform, she didn’t believe herself to be the kind of person anyone would notice, especially someone like Patricia. The one thing that gave Maggie an ember of hope was that Patricia never gave the male customers any more attention than required to make a sale.

A knock at the door drew Maggie’s attention out of her magazine. She checked the time. 12:17. The next shift didn’t start until four. No one ever knocked on her door before a shift change, not even the other security. Figuring a parent or lost child had somehow wandered to the wrong security area, she tossed her magazine on the desk and went to open the door.

“Hi there, sweetie,” said Tiff.

Dumbfounded, Maggie watched the woman push past her and into the room. She had never seen a more amazing creature in her entire life, not even Patricia. Tall and buxom, Tiff wore a skimpy cop uniform that would be more at home on a stripper. Her breasts strained against the buttons, threatening to burst out at any moment. A short black skirt barely covered her ass, and any bending would be out of the question due to how tightly it clung to her body. Nevertheless, as Tiff leaned over the desk and gazed at the monitors, she treated Maggie treated to the sight of naked pussy lips peaking from under the garment.

“Who are you?” Maggie stammered out. The unexpected presence of the divine creature made her self conscious as she looked around her workstation. The magazine cover bore a scattering of exclamatory statements about losing weight and getting the perfect body, while empty diet soda cans covered the desk and a wilted, half-eaten salad sat in the nearby wastebasket. “You’re not supposed to be back here.”

Tiff turned her attention to the pathetic woman trying to muster the courage to stand up to her. “I’m not? But you’ve spent so many hours wishing for me.” Maggie’s brow furrowed. “Maggie? Right?”

“How do you know my name?”

“Our mistress knows many, many things. We know about you. We know that deep down, you’ve always been the little deviant. You’re the kind of girl who always wanted to know what it feels like to have your hot, aching dick slip into that juicy little snatch. All those hours writing fiction, desperate for the feel of anything, but maddened for the thought of having your own cock to stroke. We know all your dirty secrets, and we’ve come to make your wishes come true.”

Maggie edged backwards in horror. “What the fuck are you talking about?” She went towards the phone, but Tiff cut her off. The intruder moved with surprising speed. Maggie fumbled for the mace she wore on her uniform belt.

“You’re not going to use that,” Tiff said. “Why would you when I am here to give you everything you desired? I can make you young and beautiful and give you a big thick cock you can stick in any hot little cunt you can find. I suppose you’ll need some proof.”

A very pleasant smell filled the room. Maggie couldn’t quite place her finger on it, but it summoned up the vague memory of strawberries and cream. The aroma filled her head and made her sleepy, but the woman in front of her kept her rapt attention. Tiff arched her shoulders back, pulling the tenuous threads of her buttons to their limit. Finally, the center one popped and only two remained to hold back her jugs.

Maggie felt a stirring in herself. She wanted to see the brilliant pair of tits swinging free. Tiff smiled at the other woman’s excitement, sensing the rising heartbeat of her prey. “Now, Mags, we know a few things about you and a few things about this building, but there’s one thing we don’t know. That’s why we need you. Oh, goodness, I’m about to come out of my top. It’s the heat, you know. No matter how I dress, I just get so hot when I go out.” Tiff rubbed her hand across her bare cleavage, fingers grazing the top of her tits. She grunted, and her boobs seemed to swell, the titflesh almost oozing over the confining shirt.

Maggie’s mouth watered. She’d never been with a woman before, but she’d spent the whole of her life imagining it – the feel of another woman’s flesh pressing against her own. Different titties to feel and play with, to suck on.

Tiff continued, “This shopping center has a neat little feature. Everyone was so scared of the bad guys that they built a cage around cages. Each shop has its own security gate and system, but the exterior doors all have separate gates that are centrally wired to this control room. In all of that careful planning, no one stopped to wonder what would happen if the bad guys got locked in with everyone else. Are you paying attention Mags?” Tiff slipped her finger underneath the top button of her shirt. She inched closer to Maggie as she talked, amused at the stupefied woman’s inability to resist. “Do you think I should take my top off? My breasts are so full and heavy, it feels so good to just let them out.”

With a flick of her hand, the top button snapped free, and her tits tumbled out into view. A rush of heat took over Maggie’s body. A deep red trickle oozed from Tiff’s nipples as the woman hefted her massive tits in her hands. “That’s soooooo much better. The just get so heavy with milk sometimes. I really need someone to take some of the pressure off. Mags?” She stood inches away from the dumbstruck security guard. “Do you want to suck on my titties?”

Maggie groaned, “Ohhhh god yesss…” as she leaned into the pair of breasts and latched on to a nipple. She sucked hard, and a warm stream of sweet tasting fluid filled her mouth. She swallowed and sucked again as the warmth spread outward from her core.

“That’s a good girl,” Tiff cooed as she stroked Maggie’s hair. “The first taste is always free.” With a firm push, she separated the guard from her swollen tit with a loud “SMOCK”. “Do you want more?”

Maggie could only mumble incoherently, the feeling of the milk coursed throughout her body making her pussy wet, and her breasts tingle. She ran her hand inside her own shirt and began to massage her breasts. The only advantage of being overweight was her big breasts, but they drooped and sagged, far from the pert and perfect teardrop orbs like Tiff’s. She wanted to be like this goddess. She wanted more of the milk to splash over her tongue and fill up her stomach. “Mmmm…yes I want moooreee…pleaseee…”

Tiff smiled. “Those gates require an authorization code to turn on. Tell me the code, and I’ll show you the big surprise!”

Maggie’s senses came back to her. A big breasted woman stood topless in front of her as she stroked her own nipples. She had drank milk from this harpy like it was some kind of drug, and now this criminal wanted the access code to the perimeter gates. Maggie understood what was happening, but her body had no desire to stop it. She summoned up images of all the people she’d come to know through her monitors. All of them would be trapped inside with this…thing, and whatever it wanted of them. “I can’t do that to them,” she said to herself.

From somewhere in her mind a very melodious voice sang to her, “…you can have Patricia first…”

“967AT2” she said in a daze.

Tiff took a second to memorize the number. “Very good, Mags. Now you get the special treat. Your first taste of heaven.” Tiff reached behind herself and tugged on the zipper of her skirt. The fabric peeled open slowly, and she pushed it down her hips. Maggie watched with desperate curiosity as her new mistress undressed, mesmerized by the shaking breasts and hips. It took her a moment to comprehend what she saw when the skirt dropped to the floor. She went to her knees in subservience before the glorious creature, and her mind tried to wrap around the sight. A cock hung half rigid from Tiff’s body, and it was growing. Maggie saw the familiar curve and fold of the woman’s pussy, slightly dewy with arousal, but the dick was expanding rapidly, growing twice the size of any normal cock. Maggie’s mouth watered again. “If you thought my milk tasted good, wait till I dump cum down your throat. Come here and suck, I promise you’ll enjoy it.”

Maggie apprehensively approached the cock. She saw the first drop of precum oozing out from the tip. Her tongue slowly extended and licked the drop into her mouth. Her body exploded with heat. Desperate, she took Tiff’s whole length into her mouth with one swoop. She had never sucked a dick before in her entire life, but it came as natural as anything. More and more, the events in the room made sense. Of course she should suck cock and drink milk from a woman with a horse sized cock. How had she survived this long in the world without it?

She bobbed her head up and down the length. Her hands grabbed Tiff’s ample hips to hold her, and one drifted across her thigh to explore the area beneath the cock. A fresh pulse of excitement ran through Maggie as she touched the slippery wetness of a pussy. She slid her finger inside. Tiff groaned with pleasure and started to run her hands through her new servant’s hair. The changed woman sensed the beginnings of dual orgasms and she poured that energy into Maggie’s body. Tiff gripped her subject’s head roughly and held her in place as hot cum spewed into her mouth. Maggie’s tongue lapped along the length of the girl’s dick, desperate for the fluid.

As she sucked the flaccid cock clean, Maggie’s body began to change. Her flabby stomach pulsed and rippled as the fat dissolved and her muscles toned. Her blotchy skin smoothed out into a clear, perfect bronze. Her fat tits swelled even larger as they became laden with the corrupt milk. Tiff’s dick came out of her mouth with a wet pop, but she took the time to rub it along her cheek before falling forward onto her hands and knees as the changes overwhelmed her. A prickling sensation spread out over her lower body as her pussy became smooth and bald. Her hand rubbed her own juices over the area, fascinated by the warmth of the changes. Her clit had never been so sensitive. It began to throb as it grew out from her folds. As the new cock emerged, Tiff reached underneath the girl and started to jerk off her new convert, feeling the small prick start to swell with cum. Maggie grunted and moved her hands up to her tits, tweaking the nipples and coaxing out small streams of dark red milk.

“That’s a good girl, let that new dick cum for momma,” Tiff cooed as her hand slid up and down the now eight inch cock standing out rigidly from the fat titted, moaning woman. With her free hand, Tiff stroked Maggie’s ballooning ass, urging it to become rounder and more heart shaped. She slapped it, eliciting a grunt from her creation. “Do you like a spanking?” She swatted again, and the cock in her hand pulsed with excitement. “I think you do like a little spanking. You’re going to cum for me now? Cum for momma.” Tiff quickened her stroking while swatting her protege’s ass in rhythm. Maggie squealed with pleasure as cum erupted from the tip of her brand new cock, spilling out onto the floor beneath her to mingle with her milk and pussy juice. Tiff let go, and the girl’s cock spray its last two ropes on its own. Maggie crouched back on her haunches, drooling with pleasure. She sat up on her knees and began to inspect her new cock.

“I want to fuck something,” she said.

Tiff smiled. She went over to the computer at the security desk. She logged in to the central security administration with the code Maggie had provided. Dozens of shoppers milled about or hurriedly moved from store to store. Tiff activated the perimeter security gates.


Patricia heard the murmur before she the clatter of the security gates closing off the exits. No one panicked at first, most believing that the machinery was being tested or that something had triggered them accidentally. Patricia knew better. Those gates did not get tested. Those gates only came down when shit had really hit the fan.

She cleared away her lunch as calmly as possible and started back toward her kiosk, noticing more and more people futilely waving their phones at the sky in search of a signal. Then the announcement started.


Bullshit. If it’s a test, then the shipping doors would still work. Patricia entered the lingerie shop across from her kiosk. “Hi Stacy, do you know what’s up?” Stacy shook her head and went back to folding. “Huh, well, I’m going out through the rear to see if anyone is out back.” And I’ll come back for you if there’s a way out, she thought.

Patricia wove through the store’s stock room to the shipping entrance. She pushed against the door, but it didn’t budge. Her eyes went up to the magnet and her ears heard the low hum of the current sealing the door shut. Her stomach dropped. Fuck.

“I thought you were leaving,” Stacy said as Patricia popped out of the back.

“We’re locked in,” Patricia could see other store workers appearing in the central hall, looking around in alarm. More people were headed to the southern entrance. “Come on, I think we should leave.”

“I can’t just walk out of the store,” Stacy whined. “They’d fire me in a heartbeat.”

Patricia scoffed, but didn’t want to waste time. She took a few steps toward the exit before she heard the low howl. Another came from the opposite end of the building. People did not seem to mind. She could not believe everyone could act so calmly in response to being locked in to a building where inhuman howls filled the air. Then came a roar that shook the windows. Panic erupted.

A man stood in the middle of the main hall. He was completely naked and barely human. Instead of legs, he stood on cloven hoofs. A tail swished behind him, and between his legs was a monstrous cock, oozing precum as he slowly stroked it. A young woman knelt in front of him. She had torn away her shirt and succeeded in unbuttoning her jeans before collapsing in front of Bull to suck his glorious cock. He had rewarded her with rope after rope of his transformative cum splashing on her face and body. Patricia watched as she twitched in blissful transformation. Another young woman had taken her place while a growing crowd watched, seemingly mesmerized.

The second woman pulled her dress up over her ass and wriggled out of her panties as quickly as she could, desperate to present a target for the waiting cock. Bull grabbed her around the waist, lifted her slightly and drove his entire length into her as she screamed in pleasure. Some of the men cheered, but most of crowd edged away, trying to break the trace. Another set of moans from behind them drew a few, including Patricia, to look.

Stacy had come out of her shop to see the commotion. The most beautiful man Patricia had ever seen caught the poor shopgirl in his thrall. She could only imagine that the statue of David had come to life and walked into her workplace, except for the fleshy cockheaded tail that swished back and forth in front of her friend’s face for only a moment before she eagerly took the length of it into her mouth. Another woman tore away her clothing and ran over to them, determined to be the first to feel Adonis’s cock slip into her ass.

A third commotion drew the crowd’s attention. Two women were offering their breasts to the closest takers. Men shoved each other out of the way to reach them. They began sucking and in a moment, they fell to the side in their own blissful transformations. One managed to get off his shirt as his muscles and bones began to snap and change. The cries of alarm started to be drowned out by the moaning and squishing of the coupling pairs. The crowd started to surge as panic spread. People came to their senses and started to run.

The first girl to taste Bull’s load had gotten up. Her body was completely different. Her skin had turned a bright shade of green and her breasts hung massively on her chest, ending in dark red nipples that looked like rose buds. She revealed the same coloring around her pussy as she stripped out of the rest of her clothes. After only a moment to admire her new, perfect body, she ran into the crowd and pounced on the first man she could. His young wife screamed, but the man did nothing to resist. The girl tore open his pants and found his cock rigid and waiting. She happily slid it in her hot cunt and started writhing on top of him.

The mall surged with chaos. Someone shoved Patricia out of the way as a couple tried to flee past Adonis, but Stacy had already risen again with a new cock headed tail of her own. She pulled the man into her voluptuous breasts and quivered as he took his first drought of milk, while the woman helped the cock tail find its way up her skirt, sliding into her waiting snatch.

All around her, people were succumbing to the monsters invading the mall. A young woman pulled at a harlot who had her boyfriend’s face nuzzled in her crotch. The demoness ignored the girl until she was snatched away by a hulking monstrosity which resembled a cross between a cat and a man. Talons shredded the girl’s clothes and in moments she was happily bouncing up and down on the creature’s cock.

She had to run. One of the wolf demons was making his way to her. She turned and darted toward the south exit. Maybe its not a lie, she told herself. Maybe she could get out of this hell and get help for whatever madness was taking over.

All through the hall, she passed lurid couples rutting and trios writhing in ecstasy. One man bent over in orgasmic bliss as his body violently transformed into that of milk cow. Another enjoyed his new strength by lifting his mate up to his shoulders so he could eat her pussy in mid air while another woman fucked up and down beneath her. The south exit wasn’t all the way open, but someone had pried up the security gate and wedged it open with part of a clothing rack. The closest of the sex fiends was almost ten yards behind her and nothing seemed to be in her way.

A young man ushered others through the small opening beneath the gate. He made eye contact with Patricia and shouted something. A vice like grip closed on her shoulder, sending her sprawling to the ground. Pain shot up from her ankle. Her eyes went to the man at the gate. Panic clear on his face, he ducked under the gate and kicked the wedged clothes rack free. The security gate slammed down, sealing everyone inside.

Patricia turned to face her attacker, not sure how she would deal with whatever monstrosity had chosen her. The creature standing over her looked familiar. Maggie, the security guard who sometimes came by her kiosk. She had changed. This Maggie was gorgeous in every way. Perfectly round and plump hips, tapered up into a tight waist before flaring out into giant tear drop breasts with cute, perky nipples. She smiled down at Patricia like a fox who had cornered its prey. As Patricia’s eyes trailed down her immaculate form, the prey realized why.

Patricia had never seen the sexual appeal of a cock before. She didn’t consider herself a lesbian or even bisexual. She never became too interested in one or the other. The sight of Maggie’s form changed something in her. It made her realize something that should have been obvious all along. She never wanted just a cock on a man. And she never wanted just a cunt on a woman. She wanted both. She wanted to run her tongue along a juicy snatch up to the hard ridge of a cock waiting to cum on her tits. Her mind rewrote itself in the awe of Maggie’s waiting prick, the sexual spell issuing one last command: fuck.

Patricia stood up, ignoring the fading pain in her wounded ankle. She calmly and slowly removed her blouse and bra, letting her perky B cups swing free. While Maggie waited, Patricia unbuttoned her pants and wriggled her hips out of them an inch at a time until they fell to her feet. Bending over so that her tits swung beneath her, she pulled down her black lace undies, stepped out of them and tossed them behind her. Somewhat unaware of the raucous orgy a few yards away, she closed the distance between herself and Maggie. She took her new mistress by the hand and led her over to the nearby mattress outlet.

The majority of the beds were taken, but Patricia found one for them. She laid down on her back, scooching herself to a comfortable position in the center of the bed. Then she lightly pulled Maggie on top of her. The larger woman’s breasts squished down into the B cups as they closed in for a long, slow kiss. Patricia could feel the cock nudging against her pussy lips and she shifted slightly so that it became wedged in her folds. She brought her hands down to Maggie’s round rump and pressed, pulling her downwards. She whimpered as the full length of Maggie’s cock slid into her and delighted in the raspy sigh her lover let out.

Patricia felt a wet spot on her chest and looked down to see the red milk oozing out from Maggie’s tits. She pushed the other woman up and latched on to a nipple, dreaming of a cock of her own. Maggie’s pace hurried, her first time having her dick inside of another woman. In only minutes, a torrent of cum shot into Patricia’s waiting cunt. She collapsed on top of the woman she had lusted after for so many months, but soon felt an odd wriggling against her belly. Pushing up, she looked down to see Patricia’s new dick growing to full length. Patricia looked up with a devilish grin, “Your turn.”


“What the fuck were those things?” said one of the escapees. A small group huddled in a nearby alley, all panting for breath.

“I don’t know. Some kind of…drug maybe. Something in the food,” said Everett. He’d opened the gate and let out as many as he could. “Why aren’t there any sirens?”

“What?” the group all answered in unison.

Everett waved his arm, “Sirens. Did no one call the police or 911 or anything?”

A girl answered, “Our phones don’t work. They’ve been dead since it all started.”

“How’s a drug going to make our phones stop working?” said the first man. Everett noticed he had on a name tag, Harris. “Look around, no one has even noticed. It’s like nothing is happening in there. What the fuck can do that? Huh?”

Everett replied, “Let’s all just calm down. We need to go to the police and get help.”

“Fuck that,” Harris said angrily. “There were cops in there. You think they can stop this? Whatever this is? Some kind of government experiment. They’ve cut us off, drugged us, testing some kind of psychedelic chemical weapon.”

“You’re frightening people,” Everett said, firmly.

“Maybe we’re already infected. Who’s to say that bitch over there isn’t about to strip naked, sprout fucking rabbit ears, and try to suck my dick. I need to get out of here. All of you do. Screw going for help, we just have to run before whatever is in there gets out -”

Everett’s fist slammed into Harris’s jaw, sending the man to the ground. “Listen! Panic is what got all those people trapped in there. Whatever’s happening to them could happen to us if we just freak out and try to run. A girl almost made it out, but she just touched one of those infected people changed instantly. We need to stick together, find help, and get through this with people we can trust. Agreed?”

The small group murmured agreement, their eyes filled with worry and fright. Even Harris shook his head in agreement, while tenderly rubbing his jaw.

“Good. Go home, get your friends and your families. If any of them are acting strange…just don’t touch them. Or let them touch you. If it’s in the food, don’t eat anything that could have been tainted. Here, I’m writing down my address. If you find trouble, go there. There’s an old basement that can be safe. Just…don’t let this get to you and stay calm. I’m sure everything is going to be fine, but we need to be careful or we’ll end up like them. I’m going to check out the police station, though I’m not sure they’d believe me. Anyone who wants to stick with me is welcome to.”

Harris and a few others agreed to go along with him. Another group wanted to go to the hospital. A few others went off to their homes. Everett had one word in his mind, resist. He had focused on it when a beautiful red headed woman cornered him. She’d let him get by her, almost like his presence offended her. That close to them, he could feel that something unnatural was happening. Whatever it was, resist.


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