Feature Writer: Quixerotic1

Feature Title: THE CRIMSON MILK 13

Published: 11.12.2019

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: A insidious change begins with a drink of crimson milk.


The Crimson Milk 13

The old charger rolled to a stop. Other cars zoomed by, their drivers focused on going home or to work or to some idle pursuit. Few of them noticed the black car, and none of them noticed the abandoned road it parked beside. Perhaps the road had always been there. Maybe it had only recently fallen into disrepair, some access road that a government project no longer needed. It led off into a thick copse of trees and went somewhere that no one ever needed to go. The charger’s driver eyed the cracked, broken pavement with hostile suspicion. His gaunt face twisted into a bitter smile. He’d seen a road like it before.


“We’re leaving.” Travis looked at his wife sternly.

“You’re being irrational, Travis,” she replied, her voice straining. “Have you taken your medication today?”

“Yes, yes, I always take my medication. How is that always your damn argument? You’re supposed to believe me. You’re supposed to support me. That’s the whole fucking point of taking the medication. So I take the medication, and you listen to what I have to say without implying that I’m out of my mind.” She didn’t move or blink, but stared back at him with a sad smile. “Oliva, please,” he said in a near whisper.

She took him by the hand and led him to the couch, pulling him down beside her. “Look, I can see that you’re worried. I am too. But we’ve been told what to do. We stay here, and it’ll all be taken care of in a few days. We’ve had storms before, never one this bad, but still. Remember when we were living in Baltimore? We went almost two weeks without electricity.”

Travis shook his head, “You don’t understand. Why doesn’t anyone want to understand. There was no storm. The phone lines aren’t down, they just don’t work. Something is making them not work. Where’s our mail? Huh? Explain that. Rain sleet or snow, and yet we haven’t gotten any mail from outside of town in over two months.”

Olivia rolled her eyes, her patience fleeing once again. “You’re complaining that we haven’t gotten bulk mail? Listen to what you’re saying, honey. All of it is perfectly normal. The mayor has said repeatedly that no one has anything to worry about. Every thing will be back to normal in just a few days.”

“The mayor!” Travis exclaimed. “The mayor is in on it! She’s the boss of the whole thing for all we know. Look at her for Christ’s sake. She looks ten years younger, and everyone has seen her around town with that other woman.”

“No honey, not everyone, just you.”

“Frank saw her.”

Olivia gripped her knees in frustration. “I spoke with Frank this morning. He said he never even saw you yesterday. And he didn’t know what I was talking about when I mentioned a red haired woman. He’s worried about you, too.”

Travis’s mind raced. He thought back to the day before, lingering in the local diner with Frank. The two of them had spent a morning speaking in hushed tones while sneaking glances at the other patrons. They were surrounded by young vixens and handsome bucks, all looking at them like caged animals eyeing their daily feeding. That was when they saw her, the red woman talking with the mayor and several other notable figures of the community. “He’s lying. We had a late breakfast. I ordered ham and eggs with water, same as I ever do. Frank ordered pancakes with mi- MILK!” He jumped from the couch. “They got to Frank. What have you eaten, drank? Anything from outside of the house?”

Olivia pulled away from him. She had seen her husband in a manic state a hundred times before. They had suffered through the roughest years, but those had been long behind her. This mood was different than it had been before. He was more desperate, more afraid. “No,” she replied calmly.

“When was the last time you bought groceries?” he asked with a quaver of worry.

“It’s been almost two weeks, we’re almost out of everything because of the stor-”

“There was no storm!” he railed at her.

Olivia hated to see her husband like this, but knew she could get no where by arguing with him. “Ok, no storm, but with the problems in town, the markets have been closed. We’ve got canned goods and bottled water. No one could tamper with that.”

Travis turned the idea over in his head. She was right. He could tell she was patronizing him, but it was a start. “Of course not. I’m sorry I’m so jumpy. You know I don’t like to leave my routine.” He struggled to smile. “I can see that something isn’t right with me. Once all this has blown over, I’ll call -no, you should call – and set up an appointment with Dr. Rogers. He can double check my prescriptions, make sure everything is ok. It’s probably just all the, well, everything that’s been happening lately. You know how I get.”

He watched his wife, waiting for her stern gaze to soften. She smiled, “That sounds like a good plan. Just read your book and try not to think about all of it. It’ll all be over soon.”


The car stopped in front of a run down motel near the rear of town. A junkie squinted at the man across the parking lot. The man waved him over. He had liked cars once, before he found the needle. He scratched his neck, picking at a small sore. “What year is it?” he rasped, one finger pointed at the car. The man looked him up and down. Though his face was haggard and unshaven, his shirt was slim fitted, and his jeans were clean. Dark glasses concealed his eyes. The junkie saw the bulge of a firearm holstered underneath his shirt. “You police?”

The man smoothed his shirt and, with it, the outline of the gun. “It’s a ’66.” He produced a pack of cigarettes and offered one, the junkie hesitated. “Not police,” the man said.

The parking lot was empty other than the two of them. The junkie took the cigarette. “None them police come down here anymore. Not since that cat house opened up.”

The man tossed over a lighter. “Cat house?”

The nicotine rushed into the junkie’s bloodstream. “Out on the edge of town. Been there for years folk say. Wish they told me bout it.”

“You haven’t been?”

The junkie laughed, exposing his black and yellow toothed grin. “They don’t like me creepin round there. Used to shack with girls round here. They gone now.” A noise drew his attention, a small thump from the rear of the car. He looked again at the stranger, and then pointedly moved his eyes to the ground.

The man tossed him the rest of the pack. “No worries. How about some directions?”


Travis closed the front door as quietly as he could. Despite his efforts, it clicked and the echo seemed thunderous on the vacant street. Curfew was in effect and the houses were black and silent. He held his breath while peering down the street for any sign of another patrol car. They had been passing his house at regular intervals for weeks. Nothing in sight, no cars, no persons, no stray cats. Even the air was still, free of birdsong or the summer buzzing of cicadas.

He gripped the baseball bat tighter and started down the street. He tried his best to avoid the splashes of lamplight that still lingered. Most of the streetlights had been disconnected, supposedly to help alleviate strain on the grid. The idea was ludicrous. The mayor just wanted to keep the whole town in the dark. Travis just needed some kind of proof.

City Hall was only a few blocks away, and he made the journey in little time. His heart pounded in his ears as he dashed by his neighbor’s houses, knowing how a shadowy figure darting through the streets would cause them to panic. Yet no one stirred, and no alarm was raised. Nevertheless, his paranoia grew. The night seemed to close in around him, and he heard the soft tap of lighter feet somewhere behind him. He would pause to catch his breath and hear just the last footfall of a pursuer, or maybe just the echo of his own. The bat clutched tighter to his chest, he doubled his speed for the last block. He wasn’t in poor shape, but sprinting across town in the dead of night winded him. He was glad to see his travel wouldn’t be in vain.

Light blazed from the windows of City Hall. The mayor was working all night, desperately trying to bring the whole town back up to speed after the storm. Travis knew better. Two police cars were parked in front of the building. They sat silent and any movement within was indiscernible, but Travis knew the goons were inside watching and waiting for any newcomers. He pressed himself into the side of the building and crept along until he found the door he wanted. His father had worked at the post office for years, using the little underground hall to pass mail back and forth to the mayor’s office. Whatever the original purpose, the tunnel now served as the best way to get in or out of City Hall undetected. As quietly as possible, he forced the door and disappeared into the building.

Olivia watched her husband vanish into the building. Terrified of whatever he was planning, she ran towards the parked cars to get help.


The red sign gleamed through the trees, “CRIMSON”. The woods surrounding the building seethed with a familiar silence. The man’s eyes scanned the treeline, taking note of the statuesque black figures positioned all around the club. He could only count four, but knew at least a dozen or more would be prowling the forest, ready to entice young men and women coming to take a peek at the new whorehouse. He had thought about this for months, and now he finally had his chance. He unlocked the trunk.

Inside the club, Mandi raised her head up from the growing cock spurting in her hands. She could hear a new song seeping through the walls. It concerned her, but she was not afraid. With a flick of her hand, the shadows outside of her club started to move, descending toward the intruder.


Travis worried about noise as he passed through the old boiler room. The low hissing of the gas heaters did little to cover the sound of the metal door slamming shut. Soon, he realized that his worries were pointless. From the meeting hall came roars of laughter and cheering. He considered going straight to the mayor’s office, but his curiosity got the better of him. He crept along to the hallway beside the meeting room and eased his head up to peer through the port hole windows in the door. The sight astounded him.

The meeting hall had changed. It had once been a large, mostly vacant room filled with folding chairs and benches placed haphazardly around a raised stage. All remnant of that room was gone. Instead, the hall had become a lavish theater centered around a magnificent stage. The room was adorned with red curtains and red cushioned chairs. The stage was lit with dancing red light. Very little of this change registered with Travis due to the creatures occupying the room.

Monsters. He could think of no other word to describe them. Many of the creatures looked as if they had stepped out of a Greek myth or a fevered nightmare, and most of them were engaged in some type of debauchery. All of them were in some state of undress, but most were completely naked and unashamed.

The first to catch Travis’s attention was a woman. She was dancing around in front of a gargantuan man while he fisted a massive erection. Travis did not blame him. The woman had curves that made his own dick stir. Her ass flared out to impossible size, wobbling as she danced. The silky skin rippled as she popped her hips back and forward, mesmerizing Travis and a few other onlookers who pawed at her. As she turned, Travis saw her magnificent breasts, all four of them, dripping milk down her front, sluicing through her wet thighs. The hulk of a man finally had enough teasing and grabbed hold of the woman, pulling her to him and spearing her naked cunt on his massive dick. She writhed in pleasure as milk spurted out of her four teats. Another one of the male creatures came up behind her and started to knead her breasts while his dick slid into the crack of her ass. Her hands went back to push her cheeks together as he started to fuck along the cushioned crevice.

Travis could feel his cock straining against his underwear. He could feel an unseen force pulling him towards the coupling harlots mewling around the room as they sucked and fucked any cock or pussy they could reach. His mouth watered at the sight of the dripping tits, his taste buds yearning for the sweet taste of the red milk.

His attention snapped to the stage as red curtains pulled back. The room’s orgy continued but most of the denizens positioned themselves to watch whatever new spectacle was about to begin. A large man, a demon with red skin and horns with a half rigid cock swinging between his legs, led out a chain of people, three women and one man. The women were young, not much older than twenty, and the man was in his mid forties. Travis recognized him.

Frank, his neighbor, cowered between two of the young women. Travis snapped out of his lustful haze. Not only had the conspiracy, or whatever this freak show was, gotten to Frank but they were holding him hostage. The older man was visibly shaken by the sight of the monster leading them to the stage, and the room full of fucking, writhing bodies did little to relieve his nerves. The crowd laughed at the four humans, but soon started cheering for the woman who walked up behind them.

Travis had never seen a more beautiful creature. A red, sparkling dress clung to her form as she entered the room. She towered over the other girls on the stage as she delicately walked in front of them, her ample hips swaying from side to side. Her breasts strained against the top of the dress, threatening to spill out at any moment. Travis found himself yearning for some slip or snag to pull down the dress and free her tits. Long red hair cascaded down her back, and plump red lips pursed as she surveyed the captured humans. Travis thought he could see something familiar in her. The mayor. She stopped in front of Frank. Her hand grabbed his chin and forced his eyes up at her. When she spoke, her voice pierced through the air, somehow forcing a silent calm throughout the room. “This man, if you can call him that, is the one who tried to betray us.”

Her voice was melodious and wonderful. Travis again found himself pushing slightly against the door, ready to run in and submit himself to her majesty, but as her voice faded, the crowd’s murmur returned, still enthralled with their sexual exploits, but with a definite hint of anger. The red lady held up her hand again.

“So now, he will get his reward. All of my loyal subjects are rewarded after all, even those who did not know they were loyal to me in the first place. This pathetic creature will know absolute bliss, even though he tried to stop all of this from happening. Unless, of course, he can resist a taste.” With a quick motion, she unfastened the top of her dress. Her large teardrop shaped orbs spilled forth, dangling in front of Frank’s eyes. He whimpered for only a moment before latching on to the closer nipple. The red woman pulled his head into her chest, moaning as the streams of hot milk spurt into his mouth. The crowd jeered in envy, and the other three girls recoiled, edging away, yet still mindful of the demon sized man lurking in the wings of the stage. With a loud pop, the red woman pushed Frank away from her with surprising force, sending the older man sprawling backwards into the center of the stage. “Hope you didn’t drink too much,” she whispered to him.

Travis didn’t know what to do. He still clutched the baseball bat in his left hand, while his right had snaked into his pants and started rubbing his dick. Running for help wouldn’t do any good, since this queen clearly had control of almost everyone in town. Travis consoled himself that he was still free and tried resiliently to put the thought of sex away from his mind. He needed to get home to Olivia, but he couldn’t abandon Frank. The older man laid still on the stage for a few minutes. The mayor grinned at the yet pure women on the stage as she left, pulling the demon man with her. Travis considered dashing in and freeing the four humans, but then he saw Frank’s body begin to jerk and twist.

Fire coursed through Frank’s veins as he started to claw at his clothes. He managed to pull off his shirt and unfasten his pants before he felt the first bone crack. Pain racked his body as his femur seemed to break and reassemble. His legs grew, muscle expanding and reforming his thighs from fatty flesh to solid meat. A guttural moan issued from him as his body broke out in a thick sweat. His arms buckled and expanded, thin, weak arms becoming ripped and muscular. He stretched out his transforming limbs, marveling as they expanded to over nine feet in wingspan. His chest doubled in size as his pants burst at the seams, falling away from his mass in tatters. His dick started to swell. He grunted again and again as blood rushed to fill the new girth extending from his form. His new cock started to rise up from him as he panted on his back, his balls growing to four times their normal size yet remaining proportional to his new giantism. Frank’s mind melted away as images of female flesh invaded. A soothing song from the red woman kept him calm, but his libido raged nevertheless, and he could smell the young, ripe women nearby.

With great effort, he got to his feet. Vaguely aware of the others in the room, he focused his attention on the three unchanged young women screaming and weeping on the stage. It took him a moment to gain control of his new body, but he managed to stand up straight reaching eleven feet tall. His cock was the true wonder, it was the size of any normal man’s leg, a cruel punishment since no giantesses were to be found. His testicles pulsed up and down underneath his shaft, the size of basketballs. A thick dollop of precum oozed from the tip of the cock as he experimented with gripping his phallus with his new hands. He began to jerk himself off, enjoying the sensation of moving his hand up and down the forty inches of cock that stood rigid in front of him.

Travis was sickened by the situation, but knew what he had to do. All of these monsters had to be destroyed. He started to leave, but then noticed the three young women left on the stage had put aside their fear and started to strip off their own clothes. One girl was bent over in front of Frank, spreading her lips and masturbating while gyrating her ass. Another was desperately fondling her breasts while fingering herself and the third was simply naked and watching the monster in front of her jack off, eager for what she knew would come.

Travis tried to yell out, though not sure what he could do, but his voice was drowned in the orgasmic roar of the giant. Cum gushed from his cock, spraying gout after gout onto the three women. They shuddered and bucked as the warm, pink jizz slathered onto their bodies. They were no more human than their new master, and they loved the feel of the transformative cum spreading all over their bodies. They began to grow and urged on their new bodies with squeals of delight. Two of the girls crawled on top of one another to lick each other clean.

The third kneaded her breasts as they expanded in time with her growing body. She made her way over to Frank and ran her growing hand along his slightly limp shaft. He grunted in response, seeing that this new creature had already grown to nine feet tall, his sex addled mind could work out that she was becoming like him. She pushed him down, his massive weight causing the whole room to shudder as he hit the stage. His cockhead slapped against her ass as she straddled him. She slid down the top of his cock, feeling the thickest vein ripple along her ass cheeks. She raised up again and positioned the cockhead at her lips. She hefted her giant breast, and a red drop splashed down onto Frank’s chest. With a grunt, she pushed down, and the cock popped into her dripping cunt. A noticeable bulge grew in her stomach as she sank down, shuddering in grateful orgasm. The crowed cheered, and Travis filled his underwear with his own, involuntary cum.

The other two newly giant women crawled over to their only adequate mate. One straddled his face, while the other pressed herself between the two gyrating females, devoting her attention the milk dripping from the first one’s nipples. Their groans and slurps of pleasure continued to echo through the chamber as the other creatures went silent. Two police officers were walking down toward the stage, in between them was a young woman in a hood. Travis’s heart sank. He recognized the t-shirt. They paraded her up to the stage as the cacophony resumed. The giant roared as he caught sight of new, uncorrupted flesh. The mayor appeared on stage, and the police officers backed away from their prize.

The mayor luridly wiped her mouth as she approached the hooded woman. Her dress was completely gone, and Travis had a hard time concentrating as her perfect form crossed the stage. He knew he should act, but he only wanted to touch her skin, to nuzzle between her thighs, and to drink deeply from her breasts. The red lady snatched the hood off, and he saw his wife’s terrified face as it took in the spectacle around her.

“No, shhh,” the mayor whisperd. “Olivia, don’t worry about all of them. They are happy and know pleasure beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. After all, what could that husband of yours ever really give you?”

“No!” Travis burst into the room. Immediately, one of the goons pinned him against the wall, forcing the bat out of his hand. He hadn’t thought through anything, but knew he couldn’t let Olivia face that goddess alone. He yelled out to his wife, “It’s ok Olive, I’m here. I’m coming!”

Mocking calls rose up from the crowd, “OH! I’m cumming too! Ahhhh ahhhhhhhh!!”

The mayor looked sternly at Travis, “Bring him here.”

Travis tried to kick and resist, but the hulking man tossed him over a shoulder and carried him to the stage with no effort. The closer Travis came to the woman, the more his mind swam with desire. He focused on Olivia and repeated the phrase “I love my wife,” over and over in his mind. But when he saw Olivia’s face, her slack jaw and glazed eyes, he lost hope.

“The other conspirator. Just like Frank, this pitiful little thing thought something was wrong in our perfect little town. And his wife, the demurred little woman, so devoted to her limp dicked, pill popping husband. Is there room for even these unfortunate creatures in my paradise?” The crowd yelled more catcalls. The red woman brought her hands up to her breasts. With a short grunt, her nipples exuded a small rivulet of milk, which she caught on each of her index fingers. “Well, you two, care for a taste?”

Travis wanted nothing more. He knew that drop of poison would wash away his being. All the troubles and woes of his life would vanish as he swirled his tongue around her perfect finger, drawing the milk into him. He would then latch on to the teat that had damned the entire town and suck until he couldn’t handle any more. His body would change, perhaps into a giant, or a minotaur or some other monstrosity, but it would be the most pleasurable change possible. His mind would be burned away by the heat of fucking, maybe his wife, maybe one of the other harlots. He opened his mouth and started to lean forward, but then noticed Olivia. The simple statement returned and overruled all of the blind lust he was feeling, “I love my wife.”

Olivia leaned forward and slurped the milk into her mouth, a devilish grin spreading across her face.

The red lady frowned as she felt something she had not experienced since her transformation. Resistance. The weak little man beside her new plaything had resolve, and his mind had slammed shut. A moment after that nudge of resistance, the red lady felt the cold chill of fear.

Travis lunged forward with all his might, shoving the naked goddess away from his wife. The former mayor spilled over the edge of the stage. Her minions scrambled to catch her, but her head banged against the edge of a chair, and her song disappeared from the air. Confusion and panic rippled through the auditorium. Travis grabbed his wife’s hand, and she followed him in a dream. The goon beside him started to reach out and stop them, but was swatted away by a massive hand groping forward in an effort to aide its mistress. The bat clattered to the ground and rolled to Travis’s feet. The giants were still unfamiliar with their new bodies, and as they scrambled to help, started causing absolute chaos. Travis snatched the bat and dashed from the room, dragging his wife behind him. As he left the auditorium, the red lady was on her feet and dispatching her servants to retrieve the only man to ever resist her.

Olivia was almost incoherent, but she could follow him well enough. He rounded the corner of the hallway and caught sight of the policeman exiting the auditorium, their uniforms peeling away as their bodies became hairy and their mouths became fanged. Travis reached the boiler room door and bolted it shut. The hallway to the post office remained clear, but the creatures would find him quickly.

Olivia started to resist. She wanted to go back. The voice of her mistress grew fainter and worried her. Travis pushed her into the hallway and closed the door. Heavy thuds started to come from the City Hall entry door. He had to work quickly. He found the gas line and started beating the pipe with the bat. After a few strikes, the segment broke and a loud hiss filled the room. He tossed the bat aside and grabbed the metal segment. Taking it to the metal door, he hesitated a moment as the wall shook with the force of the creatures clawing against it. He jammed the segment into the handle, leaving it extended enough so that as it would catch on the other piping nearby. It might not ignite, but the gas should slow them down at any rate.

He pushed Olivia back as he opened the hallway door, she was somehow different. Her shirt fit her less well and her pants seemed tighter. The milk had already started to corrupt her. Travis tried to secure the second door, but could only manage to wedge a piece of wood underneath it. Pulling Olivia behind him, they fled down the hall. Moments after he reached the other end, he heard a loud sucking noise and a roar followed. He slammed shut the metal door as a fireball raced up the tunnel.


The man entered the club. They were waiting for him, and he knew it. Travis walked into the lobby with a hooded and cloaked figure on a leash behind him. His hand rested on his gun. The woman sitting behind the security glass smiled at him with fiendish delight. “Where is it?” he rasped.

The woman’s smile broadened, and she gestured to the door on the right.

Travis entered the room with his prisoner behind him. He had expected a full room of demonic coupling, but instead only a single figure waited. The red woman. The same and yet somehow different.

“You’re disappointed,” she said.

Travis pulled out his gun and aimed at Mandi. “Where is she?”

Mandi ignored the firearm. “What have you done to yourself, Travis?” She took a seat in the single chair in the room. He kept the barrel trained on her head. “All this running, all this deprivation of joy. You could have been so happy. For what you’ve done to your wife, I could…just tear you apart.”

“The mayor, where is she?” Travis tried to focus.

“Safe in her bed for all I know,” Mandi replied. “Of course, you’re not really looking for the mayor of my town, but the mayor of yours. My mother, so to speak.” A glimmer of failing hope crossed Travis’s face. “See, you thought there couldn’t be more than one person like her, or that she would just be waiting for you to find her in the next town. Whatever you thought was wrong, and all of your plans for vengeance were idiotic. You killed all those people, and you think we are monsters.”

“They were already dead. You things aren’t humans.”

“We are more than human,” Mandi snapped. “We are what humans truly want to be. We are the evolved form of humanity. Carnal lust free of restraint and restriction. And you destroyed so many for the sake of clinging to your false ideals of repression. It’s always been your problem, Travis, all that anxiety and paranoia you fought for years. You still can’t let go. You have your wife, who by your own definition is dead, on a string. She lives in the trunk of your car so that you aren’t tempted to fuck her, but I can see your dreams floating around you. You want her big fat lips wrapped around that cock of yours, you want to feel your dick slide down her throat and fill her up with your cum. From the day you met her that’s all you ever wanted, but you hid it behind emotions and love and all that other garbage that gets in the way of pure fucking.”

He stammered, “Wh—where is she?” The gun drooped. “I—I can still save her.”

“You can’t save anyone, Travis. You never could. Take him.”

From no where, two hulking wolves grabbed him. The gun dropped to the ground and fizzled into sand. The wolves pinned his arms against his side and lifted him easily off his feet.

“You have to pay, Travis. For what you did, I can’t just let you become like us. We know only pleasure and desire. You will only know frustration. You’re going to watch your wife get fucked by everyone in this town. Then I’m going to make her into one of my little milk cows that can’t help but fuck a dildo just to get off while a machine sucks on her creamy tits. And you’re going to see every single moment of it, chained up with that puny little prick of yours straining against the air, desperate for your wife’s hot little mouth.” She pulled the hood off of Olivia, and his wife grinned up at him, absolutely delighted to see him squirming. She pawed at Mandi’s ass while the red lady released her tits. “Drink up, Olive, we want you to have big nice tits for everyone to fuck, too.” Olivia pulled down the dress, pushing it over the perfect, dimpled hips.

Travis’s mind swam with lust. He started to scream protests as his wife moved down to the demoness’s wanton snatch.

“Now now, uhnnngg, oh you are right Travis, your wife does have a nice tongue. Maybe if you’re good, I’ll let you have one little lick every few months or so.”


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