THE CONVENT by Doghead

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Feature Title: The Convent

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Story Codes: Religious, NC, Rape, Bondage, Torture, Snuff

Disclaimer: This story is total fantasy. The author does not condone any form of violence towards women in any form whatsoever. All women should be treated with the utmost courtesy that they deserve as our mothers, wives, girlfriends and friends. They are not the weakest sex as is often portrayed, but they certainly are the fairer sex. Where would we be without them? Treat them like Angels and Princesses at all times, they deserve it.

The Convent

The nun’s were taking communion in the chapel with a visiting local priest. It was only a small order with twenty nun’s including the Mother Superior plus three young novices, however it was a closed order with little or no contact with the outside world. The order was solely dedicated to prayer. Men in the form of priests were only ever allowed into the convent’s precincts to perform communion on special holy days or to administer last rights to a dying sister. Even confessions were done through a hole in the wall to a small building next door where the priest would wait.

Halfway through the communion service, the convent’s main doors were suddenly burst open by a large number of foreign knights, who swarmed into the entrance hallway. Those in the chapel were motionless at the unfamiliar of sound of men and armor echoing off the buildings old inner walls. All faces turned to the Mother Superior and the priest for guidance.

The Mother Superior, who was sitting on the front row, stood up and moved into the aisle of the chapel as the knights started to flood into the back of the room. Three of the knights, with swords drawn, started down the aisle towards the altar, as she tried to stand in their way, the Mother Superior was struck on the side of the head with the hilt of one of the swords, which sent the sixty year old woman sprawling on the ground. Kicking the old woman out of their way, the knights headed straight for the priest, who was run through by the swords of all three men. The dying priest fell backwards on top of the altar, where his lifeblood mixed with the spilt communion wine before trickling its way onto the floor.

The horrified nuns and novices started to wail and throw their arms around each other in a mutual attempt to seek protection. One of the three knights barked orders to the other men at the back of the chapel and then headed back out of the door with the other two knights, and disappeared into the hallway. As soon as they had left, the rest of the knights moved forwards and started to grab the women and drag them, none to gently out into the hallway.

The women were all grouped together in the hall until the three knights returned from searching the convent buildings. The women were then led in single file down to the small rooms where they slept. These rooms were more like cells than bedrooms, plain stone white painted walls, a solitary wooden bunk covered with a thin mattress, a small bedside table and a large footlocker at the end of the bunk for their clothes. Measuring only six feet by nine feet with one small window up near the roof, looking out over the courtyard, the rooms all had an old solid oak door, which could be bolted from the outside only.

On reaching these rooms the women were separated into small groups. The three novices wearing their white dresses were placed together in the first room and the door was bolted. Eight nuns aged between twenty and thirty years old were crammed into the second room before the door was sealed. Six nuns were also sealed up in the third room; these were all aged between thirty and forty years of age. Only one other room was put to use, and the remaining five nuns aged between about forty and fifty-five were forced inside before the bolt was slammed home. Only the old Mother Superior was left in the passageway with the knights.

The old woman was led out to the convents central courtyard and allowed to sit down under guard, while the men started to make some sort of preparations and ransacked the buildings looking for both valuable items to keep and things that they could use for their plans.

The large wooden life-size crucifix from the main chapel was dragged out into the centre of the courtyard and set in the ground, on one side was the effigy of the Christ figure, on the other side, the plain wooden cross. Some of the knights forced the Mother Superior to her feet and dragged her over to the newly planted cross.

Using ladders and wooden boxes found in one of the outhouses to stand on, she was hoisted up in the air and nailed to the cross-member through her hands. Her legs were bent slightly and then her feet were also nailed to the crucifix upright. The leader of the knights studied her form and that of the Christ figure on the other side of the cross. On his instructions she was stripped of her nuns habit, and a coil of fencing wire placed around her head in an effigy of the crown of thorns.

The now naked old woman was sharing her savior’s fate in more ways than one. The men looked at her nakedness, which seemed even more obscene due to her aging frail form, her dried up sagging breasts hung nearly flat on her chest, Her ribs and bones could be clearly seen through her withered flesh, The triangle of white and grey pubic hair between her withered legs was sparse and barely covering her dried up womanhood. She was left there to suffer her fate, hopefully to witness the coming events before she was unable to raise herself up to gasp for breath any longer.

The knights then brought out the five older nuns into the courtyard. They were shocked to see their spiritual leader nailed naked to the cross and started to wail at what was happening. Knights surrounded the five women and stripped them of all their garments. Each nun was laid on the ground face downwards, and their arms were tied behind their backs with cord. Five long fencing posts with sharp pointed ends were brought out and one placed next to each of the women.

At a signal from the leader, a couple of knights grabbed each ankle of the first naked nun and spread her legs as wide as possible. She started to shout out at her obscene forced exposure, but her shouts soon turned to screams of agony though, as two men picked up a fence post and forced the pointed end deep into her anus. While the two men pushed the post in, the other knights on her legs pulled her down onto the impaling point. The woman was screeching out in pain as they lifted both her and the post upright and set its base into a hole in the ground.

The woman was still screaming as the second nun was impaled in the same way and raised up to join her. Eventually all five nuns were displayed, mounted with the poles up their asses like grotesque lollypops. It took quite a while before the last of them stopped screaming, although they were still alive, the damage caused to their insides and their agonized shrieking, had weakened them to a state that all they could do was suffer and let out the odd moan as their bodies slowly slid further and further down onto the impaling stakes to their deaths.

The six, thirty to forty year old nuns were brought out next, after tying their hands behind their backs, they were lined up against the wall of one of the buildings, at one side of the courtyard. Along the top of the wall were the ends of a number of thick ceiling beams that stuck out from the side of the building. The knights threw ropes over the ends of six of these beams and then tied nooses onto one end of the ropes. The nooses were passed over the heads of the six women and the slack taken off the ropes, forcing the females to stand up erect, before the ropes were tied off at the other ends.

The women’s ankles were tied to each end of a small pole about four feet long, forcing their legs wide apart. Once the females were fully secured, the knights stripped off all of their clothes, leaving them supported by their necks, totally naked with their legs held spread apart.

The men were allowed to step forward and roughly grope the six women prisoners while preparations were being made for their next ordeal. Greedy hands squeezed and fondled the nun’s naked breasts, buttocks and pubic areas, the women squirmed and squealed at this invasion of their private areas. Most of them had not had a man close to them for twenty to thirty years; some of them had never had a man see them naked before, never mind about having a man actually touching them in an intimate place. And yet here they were nude, restrained and open to the most intimate inspection by a male that was possible.

At last the groping was over, to the relief of the women. Although if they had known what was to come next, they would have probably preferred the rough exploratory hands on their bodies. Six of the knights approached the naked women and stood behind them with a garden style cane in one hand. At a signal from the leader, they started to lay into the women’s buttocks and the tops of their thighs with the sticks, whipping their pale flesh with all their might.

Two more men approached each woman with sticks and stood in front of them. As the females started to jerk their bodies forwards to escape the stinging pain from the strikes to their rears, the two men in front would swing their sticks, One would strike her across her exposed breasts, and one across the front of her belly or on the her pubic mound. The females would then jerk their bodies backwards to be met with another stinging blow from the rear.

This canning went on for about twenty minutes none stop, other men taking over the sticks as the wielders started to tire. By the time that the leader signaled the men to stop, the nun’s bodies were covered with black and blue welts across the target areas of their bodies.

A pair of long handled blacksmiths pincers had been found and one of the knights approached the first naked nun with these in his hands. He closed the pincer jaws on to one of the nun’s bruised nipples, and with a sharp twist and a pull, he ripped the nipple completely off of her breast. To the echo of her agonized screams, he placed the pincers around her other nipple and violently removed it as well. Going down the line of women, he removed both nipples from of all the nuns, one at a time, ignoring their pleads for mercy and their ear splitting screams as the tender flesh buds were ripped away.

Six thick pieces of wood were produced, shaped like men’s penises. One of the main three knights walked behind the women and inserted one of these wooden dildos deep into each of the women’s virgin tight anuses, bringing more screams from the throats of the painfully abused bodies as the dry wood stretched and split their rectum’s and was forced deep into their bowels.

The leader signalled his men to take hold of the end of the ropes around the nun’s necks. Very, very slowly the strain was taken on the ropes so that the noose was tightened and the women’s feet left the ground. The ropes were tied off when the feet of the women were about two feet off the ground. The naked nuns were slowly strangling to death, suspended in the air.

Six knights, including the three main leaders, walked forward with lit torches and held their flames between the women’s spread open legs. While their cunts burnt and they’re pubic hair went up in flames. The women unable to scream out with the restricting nooses around their necks, bounced around on the ends of their ropes.

With each movement of their pained bodies the nooses would tighten just a little bit more, squeezing and constricting their throats a little bit further, stopping them from drawing that life giving breath into their lungs. Amongst the smell of burning flesh and hair, the women died of suffocation, one by one. All six mutilated naked corpses were left swinging from the beams while instructions were given to bring out the eight younger nuns.

As the twenty to thirty year old nuns were brought out into the courtyard, they were split up and spread out around the yard. Like the others before them, they were stripped of their penguin like garments. Their bodies were a lot firmer and shapelier than the previous nuns, and of course they were in the prime of their sexual life.

The knights were obviously aroused by the sight of their nakedness, and they were well aware that as nuns they were practically virgins, if not actual virgins in some cases. With this in mind, the leading knight gave instructions for the females to be staked out on the ground spreadeagled so that his men could have fun and relieve their sexual frustrations on the women before dealing with them.

The women were staked out on their backs with their arms and legs stretched out as far as possible. The knights all stripped off their armor and hose, down to their undergarments. The three leading knights chose three of the youngest girls with large buxom breasts as their first fuck toys, leaving the rest of the men to sort out between themselves who would have first choice of the other five girls. Getting between the legs of the nuns, the men dropped their undergarments and impaled their choice of tight cunt viciously with their engorged penises, bringing screeches and howls from the lips of the sex deprived females.

The men rutted into the females bodies violently until they planted the first of their seed deep inside the holy women’s bellies, then made way for other knights to take their place between the women’s legs. By the time that all off the men had raped a female, most of the first were again ready to impale another nun’s cunt.

This orgy of gangbanging went on for hours with the nuns taking one man after another into their bellies, until all of the men had completely drained themselves, except for the three leading knights who after their first rape, had only watched the others rut into the women. They had other plans for their libidos later.

Once all the men had sated their appetites, the nuns were released from the ground and dragged over to eight stakes sticking out of the ground, about six feet in height. Their arms were tied together behind the stakes and their feet secured to the bottom of the stakes, a third binding was placed around the stake and their waists to stop them falling down the pole.

Kindling and wood from a woodshed were piled up around the girl’s feet to a height level with their knees. At a sign from the leader of the knights, torches were used to ignite the kindling around each of the nun’s feet. As the men watched, the dried wood caught and burst into flame. The physically exhausted abused nuns still had the strength to scream out on terrified agony as the flames started to lick at their skin.

The men were intrigued by the way that there was a sudden flash of flame from between the women’s legs as their pubic hair caught light and flared up in the heat, after the first one, a cheer went out from the men to accompany the shriek of pain from the woman as the next set of pubes flared up, and then again for the next, and so on until all the women’s pubes had gone.

The women didn’t scream for long as their skin and flesh started to turn black and burn, fat and gristle would cook and spit out at the flame as they burnt. They all died quickly but in great agony as the fingers of flame enveloped them. Once the nuns were just burnt charred meat in the centre of their funeral pyres, the knights lost interest in them.

The three young novices in their pure white robes were the last to be brought out into the courtyard; they had to be practically dragged out into the middle of the yard after they emerged from the doorway and saw the fate of all the other nuns. The girls, aged about seventeen and eighteen, were all pretty and had that virginal look of innocence in their white gowns.

Stripping their robes off them to leave their young supple bodies naked, they were allowed to keep on their white headdresses and the large silver crucifixes around their necks. This had the effect of increasing the innocent look of these very sexy females. The crucifixes hung down and rested on the top of their firm large breasts, the longer lower beam of the crosses nestling in their cleavages, seemingly pointing down past their breasts to more treasures to be had below.

One of the novices had a small patch of blonde pubic hair nestling at the top of her legs, while the other two had thicker patches of brown hair covering their pubic mounds. All had pale fair skin unblemished by any marks, or the strong rays of the sun. Only their hands and pretty faces showed signs of exposure to sunlight.

The three leading knights who had been saving themselves for this moment, each grabbed a girl and dragged them off to a wall at one side of the courtyard, the main leader choosing the blonde girl as his target. The girls were struggling but unable to stop themselves from being forced along by the big strong knights.

They were made to stand about three feet from the wall facing it, they were then made to lean forward and place their hands on the wall in front of them about three feet apart. The knights then stood behind them and grabbed them around their hips and kicked the girl’s feet wide apart and even further away from the wall. As the knights stepped back to admire the view of the girls exposed white rumps and unleash their manhood’s from their underwear, the rest of their men got a good look at the girls cunts displayed between their widespread legs.

Once again approaching the girls from behind, the three knights stood between the girls legs, with their swollen cocks in one hand, they encircled the girls waists with their other arms for support and then slowly guided their enormous tools towards the girl’s virgin twats. As they forced the head of their cocks between the girl’s female lips, all three knights met the resistance of the virgin’s hymens. Forcing themselves against the girl’s maidenheads until they split open, to cries of pain from the females, the men proceeded to sink their cocks deep into the girl’s pussies and started to pump into them.

The girls were fucked from behind for a few minutes by the big strong men, their initial screams dying down to moans as their virgin pussies got used to the size and being pummelled by the men’s penises. Before the men could shoot their loads into the girls, they withdrew their inflamed cocks from the now used pussies and positioned them against the tight virgin entrances to the girl’s rectums.

Slowly pushing forwards with the heads of their cocks against the three maiden’s anuses. While holding on tight to their hips with their arms, the knights forced themselves inside the extremely tight entrances; deeper and deeper, lubricated by the girls own cunt juices already covering their cocks.

The girls were again screaming out at the violation of their bodies, this time even louder as the enormous penises forced their way deep into their bowels. Once rammed home all the way until the men’s balls were resting against the girls cunts below, the men started to violently Sodomize the girls rears, pumping their penises in and out like pistons at full steam.

One at a time, the men sped up their strokes even more and then stiffened, ramming their dicks into the girl’s asses as far as they could while they pumped their semen deep into the girls bowels, gushes of pent up man juice was forced deep into the females rears, until the knights had drained their balls completely.

When the knights had finished, their men grabbed hold of the three girls and turned them away from the wall. They were forced to their knees in front of their three rapists a held there. One of the men holding each girl, forced her head up and held her jaw tightly while the rapist held his dick in front of her face. Each of the girls was forced to lick and suck the offered cock clean, gagging on the cunt juices, male semen and anal shit.

The main leader, with the blonde novice, started to get aroused yet again at the manipulations of his cock by the girl with the white headdress, so he rammed his cock deep into her throat and started to fuck her mouth and throat while she gagged and fought for breath. He shot the remainder of his cum down her throat and then forced her to again clean him off with her mouth.

When the men’s ablutions had been completed, the girls had their arms tied behind their backs while they were still kneeling on the ground. Ropes were then wrapped tightly around the three girl’s breasts and tied, forcing their breasts to bulge and swell as the blood supply inside of them was cut off and forced to the front.

The ropes were passed over from one breast to the other in a figure of eight, creating a sort of handle of rope across their cleavages; finally they were lifted to their feet and marched over to where a sort of gantry or walkway ran across one side of the courtyard, joining the second floor of two buildings.

Three ropes were thrown over the walkway and one end tied to the cleavage rope around the girl’s tits. All three novices screamed out as they were hauled up into the air with their full weight suspended on their tender swollen breasts. The ropes were tied off, leaving the girls suspended in the air, swinging on their ropes by their tits.

While they painfully swung, the men brought out three large flat dining tabletops from the main convent house dining room, using their swords they chipped away at the wood at one side of each table so that it became sharpened like a blade. The knights then set these tabletops on their sides under the girl’s feet with the sharpened side facing uppermost.

Bags of cornflower were tied to each ankle of the hanging girls, increasing the strain on their tortured tits, bringing more cries of agony from their lips. Then they were slowly lowered on their breast ropes, men on each side of the tabletops guided one of the girl’s legs to each side of the table. As the girl’s cunts were lowered onto the sharp pointed side of the tables, the blade like edges started to cut into the young girl’s abused pussies.

The ropes were lowered until each of the females was firmly sitting on the edges of their tables, and then slackened off a bit more before being tied off to keep them upright. The full weight of each girl and the two cornflower bags was now resting painfully on the girl’s cunt.

More garden type canes were produced and they started to slash at the girl’s bare backs, buttocks, bellies and restrained tits with them. As the canes struck home the girl’s bodies would flinch and cause them to move and squash their pussies further and further into the table edge. As well as the welts from the canes on their bodies, blood started to spread itself along the sharp table sides, as the girls involuntary ground their own pussies to pulp. On and on went the punishment of the girl’s naked bodies, until hardly any unmarked white skin could be seen around the target areas of the men’s canes

Finally the barbaric punishment was over and the girls hauled back up in the air by their bruised breasts, the bags of cornflower were left dangling from their feet. The tables with the bloody stains were removed and discarded. In their place were set three long pointed fence posts like those used earlier to impale the older nuns.

Once the posts were in place the three girls were once again lowered down on their ropes. Eager knights grabbed hold of their legs as they were lowered and spread them wide. Others guided the sharp pointed stakes into the shredded pussies of the girls. Lower and lower they dropped onto the huge impaling posts until they were well and truly embedded in their tortured cunts. As the girl’s weight and that of the bags on their feet drove them onto the points, the females were really singing out at the tops of their voices in screams. And then all of the weight was on their impalement and the ropes holding them went slack.

The three main knights then drew their swords and sliced off each of the girl’s breasts with a quick slash of the blade between the ropes and their chests, releasing them from both the ropes and their boobies.

The main leader went over to the crucified Mother Superior, who although weak from loss of blood and straining to pull herself up to be able to breath, was still alive and had witnessed the cruel brutal massacre of her sisters. He placed his sword tip between her old withered cunt lips and slowly pushed the blade up into her guts from the inside, gutting her and shredding her withered sex organs in the process. This final act of barbarity was the last straw and her withered body gave up the fight for life.

The three young novices wearing their white headdresses and crucifixes on their de-breasted chests, were still screaming while they slid down the poles to their doom, as the knights mounted their horses and rode away. The only sign of life now left at the convent.


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