I dream of this all the time… the worship of the cock goddess… hail cock goddess


  1. I agree I also dream of a cock goddess in my dreams I find lilith to be my perverted mother of sin who is constantly temping me into more and more satanic act of lust I can’t stop feeling as much as I want to release myself from the god of the catholic church I still pray to the lord jesus christ for help but in the same breath I ask satan to grant me all the sexual pleasure I can endure, I must say the youth in the world today has made me so happy they have at a very young age found there sexual pleasure they found toys that there mommy’s would not figure there little girls and boys would use to get there child like cunts off or little boy cocks they would allow adults to enjoy them as the seductive little succulent sex toys they are, but also
    saying they are active perverted lustful children
    I so want to rape and molest yummmmy

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