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THE BLACK ART by Nuntius


This Working is to be performed before all other Rites and Arts within THE BLACK ART, the system within this Grimoire does not focus on extensive Opening and Closing Rites for two reasons.
First of all The Seal Pentagram opens up the Altar and Ritual Temple and so elaborate methods of casting Circles, calling upon Cardinal Points etc etc … are not required and condemned to the Occult equivalent of the Trash Bin.
Secondly the Satanist seeks no protections or circles of restraint and does not require them, so such lengthy Opening and Ending Rituals are redundant.
The Working here is simply a method of opening up the portals to the Power of Hell through the Pentagram Seal which has the ability to do so as it contains the very Current of Satan’s inner ineffable force.
The Altar should be set up with the required Ritual Implements, the Pentagram Seal at its center still wrapped within its cloth, three unlit Candles should be upon the Altar (one to the left, one to the right and one at the center just behind the Pentagram Seal.
The Practitioner begins by lighting the left Candle in Honour of Satan and reciting the Call To The Infernal Father:

“Lord Satan … King of Hell … True Master of this World … Prince of Thorns … the piercing nail … Father of Demons … Lord of the Arts of Black Magick … you known as the Devil … the Black Goat … the Ram Headed God … and the Adversary … I kindle this flame in your Honor and in Devotion to you … may the Workings of The Black Art to be carried out this night … before the Sacred Shrine … the Dark Altar … of your Service … be imbued with your ineffable Power and given inception by the primordial seeds of your Infernal Current … Hail Satan!”

The Practitioner now lights the Candle to the right of the Altar in Honor of Lilith  and recites the Call To The Infernal Mother:

“Lady Lilith … Queen of Hell … Mother of Demons … Bearer of the Lilin … First of all Women … Mother of Succubi and Incubi … Dark Womb … Slayer of the Pious … bringer of infertility … Queen of Witches … I kindle this flame in your Honor and in Devotion to you … may the Workings of the Black Altar to be carried out this night … before the Sacred Shrine … the Dark Altar … of your Service … be empowered by the gestating currents of your Blackened Womb … giving form to the creative seeds of Our Lord Satan … Hail Lilith!”

The Practitioner now takes up the veiled Pentagram Key and continues:

“Within my hands lies The Pentagram Seal as yet veiled … this is the Seal, the Key that gives inception to the Dark Altar and the Ritual Temple of Hell … on unveiling this Seal shall this inception take place … and the Power of Hell itself, the very current of Our Lord Satan’s Bloodline … bring forth awakening to the Altar of our Mysteries and the Temple of Shrine … the Temple which lies between Worlds and where Demon and Satanic Initiate unite in union!”

The Practitioner now carefully unwraps The Pentagram Seal and – placing the cloth to one side – places it at the center of the Altar, standing in quiet Meditation for a short while on the power of The Pentagram Key releasing its power and morphing their surroundings.
The area grows darker, the energy of the Infernal can be felt emanating from The Pentagram Key and the Altar which it is empowering, a change is detected and an almost indiscernible heat gestates from the core of the Altar and the center of the Temple area.
The Practitioner now recites The Declaration Of Opening:

“Behold through the Power of The Pentagram Seal which holds the ineffable current of Satan Himself … the Ritual Temple of Hell is erected … and the Darkened Altar of Satan and Lilith is arisen imbued with their majestic forces … the Seal, the Heart of the Workings of the Black Arts is unveiled … and the Power of Hell itself and the Demons who reside there … gestates from its core to make manifest the realm between Worlds … where the Dark Mysteries of Satan may once more be Practiced … Hail Lilith … Hail Satan!”

The Workings planned may now proceed empowered by the emanating forces of Our Lord Satan through The Pentagram Seal.

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