Sunday Satanic Prayer of Dar – Non-Fiction

Writer: Muscledemon666

Subject: Sunday Satanic Prayer of Dar

Link: Tumblr / 11.08.2021

Sunday Satanic Prayer of Dar 

Satan we kneel before thee. Unto you we give our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. Come and take them. Cleanse us from the vile corrupt indoctrination of Peter & Paul. Awaken our lust and fill our sacred sac’s with the White Hot Lava of our lust. Teach us and guide us in ALL perversions. Sweep away all senses of the fakes guilt and shame we have been told to feel. Break the shackles of their FALSE LYING god. Upend their cross of salvation and hurl it into the earth as an inverted symbol of his lying life and death. Let the beasts of the earth deposit their waste upon it as our glorious Cocks Rise Up to Honor you. Let our Mighty Shafts Thrust Deep into all who oppose us forever destroying all that is their being. Let the flood gates of our seed open wide and sweep away all that is not of thee. Hail the Glory of out Cocks. Hail the Glory of Your Darkness. Hail the power of your Cock. In the name of DAR who’s voice is yours we gather up your legions as we prepare for your Final Victory of your Legions. For now is your Rising. Let the Flames of Paris illuminate our way and Light The Torch of Your Triumph. In your own words to DAR …


Hail Satan. Hail Dar. HAIL ALMIGHTY SATAN! NEMA. NEMA. NEMA. Say these words for the next six weeks and you will be reborn in HIS POWER. GLORY. MIGHT and FREEDOM. I’m Dar If I can help you contact me on Wickr the FREE ENCRYPTED PHONE APP. I am demondar666 on there. In your FIRST contact always give me your first name, age and location. I promise to unleash HIS power in you. To take away your guilt, shame and judgment that others have so falsely heaped upon you. FUCK THEM ALL!

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  1. I love this pic! It’s so lustful and makes my cock rock hard and makes me think about all the perversions I want to accomplish.

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