Summoning My Pleasure by Lucy Az

Writer: Lucy Az

Subject: Summoning My Pleasure

Link: MeWe / 12.04.2024

Summoning My Pleasure

I lay naked on my sofa with my gorgeous tanned ass sticking out.

I merely think about fucking and my pheromones begin working. Summoning my lovers to me. My gorgeous Thai transsexual lover, Jen, arrives with her dick in her hand, and my wife, Sam, snickers as she climbs up and squats over my face.

Jen lubes her dick with her saliva, then parts my vulva folds to enter me.

Sam rubs her clit as she nestles her crotch over my face — still leaking Jen’s semen from a few hours ago. I grab both of their arms and growl at them.

“Satiate my wicked lust you bitches!”

And Jen nods in compliance, now fucking me, as I push out my hips for her access.

“Yes Mam!” Sam responds and rocks her hips as semen smears over my lips.

This goes on for about a half hour, ending with Jen holding my ass as she ejaculates inside my womb, groaning as I pull her seed into me. And Sam having fucked herself into a frenzy of orgasms, finishes it off by sealing her sweated ass in my mouth and peeing, while she and Jen kiss.

When I have satiated myself with enough of their fluids, They scramble off for some drinks. Holding hands and chatting. I spend the next several minutes, scooping out Thai tranny seed, from my cunt, and feeding.

Happy with myself.

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