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Feature Title: SUCCUBUS OFFICE 2

Published: 26.06.2021

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: First day on the job is full of fun.

Author’s Note: This picks up immediately after the events of Succubus Office 1. You should read that first for this story to make sense. I’m sorry for the delay, I was unsure how to structure the first part of the story. Never fear, I am already writing the next installment.

Succubus Office 2

After Margaret gave me her milk, I took her advice and got some water. Then I sat down and started back with my inventory of the computer systems they had. They were running Windows Server 2003, which I thought was simply unethical, and their AD setup was a mess… well, I’ll spare you the details, since you’re probably here to hear about me and the succubi, not me and the horribly outdated office intranet. Suffice to say I had a lot of work cut out for me that didn’t involve fucking horny demons.

My desk was in a relatively secluded corner of the office. I wasn’t even hooked up to the main phone line, so my phone didn’t ring. Perfect conditions to zone out and get absorbed in computers.

I don’t know how long I sat there staring at the screen, but I do know what snapped me out of it. It was Kally… or Tally? Leaning over my desk, flashing me a charming — if somewhat terrifying — smile.

“Hey Jimothy! You busy right now?” She arched her back, stretching her already tight shirt close to the limit over the considerable swells of her bright red breasts.

I gulped. “Ah, no, nothing that can’t, uh, be done later.”

Her cute giggle completely disarmed me. I was already wrapped around her finger, and she knew it. “Okay then, can you come check out my computer? Somethings’s wrong with it, the internet isn’t working.”

I nodded and followed her to her desk. It’s a weird feeling to know, for certain, that everyone around you is quite literally hungry for your sperm.

Nonetheless, I persevered through the leering glances of by succubus coworkers, and followed, um, Tally to her desk. She turned on her heels to face me when she got there, and pointed at her monitor.

“The internet won’t connect,” she managed to say saucily. I thought it was probably the DNS settings.

It turned out to be the DNS settings, and five minutes later her computer was connecting to the internet just fine.

Tally was ecstatic. “Omigosh thank you thank you thank you,” she said, throwing herself into my arms. She began to kiss me on the cheeks, and quickly started on my mouth. I found myself with a lusty demon girl wrapping herself around me. Her skin felt burning hot through her skimpy clothes. Her tail snaked around my thigh.

Her kiss wasn’t aggressive, but she absolutely did invite me in, and once I accepted she was forceful. Her tongue invaded my mouth and I did my best to reciprocate. My hands found their way to her pert little butt, and I pulled her on to me. She responded by wrapping her right leg around my left. Her hands gripped my back more and more fiercely as we continued to make out.

I was completely discombobulated when we finally disengaged. Luckily I was planted firmly in the ground and Tally was pretty light, or I would have definitely fallen over.

She looked up at me and bit her lip. I don’t know how it’s possible for pure black eyes to twinkle, but hers did. “So, want your reward?” Her chest was pressed tightly onto mine, I could feel her nipples practically burning holes in my skin.

Before I could answer, though, a grumble emerged from my stomach. Tally giggled and disengaged herself from me. “I can see what you really want, tiger. Let me get you something.”

I watched helplessly as the sexy little succubus sashayed to the cabinet in the break room, just a few yards away, and pulled out a box of cereal. Succubi don’t eat food, so they must have just bought a bunch of snacks for me. It was a little comical watching her figure out how to pour it properly, and I had to remind her to add milk. Finally, though, I saw her come back at me with a proud smile on her lips and a big bowl of chex mix in her hands.

“Alright Jim, you can sit at my desk and I’ll feed you!” She said, pointing at her chair. I complied, a little apprehensive, but Tally gleefully sat down on my lap and scooped up some of the cereal.

We had plenty of fun with it. I got more confident as my belly filled, and before long I had my arm comfortably around her waist and we were laughing about nothing in particular, just the silliness of the situation. We kissed every few minutes.

By the time we finally finished the bowl, my cock was rock hard once again and I was ready to go. Tally put down the bowl and we made out vigorously. My hands slid under her skirt. Hers slid under my shirt.

Suddenly she got off me, panting. She quickly hiked up her skirt, spread her legs, and leaned back on her desk. She gripped the end of it, as if she was worried she would fall off. Her tail idly stroked her dripping black pussy.

“I want you now,” she said, almost desperate.

I removed my clothes as quickly as I could. She, meanwhile, unbuttoned her shirt, letting her perky breasts rest uncovered on her chest. I took her legs in my hands, lined up my cock with her entrance, and pushed it in.

Once again, my penis was assaulted with some of the most pleasurable feelings I have ever had. I thrusted like a man possessed and Tally moaned loudly. I guessed there was no point in trying to be discreet in an office like this.

I was prepared for it a little this time, and I managed to hold out for probably like five minutes. I even had the wherewithal to grab one of Tally’s tits and grope it while I pounded into her. As I had predicted, it was just a little more than a handful, nice and firm with sensitive nipples. The other one flopped around violently in time with our lovemaking.

Soon enough I could hold out no more. “Gonna… gonna cum…” I panted. My cock twitched.

Tally moaned again and squeaked out, “YESSSS JIMOTHY COME FOR ME!! CUM INSIDE ME!!!!” Her scream was cut short when I obliged and fired my semen into her, triggering what looked like an intense orgasm for her. Her pussy never stopped milking me, but her face contorted and she looked like she was almost having a seizure. I would have been scared if I hadn’t already seen how succubi react to sperm.

My load felt, somehow, disappointing, although I’m sure it was bigger than a typical one of mine. I was completely spent, and I sat back in Tally’s desk as soon as I had finished.

“That was, huff, really nice, huff Tally”, I got out, as soon as my head stopped spinning. She was sitting up now, touching her pussy absent-mindedly and smiling widely. I noticed that not a drop leaked out.

“I’m Sally, silly!” She giggled, “And I agree, that was really nice. Best meal I’ve had in ages.” She hopped off her desk and bent down to peck me on the cheek. “You’ll do great around here Jim. I need to get back to work though.”

It was going to take some getting used to how succubi feel about sex. Is it just food for them? Do they really care about their partners? Do they even really enjoy it? I’d read about them, but as I was quickly learning, reading is not the same as experiencing.

I also noticed, at that moment, that there was someone watching in. Not just Tally, who had been on a call and casually masturbating just across the room the whole time, but I caught sight of what looked like Cindy, staring at me intensely from the doorway. As soon as I looked in her direction she darted away.

I regained my strength and put on my clothes. Sally sat down and checked her email or something, dismissing me with a smile and a nod. I felt dazed as I walked back to my desk, and with nothing better to do, I decided to read more about succubi.

It wasn’t hard to find stories about succubi on the internet. There was a famous national geographic article from a few years back about a guy who had fallen in love with a succubus and eventually married her, and fought with courts over whether such a marriage could be legal.

There was also a ton erotica about succubi, most of it dubious. For instance, I found it hard to believe the story of the girl who was enslaved by a gang of big-dicked succubus futas, or the boy who had sex with his succubus teacher. Others were more realistic. After the events of that day, I was perfectly happy to accept that a succubus might prowl a dimly lit bar and fuck random men.

I did learn a lot though. For instance, I learned from a very long blog post that, while succubi typically have many sex partners over their lifetime, it is not uncommon for them to eventually become monogamous with one male. Furthermore, it seemed that this state of monogamy was hereditary. In one case, a man and a succubus had been monogamous since the emergence thirty years ago, and she had reproduced at least four times since then. Three of her children and one of her grandchildren had remained with that same man.

Speculation abounded on how this came to pass. Most of the comments of the aforementioned blog post insisted that he was simply “chad”. I managed to dig up a picture of the guy, and while he did have a sort of magnetism (probably a result of being frequently laid, if I had to guess), he was pretty average looking, and he lived in a humble bungalow in East LA. Others thought he might just have a big dick. It was a common theme in porn, especially cuckold porn, that succubi are only interested in big huge dicks that pump out big loads. But, on reflection, that didn’t make much sense in real life: my dick isn’t anything special, and with the Milk of Lilith it seemed like any man could be biologically induced to make as much sperm as a succubus wanted. Succubi themselves insisted the pornographic depictions weren’t real, and that they actually preferred caring lovers that treated them like people, but few people gave them much credence.

I could find nothing about the Milk of Lilith online, except for schizophrenic ramblings on conspiracy websites. Hoo boy, some of those conspiracy websites had some really crazy stuff about succubi. There was the usual religious bigotry, then there was the theory that succubi are actually an alien invasion force bent on destroying humanity. My favorite one claimed that succubi are somehow divine punishment for the lusts of man.

This line of investigation quickly led me back towards the world of erotica, and I started to get a little aroused again reading a story of a man hypnotized by succubi into becoming their love slave…

“Hey handsome,” came a sultry voice. I looked up, started, to see Monique approaching my desk. My eyes instantly went down to the huge melons wobbling in her microscopic vest, much to her amusement.

“I, uh… do you need my help with anything, Monique?” I couldn’t tear my eyes away from those things.

She smiled, “Oh, not really, it’s the end of the day and all, kinda slow…” She moved her hands up to her chest and began stroking her giant tits. Her nipples were already clearly visible through the thin fabric.

“That’s uh… that’s nice…” I said very quietly, and then just stared for a few seconds as Monique rubbed herself.

“You like my tits, Jim?”

I nodded meekly.

“Want to feel them?” She pulled her top off easily, revealing what little of her titanic breasts had been covered. They were every bit as glorious as I could have imagined, each had an aeriola like a dinner plate and was capped with a pierced nipple that looked as big as my thumb. They pointed nearly straight forwards, angling a little to the sides.

I stood up and shuffled over to her. My erection was pressed painfully against my pants. Her body language made it very clear that she wanted me to enjoy her tits for all they were worth.

I put a hand on one and squeezed. It was soft, warm, and fleshy, like nothing I’d ever felt before. I put both hands on the same breast and started squeezing more, luxuriating in the feeling of her supernaturally smooth succubus skin. Monique moaned and thrusted her chest in my direction, egging me on. I obliged and began splitting my hands between both breasts, paying special attention to her rock hard nipples.

Monique sighed. “Ohhh satan, you’re good at this. Let’s lay down, baby.” She moved to get on the soft carpeted floor of the office. I watched her dumbly, then knelt down so I was horizontal to her.

“Suck my tits,” Monique breathed. I obliged and grabbed one of her huge tits with both hands, then began to suck hard on her nipple, licking it over with the tip of my tongue. Monique moaned loudly and I was awarded with the immediate release of her milk.

Within seconds I felt like my whole body, particularly my dick and balls, was on fire. I humped against her uselessly as I gulped down the delicious fluid. I felt like my brain was short-circuiting with pleasure and desire.

“Ah! Woah, easy,” she said. She tried to push me off of her breast but I was latched on hard, greedily sucking down much more milk than I’d had earlier that day. It didn’t help that she was clearly enjoying the sensation as wlel. Finally she settled for pulling off my pants and parting her skirt, allowing my wild thrusts to finally connect with her sopping cunt.

I really lost track of time. For me there was only the humongous teat in my face, the milk in my mouth, and the feeling of her pussy around my cock. I spasmatically pumped myself into her, filling the air with irregular slapping sounds. We squirmed and writhed on the floor of the office. Monique alternated between moaning in ecstasy and imploring me to stop. I’m sure I came several times, but I never stopped humping, and with the milk I still felt like I needed release.

Next thing I knew, I was on my back. My vision was blurry, but I made out the face of Margaret looking down at me with concern.

“—im? Jim? Are you okay?” I heard. I finally fully regained consciousness, and with it I felt an awful headache and an incredible soreness in my junk.

“Yeah,” I managed to croak. My lips were cracked and my throat felt dry.

“Good. Drink.” She dribbled some water down my throat, which was very welcome.

Once I was well enough to sit up, Margaret explained what had happened. All the girls in the office were gathered around looking at me.

“I told you, you shouldn’t drink too much of the milk. You just took a mega-dose. You need to get home and get some rest.” She turned back to Monique, who was once again clothed, and said sternly, “And you, should not have given him so much milk.”

Monique made a clicking noise and said, “Ah! I told him to stop, but he would not let go!”

I nodded. “Yeah, I remember. It just felt too good to stop.”

Margaret glared at both of us and shook her head. “You both need to make sure this doesn’t happen again. This goes for all of you,” she said, glancing around the assembled office. They all nodded subserviently.

She turned her attention back to me. “Can you get home alright? We have some aspirin for the headache.”

I nodded and stood up shakily. “I’ll be fine. See you all tomorrow.”

All the girls shouted “bye Jimothy!” in unison as I shuffled out the door.


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