Sperm of the Earth by Lucy Az – Non-Fiction

Writer: Lucy Az

Subject: Sperm of the Earth

Link: MEWE / 26.06.2021 / Rituals of the Dark Priestess

Sperm of the Earth

Lilith-Daughter of Mine, I want you to imagine yourself walking along the Beach. The one where My precious @Hoku Lani  dwells. I want you imagine the refreshment and rejuvenation as the waves crash and splash upon you. Now I want you to imagine the water that you walk in so gracefully and lustfully, all of it being the sperm worship of humanity. Walk as a Goddess amongst mortals, and they shall render unto you their seed and their soul. The sperm of mortals is your sustinance and gift.

3 thoughts on “Sperm of the Earth by Lucy Az – Non-Fiction”

  1. Hail Lucy Az
    And Hoku Lani

    Thank You Brother Xpanther for sharing their Wisdom

    Hail Lilith
    Queen of The Night

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