Feature Writer: Anna Laura

Feature Title: So Casually

Published: 22.11.2012 (ASSTR)

Story Codes: Late-Abortion, Post Birth Abortion, Infanticide, Snuff, Torture, Pedo, Young Ones

Synopsis:  Women use abortion sex as a way of expressing their change in role from nurturing mothers to murdering pedophiles.

Note from XP: This is the even more “evil” version — the difference from the one in the link above begins in the section “Later that evening …” — Hail LVST

So Casually

Julianne stretched lazily her tanned body on the chaise longue, took a sip from her glass and removed her sunglasses. The sun had moved behind the trees but the air was still hot, with a light breeze moving the leaves of the oleanders. She was naked, wearing just a waist chain and an anklet; her high-heeled sandals were on the paving next to the chaise. There was never much need of clothing at her villa.

A peal of laughter came from the pool, and her two girlfriends, Roberta and Elaine, climbed out of the water, laughing and spraying each other. Julianne smiled, took careful aim, and threw the remains of her wine at her friends. They shrieked, jumped at her and dragged her into the water. More shrieks and laughter, and all three emerged, soaked and laughing.

“You are a disaster!” said Roberta, half choking with laughter. “Wine in my hair! I will have to take a shower, damn you!”

Julianne laughed. “A shower? Are you joking? You just took a bath! Do you want me to throw you back in?”

“Don’t you dare!” Roberta threw her wet towel at Julianne, who ducked.

“Girls, girls!” Elaine sounded reproachful. “A bit of seriousness, if you please!” she moved her chair away from the puddles of water and checked her navel jewel, which was the only thing she had on. Roberta was naked too.

“Why seriousness?” asked Julianne. “Because of your abortion? I am still waiting to hear everything about it.” She looked at the naked body of her friend. “I am glad to see that your figure has not suffered from your pregnancy.”

Elaine looked at her body and smiled. Her breasts were still firm and her belly flat; nobody would have thought that she had had not one, but three full pregnancies. She patted gently her belly. “I am glad too. It is a relief to be rid of the little fucker. Sex while pregnant is a huge turn-on, for me and for my lovers, but I look much better like this.”

“You sure do,” said Julianne “but you enjoyed the wild sex all right. The way you were having sex, I am surprised you didn’t have a miscarriage half way through!”

“Well, I managed to have my abortion as late as I had planned it” laughed Elaine “but you are right. We sure gave the baby a very rough ride while it was inside me!”

“I could see you were very turned on” remarked Roberta, starting to massage a moisturizer onto her breasts “but still I couldn’t be bothered to get pregnant just for the sake of wilder sex! I hate myself when I have a big belly, I could just manage to have my daughters and that was it. Always on the pill, besides my one abortion before I got married.”

“Shame on you!” laughed Elaine “Abortion is a conquest for us women: we should do it again and again, to affirm our sexuality and to show everyone that our pleasure is the only thing that matters!”

Roberta aimed her wet towel at Elaine, missing her. “Leave the politics out of it! Yes, i know, and I am completely in favor of abortion with no limits, just don’t want to bother with it, OK? I was turned on when I had mine, I liked the rush of power when I told the doctor to do it, I just don’t want to be bothered now.”

Julianne yawned. “I had two abortions and I enjoyed the thought and the buildup, but the procedure is messy and it isn’t pleasant, whatever you read in extreme porn stories. I am not squeamish but it is too much of a fuss.” She looked at Elaine. “But you enjoyed yours. Come on, tell us more about it, you have been back one month but this is the first time we can chat.”

“You did it in Eastern Europe, didn’t you?” asked Roberta.

“Yes. It would have been illegal here so far into the pregnancy. I left for when I was just over eight months. I wanted to do it as late as possible.”

“To enjoy more wild pregnant sex?” Roberta was teasing her nipples.

“Yes, but also to make more of a statement.” Elaine glanced and Roberta. “This is not about politics but about myself. I like the feeling of being free from all conventional morals. Late abortion is the most objectionable and extreme kind of abortion and this is why I wanted to do it.”

“I like that,” said Julianne. “I am not sure I would go as far as nearly term though: not because I have any qualms about it, but I have heard that the process is as unpleasant as childbirth. On the other hand” she added, caressing lazily her perfectly shaved pussy lips “I would certainly get a perverse excitement from the thought that I am having a perfect viable baby killed just for a whim.”

“Yes, that’s it,” said Elaine. “I wanted my abortion to be a celebration of my sexuality by breaking that taboo: once women were taught that sex was there to make babies. I have made a baby to enjoy wild pregnant sex – and I got rid of it when I felt like it.”

“I don’t have a problem with that” said Roberta. “Fuck, sometimes I wish I had aborted mine!”

All three women laughed. “It is true” continued Roberta. “Sometimes they are real pests.”

“Most kids are from time to time. Heck, sometimes I wish I had aborted mine too.” Julianne sighed. “Come on, Elaine, tell us how you aborted yours. With no gory details please, I am fastidious.” She smiled.

“No gory details actually” said Elaine. “It was all very clean and civilized, thank you very much.”

“Oh please!” Julianne turned to her side, rummaged in a small handbag and extracted a packet of cigarettes and a lighter. “I don’t take much of the pro-life stuff seriously, but at eight or nine months the baby has to be crushed or broken to bits or whatever. Partial-birth abortion or something like that.”

“I know.” Elaine stretched an arm, picked a cigarette from Julianne’s packet, and lit it from Julianne’s lighter. “The ob-gyn gave me the choice and suggested an alternative — a post-birth abortion. Much safer and cleaner.”

“Post-birth? You mean the ob-gyn delivered the baby alive and killed it afterwards?” Roberta whistled. “I didn’t know that this kind of abortion was legal, even in Eastern Europe.”

“Well, it isn’t legal.” Elaine inhaled from her cigarette, lazily caressing her breasts with the other hand. “It is really an infanticide, not an abortion. Still doctors do it, discreetly of course.”

“It is probably less painful for the baby, and less messy,” said Roberta. She took a cigarette too. “For the women, not very different I guess.” She looked at Elaine. “Did the doctor kill it straight away? How?”

“No, he didn’t,” said Elaine. “The way they do it, they keep the baby alive until the mother is dismissed from the clinic, on the grounds that she might change her mind and keep it, or decide to make it available for adoption. I could have insisted to have it killed straight away, but I didn’t really care.”

“Did you see the baby? Was it a girl or a boy?”

“It was a girl. I saw her of course, I even breastfed her for the week or so I was in the clinic.” Elaine smiled at the memory. Her hands strayed between her legs.

Julianne saw that and laughed. “Thinking about it turns you on? Me too.” She touched between her legs. “Abortion, or the thought of abortion, is exciting – the sense of power, of being capable and happy to end a life.”

“Me three.” Roberta’s hand was teasing her labia too. “Especially doing it after birth as you have done, stretching the limits.” She looked at Elaine, smiling. “How did you feel while you were breastfeeding her?”

“Turned on.” Elaine was masturbating openly now. “Partly it was the sense of power, partly that my nipples are sensitive and having them suckled is always a turn on.” She giggled. “This is why I agreed to breast feed her, not because I cared.”

Roberta laughed. “You are wicked! You were going to have her killed and you used her as a sex toy!”

Julianne was caressing herself. “Why not? She was going to get killed anyway, one might as well play with her.”

Roberta threw her cigarette butt at her, laughing. “You are two total perverts!”

Julianne threw a towel back at Roberta and asked Elaine: “You look very turned on by that memory. Tell us more. How did you feel, what did you do?”

Elaine’s voice was tense and excited. “I felt great. The thought that I was going to have her killed made it all so … wicked, sexual. I kept shifting her from one nipple to the other to enhance my pleasure … and I masturbated every time I fed her.” She paused. “I always did it in the nude, of course.”

“Were you alone?” Roberta’s voice was tense too.

“Much of the time Erik was with me … watching and helping.”

“Your boyfriend? I didn’t know he was a pervert too!” Julianne smiled. “Helping, how?”

“He liked to get naked and to masturbate me while I was playing with her, and generally we played with each other a lot.”

“In front of the baby? I told you that you are both perverts!”

Elaine laughed. “Come off it! I remember all of us having group sex in front of your babies because you, a caring mommy, didn’t want to leave them all alone in another room! Caring, my ass: you were turned on by getting fucked in front of them, that’s the truth!”

“OK, OK! You are right!” Roberta raised her hands in mock surrender. “I am a pervert as much as you are, and I don’t believe that kids should be kept innocent.” She laughed and started to masturbate again. “We all gave them a good sex education, and we had some fun in the process, that’s all.”

“That’s why we wanted the baby to watch us have fun” said Elaine. “Not that she could benefit much from our sex education, being about to be aborted!”

“That probably made you enjoy that game even more,” remarked Julianne. “Violating her innocence without even the pretense of doing it for her own good … just to titillate yourself and Erik. I like that.” She looked at Elaine. “You seem very excited … I am curious.” She smiled mischievously. “Was it just letting her watch you and Erik have fun, and having her suckle your nipples … or was there something more? Come on … come clean!”

“How do you mean?” Elaine’s face reddened.

“Well … we are all excited by the abortion, but also by your involving the baby in some sex play with you and Erik. As Roberta did when she let her babies watch her have fun. As I have also done. I was just wondering … how far did you go?” She smiled teasingly. “Come on … none of us is a shrinking violet!”

Elaine hesitated for a few seconds, then laughed. “OK … we molested her some. It came natural while I was breastfeeding her — we fingered her slit … and we had some fun teaching her to suckle more than my nipples.” She smiled and masturbated more aggressively.

“Oh My God!” Roberta stopped caressing herself. “That sounds SO perverted! I wish I had been there to watch!” She started masturbating again. “Tell us more. What did you make her suckle? Your clit?”

“Yes … and Erik’s cock tip.” Elaine tensed, moaned and came. She breathed heavily for a few seconds.

Julianne moaned and masturbated faster. She looked at Elaine and came, too. After a minute or two, she asked, “Did the baby like it?”

“No … she didn’t. But we didn’t care.”

“And you made her do it all the same …” Roberta tensed, and orgasmed too. “My God, this is so much more perverted and exciting than a late abortion. … you molested her and then had her killed!”

Julianne’s voice had a husky edge. “I am not surprised you enjoyed the experience … molesting a child is a huge taboo for a woman to break, one of the ultimate perversions to experience.”

Roberta looked at her. “Have you done it yourself?”

Julianne smiled. “Yes, I don’t talk too much about it of course, but I have done it a few times, the first time when I was just seventeen and I was all into breaking taboos and seeking thrills … unprotected sex, drink, drugs … the more wicked the better.”

Roberta was laughing, shaking her head. “My God, I have a lot of catching up to do! Tell us more, what did you do?”

“Nothing very original. Four of us, two boys and two girls — remember Diana and her boyfriend, and my then boyfriend Jim? We traveled to the Philippines, just backpacking. We had this habit of turning us on during sex exchanging fantasies, the more outrageous the better. One was about child molesting. Since we were in the Philippines where a lot of people go on purpose to do it, we thought why not try?”

“Putting it that way, I would have wanted to try it too” said Elaine. “What did you do?”

“We just sort of abducted a kid off the street, she must have been six or seven. Nobody paid attention to two young couples. We took her to our tent, we gagged her, we got naked, we stripped her and we had some fun.”

“Don’t be shy!” Roberta was masturbating again. “More! More details!”

“All very predictable,” said Julianne, playing with her nipples. “We fingered her everywhere, taking turns to pin her down; it was so cute the way she was fighting back and trying to protect her modesty! Then we tried to make her lick and suck us — not easy while keeping her quiet, but we rubbed our sexy bits on her face. Then we girls pinned her down and the boys took turns fucking her.”

“Wow! That was not molesting, that was rape!” Roberta was starting to breath heavily.

“Yes … it was. She tried to fight back but there were four of us.” Julianne laughed. “It made it all more exciting. We didn’t give a damn about her really, we were just doing it for kicks and we loved it.”

“Were you and Diana comfortable about helping two boys rape a girl? I thought you might not …” wondered Elaine.

“Oh, we were! Actually it was our idea more than the boys’. Diana suggested it and I was all for it too, and when they did it we egged them on to fuck her really hard, you know, all the way into her … it was totally hot. We had no mercy.”

“What did you do with her once you had finished?” asked Elaine.

“We tied her up, and since it was dark already we wrapped her in a blanket and we carried her a good distance from there, and we left her in a back alley, still gagged and tied up, naked. Then we packed and left town the same night. Nobody bothered us.” Julianne smiled at Elaine. “We were more merciful than you, who killed your sex toy!”

Elaine laughed and threw a sandal at her. “Mine was an abortion! We just had some fun before doing it, that’s all.”

Julianne caught the sandal in mid air and threw it back. “OK, OK, abortion. But you haven’t yet told us when and how you had the baby killed.”

“We did it on my last day in the clinic,” said Elaine. “I had fully recovered, no point in staying longer.”

“How did the doctor do it? Lethal injection or something similar?” asked Roberta.

“I did it myself,” replied Elaine. “I didn’t trust the doctor: he had asked me a few times if I was prepared to let her be adopted, and I thought he might trick me by sending her to sleep instead of killing her and then giving her to someone else. I didn’t want someone with my DNA coming back to me a few years later making claims on me and Erik, thank you very much! So I told him I would smother her myself.”

“Wow! I am discovering more and more about my girlfriends’ perversions!” Roberta straightened up on her chair, her nipples hard. “Go on, tell us everything.”

“Oh come on, what perversions!” Elaine laughed. “Women have been killing unwanted babies for ever … infanticide is hardly something new or perverted. That’s how birth control was always done once and is still done a lot now.”

“True,” said Julianne. “And if you ask me, nothing wrong with that. Tell us more, how did you do it?”

“Not much to say really. I told the doctor and he said it was fine for me to do it, and he gave me a plastic bag to use to suffocate her. I wanted to do it with my pussy though — I thought it would be more appropriate, give her life from there and take it from there.”

“God … this is so sexual, I love it!” Julianne was masturbating openly. Roberta chimed in: “Me too! Totally wicked and erotic … she was teasing her nipples with one hand, while the other was playing with her clit.

“Well, anyway,” Elaine continued, “We tried it. I sat naked, in a yoga position on the bed, with my back against the pillows, and I pushed her mouth and nose hard on my pussy to stop her from breathing. Erik was kissing me and playing with my nipples while I was doing it … and I was playing with his cock. The baby was struggling against my pussy and I was loving that … it sounds horrible but I wanted to feel her die and to get pleasure from that.”

“You are SO evil …” Julianne’s breathing was ragged. “Were you doing anything to her while you were smothering her? Fingering, anything?”

“Oh my God …” Elaine’s breathing was getting ragged too, her nipples were rock solid. “You will think I am really a sadist … I was sitting in the yoga position, naked, with my high-heel sandals on …” she moaned, then resumed. “… and my foot was against her body…. so I pushed my high heel into her slit while I was smothering her …” Her face contracted, she groaned and came violently.

“Oh fuck …” Julianne’s hand moved frantically between her legs. She came with a scream. Roberta came too.

The three women breathed heavily for a few minutes, touching themselves. Roberta was the first to talk. “God … this was fucking awesome. I wish I had been there to see it all.” She looked at Elaine. “Did it take her long to die?”

“She didn’t die that way actually. I had an orgasm and so did Erik, but she was still alive; so we used the plastic bag that the doctor had given us, we tied it around her neck and we tied her hands behind her back to stop her from trying to remove the bag, and that was it … it took a few minutes.”

“Did you watch her while she was dying?”

“Yes, of course.”

“How did you feel?” asked Roberta.

“While watching her die? Just thrilled and sexually aroused. I felt no mercy and no regret. We masturbated each other while we watched … it was sexy.” She hesitated. “It felt liberating … I felt more free, more grown up. Free from scruples, morals, conventions … and rather pleased with myself for breaking this taboo without any qualms.”

“Same as Julianne, I guess, after she and her friends did that kid … but they were more merciful than you, and let her live” smiled Roberta.

“To tell you the complete truth, I didn’t want to let her go. Neither did Diana. We thought it was too risky for us after having not just molested but gang-raped her.” Julianne yawned. “But the boys were less ruthless, so we let her go.”

“Fuck … you mean you and Diana wanted to kill her?” Roberta shook her head in mock horror. “The things one learns about one’s girlfriends …”

“Yes,” said Julianne simply. “Safety first as far as I am concerned. I thought that we might be caught … what was the point in risking that? Better just … get rid of her. Diana and I wanted to take her to the shore and keep her head under water to drown her.”

“Do you regret not doing it?” asked Elaine.

“Not so much, we got away with it anyway … but I am sure we wouldn’t have had any qualms doing it.”

“Have you done it again, molesting a young kid I mean? I think you said earlier that you had done it a few times” asked Roberta.

“Me and my big mouth,” smiled Julianne, “Yes, just a few times … it is thrilling and I like it.”

“You are wicked,” smiled Elaine. “Tell us more.”

“We have done it sometimes alone, sometimes with other couples. We don’t go for little prostitutes because they are less fun, too compliant … and they aren’t virgins.” Julianne was masturbating lazily. “Molesting and using a girl who has never been exposed to sex is much more thrilling. We normally abduct a street kid without being noticed. … a woman doesn’t raise suspicions. Lately we have been taking them to a hired boat …. for privacy.”

Roberta was caressing her breasts. “And what do you do to them when you are in private?”

“Anything we like really. Normally we force them to lick and suck everyone, men and women … then we women take turns pinning them down while the men fuck them.”

“Very passive role for a woman like you,” laughed Elaine. “Just that, get licked then pin them down? Come on!”

“Well,” smiled Julianne, “I have tried a couple of times to fuck a girl with a strap-on, but I didn’t enjoy it much. What I like best is to sit with my pussy on her face while she gets fucked … keeps her quiet, gives me pleasure, and I can make out with the man who is fucking her.”

“That’s more like it!” laughed Roberta. “And when you have finished, what do you do?”

“Oh … we let them go, of course.”

“Really?” Elaine sounded surprised. “So, you have changed your mind about taking risks by letting them go?”

Julianne smiled. “We let them swim ashore … if they can make it.”

There was a pause, then Roberta laughed, followed by the other two. “That sounds more like what I expected! And has any of them … made it to the shore?”

“Not that I know” Julianne yawned. “We make swimming more … challenging for them.” She looked at Elaine. “Seriously … we tie their hands and feet … tie something heavy to them…. and then bye-bye!”

“Oh fuck … you throw them overboard and let them drown?”

“Yes, we do,” Julianne yawned again. “No big deal.” She looked at Roberta, then at Elaine. “Care to join us next time?”

Roberta looked at her, then at Elaine. All three burst laughing, then Roberta replied:, “Fuck, yes. I have some catching up to do!”

“Me too, it sounds like,” smiled Elaine. “I thought I was the most perverted of you all … but I have competition, I see!”


Later that day, Paul and Roberta were about to go to bed. “So,” asked Paul, “How was your afternoon with your girlfriends?”

“Very nice, and surprisingly hot.” said Roberta. She was naked, as Paul was, and was polishing her nails. “I discovered sides of them that I didn’t know about.”

“Sexy sides, by the sound of it.”

“Oh yes, definitely!” Roberta stood up, and looked at herself appreciatively in the mirror. Paul moved behind her and cupped her breasts in his hands. “Sexy in unexpected and dark ways.” She felt her nipples harden. “We talked about Elaine’s abortion, mainly.”

“Oh, yes, I remember she was due to have one.” Paul’s fingers were teasing her nipples; she could feel his hard penis against her back. “A late one, if I remember well. Eight months?”

“Yes, a very late one this time.” She felt his penis stiffen. “Does the thought turn you on?”

“You bet!” He turned her around and kissed her passionately. They made out for a minute or so, then he continued. “Late abortion is sexy. So outside conventional morals … perverted. I love that.” He kissed her neck, caressing her breasts.

“Abortion isn’t a perversion, it is a woman’s right! However late it is.” She started to caress his penis. “Anyway, it wasn’t eight months. It was nine. And yes, the way they did it was very … perverted.”

“Nine? That’s taking it very close to normal delivery. What if she went into labor a bit early and had to be rushed to hospital? Would they abort it? Tell me more!”

“Yes, they would,” said Roberta. “In Eastern European clinics it can be done. In Elaine’s case though it was the doctor who proposed to do something much naughtier: to have Elaine give birth and abort the baby afterwards — an infanticide — in other words. He was saying that abortion after eight months is very messy, and besides, Elaine might see the baby alive and change her mind — keep it and raise it, or give it away for adoption. Quite a few clinics do that, unofficially.” Roberta turned and kissed him. “When she told me how they did it … it turned me on like hell. Enter me, and I will tell you everything.”

Paul stepped back and lay on the bed. Roberta straddled him, facing him, and lowered herself slowly on his cock, letting it enter her fully. She lent over to kiss him. He placed his hands on her waist and smiled. “So, tell me what happened. Elaine gave birth, and the doctor killed the baby afterwards?”

Roberta smiled, moving lazily up and down.

“No — as I said, they kept the baby for a few days, in case Elaine changed her mind — but she wanted to kill it, partly because she didn’t want someone with her DNA coming up years later — and partly because she was thrilled at doing something so naughty.”

“I am thrilled and turned on too, just by hearing about it.”

“Wait — I have to tell you the best. The doctor didn’t kill the baby … Elaine and Erik did it together on the last day she was in the clinic … and the way they did it … wow!”

Paul moaned. “Don’t tease me — tell me!”

Roberta’s voice was a bit shaky. “First I should tell you that during the previous days they played with the baby. — sexually. I hope you will not be shocked … I was so turned on when she told me!”

“Oh fuck. …” she felt Paul’s cock swell inside her. “How?”

“She and Erik — in Elaine’s words — taught the baby to suck more than her nipples. Her clit — and Erick’s cock tip.” Roberta was feeling her own orgasm building up, and she knew what would push her and Paul over the edge. “They molested her. … she didn’t like to suck them but they made her do it anyway … and …” She kissed Paul fiercely, then continued, “When they killed her … Elaine smothered her … by pushing her mouth and nose into her pussy …” Paul’s cock almost exploded, and her own orgasm almost made her pass out.

A few minutes later they were lying on their sides, still embraced, his now less rigid cock nestling between her legs. They were touching each other lazily and talking.

“So, she smothered the baby with her pussy? That’s a sexy way of doing it. I am sure she had a good orgasm from that.”

“She tried, but didn’t manage it — the baby was still alive and they just tied a plastic bag around her neck, and tied her hands to stop her from removing the bag, and watched her die.” She caressed Paul’s cock.

“Did they enjoy watching her die?” Paul was caressing her breasts.

“Yes … they did. They played with each other while watching. And I didn’t tell you something else … when they were trying to smother her, Elaine was nude on the bed, in high heels, pressing the baby’s face on her pussy … and her foot was close to the baby’s body, so she pushed her high heel into the baby’s slit.”

“God … that was so perverted. I love all this. They must have enjoyed doing such things … molesting the baby for days, then raping and killing her. And the funny thing is, it was probably less painful for the baby than a normal late abortion.”

Roberta smiled, still caressing his cock. “I am sure they didn’t give a damn about that. If anything, they enjoyed most the bits the baby didn’t like, like making her suck them, and especially fucking her with Elaine’s heels.” She felt Paul’s cock harden and looked at him. “This is the bit that turns you on the most, isn’t it? Me too.”

“Yes … killing the baby isn’t much more than a late abortion. But using it as a sex toy … I just love the perversity of it.” He played with her nipples. “Pity she was too small for Erik to fuck her.”

Roberta saw an interesting opening. “I thought the same. While she was telling us about it, I was hoping she would say that Erik had raped her. I know it isn’t really possible with a kid so small though.”

“Yeah … hot fantasy though.”

“Very hot, even for a woman.” She caressed Paul’s cock.

“How so?” Paul let one oh his hands stray between her legs.

“Of course a woman can’t rape a child … but she can help a man do it and participate in the act. It is such a taboo, it must be thrilling to do it.” She felt his cock harden.

“My beautifully perverted wife … would you like to help me rape a little girl?” He turned, pushed her down and positioned himself between her legs.

“Oh fuck, yes, I would love it.” She opened her legs.

“Maybe we should have the next vacation in Thailand,” he said, entering her.,”And you should get off the pill, maybe — so that we can have a baby of our own to abort.”


A few days later, on a Sunday, Julianne, Elaine and Roberta were again together at Julianne’s house, with their men. It was mid afternoon and they were all naked, lounging at the side of the pool; they had already shared a light lunch, some wine, plenty of sex and some mild drugs. The conversation had been mainly on Elaine’s very late abortion.

“To me,” was saying Paul, “what you guys have done is the perfect way to explore the darkest sides of your sexuality. It is almost legal, in some countries anyway; it leaves no traces; whatever you do to the baby it isn’t much worse than a normal late abortion. You can go wild on it, do anything you like, however perverted. I think it’s great.”

“I can’t wait to do it myself,” said Roberta, caressing her breasts. “Just listening to Elaine telling us about it, and then telling Paul when we were having sex, was totally erotic. I just can’t wait to do it.”

“How will you do it?” asked Julianne. “Any thoughts, or plans?”

“More or less like Elaine” replied Roberta. “But I don’t think I will be able to wait until the last day before I fuck it with my high heels. That’s the bit that got me really hot.”

“Me too,” said Paul. “Fuck, I really hope it will be a girl … we can fuck a boy in the ass, but for me as a straight man, the rape of a girl is so much more erotic.”

“I bet what you would really like is to fuck her with your cock, not with Roberta’s high heels” said Elaine.

“Fuck, yes!” laughed Paul.

“Hey, wait!” Roberta laughed. “I am the mother; abortion is a woman’s affirmation of her sexuality. The baby is mine, and I am the one who should rape it, not you!”

Everyone laughed. “You could do her together” said Julianne. “You could pull her head between your legs to smother her, while Paul rapes her … and you could make out while you do it.”

“Oh God I would love it … after all Elaine and Erik were nasty to her together, they did it as a couple.”

“We weren’t really nasty to her … well, on the last day yes, but before we just made her suck us.” Elaine smiled at the memory. “It’s true that she didn’t like it and we forced her, but that wasn’t so bad. We molested and fingered her too, but that wasn’t really nasty either.”

Paul smiled at Roberta. “I think that this very perverted wife of mine might have more interesting ideas …”

Roberta blushed and threw a sandal at him. “It isn’t true!” She laughed. “OK, it is true. A bit. I was thinking that I would like to explore my sadistic side … and torture the baby some.” She blushed again. “I always found sadistic stories, with sadistic women, very erotic … and why shouldn’t I be cruel to a baby that is mine and that I am going to kill anyway?” She turned to Elaine. “I was totally turned on when you told me how you enjoyed feeling her struggle against your pussy … and that you fucked her with your high heels!”

“Hey, no need to apologize for that!” said Julianne. “I, for one, think that we should embrace and celebrate every side of our sexuality, however dark. And if we can explore them safely, why not do it? I say go for it and enjoy yourself!”

“I think so too,” said Elaine, “And a baby that is going to be aborted is perfect to explore your sadistic side. As a matter of curiosity, what were you thinking to do to it?”

Roberta smiled. “I was thinking of … piercing her nipples and labia maybe, with a needle, or maybe burning them with a cigarette, while we molest her. Just to make her struggle against our bodies. I think it would be sexy.” She looked at Paul. “It’s a shame that a baby would be too small for Paul to be inside her while I torture her, I bet he would enjoy the feeling.”

Paul nodded. “I was saying to Roberta when we talked about it that maybe we should take a vacation to Thailand and do it to an older girl, six or so.” His cock was rock solid. Roberta smiled at him, stood up, walked to him and sat on his lap, letting his cock enter her.

Elaine smiled. “Erik and I have talked about it and we have decided to do it for real … Thailand or the Philippines or wherever it can be done. We enjoyed abusing our baby but we want to try the thrill of a full rape … it is a great taboo to break for a woman, to help a man rape someone … especially a young girl.” She looked at Erik. “And I would like to explore my sadistic side too.”

“Really?” said Paul “Roberta and I talked about it a bit … we would love it. Could we do it together? Sharing a girl?”

“I think you should really do it …” said Julianne, before Elaine could reply. “John and I have done it a few times and it is really sexy, liberating … you feel free to do anything you like. My first experience with young kids was before I met John, when I was seventeen, and I was hooked from the start.”

“WOW! You started early!” said Paul.

“Yes … I was looking for thrills, like most teenagers.” Julianne smiled. “I was with another girl, Diana, you know her, and two boys. We went backpacking to the Philippines … and since many Westerners were there for the young girls, we thought why not try that ourselves too?”

“What did you do?” asked Erik “Paid for a little whore?”

Julianne laughed. “No way! We didn’t have enough money: we just picked up a street kid and took her to our tent, it was in a secluded enough place.”

“How old was she? What did you do to her?” Paul was fucking Roberta, who was riding him and moaning softly.

“She must have been six or so. We gagged her to keep her quiet, we got naked and we stripped her, then we molested her some … we tried to make her lick and suck us, or rather we masturbated on her face, then the boys took turns raping her. We girls pinned her down, it was fun.” Julianne was masturbating openly.

“Fuck … that’s hot,” said Erik. “What did you do when you had done with her?”

“Diana and I tied her up and after dark we took her somewhere far enough, still naked … then we left town.”

“Nobody gave you trouble?”

“Nope. We took quite a risk, but it worked well.” Julianne hesitated. “Actually, Diana and I were scared at the risk we were taking … and we wanted to kill her, but the boys thought it was going too far.”

“Oh FUCK …” Paul groaned. Roberta screamed as he came inside her.

Julianne smiled. “I am sorry I shocked you. But we really were afraid to get into trouble … we wanted to take her to the shore and keep her head under water until she drowned.”

“You see,” interjected John, “If people pay for a little prostitute, there is no problem: they give her back once they have finished. But if you abduct a street kid, you never know, she can identify you … better get rid of her and be safe.”

Elaine was thoughtful. “Yes, I think you are right. And these street kids are not wanted by anyone … it is like a delayed abortion.” She laughed, followed by all the others. She looked at John. “If I pay for a little prostitute, I assume that I have some limits on what I can do to her … right?”

“Yes,” said John. “No permanent damage, more or less.” He looked at Roberta. “You can’t play your sadistic fantasies on one of those, I am afraid.”

Roberta smiled. “Then we’ll have to abduct a street kid.” She hesitated and blushed. “Frankly, I know that it sounds horrible, but I think that I would enjoy killing her once we are done.” She looked at Paul.

“I would enjoy that too,” said Elaine. She looked at Erik. “Speaking for myself, given the opportunity I would do it and I am sure that I would enjoy doing it.”

Erik nodded in agreement. “I think the same. When I saw Elaine trying to smother the baby while masturbating with her face … and especially when she pushed her high heel into her so cruelly … fuck, I had never been so turned on in my life. If we have the opportunity to do something like that again, I am sure we’ll go for it.”

Elaine added, “We could go for a little prostitute of course, but …” she looked at John, “I think it must be sexier to abuse a kid who is really unwilling and has never been exposed to sex.” She looked at John. “Am I right?”

John nodded. “Yes, you are. Much more exciting, the way they fight back. Besides, it is much more liberating to know that you can do anything you like, with no limits, and do what your lusts suggest.”

“Liberating, yes … that’s what I want, to be free from any constraints.” Elaine looked at John. “You and Julianne do it every now and then, right?”

“Yes, we do.” John lit a cigarette. “It is exciting and it is safe in the right places, like the Philippines. Sometimes we do it with other couples who share the same interests. It is easy really: the women pick up a street kid, we take her to a hired boat and we have fun with her.” He inhaled some smoke, then released it. “When we have finished, we tie her up and we throw her overboard. Too risky to let them go, and as Julianne said, street kids aren’t missed by anyone.”

“Have you and Julianne been … sadistic to any of them?” asked Roberta.

“Yes, we have,” replied Julianne. “It depends on our mood, on who else is there, on how the kid behaves … we know we can do anything we like, and that in itself helps push our limits.”

“What do you do then? I have many sadistic fantasies, but I never talked with anyone who has had experiences of it.” Roberta was lazily caressing Paul’s cock.

“Many things,” smiled Julianne “but my favorite is when John fucks the girl and I sit on her face with my pussy and we make out … and I torture the girl, that makes her struggle and gives us more pleasure. Things like burning her here and there with a lighter, piercing her nipples …” her voice trailed off, and she caressed her pussy.

“The other thing that turns me on” said John “is when I fuck the girl on a table, and Julianne stands at her side and tortures her … watching my wife being cruel is a huge turn on for me, I get wild.”

“I will get wild watching Roberta do it too, I am sure!” said Paul. He turned, took Roberta in his arms and kissed her passionately, caressing her breasts. She moaned and took his cock in her hand. When they stopped kissing, Roberta’s face was flushed, and she was breathing heavily. “I have had fantasies about being a cruel, sadistic woman, doing horrible things just for fun — I can’t wait to do it for real.” She turned to Paul. “You will fuck her, I will torture her and you will tell me how it feels on your cock.” She looked at Julianne. “Does John ask you to do more evil things to her to get more pleasure?”

Julianne smiled. “Yes, sometimes he does, but other times I just do very evil things just out of a whim — just because I can.”

“Have you ever felt regretful about doing what you do?” asked Erik.

“Not really,” replied Julianne. “It is very thrilling and exciting — never regretted a thing.”

“I can relate,” said Elaine. “Erik and I abused and killed our baby and we loved it, no regrets. I felt another layer of social conditioning go — I felt like, ‘hey, I CAN do this, I can kill my baby and enjoy the experience!’ So liberating. in a way I felt as I did after my first abortion…. more grown up.”


About nine months later, Roberta was propped up against two pillows in a comfortable bed in the Eastern European clinic where Elaine had had her abortion. Her baby — a girl — was in a cot next to the bed. Her ob-gyn, an attractive woman in her mid thirties, was visiting her – she was the wife of the clinic’s director, who was away on business.

“I am really glad that the birth went well. The baby is healthy and you are recovering fine. I take it that you are still determined to have the baby aborted?” The doctor brushed a lock of blond hair from her face and crossed her elegant legs.

“Yes, I am.” Roberta smiled. “As you know, I got pregnant precisely with the aim of aborting my baby — I find abortion empowering and liberating. Elaine, my friend who recommended this clinic, had a post-birth abortion and she was so enthusiastic about it that I thought I had to experience it myself.”

“Abortion is very liberating, I agree with you. I have had a few myself, including two post birth.” The doctor smiled. “We women have been socially conditioned for centuries to think that our sexuality came second after the needs of procreation and child rearing. Now we can remove this social conditioning and give our sexuality the primacy that it should have. As an ob-gyn, I have aborted many babies, and I completely enjoyed aborting two of mine after birth. It was empowering, liberating — sexy.”

“That’s what Elaine told me.” Roberta hesitated. “I have been having so many fantasies about this — I can’t wait to make them come true.” She blushed. “You said you find this kind of abortion sexy, and my fantasies about it are very sexy — some of them rather. — not just about abortion. …”

“Oh?” The doctor smiled mischievously. “You mean?”

“About … it sounds really perverted … about abusing the baby.” Roberta laughed. “There, I have said it!”

“Roberta.” The doctor leaned forward, placed a hand lightly on Roberta’s hands, which were resting on the sheet. “Don’t be ashamed of your impulses. Post-birth abortion … OK, infanticide … isn’t just about getting rid of an unwanted child. That’s in third-world countries maybe, but here? Women like us know about contraception, can have early abortions legally. We do it because it is liberating.” The doctor lit a cigarette. “Normal, early abortion is liberating too, but not in the same way. Infanticide, done like this, without any real need, just for thrills, flies in the face of all traditional roles of a woman, as a nurturer, a mother. Women like us have already broken all other commandments — we have no modesty, we are promiscuous, many of us find exciting to seduce another woman’s man — but this is the ultimate taboo.” The doctor smiled. “I feel that a woman isn’t fully liberated until she can practice infanticide without any qualms, until it is something that she can do just for fun, no big deal, for a thrill. Something she can talk about nonchalantly with her girlfriends.”

“I am sure you are right …” said Roberta. “Even listening about Elaine’s experience I felt barriers falling — but my fantasies as I said are about more than that — about abusing the baby.”

“That’s how infanticide can be liberating in a much deeper sense. Let’s be frank — many of us have dark sides about their sexuality, things that turns us on but are perverted and depraved. Things like child abuse, forced sex, sadism — fantasies that we have hardly any opportunities to turn into reality. A baby, which you are going to abort anyway, is perfect to experiment and to see if these fantasies are so exciting when made reality. — you can be as perverted and as depraved as you feel like. You can explore the darkest sides of your sexuality, and it is perfectly safe. We talked about this kind of abortion being liberating. A truly liberated woman should explore and embrace all sides of her sexuality, however dark and perverted — and this is a safe way to do it.”

“You are right, I am sure. I had had fantasies about this … but I came to actually doing something about my fantasies only after I talked with Elaine, who had already aborted her baby, and with another girlfriend. I haven’t done a post-birth abortion yet, though, and I am eager to find out how I will feel.”

“Not all women who choose a port-birth abortion make the most of it sexually. Some are almost prudish about it, as if it was a political statement rather than a celebration of their sexual freedom. They get the baby killed by one of our doctors, or maybe they do it themselves but in a humane, sort of sanitized way.” The doctor caressed Roberta’s hand. “I think that defeats the purpose of post-birth abortion. If we kill the baby humanely, that’s a short step before saying that we feel sorry to kill it — it becomes a humane alternative to abortion, something done because we care. To me, abusing the baby is a way to say ‘fuck you’ to all moral scruples. Especially abusing it sexually.”

She stood up. “I hope you will enjoy the experience to the full. Your friend Elaine did it. She and her boyfriend didn’t do anything in front of us, but they did molest the baby and on the last day they abused and raped it before they killed it.”

“That’s what I want to do — I just can’t imagine how I will feel doing it.”

“There is a simple way to find out,” said the doctor,” She picked up the baby, who started crying, and gave her to Roberta. “You can try and molest her and see how you feel.”

“Can I …?”

“Yes.” The doctor’s voice was firm but she was smiling. “And I would be very happy if you could do it in front of me. In the world outside, of course these things can’t be done openly. But here. — in a clinic were all women are liberated as we are — you should feel free to do anything you like openly.”

“I would love to,” said Roberta. “Can I … do it in the nude?”

“Yes, of course! It is about enjoying your sexuality — if it is OK with you, I will get naked too. I love watching new moms play with their babies.” The doctor stood up, unbuttoned her frock and let it fall to the floor, stepping out of it.

She removed her thong and bra, remaining naked, with only high heel shoes on. She looked at Roberta. “Actually, I can tell you about another possibility — I encourage new moms to get together and — amuse themselves together with their babies that they are about to abort. It is all about feeling free, liberated — and doing these things in front of others is totally sexy, I can tell you.”

“I would love to!” Roberta was smiling happily. She placed the baby on the sheets, sat on the bed and took off her hospital smock, remaining naked. She looked at the doctor. “I have heard about abortion parties — is this what you are talking about?”

“Well, not exactly. We have abortion parties when a women aborts her baby, and she may wish some of her closest friends or some other new moms to attend. The get together I was thinking about is before the babies are aborted — just for new moms to get used to the thought of post-birth abortion, to talk with other women who are going to do it — it is about making it feel as a normal, natural and sexy thing for a woman to do, not something to be hidden, but something that can be done and talked about openly, in the right company of course.” The doctor smiled. “I have attended many small parties like that, and it is amazing how easily women lose their inhibitions and how naturally they play with each other and with their babies — it can be very sexy.”

“I am sure! I will love to take part.” Roberta took her baby in her arms again. “Does it ever happen. — that some of the moms get too excited and things go too far — and a baby gets aborted before the planned time?”

“Occasionally, yes. Do you think it could happen to you?”

“It’s possible.” The baby started to suckle from Roberta’s breast, and she let her do it. “I am new to this … I am not sure how I will react: I am pretty sure that I will find it all very sexy and exciting.”

“I am sure you will, too.” The doctor smiled. “That’s how most of us find it. How new are you …? Have you ever molested a baby or a child before, yours or someone else’s?” Roberta blushed deeply but said nothing. The doctor continued. “Please don’t be shy. I have no problems telling you that I have molested and abused children, many times, alone and with friends, and I have enjoyed it. I love to do it when I have the opportunity. I also get carried away sometimes, and I go too far … and I enjoy that too.”

Roberta’s voice was a bit shaky. “I did it the first time six months ago … I had talked about it with my husband, and with some friends … one of whom had done it already. We did it in the Philippines.”

“Very safe place where to do it. What did you do – pay for a girl or pick up one off the street? I prefer it when we just pick one up … we can do anything we like, no worries.”

“We picked one up, yes.” Roberta’s voice was more confident. “We were three women and it was easy. Then we joined our men and … we played with her for some time.” She paused. “Two of us were new to it, it was totally exciting.” Her hand strayed between the legs of the baby.

“I hope you enjoyed her thoroughly.”

“Oh yes, we did!” Roberta started to tease the baby’s slit. “We did all sorts of things to her … it was amazing.”

“And … did you get carried away?” the doctor smiled. “It has happened to me a few times, it can be very sexy.”

“I did, yes, but not all the way. My husband was inside her and he asked me to hit her … and I used the belt of my jeans on her breasts. I felt such a rush of excitement … if my husband hadn’t told me to take it easy, I might have beaten her to death.” The baby started crying. Roberta looked down — one of her fingernails was against the baby’s slit.

The doctor looked at the baby and smiled. “Did that girl in the Philippines cry a lot while you and your friends were using her?”

“Oh God, yes!” Roberta’s voice was excited. “Cried, struggled … we had taken her to a boat for privacy …”

“Did it turn you on, to make her cry? I would have loved it.” The doctor smiled and placed a hand on the baby’s belly, next to Roberta’s. She moved her nail until it lightly probed the baby’s labia.

“Yes, I loved it too. We all did. We laughed and joked and we tried different ways to make her cry ….”

“Did you play with each other while you were using her?”

“Yes … with each other and with our men. I had God knows how many orgasms.”

“So … you are bisexual? I am too.” The doctor smiled and looked at Roberta, then moved forward and kissed her lightly on the lips. At the same time, she pushed her nail into the baby’s slit. The baby started to cry harder.

Roberta closed her eyes and kissed the doctor back, then dropped the baby on the bed and the two women embraced. They made out for a few minutes, moaning, the crying baby forgotten on the bed. When they stopped, they looked at the baby. The doctor smiled. “Let’s molest her a bit together” she suggested.

Roberta laughed excitedly. “Yes! I can’t wait.”

The two women lay next to each other on the bed, the baby between them. They kissed and touched each other here and there. Roberta moaned. “I really want her to lick my pussy … I tried earlier but the little bitch wouldn’t.”

“Oh … they never do it willingly. We can have her cry and struggle against your pussy…. almost as good.” The doctor caressed Roberta’s breasts. “Open your legs enough for me to push her face against you.”

Roberta turned on her back and opened her legs. The doctor lifted the baby and carefully placed her face against Roberta’s slightly open labia. “Pull her against you and adjust her until it feels pleasurable …” Roberta placed a hand on the baby’s head and pulled her face against her pussy. She moaned. The doctor smiled. “Now I’ll hurt her some and that will make her move against you and give you pleasure.”

She pushed a finger against the baby’s slit and started to circle it slowly, scraping the skin with her nail. The baby cried and tried to wriggle away, but the two women kept her firmly trapped between Roberta’s legs, while caressing their bodies with their free hands. They kissed, moaning. Roberta started to move the baby’s head between her legs, masturbating, while the doctor kept using her nails on the baby’s slit, masturbating with the other hand. Soon Roberta’s breathing became ragged; she pulled harder the baby’s face, opening and closing her thighs, and she came. Next to her, the doctor also masturbated to orgasm.

The doctor pulled the baby away from Roberta and to her side, and the two women embraced and kissed. Roberta sighed. “This was so awesome and so intense … I loved it. It was so … sexy and barbaric, using her distress to pleasure us.”

“Yes…. it was lovely. It is amazing whet you can do with your nails … I hardly damaged her but she went crazy with pain, the labia are so delicate …” The doctor looked at Roberta. “How do you feel about us hurting her to enhance your pleasure?”

“I totally loved it!” Roberta turned and kissed the doctor. “Now let’s swap places: you open your legs and masturbate with her … and I will give her some pain.”

“Yes!” the doctor opened her legs and pulled the baby against her pussy. Roberta lay next to her and smiled. “I thought … do you think it is OK if I use my high heels in her slit? I could open her up and hurt her inside … without going too far.”

“Oh God yes! I love this. Wait … let me prop myself up seated so I can see what you do to her.”

The doctor moved back and sat against the pillows, pulling the baby with her. Roberta picked up one of her high-heeled sandals from the floor and smiled at the doctor, pushing the heel slowly into the baby’s slit.

The baby started to cry and tried to push away from Roberta’s heel, but the two women held her firmly down. Roberta moved closer to the doctor and kissed her; with their free hands, the two women masturbated each other. The doctor moaned.

“You are so … sadistic … keep hurting her …”

Roberta moaned and started turning her heel in small circles, scraping the baby’s hole inside. The baby became frantic. The doctor pulled her hard between her legs, closing her thighs, and Roberta pushed her heel a bit more into the baby. Both women came with ecstatic cries.

They pushed the crying baby away and embraced again, kissing and touching each other. The doctor’s voice was unsteady. “I just loved watching you use your heel on her … it was so sexy and so cruel … you are a very hot and liberated woman, Roberta.”

Roberta smiled. “I was in heaven … your fingers between my legs were driving me crazy. And I felt so totally free of any constraints … I loved being cruel, I was trying to give her as much pain as possible …”

Both looked at the baby, still crying, a trickle of blood oozing from her slit. Roberta laughed and kissed the doctor again. “Our sex toy …”

The doctor smiled. “So, you see … you didn’t get carried away after all.” She paused. “With that other girl in the Philippines … how far did you all go?”

Roberta snuggled to her and caressed her breasts. “You can guess … we went all the way. My girlfriend always does it, when she abducts one.”

The doctor let her hand rest between Roberta’s legs and lightly caressed her labia. “We do the same … it is safest, and can be very exciting, depending on how we do it.”

“We took turns … a man fucking her, and a woman sitting with her pussy on her face trying to suffocate her. A kind of Russian roulette.” Roberta kissed and nibbled one of the doctor’s nipples. The doctor moaned. “I hope you took your time …. this kind of game is very sexy …”

Roberta felt the doctor’s finger play with her clit. She moaned. “Yes, we took our time…. the Russian roulette was when we wanted to snuff her … first we had her suck all of us….. then we made her cry and struggle …”

“What did you do …?”

“Some piercings in her sensitive bits … and some burning with cigarettes … we took turns doing that too …” This did it, and both women came again.

They remained embraced on the bed, spent. “I like piercing and burning,” said the doctor. “If done well it does little damage and can be very painful. Especially when a girl is being used sexually by a man or by a woman, it makes her trash around a lot — hot for those using her, and for those who watch too.” She smiled at Roberta and caressed her cheek. “How did you feel doing these things? Any qualms, any hesitation?”

“None! I felt like a little kid in a candy store, I just couldn’t wait to try this and that — as if a lot of barriers had been removed. Intoxicating, liberating — sexy. I felt my whole body tingle.” She kissed the doctor’s lips lightly. “And having my friends there, encouraging me and laughing and enjoying themselves with me was a turn on and made it all feel more natural, easier.” She kissed the doctor again. “Same as having you here, and molesting my baby with you — totally erotic.”

The doctor stood up and picked up her frock. “I have to go now — but this was lovely and sexy. I am so happy that you let me share your first sexual experience with your baby.”

Roberta stood up too. “It was lovely sharing it with you.” She looked at the baby, that was now asleep. “Please let me know about that party — I’ll take her there. And any time you wish to come here and have fun …” she smiled. The doctor smiled back, and they kissed.


The following day five women were sitting together in a small heated patio inside the clinic, with plants, a rockery and a small pond. One was the doctor, and four were new moms who were expecting to abort their babies within the next few days. There was Roberta, with her baby girl; a fifteen year old blonde Eastern European girl, with a baby boy and with her mother, a splendid woman in her mid thirties who had given birth to a baby girl; and a young woman in her early twenties, also with a baby girl. All were naked, laughing, drinking and smoking; a joint was being passed around.

“Marja was on the pill, but really I wanted her to have an abortion because it is such a liberating experience, especially if done after birth,” the girl’s mother was saying in perfect English.

The girl scowled. “Oh mom, COME ON! I am as liberated as you are sexually, I didn’t need to carry this brat in my belly for nine months and to kill it just to prove I am!” She pushed her bare foot between her baby boy’s legs and twisted his tiny cock with her toes. The baby started to cry. “Do you really think I’ll have problems with watching this little shit being killed, or killing it myself? You are patronizing, you know?” Everyone laughed, and after a few seconds the girl laughed too.

“I am not patronizing you, sweetie. I know that you are very liberated. But I know from experience that even for women like you and me this is a deep taboo, and breaking it is truly something special, especially if you kill the baby yourself and even more if you play with it sexually.”

“And how I do that? How do I play sexually with a cock that is a few centimeters long? It isn’t much fun is it?” The girl stretched her leg and pushed the still crying baby away from her chair.

“Your mom means molesting it,” intervened the doctor, smiling. “Making it lick you, masturbating yourself with it … this kind of thing.”

“Not the same as a big, hard cock inside me though.” The girl stretched and dragged her baby back by a foot, then lifted it. “You mean like this?” she asked, opening her legs and pulling the baby’s face hard on her pussy, while twisting his cock with her fingers. “Geez, I masturbate much better with my fingers!”

“But your nipples are hard … means that you are enjoying it, whatever you say” said her mom. “Let me show how I do it.” She sat on the paving in a yoga position and placed her own baby accurately with its face on her pussy. “I am looking for a good, pleasurable contact” she explained, then put a finger against the baby’s slit, teasing it with her nail. “Now I will torture her a bit and she will move against my clit and give me pleasure.”

“You are a sadistic pervert!” her daughter laughed.

“Yes, I am and I love being one!” She smiled at her daughter and started using her nail on the baby’s labia. The baby was moving frantically, thrashing around, muffled screams coming from between her mom’s legs. “I could masturbate better with my finger, but this gives me a kick …” she glanced at her daughter. “And don’t tell me that you don’t enjoy being evil! You seduced Irina’s boyfriend on purpose, because she is a religious girl and you don’t like her, and you wanted to fuck up her love life!”

The girl laughed. “Yes, OK, I did it and I loved fucking her up, silly little virgin. She hadn’t let him fuck her and I got him real easy. I let her catch us kissing and making out. Christ, it was fun!” She opened her legs more and pulled her baby hard, masturbating with his face.

“I did something similar when I was about your age,” said the doctor, “I still get all tingly when I think about it. I seduced a married man when I was babysitting for his wife. She caught us fucking in their marital bed. I felt so powerful, standing up naked and taunting her while she was crying …” she started to caress her breasts. “I kept having sex with him for months and I didn’t bother to hide it from her, I really wanted to humiliate her and to make her suffer. It was totally sadistic on my part and I loved it.”

“Talking about sadism,” said Roberta “I think I will give my baby another session.” She picked up the baby and opened her legs.

“Will you use your heels, as you did yesterday?” asked the doctor, smiling.

“No … I will use this” said Roberta, taking a cigarette from a small bag on the floor and lighting it. “I want to burn her a bit here and there.”

The fifth woman, who hadn’t spoken yet, looked at Roberta and then at her own baby, and blushed slightly. “This is all so … exciting, and unexpected. I thought that by choosing a post-birth abortion I would both make a feminist statement, in favor of abortion with no limitations, but also have the baby killed humanely.” She looked at her baby again. “But this is turning me on SO much … I am sure I will do it …”

“But you are not sure … yet.” The doctor smiled reassuringly. “Anne, this is not about being pushed into doing something you don’t want to do. Abortion is about a woman’s freedom, and I want you to feel free to do anything you like — or not. If you are not sure, would you like to … play with another baby, not yours, to see if the experience turns you on?”

“For now, no … I’d rather watch you play and masturbate.” The woman blushed and caressed her labia lightly. “Maybe I’ll play with mine later.”

“That’s fine,” said the doctor, standing up, “But I want to play with a baby too. You all go ahead, I’ll pick up one from someone else and I will be right back.” She left the patio, and was back a few minutes later with a baby girl. “This is from one of the moms who want a doctor to abort it,” she explained. “I can do as I please with her.” She sat down, opened her legs, positioned her pussy on the baby’s face and started to penetrate its slit with one of her fingers.

“Will you kill it now?” asked Roberta.

“Yes, I think so,” replied the doctor. “I feel like it, and watching you all enjoy yourselves will make it more exciting.” She worked her nail into the baby, hard and cruelly.

The mom and her daughter, and Roberta, were watching, while masturbating themselves with their babies. The fifth, Anne, was simply masturbating; she seemed mesmerized by Roberta, who was getting the burning end of her cigarette close to the baby’s slit, then away again, then closer, pulling every now and then on the cigarette to keep its end burning. Roberta looked at her and smiled. “I am driving her insane … I can’t believe how she is moving against my clit …”

Anne’s voice was shaky. “Yes … this is so fucking cruel … go on …” She kept looking and masturbating, her nipples rigid.

Shortly afterwards, the doctor came with a groan and an ecstatic cry. This triggered all the other women’s orgasms. Moans and cries of pleasure mingled with the distressed cries of the babies.

The doctor stood up and lightly kicked the baby girl. “I killed her” she said. Roberta smiled. “I thought that when moms asked for the doctor to abort their babies, they assumed they would be aborted painlessly and humanely.”

The doctor laughed. “They do, but what I do in reality depends on my mood.” She paused. “There is more than that actually. I really think that abortion and infanticide should be practiced freely without any qualms … and killing the baby humanely, to me, means giving its life some value. I want it to have no value, and some cruelty is a way to make sure that there are no scruples. Abuse and cruelty are exciting … but more than that, they keep us free from any silly scruples. Being humane is the first step towards feeling sorry.”

Everyone nodded. Marja’s mother said, “I couldn’t agree more. I have no problems with that … I am sadistic and I love it.”

Marja’s face was flushed. “I sort of enjoyed this, but I want to go all the way now … kill the brat.” She looked at Anne and smiled mischievously. “You haven’t done anything yet … want to help me do it?”

“Oh fuck, yes!” Anne stood up, walked to Marja and sat next. “How do you want to do it?”

“I will do like the doctor,” said Marja. “I will sit on his face and smother her. Can you help push his face into my pussy?”

Anne’s intake of breath was sharp but excited. “Ooohhhh … yes, I think so.” She got closer to Marja, helped her position the baby, hesitated, and held his head firmly against Marja’s pussy.

“Fuck … fuck … yes …” Marja pushed down, harder, against the struggling baby. Her orgasm was very quick. She rolled back, leaving the baby free.

“Still moving,” said the doctor.

“Oh fuck … OK.” Marja took the baby by one leg and dragged it towards the pond. “Care to help” she asked Anne, turning her head.

“Yes!” Anne went to the pond too. Marja took the baby’s legs and pushed his body into the water; Anne kept its head down. A couple of minutes passed. “Done it!” laughed Marja.

Roberta, Marja’s mother and the doctor laughed and clapped their hands. “Well done, sweetie!” called her mother. “Your first abortion, and first post birth. You are a liberated grown up woman now!”

The girl laughed, showed her tongue at her mom and sat down. The doctor smiled at her. “How did you feel doing it?”

“I felt fine. A bit excited … you are right, it is a sexy thing to do. But the pregnancy was a total waste of time … tell you what, I’ll become an ob-gyn and I’ll help abort other women’s babies!”

Everyone laughed. “I think that would be a wonderful thing to do” said Anne. “Abortion must be encouraged as a way for women to free themselves from society’s fetters, and a liberated ob-gyn can help so many of them do just that.” She lit a cigarette and crossed her legs.

“How did YOU feel, Anne?” asked Roberta.

“Totally hot and excited, I have to say! At first I was horrified and I thought, OMG, how will I be able to take part in this … but then I felt all on fire and when Marja asked me to help … no problem, I did it.” She looked at her baby, asleep on the warm paving. “I will do her now … not abort her, but molest her as you have done.”

She sat on the paving, cross-legged, and picked up the baby. She positioned her with her face on her pussy, and pushed the baby’s legs under her thighs, trapping them and exposing her slit. She positioned a fingernail next to the slit, and slowly started to circle it. The baby, startled, started to cry. Anne laughed, and worked her finger inside the baby, turning it. She looked at the other women. “This must really hurt her, it is amazing …” She pushed her finger further. There was a sharp scream from the baby. “Oh fuck, I have gone through something … her cervix?”

“Maybe,” said the doctor. “Push a bit more … it will drive her crazy.” Anne did, and the baby was frantic. Anne tensed and came, with an excited cry. The other women laughed and applauded.

Anne pushed the crying baby away and sat in her chair again. Her face was flushed. “This is really unexpected …” she panted. “I had been excited at the thought of post-birth abortion, but I never thought I would take active part in one, and enjoy it … and to molest the baby and enjoy that too!”

“I am not so surprised,” said the doctor. “Before you came here, we had some conversations via email and you said that you thought that your sexuality mattered more than the life and welfare of your baby, and that your choice of abortion was an assertion of that.” The doctor paused and lit a cigarette. “I don’t think you want to be the kind of woman who puts the lives of kids before the enjoyment of all sides of her sexuality.”

“You are right,” said Anne. “I want to be completely free sexually, unfettered by the scruples and morals of society.” She looked at her baby, who was still crying. “I never expected that child abuse would turn me on, but it does and I want to explore and enjoy it.” She stretched a leg and pushed her high heel sandal between the baby’s legs.

Roberta laughed. “I have been through the same experience. Nine months ago, just before I got pregnant, I met with two girlfriends, one was Elaine.” The doctor nodded. “And I discovered that one of them had had a post-birth abortion, also abusing sexually her baby girl together with her boyfriend, and that the other had been molesting young girls since she was a teenager, killing a few of them!”

“Ooooohhhhhh!” said Anne, bringing a hand in front of her mouth and opening her eyes wide. “You must tell me more about that!”

“I have done it too, as I have already told Roberta,” said the doctor. “Many times, normally with friends, men and women. It can be very sexy … girls a few years old, six or so, can be made to lick and suck men and women very well … and raping them and abusing them can be very hot too.”

“Yes, it can be …” Marja’s mother stretched on her chair and lit a cigarette too.

“MOM!” Marja looked at her in mock horror, with a mischievous smile. “YOU, a child molester?!?”

“Yes … why not? Your dad and I always loved to exchange fantasies while fucking, the more extreme the better … and I am not the kind of woman who shies away from turning her fantasies into reality.”

“No woman should be,” said the doctor. “Our fantasies reveal our deepest desires…. and we owe it to ourselves to explore them.”

Marja was still looking at her mom. “Have you killed any?”

“Yes, I have. It is safer … we abduct a street kid, enjoy her and then dump her. There are so many kids in the world, it doesn’t matter …” while talking, she kicked off her sandals, placed a foot over the neck of her baby to pin her to keep her down, and used her other foot to play with her slit. The baby started to cry. “… and as you know yourself, killing a kid isn’t such a big deal.” She smiled at her daughter.

“I want to come with you guys next time and try it!” Marja started to masturbate. “What do you do to them? I bet you are very sadistic!”

“Not so much as I am, I bet!” said the doctor. “I have been exploring sadistic fantasies for some years and I don’t think I have any limits. I just love the thrill of it.”

“What is ….” Anne’s voice was shaky, she was masturbating and her nipples were hard. “… the cruelest, most sadistic thing that you ever did?” She hesitated. “Please tell me … I am so close to orgasm.”

The doctor paused for a few seconds. “We were four women, and we had abducted a street girl, six or seven. We took her out in a forest on a private estate and we made her lick all of us to orgasm … then we took turns raping her with strap-ons. We tortured her throughout, with needles, cigarettes … then we killed her very cruelly.” She was masturbating, and she was looking at the other women. Anne was masturbating, and pushing her heel into her baby’s slit, having placed her other foot firmly on her neck. “We wanted to burn her body to destroy any evidence of what we had done, so we made a bonfire … and we threw her on it still alive.” She paused. “We had sex with each other while we watched.”

“Oh fuck …” Anne closed her eyes, screamed, and came. The other women came too.

“I am sorry if I have shocked you,” said the doctor, “But remember that in ancient times, at the times of the Roman Empire, this kind of thing was done for public entertainment: people went to the circus to watch men and women and kids eaten alive by tigers, burnt alive … people were excited by cruelty and enjoyed it openly.”

“Even without going that far back,” said Roberta, “I know that in the States in the thirties entire families went along to watch public lynchings, taking their kids with them.”

“I heard about that,” said Anne. “I would normally be horrified about doing that … now I am not so sure. Probably I would watch one to see if it would thrill me and turn me on.”

“When you remove social constraints, all sort of things become possible,” said the doctor, “Some of them bad … but for me, that’s the result of regaining our freedom from the Christian fetters that have been put on us, especially on us women, for centuries.” She lit another cigarette. “Burning alive that young girl, to us, all women, was like a sacrifice to the gods of our sexuality. We had orgasm after orgasm … it was wild, uncontrolled, sexy.”

“Why don’t we have a human sacrifice ourselves?” asked Marja. She looked at the doctor. “You cremate the aborted babies, right? Could we throw one in … alive?”

There was a pause. None of the women expected that. The doctor was the first to speak. “Yes, we could. I think it may have happened a few times already … we aren’t so fussy about checking that babies are really dead when we push them in.”

Marja’s mother was the first to laugh, followed by the others. “I shouldn’t have expected you to care much about that! Can we do it? Now?”

“Sure, why not?” the doctor stood up, “The staff have gone, we can do anything we want. Come along?” She started to walk towards the patio door.

The other women picked up their babies and started to follow her. “Can we walk in like this, all naked?” asked Roberta.

“Sure.” The doctor opened the door and turned left. She opened another door and all entered. “This is the chapel, where religious services are had for those who want them; the entrance to the crematorium is over there, with a slide. Sit down, I’ll fetch a baby.”

Anne shook her head, cradling her baby. “I can’t believe we are doing this in a chapel ….”

“Very appropriate,” said Roberta. “Everything we are doing is against Christian morals. Best place to do it!”

“Amen,” smiled Marja’s mom.

The doctor came back carrying a baby girl. “Here is a lovely sacrificial victim!” she said, smiling. She offered her to Marja. “Since you proposed this … care to push her in yourself?”

Marja accepted the baby and laughed. “No problem … where is the slide?”

“Here,” said the doctor, pushing a button. A metal slide moved out of a wall hatch, stopping about one meter out of the wall. Marja placed the baby on it, then looked at the other women. “I don’t think she should die a virgin,” she said, and pushed a finger into the baby’s slit. The baby screamed. Everyone laughed.

Marja pushed the release button and the slide pulled the baby into the crematorium. There was a high-pitched cry, then silence.

“That was quick,” said Anne. The doctor smiled. “Yes, not very humane but fast … the temperature is very high there. We were much more cruel with our victim in the forest…. she took a good quarter of an hour to die.” She looked at the other women. “How did you all feel about this … burning this one alive?”

“No big deal,” said Roberta. “Much less cruel than a normal abortion… less cruel than what we did earlier too.” Marja’s mother nodded in agreement. Anne nodded too, then added: “Not that exciting … I enjoyed more what we did in the patio.”

The doctor laughed. “So, you are no longer interested in a humane post-birth abortion for yours?”

Anne blushed and looked at her baby. “No way! I want it to be sexual … I want to kill her with my body and to get pleasure from it!”

“I think we all want that” said Roberta.

“I feel SO free now that we have done these things together,” Anne continued. “Before, yes, I was very much in favor of abortion with no limits, including after birth, but in a sort of political way more than in a sexual way. I hadn’t thought about it as helping remove my residual moral scruples that were limiting my sexuality.” She looked at Roberta. “Talking with you all, hearing what you had done already, watching you abuse your babies so naturally and enjoy it … now I feel completely liberated sexually, at last!”

Roberta placed a hand on her shoulder and kissed her. “And your daughter will be at the receiving end of your newly found sexual freedom, I hope!”

Anne looked at her baby and giggled. “You bet!” She took a nipple between two fingers and twisted it, pushing her nails into the baby’s skin. The baby started to cry.


Later that evening, Anne and Roberta were in Anne’s room, chatting and sharing a joint and a bottle of wine. The babies, exhausted, were on the floor, wrapped in diapers. One of them started to cry. “Oh fuck …” said Anne “it is mine. She must have peed herself.” She stood up, walked to the baby and lifted her. “Yes, she has.” She hit the baby’s face hard, once, twice. “Shut the fuck up!” She looked at Roberta. “I have to dispose of her fucking diaper now …”

Roberta stood up too. “Yes, or it will stink. We have to clean her too.”

“I can’t be bothered,” said Anne. “She tore the diaper off the baby and put it into a diaper bag. “I’ll put her into the shower and hose her down.” She paused. “Or rather …” she looked mischievously at Roberta. “I have a better idea.” She took the baby by her arms and went to the bathroom. She lifted the lid of the toilet and pushed the baby inside. “She can pee as much as she wants in there” she said, closing down the lid over the crying baby.

Roberta laughed. “That’s a great idea! Are you going to clean her by flushing?”

“Of course!” said Anne. She hesitated. “But I’ll pee first.” She sat on the seat, concentrated a few seconds and sighed. The baby cried from the toilet. Anne stood up, wiped herself casually with some toilet tissue and tossed it in.

“I’ll pee too,” said Roberta. “Tell you what — the cup of this toilet is big enough for two babies. Can I drop mine there too?”

Anne laughed. “No problem. If they cry, we won’t hear them.”

Roberta picked up her baby and pushed it into the cup of the toilet, making sure neither baby was head down in the water. She then sat, peed and wiped herself, then closed the lid. “Flush them,” said Anne. Roberta pushed the button, and the water flowed. The babies cried, and kept crying after the flow stopped. “Good” said Roberta “they are still alive.” She looked at Anne. “How about having sex, you and me?”

“Sure! I’d love to,” said Anne. The two women lay on the bed and started to touch each other, kissing and moaning. Their hands roamed, teasing and caressing. They turned, and started to lick each other eagerly. Anne moaned, “What are you thinking?” Roberta kissed her, then whispered: “I am thinking of our babies in there, cold and scared and suffering, while we are here having fun.”

“Yes … me too,” Anne kissed Roberta’s clit, “Does it turn you


“Oh fuck, yes …”

“This is it really … our fun is the only thing that matters … fuck the brats … lick me …”

“Mmmmmm yes … yes …”

They both came, but remained in each other’s arms, kissing and cuddling, enjoying the afterglow. Anne moaned lazily. “This is the first time I can be completely careless about a baby of mine. I don’t have to give a fuck if she pees or shits herself, if she lives or dies … I can enjoy my lover … and the hell with the baby.”

Roberta giggled. “And if she has the bad idea to cry … you can hit her and do anything you like to shut her up or punish her … feels like heaven!”

Anne sighed and kissed Roberta. “Let’s make love some more … who cares if they die …”

Some time later, they stood up. “I feel like a bubble bath,” said Anne. “Shall we take one together?”

“Yes, I’d love that,” replied Roberta, “I’ll have a pee first.”

“Pee on them and flush them again?” smiled Anne.

“Oh yes!” Roberta walked into the bathroom and lifted the lid. “Here it goes …” A brief pause. “They are still alive, but not much crying.”

“I’ll pee too, then we can flush them …” smiled Anne, “And then we can take them into the bath with us.”

“And molest them some!” Roberta laughed, while Anne flushed the toilet.

Roberta started filling the tub, while Anne picked up the babies, shivering and distressed, but alive. She pushed them in the tub, and she and Roberta followed, touching each other and cradling the babies.

“How are you going to kill her?” asked Anne, teasing Roberta between her legs with her toes.

“I am not sure,” said Roberta, “Probably the same way as the doctor did with that baby today – sit on her to smother her and get an orgasm that way. It’s sexy. I will fuck her with one of my high heels while I kill her. How about you?”

“The same way, I think … I want my body to feel her die, I want to enjoy her death sexually.” Anne giggled. “I never thought I would do something like this … I wanted to abort her after birth to affirm my support for abortion with no limitations of time … but this feels so totally right, so liberating … and so natural too in a way.”

“Yes! I am amazed how easily I got rid of any moral scruples I had … about killing an unwanted baby just so casually,” She looked at her baby, “And molesting and abusing them came so natural too ….”

Anne smiled. “Talking about molesting…. how about some more light torture with our nails?”

“Sure!” Soon both women were lazily teasing and hurting their babies’ genitals; the babies, already exhausted, were crying softly.

“I am also amazed at how much more … liberated I am,” said Roberta, “Yesterday evening the doctor was here and we got naked and we had sex while we took turns molesting my baby. I didn’t feel the slightest pang of guilt, I enjoyed it and we exchanged experiences about molesting and abusing children and we just got turned on by it all.”

“The doctor is so matter-of-fact about it all, it is amazing. She killed that baby with her pussy so well … and I was soaked when she told how she and her friends burned that girl alive!” Anne pushed a finger harder into her baby’s slit. The baby screamed. “Compared to that, cremating that other baby alive seemed so trivial.” She paused. “Have you already molested and killed young kids yourself?”

“Just once,” replied Roberta. “I went on vacation to the Philippines with some friends, men and women, and we raped and killed a kid we picked off the street.”

“That’s hot. Did you torture her?”

“Yes, we did. We burned and pierced her here and there, then we women took turns trying to smother her with our pussies while the guys fucked her.”

“I am in two minds about this,” said Anne. “Hearing about this, and about the doctor’s experience, turns me on like hell. But I am not sure I am comfortable with doing all this to someone else’s kid … and a kid a few years old, not a baby.”

“I had my doubts too before I did it,” said Roberta. “I thought I would just watch, but I got so excited that I had to try … and in the end I loved it. but I am not sure I will do it so casually like the doctor.”

“Well, you shouldn’t do anything if you are not completely at ease about it. I will try for sure, at least once, just to experience it. I am sure I will have no problems with this baby” she looked at it and smiled “this is my late abortion and I have no qualms about it.”

“How did you feel about helping Marja killing hers?”

“Not the slightest pang of guilt, no hesitation … I was just excited. I was feeling it more like an abortion, rather than child abuse … I feel strongly that a woman has the right to dispose of a baby any way she likes, and I just loved it that Marja was so liberated about it. Totally casual, no care…. she didn’t give a damn about it, and I didn’t either.”

“That’s how it should be … I enjoyed watching you do it and I am sure I will enjoy killing mine.” Roberta pushed her finger deeper into her baby, which cried harder. Roberta lifted the baby by an arm and hit her hard, twice, in her face. “Shut the fuck up!”

Anne smiled. “You have kids, don’t you? Besides this one I mean.”

“Yes, two girls, they are four and five now.” Roberta hit the baby again.

“Have you ever regretted not aborting them?”

“Yes, many times. Kids can be a fucking nuisance. But I never wanted my kids to make me change my lifestyle, and I had my way.”

“How do you mean?”

“I kept having lovers, enjoying group sex, swinging, all without bothering to hide from the kids. I had them in the same room where I had sex parties. Sometimes I rode the cock of a lover and watched porn while breastfeeding. I always went naked around the house … that sort of thing.”

“Wow!” Anne was impressed. “Ever thought of molesting them?”

“I did it a bit with some of my lovers, but nothing much. I love corrupting them, raising them with no modesty and no morals. But at times when they are a nuisance I wish I had aborted them.” Roberta laughed.

Anne caressed Roberta’s thigh with her right foot.

“I feel in the mood of playing harder with mine. I want to try again to push her face on my pussy. Do you feel like molesting her with me while I enjoy her between my legs? We can play with each other and take turns to enjoy her.”

“I would love to. What if one of us goes too far and kills her?”

“I wouldn’t care. I want to concentrate on my pleasure and make the most of this sexually. Let’s get out of this tub and move to the bed?”

The two women got out of the tub and toweled themselves dry, then toweled the two babies. They went to the bed and lay down, and started to touch and kiss each other. “What we could do,” said Roberta, “Is to place her head between our two pussies, so we could both masturbate on her while we kiss and touch each other.”

“Yes!” Anne laughed. “Let’s lie down with legs crossed and touching … and place her between us so that we have easy access to her slit.”

Roberta giggled excitedly. They spread some pillows and lay down, their legs intertwined with a small gap between their open pussies. Anne took the baby and carefully placed her head in the gap. The baby cried, but Anne and Roberta pulled closer and her cried were soon muffled. They kissed and caressed each other’s breasts, the baby’s body moving and struggling between theirs.

Anne moaned. “This is so hot — let’s get her to struggle a bit more.” She placed a finger against the baby’s clit and started to scratch it. Roberta entered her finger inside the slit. “I’ll hurt her from inside.”

They kissed again, their bodies pressing each other and the baby between them, their thighs and pussies pushing mercilessly on the baby’s head, their nails torturing the delicate slit. Their ecstatic moans and cries excited them and they pushed harder, their hands touching, their nails moving deeper, more cruelly.

“We are going to kill her,” moaned Roberta. “Yes…. I want to …” panted Anne. “Finger her deep …” “You too …” “Push … push hard … I am there …”

“Yes … aaaah fuck …” They kissed frantically, their thighs pushing hard, their fingers penetrating the baby. Their orgasms came together, washing over them. They fell sideways, still embracing and kissing.

“We have killed her.”

“Yes … we have. God, I loved it … I am on fire.”

“I want to kill mine now … with you.”

“Oh yes, yes … the same way?”

“No … remember earlier, when one of us put her feet on her neck to pin her down? I’ll do it that way, in my heels. You can fuck her with your high heels … we can stand, embrace, make out and enjoy each other while we do her.”

“Oh fuck yes.”

They put on their high heels and placed the baby on the floor, on a pillow placed against the side of the bed. Roberta stood and placed her left sandal carefully, the heel on a side of the baby’s neck, the sole pressing on it. Anne placed her right foot between the baby’s legs, the heel poised at the slit’s entrance, and started to push in. They embraced tightly, breasts pressed against breasts, thighs touching, and kissed. Their moans mixed with the feeble crying of the baby. They caressed and teased their breasts, their pussies, while slowly pushing their sandals against the baby. They could feel their orgasms coming and they let go of any control, pushing their heels viciously. They came and fell on the bed. After a few minutes Anne giggled.

“No signs of life … we killed this one too!”

Roberta looked down. “Yes … I think I broke her neck, and you broke her pussy.”

Anne looked too. “Yes. I enjoyed doing it this way too … you?”

“Yes, me too. Different from what we did to yours … we didn’t have the baby stimulate us directly. But using high heels to kill is wicked and sexy … and I loved the image in my mind. I wish we had taken a video.”

“That would be totally hot … I think there is nothing sexier than women like us enjoying themselves without any moral scruples.”

“Do you feel any remorse … any guilt?”

“No way!” Anne laughed. “I loved every second of it and I don’t regret anything we have done.” She looked at the baby. “Done in this way, abortion is liberating and sexy … I enjoyed doing it.” She looked at Roberta. “How about you, how do you feel about it?”

“Liberated, energized, excited … sexy. I enjoyed everything we did.” She paused. “I wanted it to be sexual.” Roberta kissed Anne, then added: “Infanticide is great. I hope it will become as accepted as abortion … it would be so hot if all new moms could have a week or two to think about keeping their new baby or getting rid of it … for any reason, however trivial.”

“Yes!” Anne snuggled to Roberta and kissed her neck. “I can imagine … if it was widely accepted, women like us could talk about it openly, as we did earlier in the patio … just chat about it, nonchalantly, as a normal thing to do …”

“… And we could do it just at home and with friends, as we have done today … even in the presence of our kids!” Roberta caressed Anne’s breasts.


The following morning the five women met again in the patio. The doctor was there too. All were nude, as they were the previous day. There were no babies.

“So,” the doctor was saying to Marja’s mother, “You also have aborted yours last night? It seems that Anne and Roberta did the same.”

“Yes,” replied Marja with a smile. “We played with her a while, then we got bored and mom sat on her face and snuffed her.”

“I hope you enjoyed playing with her,” said the doctor.

“We managed to make her lick our pussies and nipples,” said Marja’s mother. “We used some honey and she went for it. It was fun … afterwards we molested her some.”

“I deflowered her while mom was killing her,” Marja giggled. “I used a makeup brush … she didn’t like it one bit!”

“But I did … and she gave me a lovely orgasm!” said her mother. Everyone laughed.

“So, all your babies have been aborted,” concluded the doctor. She lit a cigarette. “How do you feel about the entire experience?”

“I was the one with the most doubts,” said Anne. “On the whole, I feel fine. I have done things that I had not expected to do … I had expected to have my baby killed humanely and swiftly, not to abuse her as a sex toy.” She smiled at Roberta, who smiled back. “But I enjoyed doing it. I feel no regrets and no sense of guilt.” She looked at the doctor. “And I agree with you that doing it this way has removed my last moral and social barriers. I can explore sides of myself that before I wouldn’t acknowledge …”

“You mean your sadistic side?” asked Roberta.

“Yes. I always got excited when reading stories about sadism, especially about sadistic women … probably because it is so against the traditional view of women … it sounds horrible to say, but having a helpless baby that I was going to abort allowed me to be cruel and sadistic myself … and it turned me on much more than reading about it!”

“It sounds horrible to women not so liberated as we are,” said the doctor. “To me, a helpless baby or a young child is an opportunity to experiment, to find out what excites me, to probe my darkest sides, all in safety. I can be as perverted as I choose to be … and if I have a fantasy I can make it come true without any danger to myself.” She smiled at Anne. “I am glad that you embraced your sadistic side and that you tortured your baby without any qualms; it is good too that you did it with a friend, sharing these experiences makes them more enjoyable. How do you feel about the possibility of abusing older children?”

“I wouldn’t go out of my way to do it,” said Anne. “But, if I was out with friends in a place like Thailand, and someone proposed to do it just for kicks … I would go along with it. Maybe I would just watch, or maybe I would take part … I just don’t know. But I feel comfortable talking about it and the thought turns me on.” She looked at her hard nipples.

“To me,” said Marja’s mom “older kids, between six and ten, are the best because you can do so much more to them than to babies. Explore your sadistic side but also simply use them much more sexually. In third world countries it is very safe … and using young children is such a taboo that breaking it is always thrilling. The first time I did it I was in Thailand with my husband, and it was a totally erotic experience. Sure, infanticide is hot too, but nowhere as exciting.”

“I think the same,” said Roberta. “I have had only one experience with an older child and it was very intense. I have my doubts, like Anne,” she smiled at her friend, “But I have a sadistic streak and I want to explore it, and the safest way to do it is with preteen children in developing countries. I think it will take time before I am completely at ease with that, but it will be worth it.” She paused. “Besides, I have no intention of getting pregnant again and again just to enjoy post-birth abortion, and killing other people’s babies is so much easier!” Everyone laughed.

Marja looked at her mother. “What did you do with Dad that first time in Thailand? I am curious!”

“Dad and I had this fantasy about raping a girl together. We didn’t want to use a prostitute – it had to be a real rape, and the only safe way was to get a street kid. We picked up a lovely one, she must have been seven or thereabouts, and we took her to a boat that we had rented. She thought she was giving us directions …” she smiled, and lit a cigarette. “We took our time: we got naked, we got her naked and we molested her at leisure, after gagging her of course. Then I pinned her on a table and my husband raped her. Then our fantasy was for me to rape her while he fucked me, so I took a piece of wood and I raped her pussy and ass with it, really hard, while he was taking me from behind. I was in heaven and so was he …”

“… And the girl was in hell” said the doctor. She was masturbating, as were all the other women.

“You bet! And it got worse … we had just planned to rape her, but being there, so turned on and with my husband so turned on too, I had this urge to be cruel to her and I just started to hit her. My husband loved that and he egged me on and started to fuck her again. I was feeling on fire … and I decided to give us both something more extreme …. and I started to torture her ….”

“How?” asked the doctor.

“I wanted to be really cruel … sadistic, barbaric. I didn’t use anything, just my hands …. well, a cigarette and a lighter too.” She laughed and masturbated more intensely. “I burned her nipples and her clit. Then I broke her fingers, one by one, then I … stabbed her eyes with my fingernails.”

“OOOOOHHHHHHH ….” Anne’s moan was almost frightening. She lent forward in her chair, one of her hands masturbating her furiously, the other grasping her breast. Her eyes closed, she came violently. The doctor stood up and also came, and the others too, one after the other.

There was a pause, then the doctor turned to Marja’s mom and kissed her. The two women touched each other and made out for a minute or two. The doctor smiled and said: “This was amazing. I am so happy for you … you have got rid of your inhibitions so fast and so completely. How do you feel now about your sadistic side … does it feel natural and sexy to do these things, or do you have hesitations, doubts?”

“Totally natural and very, very exciting,” Marja’s mom replied. “No hesitations, ever. I know I am very sadistic: not only because I have no real limits in what I do, but because I really get a kick out of knowing that my victim feels extreme pain. When they pass out I make sure to revive them … I want them to feel everything that I do to them, and the more painful it is, the better.”

Anne’s voice was still a bit shaky. “This was the most amazing orgasm that I ever had ….” She walked to Marja’s mom, passed her arms around her neck and kissed her passionately, nude body against nude body. When they stopped kissing, they remained embraced and Anna smiled. “You are incredible … you are like those women I found in sadistic stories that I have read, only they are fiction, you are for real! It would be so totally hot to see you do these things …”

“I would love you to be there!” Marja’s mom’s eyes sparkled. “Sometimes there are other women and it is so much hotter … we egg each other on … we try to outdo each other in cruelty … it is a sort of game … with a lot of sex to release the tension. And no regrets afterwards.”

There was a pause. “So” asked Roberta “What did you do to that girl after you stabbed into her eyes? I am curious!”

“We killed her,” said Marja’s mom. “We were just too completely wild to do anything else, and besides I am not sure she could have survived what we had already done to her. I stuck again that piece of wood up her pussy and I helped my husband push his cock all the way down her throat, and I strangled her slowly … I wanted him to feel her die.” She paused. “It was amazing.”

There was another pause. Marja’s broke it. “I can’t wait to see you and Dad do that … and to join you! I enjoyed killing my baby yesterday but this is so totally wicked and cool!”

Anne kissed Marja’s mom again and laughed. “I also feel happy and I have no qualms about doing what I have done. It is silly to treat a baby any differently from a late fetus, and whatever we can do to one we can do to the other. I hope that infanticide will come to be accepted as normal …”

“But this is much more than infanticide” said Roberta. She touched her breasts. “After what we did to our babies … a simple infanticide would be boring!”

“I am sure that a sanitized form of infanticide will become accepted” said the doctor. “Medical ethicists are already saying that between an infant and a fetus there is no real difference. Sure, it will start from cases where the mother is distressed, or from cases of disability, and it will be regulated … but it will go the same way as abortion. In ten years or so a new mom will have the option of having her baby killed, and those who do it themselves will get away with light penalties, or with none.” She smiled. “Here infanticide is already much more widespread than you would think. I think that it has been encouraged by having abortion as the birth control method of choice for most women, rich and poor, with time limits only in theory.”

“Is it really widespread? I thought it was only done discreetly in a few clinics like yours!” said Elaine.

“Not really. Some women I know use infanticide to get exactly the baby they want … they use surrogate mothers, more than one, then weed out the babies that are for example the wrong gender, or eye color, or simply who are too restless … and the beauty of this is that they don’t even have the nuisance of being pregnant themselves!”

Ann laughed. “That sounds perfect! you mean they get all the babies delivered, then choose one … and kill the others?”

“Yes. A friend of mine has done it twice, in India … she and her husband chose the right baby, then just smothered the others, one by one, and dumped them. She was totally casual about that.” She caressed her breasts. “Other friends of mine, mainly couples, do it just for fun … for the thrill of infanticide without the bother of the pregnancy.”

“… And the more liberated among them will do much more … discreetly, of course!” said Roberta.

The doctor laughed. “Yes, of course! They make a baby or two just to enjoy some sadistic play.”

“How about older children? Do you think that child abuse will become normalized in time too?” asked Anne.

“No, I don’t really believe it,” replied the doctor. “Regulated killing may well go beyond newborn babies, a few months or even more maybe, but abuse for pleasure and thrills is unlikely to get accepted widely.”

“I don’t know,” said Anne. “I started very very sanitized, as you said, thinking only about a swift infanticide shortly after birth … and now that I have opened up my darkest side, I want to explore it! Other women may do the same …”

“Yes,” said Roberta, “And if killing babies becomes normal and accepted, older children will also come to be seen as … expendable.”

“Especially in third world countries,” said Marja’s mom. “To me, third world kids are just … sex toys, to be disposed of once I have played with them.”

Anne laughed. “I have come to the same view. I can’t wait to have one to play with myself.”

“Does it have to be from the third world? How about a kid … whose mother simply wants to get rid of, for her own reasons?” The doctor smiled.

There was a pause. “Does it happen? Here?”

“Yes, it does,” replied the doctor. She lit a cigarette. “A woman I know — she and her husband had a daughter. Her husband left, and she found a new man, and he introduced her to a very hedonistic lifestyle — sex, drugs, lovers, very very liberated, sexy, rather perverted too. The daughter was nearly six, taking care of her was boring and interfered with her new life, so she decided to get rid of her. I helped — I thought it was marvelous, the way she was so relaxed about it.”

There was a short silence, broken by Anne. “If it interfered with her new life … I think she was right in getting rid of the kid.” She hesitated. “She didn’t want to giver her away for adoption, I guess.”

“No way!” said the doctor. “For one thing, she didn’t want a natural child to turn up and make claims in a few years’ time. For another, when she and her new man got together, and he introduced her to his circle … which as I told you is very liberated … they played sexually with the kid quite a bit, and it wouldn’t have been safe to let her join another family.”

“No, of course not” said Roberta. “Did they try to bring her up into their lifestyle, as Marja’s mom is doing?”

“They tried it,” said the doctor “but she hated it all, maybe because she disliked her mom’s new man.”

“Oh well,” said Anne, lighting a cigarette, “In this case, there was no other way. Your friend couldn’t give up her new lifestyle just because of the kid. Living her life the way she liked was more important.”

Everyone nodded. “How did they get rid of her?” asked Marja.

“At a sex party with their friends,” replied the doctor. “Her mom had told them — us, I was there too — beforehand that they could do anything they liked to her, and we … enjoyed her fully.”

“How many were you?” asked Anne. She was playing with one of her nipples.

“Oh … twenty or so, I think. Including some teenage children, boys and girls.”

“What did you do?” asked Roberta.

“We took turns” said the doctor. “We women had her lick us or masturbated on her face, the men simply fucked her … there was little torture as such, we mainly took turns using her sexually. What gave us all a kick is that her mother participated fully, with her new man.”

“That’s so totally hot …” said Anne. She was masturbating slowly.

“It wasn’t the first time that a woman in our circle gets rid of a little boy or girl … below the age of six, when they haven’t gone to school yet, it is easy. What I really like is that we are all so nonchalant about it, so liberated.” The doctor paused. “Her mom and her man were really fed up with her and used her hard, and we all took our cue from them. She cried a lot and pleaded but that turned us all on even more.” She started to masturbate. “We had fun telling her that we would torture her unless she did her best to lick and suck all of us. She really did her best but we had no mercy …”

“That was very cruel …” said Roberta, who was masturbating too. “Did any of you have any hesitation …?”

“Two of the women who had done nothing so extreme yet felt sorry for her but they were so turned on that they used her all the same … I loved the way they let their sexuality override all their scruples.”

“That’s how it should be,” said Anne. “How did you kill her in the end?”

“Her mom and her man did it. She strangled her while he was fucking her … they both loved doing it.”

There was a pause. “It must have been a very intense experience,” said Roberta. “How did you like it?”

The doctor smiled. “I had already had similar experiences, and in that respect it was nothing very new. What I really enjoyed was the way the girl’s mother was so ready to decide to get rid of her daughter, and to do it the way she did. In our first conversation we talked about faking an accident, as many parents do when they want to get rid of a kid, but when I suggested to do it by abusing her sexually she was totally for it. After her problems with the daughter not liking her new man, she was thrilled at the possibility of making her suffer.”

“I think I would have felt the same,” said Anne. “I am a bit surprised that you were not more sadistic …”

“Well, the girl was in great distress — she was very shy and modest, and being made to be the center of a sex party, naked, with everyone also naked and having sex, distressed her a lot … she cried and cried. More than hurting her physically, we enjoyed distressing her by being very sexual with her — and I can tell you, the men fucked her all the way and hard, and she got a lot of pain from that!”


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  1. Mmmmm so fucking hotttxxx I came twice reading this pedophile masterpiece….
    Must write more of these my cock drips unholy perversions thinking about it yum…

    1. Ray, die Antwort geht an Dich. Mir geht es nämlich genau so wie Dir. Diese Geschichte und auch die zwei anderen – mehr kenne ich nicht – mit den gleichen Personen – Roberta und co., sind dermaßen pervers und grausam – einfach super Geil. Und was Super ist – für mich jedenfalls – außer den super geilen Erwachsenen, sind alles nur an kleinen Kindern und Babys nur Mädchen. Auch die Kleinen im Ausland die sie von der Straße holen zum Gebrauchen und dann entsorgt werden oder fremde Babys – immer Mädchen. Und das ist herrlich so. Leider gibt es von ihnen zu wenig Geschichten. Super satanisch grausam und super pervers. Man muss sie immer wieder Lesen. Heinz.

      1. I agree, I love cruel and sick perverted things we can do to the unholy children, I’d love to find a 12yo to knock up and have funnnn with the baby, yummy

          1. Grüße Dich. . Super, außer Korruption liebst Du auch so grausame, hoch geile Sachen wie Alaine, Anne, Roberta und die Anderen mit ihren lebenden Babys umgehen aber auch mit besonders schönen, kleinen Straßenmädchen in den gewissen Ländern. . Und ihre Männer auch. Für sie gehen Lust, Wonne und höchste Geilheit übe alles und je grausamer je lustvoller und geiler. Und stimmt ja auch. Du redest von einen ca. zwölf jährigen , dass ist ja in Ordnung – ich von Mädchen. Ich hatte gehofft alle würden Weitermachen – müssen ja nicht unbedingt eigene Babys sein und ihre kleinen Töchterchen würden in den Urlaubsländern das selbe Mitmachen, wie sie ja selber gerne möchten.. Und sich dann gegenseig ihre super geilen Taten exakt mit Hochgenuss berichten – wie bisher. Auch mit der super, russischen Ärztin mit dabei. Aber leider kommen keine Geschichten mehr. Aber es gibt ja Ähnliche. Heinz.

          2. Hail Heinz

            “Hello. . Great, besides corruption you also love cruel, extremely horny things like Alaine, Anne, Roberta and the others deal with their living babies, but also with particularly beautiful, little street girls in certain countries. And her men too. For them, lust, bliss and the highest horniness go to practice everything and the crueler the more lustful and horny. And that’s true too. You’re talking about a twelve-year-old girl, that’s okay – I’m talking about girls. I had hoped everyone would carry on – they don’t necessarily have to be babies of their own and their little daughters would do the same in the holiday countries as they would like to. Also with the great Russian doctor there. But unfortunately there are no more stories. But there are similar ones. Heinz.”

            Yes … it’s a shame that the story is not continued. XP

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