Feature Writer: TheseSinsAreMine

Feature Title: Sisters of Lust

Published: 29.05.2020

Story Codes: Taboo, Incest

Synopsis: Sisters’ secret lusts are finally fulfilled.

Author’s Note: This story contains incest content. If that’s not your taste, well, you’ve been warned. All characters are over 18 years old.


Sisters of Lust

Serenity sat reading peacefully, her legs drawn up beneath her on the soft leather of her chair. The book was about plants and their growth, which she took enormous pleasure in. Her own garden, inspired by that very same book, lay just outside a window set further in the wall a ways to her right. She could hear her sister Life outside through the window, likely ensuring her sister’s hobby received all her ample gifts could give. The gentle breeze making its way inside blew teasingly over Serenity’s barely clad nipples, and she hummed as they stood to attention. She jostled her breasts with a movement of her shoulder, the slightly pleasurable sensation of the thin cloth caressing the edge of her concentration as her breasts jiggled for a moment longer. One of her hands mindlessly came up from her lap and brushed against her sensitive nipples, lightly pressing as her breath rushes past her lips in a subconscious bracing for more. Her hand closed softly around her warm flesh, feeling the rush of blood under her fingers through the thin cloth settled above.

Her hand slipped into her shirt as the pleasure mounted enough to irk her desire. Her fingers brushed her bare nipple and a gasp whispered it’s way into the open air, another breeze taking her pleasure on it’s wafting back. She rubs her aching nipple in circles, lightly pinching and pulling as her desire grew in a slow heat. Her quiet moans grew ever slightly louder as she set her book down with a trembling hand, her attention now fully on her need for more. Her free hand came down to lift up her shirt, her pale skin almost shining in the sunlight streaming throughout the room.

Life straightened up from kneeling over the plants within her sister’s garden, the dirt falling from her hands as she brushed them lovingly. Her care and her sisters’ hard work had given birth to this garden of plenty, stretching some few hundred feet in most every direction away from the walls of their home. She sighed happily as she looked over their multi-hued project of flowers, trees and vegetables, as the very energy in the air brought on by the sun above elevated her mood, her skin seeming to absorb the vibrancy. Her eyes closed as she soaked up all that she could, before the wind carried sounds of a more carnal pleasure to her ears. She turned about slowly, not wishing to disturb the source of the noise as she came closer too it. Life’s ears picked up more of the engaging sounds as she walked ever closer to the window letting light shine into the room where she knew Serenity should lay reading, as she did more oft than not. Life peered in as her sister’s voice rose with merry pleasure and she knew by the occasional soft squish that her sister was indeed the source of that stimulating noise.

Life covered her mouth as she listened to the sounds of her sister’s passion from her corner of the room, her eyes wide from surprise and a spark of humor. She leaned forwards through the opening of the window, her firm breasts pressing against the sill as she looked in, caution of being discovered seeping into her body as the cool wood pressed against her chest. Her eyes swept over the room as she searched for her sister, alighting on her moments later as the sound of a gasp drew her attention. Life echoed her sister’s gasp, muffling it into her hand as the sight before her took her by surprise; Serenity lay stretched over the arms of her leather chair, her left hand caressing her bared breasts as her right moved rhythmically between her long legs as they tensed with pleasure.

Life looked on as Serenity brought herself to climax, her screams muffled into a pillow she hurriedly pulled over her mouth moments before her pussy clenched around her fingers, her breasts heaving as her breath rushed between her lips. As she looked on, Life could see a stream of liquid slipping down her sister’s chest and wondered at it as she followed it too her sister’s nipples. She was lactating! Life pressed her thighs together as she realized that fact, her secret desire instantly making her own pussy moist, even more so than watching her sister masturbate. Her right hand came down between her legs and rubbed against her lower lips through the bright red sun-dress she wore as she continued watching Serenity in the aftershock of her climax.

Life rocked back and forth as she pressed her hand harder against her dress, moaning quietly with the secondary pleasure of her nipples being squeezed against the window sill. They sat perfectly in a groove made from long years of speaking with Serenity and her other sisters as she cooled down from working in the garden. The smoothness of the groove felt like her nipples were rubbing against soft fingers as she rocked against it. Her thighs grew wet as she kept looking on her sister coming down from her pleasured high, the happy smile on Serenity’s face adding more heat too her covered core. Her free hand reached under her dress and finally rubbed against her aroused clit, her pussy growing hotter as the wind caressed her skin and cooled the drops of her juices on her thighs. She bit her lip as her pleasure grew, glad she never wore panties when she worked outside: it made her hot knowing anyone could see her naked pussy and ass if she bent over just right. Her thighs closed tighter around her fingers and her eyelids drifted down as pleasure flashed behind her eyes.

Desire hummed as she walked beside the cozy house that shaded her from the heat of the sun, her pace slow and steady to take full advantage of the cool air. It wasn’t unbearable, but she preferred staying in when it got hot and so she was headed inside to fully cool off in the shower. As she rounded the corner, she caught sight of one of her sisters looking inside from out, and though she was used to the sight itself, the posture of her sister’s body was different and she moved slowly back and forth against the wood she leaned against.

“What is she doing?” Desire asked herself, curiosity eating away at her as she came closer, her brows scrunched up on her fragile face. Her eyes narrowed as she snuck in, seeing her sister’s hands clutching at her breast and the other circling her bare pussy as her dress was hiked up around her flared hips. The sound of her sister’s fingers rubbing her juices across her dripping pussy made Desire shiver with sudden lust. She licked her plump red lips, a raw hunger flaring up inside her as opportunity reared its head; she wanted that pussy, even if it were her sister’s. She craved tasting the juices she could see, and now hear, dripping down her sister’s fingers and thighs onto the soft dirt below her spread legs. She crept closer, her lips parted as the smell of her sister’s pleasure wafted towards her on the wind and the sound of her sister’s moans in her ears grew louder. Desire watched Life like a hawk as she got nearer, her sister lifting her dress higher above her shapely, round ass as she leaned further into the window. Desire’s face took on a look like the cat who just caught a mouse; Her lips hooked into a mischievous smile, her eyes narrowed into slits as her hands crossed the distance between her and the beautiful ass before her.

Cool air blew across her lustfully heated skin as Life moved slightly forwards to see Serenity as she squeezed her breasts then licked her sweetly flavored milk off her fingers, shuddering as it slipped down her throat. Life cooed too herself as her need for her sister’s milk flared within her. As she slipped her fingers deeper into her soaked pussy, a hand suddenly clamped over her quietly moaning mouth, her thighs slamming shut around her hand as she squealed in fright. She felt the press of a pair of large round orbs against her back as she was arched towards her captor’s body, the hard nipples digging into her flushed skin giving her a thrill as she knew only one person with breasts that big. Her eyes rolled in her head as she groaned too herself half in pleasure and half in dread; she knew she was in for a punishment, but somehow it didn’t faze her as just rubbing her sensitive skin was enough to throw pleasure through her veins. She could tell by the commanding feel of her captor that it could be none other than Desire, which was confirmed for her by a voice in her ear, oozing with self-satisfaction;

“Look at you sister, perving out as you fuck yourself.” The voice hissed quietly. Life shuddered with need, unable to voice excuses she didn’t really care to give. Desire’s fingers tightened around her mouth.

“Shhh, sister, I know your dirty little secret.” Her voice grew so quiet it was hard for Life to hear. “I know you crave Serenity’s tits in your mouth. You want her warm cream to soak your tongue and satisfy your dirty mind, don’t you?”

Life felt her pussy grow impossibly wetter as Desire brought her secret out into the air. “Mmmm!” She moaned deep in her throat, the idea of finally fulfilling her desire drawing her tunnel tight around her fingers. She felt Desire’s breasts tremble against her back with her barely contained laughter. “Dirty girl. I knew you wanted her since we went to the lake, so long ago. Look at her now though, all grown up with those beautiful breasts leaking that sweet milk. You don’t just want her, do you? You need her.”

Life knew it wasn’t really a question, but she nodded anyway, knowing Desire had her just where she wanted her. Life wondered where her sister was going with her teasing, but knew she was bound to find out one way or another.

Desire’s voice growled in her ear, sending shivers up her spine. “I’m going to take my hand away, and you’re not going to make a sound.” Life shivered at the command in her voice and nodded carefully, knowing now was not the time to act up. Desire’s hand left her mouth slowly, ready to cover it again if she didn’t obey and Life heard her lick her lips. “Good girl.” She heard, as her sister’s body left her own. She shivered at the cool air rushing over her newly heated skin as she heard Desire rustling around behind her, her bare ass jiggling slightly as she shifted her weight.

Desire crouched behind Life, mouth watering as she looked at her sister’s bare ass jiggling before her; It was a little bigger than her own but was firmer, the skin was softer to the touch. Her tight little asshole winked at her as she pressed her cheeks open with her palms and Desire could see her pussy dripping with even more need as the silence dragged on between them. She could barely believe that she had her sister just where she wanted her, and exactly where she wanted to be herself; Life unable to say anything, or move, lest she give herself away too their sister still sighing quietly inside and herself so close to her sister’s tight pink asshole. Her mouth fell open slightly as she took in it’s winking perfection and her tongue wet her red lips in preparation. She brought her hands out and cupped her sister’s ass, lightly squeezing and caressing it as her own lust mounted inside her. She needed this ass in her life more, bare and trembling before her, at her command to do with what she pleased. She licked her lips again, no longer able to hold back as she pressed her face against the round globes of her sister’s huge ass.

“Mmm.” She moaned, her lips planting light kisses on the soft skin of the creases under her bouncing cheeks as her lips came closer to her sister’s nervously clenching hole. She looked on it with wide eyes before burying her face between those ass cheeks, lust boiling inside her and saliva dripping from her tongue as it left her mouth and finally, beautifully, pressed against the object of her nightly fantasies. Her tongue caressed her sister’s tight, unyielding asshole as Desire groaned in pleasure and shock. She licked and kissed, wormed and flicked her tongue on her sister’s ass before pulling back, the sounds of startled gasps like music in her now uncovered ears. She leaned further back, face a-glow as she looked up to Life, needing to see the pleasure she felt herself from finally eating her sister’s cute ass.

Serenity’s concentration on her wet pussy was broken by a muffled scream and she looked up, her fingers lodged deep in her wet hole once more as she looked for the noise. She jumped to cover herself as she saw Life’s reddened face leant through the open window, her eyes like dinner plates with surprise at something Serenity couldn’t see. She stood from her chair, juices dripping down her thighs as she strode closer to her sister, angry that she had spied on her in her moments of release. She slowed however as she approached, hearing Life moan in pleasure, watching her eyes glazing over as she was pushed lightly back and forth against the window sill. Serenity’s mouth fell open as she peered out over her mindlessly unfocused sister and saw Desire crouched behind her, her hands groping Life’s bare ass and her face buried between her cheeks.

Serenity covered her mouth as she realized what was going on. Desire was eating out her sister! She paused, surprise muddling her thoughts as an undercurrent of lust ran through her mind.

“Is she…?” She whispered leaning forward to take a closer look. She moaned internally at the sight of Desire’s tongue entering her sister’s ass over and over as she ate her out. She watched for a moment and admired the way that tight hole clenched around her Desire’s tongue. Serenity looked down at Life and watched her emotions flitting across her soft features as she took Desire’s tongue in her ass. She listened to her high moans and looked down to her open mouth as she cried out in pleasure. Serenity saw her long tongue hanging out of her mouth with her panting and shuddered as time seemed to slow, her forbidden lust making her thighs wet anew. She shouldn’t want this, she shouldn’t want to taste that tongue, feel it inside her but still she stepped closer to Life and lifted her upper body, her sister’s head lolling as she drowned in the pleasure she received from Desire.

The feeling of their tits pressing together as Life settled against her gave Serenity a lustful shock, followed by another as her eyes fell again on that long tongue, so close to her own lips as it lay across the tops of her heaving breasts. Life was so out of it and Serenity knew this was her chance and decided to risk it; She leaned forwards, gaze flicking between her tongue and her sister’s blissfully closed eyes as her face moved ever closer. Serenity tilted Life’s head back and lifted her long tongue off her chest as it slipped between each of her fingers seemingly with a mind of its own.

Serenity dipped her head back and bent her knees as she opened her mouth and slowly straightened up, shivering as she guided her sister’s tongue against her lower lip. She let it stay there a moment as she teased herself with the nearness of her greatest fantasy. Her sister’s tongue moved on its own and traced Serenity’s lips as though it knew her perverted pleasure. It dipped past her lips into her mouth and stopped teasingly as it flexed and a single drop of her sister’s sweet saliva dropped onto her own tongue. Her pussy tightened and she almost came again as she tasted her sister the first time, with the sweetness of vanilla yogurt. She pressed closer to her sister, their tits mashing together as their lips followed suit. Serenity moaned into her sister’s mouth as their tongues finally twined together and fought for dominance in Serenity’s mouth before her sister’s tongue pressed passed her own and wound it’s way into her throat.

She felt her sister’s soft lips pressed against her own and wondered at their flavor, her breasts tingling as she slipped her own tongue forward against Life’s, barely able to move with her sister’s tongue so far down her throat. Serenity opened her mouth wider and angled her head, letting her sweet tongue deeper inside her as her own finally touched her sister’s lips. She groaned at the taste, of cherry and a soft lime. Her eyes rolled behind their lids as she pressed forwards and the bulge in her throat grew longer, and larger.

Serenity let her sister’s weight rest against her chest as she brought her hands up to her sister’s waist, then down against her already dripping pussy.

“Oh my gooood…” She cried in her head as her fingers pressed into her sister’s creaming pussy, delighting in the taste and feel of Life’s tongue being squeezed in her throat and the knowledge that Desire’s tongue was still buried deep in her tight ass. She groaned into Life’s mouth again, secretly craving a taste of her sister’s cute ass. She dreamed of bending her over and stuffing her tongue up Life’s ass for years, making her sweet little sister scream her name as she devoured her virgin hole. She dreamed of sitting on her face, making Life eat her own ass until she came all over her. She shivered down to her soul, the fantasies bringing her closer to cumming as her throat squeezes around her sister’s sweet, long tongue.

Desire was frozen in place as she looked upwards with shock etched across her face. Her legs trembled in pleasure as she came from the sexiest sight of her life: Serenity stood before Life, their soft looking tits pressed roughly against one another as their lips collided over and again. Desire moaned as she watched her sisters make out and her pussy clenched in sympathy. It was then she noticed how widely their lips were spread and she looked closer, a whine slipping out of her mouth as she saw the seemingly endless bulge in Serenity’s throat. She bit her lip as lust caught in her own throat. She wanted to kiss that soft looking skin as Serenity swallowed around what Desire now knew was Life’s tongue in her throat. She shuddered as her untouched nethers kept spasming with pleasure, aching to be filled with something, anything.

She forced herself to look away from her sisters’ deeply sexual kiss and back too Life’s now slightly stretched ass. Desire smiled wanly, knowing her tongue was no match for her sister’s. She moaned at the thought of someday feeling Life’s long tongue deep inside her, teasing her depths with endless pleasure as she was forced to cum again and again, but shook her head as she pressed her face once more between her sister’s soft globes. Her mouth opened and her tongue shot out, pressing against Life’s tight little asshole and slipping inside as it clenched around the tip of her tongue. Her mouth was forced open wider as her tongue plunged deeper into that sweet tunnel, her hand inching down between her legs.

Life’s pleasure ebbed for a moment as her sister’s tongue left her ass, leaving her feeling a little empty and craving more. Her thoughts ordered themselves a little more as she noticed a sweet, honey-like flavor on her tongue and a tight pressure around it. Her eyes slipped open, and then flew open more as she finally grasped the reason why; Serenity’s face was so close to her own and she could feel her sister’s breath against her skin. Her focus, however, was on the sensation on her tongue and her eyes shifted slowly downwards. Her breath burst from her lungs as she took in the sight of Serenity’s lips sliding up and down her tongue, the honey flavor coming from her lipstick as it stuck to Life’s tongue, showing just how deeply Serenity had taken her in her throat. Her thighs clenched as pleasure both from her fantasies coming alive and her other sister eating her virgin ass, mounted in her pussy, finally sending her over the edge.

Her eyes snapped shut as her orgasm consumed her, seemingly down to her soul, and her body twitched. Her tongue slipped from Serenity’s throat as she came and her sister moaned into her ear. “God sis, your tongue went so deep inside my throat…you taste so good.” She said. Life groaned through her orgasm, her sister’s dirty words starting a second wave as she felt her sister’s soft breasts against her chin.

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