Feature Writer: Unknown


Published: Unknown

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Blasphemy, Sacrilege, Nun, Abuse, NC, Devil Worship

Synopsis: Oftentimes, strange and unconventional desires lurk beneath the veneer of normalcy many individuals project. Given the right set of circumstances, these desires cease to be repressed and are eventually acted out. Certain individuals attempt to retaliate against the increasing necessity to comply with society’s demands by embracing unorthodox modes of behavior. Subcultures exist in our society, catering to a wide range of tastes. If these cultural avenues of expression did not exist, the pressure to conform would become too much for some people to bear-and the consequences would be devastating. Sister Mary Katherine and the other nuns of her order are the unwilling victims of a suburban subculture in CHAINED, TORTURED NUN. Caught up in a covert world she never dreamed existed, Sister Mary Katherine struggles to free herself-until\ she comes to understand the ultimate value of her new experience.


Sister Mary Katherine 5


It was dark, so very dark. Sister Mary Katharine had been removed from the workbench her cunt having been fingered and fucked by Joe before. Then she had been dragged, with her friend, and thrown into what she guessed was a small work room. The men were drinking and at times, when she pressed one ear against the wooden door, she could hear them laughing about what they had done to the nuns and what they would do in the future.

At times they would hit the door, rattling the poor nun’s brain until she fell back screaming, holding her head. She thought hard, trying to remember if her brother had said anything to her during their last halting conversation. She had wanted him to turn himself over to the police. She knew he’d been in some kind of trouble, something to do with laundering money.


The door flew open, striking her across the forehead. Sister Mary Katherine stumbled back, holding her face and shielding her eyes from the glare of the yellowish light overhead. Sister Dominic was huddled in the corner, her face showing the strain of her cruel rape.

“No, not again! Not again!” she cried out, crawling back against the wall.

“Yeah, again.”

Jack grabbed Sister Mary Katherine first, hauling her roughly from the room. Then he kicked the door shut behind her.

“Don’t need both you cats yowling your heads off while we work on one.”

“No, no, don’t …”

She stumbled, stubbing her toes on the floor. Joe came over with two rawhide strips, wrapping one of them around her wrists and binding them together once more. Sister Mary Katherine looked at the leather ruefully, knowing she was once again going to be forced into bondage. Once more they were going to hurt her, torment her, degrade her-all for information she did not have.

When Sister Mary Katherine denied once more she had any knowledge of her brother’s money, Jack spat in her face. She was humiliated. The spit dripped from her nose and into her mouth.

“Lick the dripping spit into your mouth, bitch,” Joe slurred, hitting her across the face with the back of his hand.

The nun groaned, reeling backward. Joe moved around, slapping her ass cheeks, then turning to hit her across the cunt.

“Owwwwwww!” The nun nearly fainted from the pain, her knees growing weak.

“This ain’t nothin’, baby. You ain’t seen what I can do to a fuckin’ bitch when she don’t come across with nothin’.”

Sister Mary Katherine groaned again as Joe tightened the thongs until her fingers turned blue and became icy.

“Over there,” he said with a leer on his face.

Jack was grinning hellishly as well. The other nuns were still sobbing in the larger room to the side. Jack had told them how they had stripped the hapless women, striking them and raping one before the horrified eyes of the others.

Then the men had told the nuns it was all Sister Mary Katherine’s fault. If she would only talk, they could all get out.


Sister Mary Katherine turned the wrong way. Jack stepped on her naked toes with his boots, nearly breaking them. She stooped over, thinking her feet were being ripped from her body. The big stud kneed her jaw hard, catching her as she fell unconscious to the floor. When she awoke, the nun found she was in a strangely narrow room, a small area partitioned off, just to the left of the area where the other sisters were being incarcerated. There were the usual rings in the wooden walls and there were two narrow wooden benches set end to end. Obeying Joe, who saw she was now awake, she climbed up to one bench, watching as Jack shoved the other against it tightly.

“This way.”

Jack positioned her so that her ass rested on the lower bench while her back rested on the other. The benches were small and terribly uncomfortable and her legs and thighs hung over the edges. Her heart began to beat faster, her pulse quickening.

“Get ‘er arms, Joe.”

The one stud moved behind her, pulling the nun’s hands back behind her and strapping her wrists to one of the bench’s legs. The thongs cut cruelly into the sore area of her flesh, making her groan and swallow. Testing the strength of the leather, Sister Mary Katherine found she couldn’t raise her shoulders. Her head moved up with great difficulty. Her immediate field of vision was occupied by her tits.

“What … what’s happening here?” she whispered, dreading a response.

Jack did not answer her. He moved around now, pulling a black leather strap tightly around her small waist. She began kicking against the bench, trying to kick Joe’s hands away from her feet. He swore, striking her thighs hard, finally imprisoning her feet and holding them against the bench and his body. He pulled out a pair of leather anklets from beneath the bench, strapping them to her ankles.


Joe surveyed his prisoner with narrowed eyes, his lips curling into that cruel smile she had learned to fear. Then he bent down and grabbed her right ankle, jerking it up and shoving it sideways so the ring on its anklet could be clipped to the strap from the wall. Her left ankle was moved in the same way so that now her cunt was spread wide open. She could feel a draft blowing across her pussy hairs, raising gooseflesh all around her ass.

Now the young sister could understand the narrow room. It was ideal for the straps that controlled her legs. Joe pulled carefully on the buckles, first one, then the other, until her legs stood out rigid at almost right angies to her tightly strapped body.

Being slightly raised, her legs now supported most of her weight.

When Joe removed the lower bench from under Sister Mary Katherine’s ass, her position didn’t change. Her ass sagged only slightly, hanging suspended beyond the rest of the bench to which the young nun was strapped.

“Uhhhh. – not again, not again!”

She thought of Sister Dominic, of the way she had been strapped over the flame then brutally raped.

”Oh God, tight! No, no, it’s tearing me in half!”

Jack ran his fingers up and down her strained legs and thighs, feeling the tendons bulging out against the flesh. She shook her head, gasping for relief, looking first to one wall then the other, as if someone would suddenly come springing through the wood and save her. Her mind raced wildly. It was vile, disgusting! She hated them and hated herself nearly as much.

“Man, she oughtta be branded like this,” Jack said, nudging his buddy in the ribs.

“That’s for later-if she don’t fork over with the info. Right now, I’m gonna be a nice guy.”

“No, no, stop stop this madness!” the nun screamed.

Jack put one foot up against her cunt, working his heel in, then kicking back until Sister Mary Katherine thought her crotch would explode from the agony. He laughed, kicking her again, then turning his foot so he could work the boot into her pussy. The young woman went wild, arching her back and wallowing her shoulder blades against the splintery wood of the bench while her ass bounced and jiggled over the floor.


“You wanna scream, bitch? We’ll give you somethin’ to moan about.”

“No, no, please! I’m sorry, I won’t do it again! I swear, I won’t!”

Sister Mary Katherine pleaded with the men, jerking her head up, tears streaming down her face. Her words came out in a blur, sobs choking off the sentence as she watched Jack disappear from the small room.

“Where’s he going?” she asked, her voice reflecting the panic in her mind.

More pain, more agony. Joe amused himself by pinching her, reaching down and taking her nipples in both hands. He rolled them gently, squeezing them until she felt the tender flesh being crushed like two hard berries. Sister Mary Katherine gasped, watching him, seeing his cheeks tremble, the gleam in his eyes becoming a glow.


Once more she snapped her head back, banging it again and again against the wood as the agonizing pain shot through her tits. Sister Mary Katherine thought he was going to tear them from her chest! She panted, she screamed, then panted again. When Jack came back, the young nun was almost relieved. At least this horror would end.

“Got the generator. Hope you didn’t tear those fuckin’ nips off. I wanna see her really get off on this.”

Sister Mary Katherine blinked away the hot tears, finding herself staring at a gray box. Pulling her head back a little, the nun saw that there were all sorts of black and red wires dangling from the back. She felt sweat breaking out on her forehead, small rivulets trickling down her upper arms and into her arm pits. The flesh between her thighs chilled into goosebumps.

She looked open-mouthed at the thing. It was a horrid thing, something she hated from the moment she first saw it. Squirming on the bench, whimpering like a small animal, the nun tried pulling away from the wretched generator. It was going to hurt her. It was going to kill her, if the men weren’t too careful. And there they were, half drunk, their sadism stoked by alcohol. Joe was swearing, trying to unravel the wires while Jack examined the rusty clamps at the ends of the black wires.

“Hasn’t been used much. But we’re sure gonna try to see if it works.”


Jack clamped the first two wires to her ears, taking a third and attaching it to her lower lip. The small teeth bit into her flesh, making her moan slightly. Next came her nipples, which were still soft from the twisting and pinching Joe had given them.

Jack took two more black wires, opening the new clamps and lowering them to her tits. Sister Mary Katherine groaned, closing her eyes while grinding her teeth together. It was horrid, awful! Those awful teeth were biting into her nipples, nibbling away at the sore flesh while she writhed and groaned on the bench.

“Man, she’s gonna be one hot whore when we get the juice in ‘er.”

“Yeah, that last broad kept on cummin’ for a long time after we switched her off!”

Sister Mary Katherine cried out when she felt Jack’s fingers spreading her wet cunt lips apart. Wasn’t anything sacred to these animals? She jerked her legs back and forth, feeling the awful pull of the leather restraints against her ankles. With some difficulty, Jack finally managed to clamp the wires tightly to her pussy lips, making sure one of them was only an inch from her stiffening clit.


The last part of her body to suffer was her asshole. Joe had a long wire for that. Bending down, he shoved the thing up into her shitter until the woman screamed for mercy. She felt her bowel muscles moving, twitching, trying to squeeze down and force the awful thing from her asshole. And those clamps around her clit! Just the touch of those biting little teeth on the metal jaws sent ripples of delightful, shameful shivers racing up and down her pussy. Sister Mary Katherine sobbed, her lower lip distended by the weight of the clamp. They were going to electrocute her! Lying here, stretched apart by those dreadful thongs, her ass dangling while the weight of her body tugged at her shoulder blades and back, the nun waited with panting breath as the men examined and then re-examined the generator, twisting the dials, checking the wires, then finally switching the machine on.


Sister Mary Katherine turned her head, her eyes taking in the two glass-enclosed volume indicators. The needles were pulsing gently, indicating that no current was yet flowing through the wires. Jack patted the machine, then bent down until his mouth was close to hers.

“You can keep this from happenin’,” he said, stroking one of the wires.

“You keep asking me to tell you what I don’t even know. Please God’s name, I don’t know anything about my brother!” the sister shouted, hating her brother more and more as Jack and Joe tortured her.

“Gonna need more convincin’. Hell, even if she tells us, we might keep the bitch on the wire just for kicks,” Jack said, standing up and throwing back his shoulders. Sister Mary Katherine’s eyes rounded, her forehead tightening as the flesh around her thighs crawled with terror. She cried out, whimpering, sobbing pleas for mercy.

“Here. Bite down on this. I don’t want you chokin’ on your own fuckin’ tongue,”

Jack said, slipping a broad black rubber wedge into her mouth. Sister Mary Katherine chomped down on the filthy object, her jaws aching from being pried apart. She trembled, watching those awful needles, waiting for the first pulse of electricity to come through the wires. Jack’s fingers dallied about the volume knob for an instant, then tightened and turned the black ridged wheel one notch up.


Almost instantly the nun felt the first bite of electrical current. It was almost pleasant, a warming, buzzing kind of pulse stimulating her nipples and clit while her lips felt as if they were numbed. The wires attached to her ears were making her brain feel buzzy and warm and the room around her seemed to be vibrating. Jack smiled, watching as her body started pumping up and down. Sister Mary Katherine felt as if she were about to be fucked, her body being readied for penetration. Her pussy muscles were cramping and cinching down on thin air, the heat created by the pulsing current making her cuntal walls buckle in from the excitement. She tightened her thighs, rolling them up in a sexy fucking movement, her butt muscles flexing and relaxing, flexing and relaxing. The wire inside seemed to be working its way up into her bowels, sputtering against the warm, moist flesh and making the young nun gasp with pleasure.

“The slut looks like she’s having the time of her life,” Joe commented, leaning heavily against the generator.

“Let ‘er enjoy this part. She’s gonna have other thoughts when we turn the fucker up.”

With that Jack switched the dial up another notch, watching with a grin as Sister Mary Katherine’s body twisted and jerked more violently.


The itching pulse she had reveled in a moment before had become more intense, more concentrated, more painful. Sister Mary Katherine let out a muffled cry, her jaws tightening, her teeth sinking into the rubber gag while saliva gathered dangerously behind the wedge. Her muscles tightened, the tendons ridging her thighs and arms while perspiration broke out in small beads of sweat along her forehead. Her eyes stared up at the ceiling while her head rattled with the buzz of the soaring current. She began stiffening her spine, arching it until she was like a bridge. Pulling and jerking against the leather holding her to the rings in the wall and table, Sister Mary Katherine began to understand what Jack was doing.

The current would tear her body to pieces in slow, gradual stages. He would gradually increase the current until the flesh would surely melt from her bones. The nun struggled, letting out a muffled scream while jerking and twisting against the bonds.


Back down, he turned the knob back down, letting the current resume its gentle sucking, biting action. Sister Mary Katherine let out a sigh of relief, feeling her body sag against the leather strips. A bubble of air blew out from her cunt, almost dislodging the clamp chomped down just below her clit.


The current went higher, higher than before! The nun screamed, her eyes starting from her head as a new rush of p6wer blasted into her body and stabbed painfully in her tits, her cunt, her ass!


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