Silver Lake Or Lilith by Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction

Writer: Hoku Lani

Subject: Silver Lake Or Lilith

Link: MEWE / 28.12.2022

Silver Lake Or Lilith

Lilith finds delight in sustaining the lust of her lover. She takes pleasure in his amorous words and extracts heat from his lewd fantasies. He begs her to release his seed and end his tormented desire. She taunts him with skillful caresses so that his lust does not fail, neither is it fulfilled. He is suspended on a bed of fire that inflamed his sensations without let or pause until he is driven near to madness. From the top of his bursting gland a stream of clear pearls drips unceasing down upon his lower belly and pools there. This is the Silver Lake of Lilith that she makes out of sexual fluids released by his yearning lust. These fluids are far more copious and also clearer than those released during the normal act of love — Liber Lilith, HLV, pages 68,69

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