Silent Mentors Who Speak Loudly by Angelus Mortis – Non-Fiction

Writer: Angelus Mortis

Subject: Silent Mentors Who Speak Loudly

Link: MEWE / 09.02.2023

Silent Mentors Who Speak Loudly

A flame has temporarily flickered out, as, “Wendyinthemist” has gone silent. A tremendous influence and writer, ascended wife of a pastor, but a true daughter of Lilith and Lucifer, The Dark Lord as she calls them.

I share this great piece on another great influence, mentor and son of Lilith. Silent mentors who speak loudly … 
Finding my way onto the left hand path started with my becoming a slut and enjoying sex with others even though I was a pastor’s wife who decided to focus on my sensual side in order to attract my husband from his focus on things God and the church.

My journey is described in articles I have written on this NewTumbl. In the process of finding my way to Satan and the Dark Lord it was recommended I go online and engage with porn and other topics to encourage my descent into what I was enjoying more and more.

At the same time, Satan and being a satanist was part of my journey and I was intrigued. I found my way into the fold of the Dark Lord and back then came online on another platform where I was able to further find my way as I worked out who I truly was and who my Satan is and the nature of my relationship and what he wanted from me and everyone.

It was an interesting and at times trying journey because on the other platform I found myself often terminated for no reason at all since I struggled to follow the rules but it appeared there were those who somehow targeted me.

Whatever, I ended up abandoning those platforms and decided to retire, only to find myself here on NewTumbl because this blog is for me and not necessarily others though it is here I am often able to engage fellow believers and seekers as they travel their own left hand path — from the beginning, on the other platforms and here — I have had a friend, always there, always encouraging, always having that kind word, always posting what most would see a just another satanic or pornographic post.

However, often the posts he, well, posted, intrigued me or seemed to speak to me in some way.
 Sotar has been a firm, comforting presence and deserves not just a kind word but accolades for being, for lack of a better phrase, a silent evangelist for the Dark Lord. I don’t believe he realizes his influence, especially on me.

He wasn’t a critic or even at times one who sent long paeans of praise or paragraphs of instruction. Rather he shared, at times, reminders which brought back memories of those moments when I experienced life-changing moments as I sought to discover my real me. For example, his occasional reminder of, “Carmilla,” and the fact that he knew other friends of mine in the craft and as followers of the Dark Lord.

Much will be left unsaid about this unspoken warrior who is simply here and brightened my day by sending a message asking how I was doing. A way for me to describe him for me can be seen with his avatar. In these times when often the Dark Lord is portrayed hooded and in darkness, Sotar’s is gleaming, filled with light, just as the Christian Bible describes the Dark Lord: “An angel of light.”

Finding our way where we are comfortable with our sensuality and sexuality in a world where we are told to see it as dark, to be hidden, wicked and evil, while the verboseness only makes the activity more arousing and desired.

Sotar has been one to help me realize that what I wish when it comes to sex and the sensual as an expression of my real self is normal and okay; that life is shorter than we think so indulge if I feel comfortable doing so.

Sotar was and is here when in the past I had doubts or held back or wondered and worried about things like hell as I worked my way to where I am where I am comfortable with who I am. Sotar and I don’t speak, insofar as language is concerned. We relate. One may have trouble understanding how that works but it does.

For you see I believe in a real, actual, Dark Lord and not in a mist or some other expression of the Old Specter and he puts people in our path, if but for a moment, for any number of reasons. I have been fortunate he has placed Sotar in my path to encourage me as he has.

Since I am a phallic worshiper, I appreciate being able to suck upon his cock and lave his balls and shaft with my wet tongue and consume the semen of his knowledge and encouragement as he throbs and hold my head tightly to the loins of his knowledge and willingness to be there for me in moments where he is needed but didn’t know it.

What else is there to say as I sit in my pentagram, tightly plugged and sitting on too thick toy as Sotar comes to mind. This is written for me and for any who wish to read it is a praise to the Dark Lord, yes, and to Sotar who walks with me though at a distance on the left hand path.
Ave Obscurum Dominum.

4 thoughts on “Silent Mentors Who Speak Loudly by Angelus Mortis – Non-Fiction”

  1. Yes I’m very sad that wendyinthemists has been deactivated on tumblr. I found her articles very invigorating and she wrote at great length. I hope her absence is only temporary.

  2. Wendy was also on newtumbl … were she was able to be more open. But sadly newtubl closed up shop, the same day her tumblr account was banned.

    Knowing Wendy, I can say that Wendy is back on Tumblr. However, Wendy is also being cautious because of the people that report her and get her banned. So, if you look at some of her regular followers, you will find her again… but also, let’s respect and support her so that she is not banned.

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