Feature Writer:  AlexMarkov

Feature Title: Blair Hallewell’s Hobby

Published: 16.03.2023

Story Codes: Demonic

Synopsis: A rich bitch summons herself a demonic boytoy.

Blair Hallewell’s Hobby

London at night looked an awful lot like someone had scattered glitter over a black canvas and called it ‘art’. Blair Hallewell swirled her drink and stared through the floor-to-ceiling windows that encircled her penthouse suite. She felt like a fucking queen up here, though one with better taste than the real deal since she didn’t have gold leaf stuffed into every corner. Hers was a kingdom of black glass, brushed steel, and some damn fine leather sofas. All sharp angles, like her face. A few gothic and occult knick-knacks littered the shelves and tables: some tourist tat she’d picked up on a whim, and some… well, a girl had to have hobbies.

Such as the demonic summoning circle she’d painstakingly painted onto the floor. Hey, it was less evil – and more fun – than buying up property and fucking everyone over, like her folks did.

Blair pulled herself away from the window and sauntered across the room, her bare feet padding across dark polished wood. Bare feet, bare legs, bare everything. Not a scrap of clothing on her alabaster-white figure unless you counted the thick leather choker. Thin black chains hung from her neck and draped over her full chest and down to tiny, sparkling ruby pendants. And those were just because Blair was in a dramatic mood – usually, she skipped the jewellery and lounged around in nothing at all.

Not like anyone could see her at this height, and if they could, who the fuck cared? Let them get an eyeful if they wanted. It was her place, and she had nothing to hide. If anything, Blair had plenty to show. Sure, she wasn’t some silicone-infused supermodel with nothing between the ears, but she had enough to get what she wanted when she wanted.

And what Blair wanted was a good, hard fuck.

She downed the last of her Black Maria – vodka, rum, and coffee, perfect for getting absolutely fucked up – and slammed the tumbler onto a basalt countertop. No time like the present.

Snatching her grimoire from the coffee table, Blair flicked through it until her finger landed on her all-time favourite incantation. No names given, just pure dumb luck as to what came crawling out of the pit. Always made for interesting results. The anticipation alone was one of her favourite parts; big, small, strong, smart… with tails or horns or languid tongues to make her scream? Or one of those rare sorts with the fun appendages?

She licked her lips – black lipstick, of course – and the infernal speech of Hell rolled off her pierced tongue.

The lights flickered. Blair continued to read, calling on things no one should play with, curling their power around her finger like a leash and tugging at reality itself. A cold wind whipped through the apartment, sending goosebumps over her smooth skin as it clawed at her incredibly short midnight hair. The line in the circle burned with hellfire. Cruel voices and gnashing teeth filled Blair’s ears, promising dark things and even nastier sensations. Pain, pleasure, forbidden knowledge…

She tightened her grip on the power, and a smirk crossed her thin lips as something resisted. She loved it when they fought back. Blair pulled, and thin wisps of smoke curled from the centre of her circle. Curls blossomed into plumes, bright orange embers swirling amidst the black clouds. The sharp smell of brimstone flooded Blair’s senses as the world itself screamed in protest. Blair mentally told the world to go fuck itself; this was her night! With one last stanza of forbidden speech, she commanded her catch to take mortal form.

Yellow eyes peered through the smoke. The wind howled, swirling around the circle, whipping the blackness away, revealing a single, slender form. Royal purple skin stretched across lean muscle, fading into the dark pitch at his extremities. Sharp claws flexed, new to the world, glistening like polished onyx. Sharp teeth locked in a sadistic grin at odds with a delicate face. Long, black hair cascaded down his shoulders, almost to his waist.

The demon regarded Blair with a kind of haughty contempt in its eyes. Superior and eager to finish her off and take her soul.

“My mistress,” He purred. Intricate silver jewellery around his neck and wrists tinkled as he dropped to one knee. “Your humble servant, Colryx of the Second Circle, awaits your command.”

Blair tried not to let her smile show. Second Circle, namely Lust. A bit conventional, but appropriate. Though those boys from Fifth knew how to pound someone senseless. She clicked her tongue and gestured with one finger. “Up.”

Colryx’s eye twitched like she’d just picked up the wrong fork. He stood straight, towering a few inches above Blair, and cocked his feminine hip as she appraised him. He looked like the front runner for a gothic boyband – cute and slender and definitely sporting a touch of whatever passed for eyeliner in Hell. A nice big set of horns, though, rising gracefully from temples and curling into ridged s-shapes. Blair bit her lip and smirked; he’d do just fine.

“Alright then, Col,” She said, sauntering around the circle with enough sway in her hips to draw his attention downwards. “I’m looking for a little fun tonight. What can you give me that no one else can?”

Colryx,” He hissed. Gesturing down his body, Colryx spoke with a low, husky growl. “I’m one of the prime incubi of the realm, trained in the most unholy arts of pleasure. I can bring nations to their knees with a flick of my tongue or a lash of my whip, if you so desire. I command every carnal sin. I can make you forget your very name with but a single stroke. Or I can reduce your enemies to nothing but puppets of-”

“Uh-huh.” Blair rolled her eyes. Ugh, one of those. All pomp and no substance. She pretended to examine her nails. “That’s a lot of words, but not a lot of action. Come on, show me what you’ve got.”

Colryx irritably blew a strand of hair out of his face. He snapped his fingers, and the thin silk loincloth at his waist burned like a dozen cigarette butts had been stamped into it. The ashes fluttered down, revealing what was probably his pride and joy. Long and thick and, in Blair’s experience, probably a grower. Purple skin that darkened toward the tip, swaying with every cock of Colryx’s hips, a matching set of heavy balls swinging beneath. It was almost comical on a trim frame like his.

Her cunt ached at the sight of it. A good, needy ache. But she wasn’t going to let him know that.

“Well, mistress?” Colryx dragged a nail down his shaft. “Will this suffice in slaking your thirst?”

Blair shrugged. It was worth it to see Colryx’s barely restrained splutter and seething stare. She smiled coyly back and turned on the sarcasm. “I bet that works on every girl, huh?”

“You dare mock me, mortal?” He snapped.

“That’s Mistress Mortal,” She corrected, “Or did you forget your manners?”

His claws flexed, and his teeth clenched. Smoke curled off Colryx’s talons and shoulders, lines of red magma cracking through his skin. It looked good on him. “Insolent wretch! Did you bring me here for some petty game, like a lowly imp? Or do you require the services of a true creature of the nine circles? Speak plainly, and I might find it within myself to show you mercy!”

Blair snapped her fingers.

Colryx yelped as spectral chains pulled his wrists behind his back. An indignant, pathetic yelp to boot – Blair licked her lips at the anticipation of hearing more of those noises. The chains slithered up to Colryx’s elbows, tightening into a restrictive cocoon. He glared hellfire at her and snarled.

“What is the meaning of this?!”

“Work it out, ‘big guy.'” Blair crossed the circle’s threshold and shoved Colryx to his knees. He gasped, his eyes flicking from the glowing circle to her nude form. “Oops. Did I forget to mention the safeguards? Tough luck, Col.”

“How dare you! I’ll have your soul drawn and quartered, you vile bitch!” He tugged at his chains, the anger turning to fear as they refused to budge. Another leapt from the circle and curled around his neck, pulling him prostrate before her. Oh, he looked good like that.

Blair pressed one foot on his horned head and held him to the floor. The struggle sent a thrill through her – like an electric jolt of cruel desire. Every squirm, every rattling chain, was just another moment of resistance she could enjoy. She almost wished him luck – that maybe he’d break out and show her what he could really do. But this incubus didn’t have the guts.

“What are you doing?” Colryx said, the haughtiness slipping from his voice, “What in the nine circles is wrong with you?!”

“Aw, were you hoping for an easy ticket with some sorority bimbo?” Blair sneered. “Or an innocent little Wiccan virgin? Too bad; you work for me, now. Do as I say, and I’ll make sure you have just as much fun as I do. Resist, and, well… I’ll just have to have more fun to make up for it.”

He bared his fangs. “You’ll regret this.”

Blair laughed. “You’re rather cute, love, so I’ll try not to break you too badly. But there are thirteen different hexes woven into that circle, so if you pull anything, you can say bye-bye to those bollocks.”

She snapped her fingers again, and the bindings tightened around Colryx, forcing his back to arch. He grimaced and glared in that adorably defiant way they all did. Blair let the spell slacken and watched her trapped prey slump forward.

“Now…” She grabbed the incubus by the hair and shoved him against her crotch, hooking one slender thigh over his shoulder. “Put that tongue to work.”

Colryx growled and glared up at her. They were so cute when they thought they were in charge. Tightening her grip – and yanking at the roots – Blair forced his nose right against her mons until he got the message. Slowly, and after a small huff, Colryx let a long, dark cyan tongue slither past his lips. Thick, forked, and – Blair hissed as it slid between her thighs and all the way up to her arse – bloody prehensile. She squeezed her leg around his neck.

“Come on, Col. I thought you could bring me to my knees with a single flick?” She mused. “Don’t you want to show off?”

His hourglass pupils narrowed. His hot breath rolled over Blair’s inner thighs. Slowly, Colryx pulled his tongue back along Blair’s folds. She shivered as the twin tips traced across her cunt, languidly lapping over sensitive skin. A soft rumbling sounded in the incubus’ throat as his pace quickened; as lavish licks and swirls sent waves of delight running up Blair’s spine. She bit her lip and groaned, bucking her hips against his face.

Colryx’s tongue grew bolder, pushing to her inner folds, dragging itself up and down in slow strokes. The forked tip focused on her clit, and Blair barely bit back a gasp as the two ends danced around her pearl. Swirling and flicking and torturing her body with sharp jolts of pleasure. Her hands jumped from Colryx’s hair to his horns, her thigh wrapping tighter around his neck. Keeping him in just the right spot.

The cheeky devil had other plans; with a muffled growl, he slipped his tongue inside her.

Blair hissed, doubling over, fingernails scraping along Colryx’s horns. Almost as long and thick as one of her favourite toys, that devilish appendage slithered and wriggled inside her. Stroked every inch of her inner walls, probing along sensitive spots until she shuddered and moaned. The warmth in her core mounted quickly – too fucking quickly! Blair rolled her hips, riding every lap and lick, suffocating the demonic slave between her legs. She dragged her nails over his scalp. Let her eyelids flicker shut as she drew closer and closer to the edge. She cupped a breast and squeezed, rolling a pierced nipple between thumb and forefinger. Tweaking the sensitive nub to bring another jolt to her building orgasm.

She peeked past her eyelids and grinned at the indignant incubus. With a wink, Blair reached down and dragged her nails up his back. Oh, that was a lovely shiver she got out of him! She set her leg down and grabbed his horns like handlebars, holding him nose-to-crotch until his eyes widened and he struggled against her.

“Oh, fuck…” Blair breathed, “Right there!”

Her breath caught. Her legs trembled. Blair bucked and moaned aloud as Colryx’s tongue found the spot that made her want to collapse. That set her nerves alight and her cunt burning with need. Closer, closer, just a little bit more!

Muscles tensed as the edge loomed until finally, something broke. Blair let out a strangled gasp as waves of pleasure crashed over her. As a flash of white hit her mind. She held onto Colryx’ horns for dear life as her body quivered above him, her legs threatening to collapse. Aftershocks wracked her limbs. When her breath finally returned, it came in slow and shallow, struggling to snatch what it could as her body wound down from its high.

Blair let Colryx go and stumbled back a few steps. Her arousal dripped down his pretty chin, and that elegant cascade of black locks had turned to a chaotic waterfall. Not that she looked much better – the faint reflection in her window was sweat-soaked and dishevelled, face flushed a light pink. Her thighs ground softly together, chasing that phantom pleasure as Blair took a deep, calm breath.

Fucking Hell, he was definitely from the Second Circle.

“Mm…” She purred, running her hand through Colryx’s hair. “Cheers, love. That was wonderful.”

The dour frown was almost as fun as the face-riding. Almost. Colryx shuffled on his knees, glaring up at Blair as she stretched and let the afterglow settle through her body.

“Will that be all?” Colryx growled.

Blair cocked an eyebrow and crossed her arms. “Ahem.”

He huffed. “Will that be all, mistress?

He said the word with so much venom. Just who did this incubus think he was? Blair pretended to consider for a moment, shifting her hips and watching his eyes follow them from side to side. “What makes you think I’m done with you?”

For once, Colryx smiled. “You have quite the appetite. Release me from these bonds, and I will show you pleasures no mortal could ever comprehend. I will break your mind with nothing but the most sublime of-”

Blair snapped her fingers, and the chain collar pulled Colryx to the floor. “You’re so much cuter when you’re quiet.”

He snarled, and she laughed. Leaning down, she dragged her nail along his spine and watched him fail to stifle another one of those sweet shivers. She licked her dry lips. With another finger snap, the collar disappeared.

“Up you get.” Blair walked past him. “I don’t think you really get how this works. You might be high and mighty down there, but up here? I’m the queen bitch. Don’t make me have to remind you.”

“I know how to serve,” Colryx growled, pushing himself to his feet. “What I object to is the indignation. These bonds are hardly suited to one of my stature.”

She snorted and turned on her heel. “That so? Shame; I think they’re just right.”

With a sharp jab to the chest, Blair pushed Colryx onto one of the leather sofas. He landed with a dull thud and a look of mild confusion. Even after having his face buried in her cunt, he still thought he was the tallest thing in the room? At least her human staff knew their place. She’d just have to teach him, now, wouldn’t she? Blair sauntered over slowly, hands on her hips, well aware of where his gaze focused. She bent down and gently tilted his chin upwards.

“I’d say you’re all talk, but looking at this-” Blair grabbed him firmly by the cock. “-I think you’ve just let it go to your head.”

“Wasn’t my tongue enough to prove otherwise?” Colryx said, sticking his tongue out until it reached his collar. Blair’s cunt ached just at the sight. “If you only let me show you true-”

“Ugh, how hard is this for you to get? I didn’t bring you here for the CV. I brought you here because I want this monster down my fucking throat. And elsewhere, if I’m feeling generous.” She dropped to her knees, pushing Colryx’s legs apart and stroking along lean thighs. “So why don’t you just sit back and let me have my fun?”

He was already half-hard; it looked like he enjoyed eating her out more than he let on. Blair let a coy smile play on her face as she kissed her way along his deep purple shaft. Her tongue flicked across the underside, and Colryx’s short, sharp gasp was all the motivation she needed. A few quick laps across his balls, a couple scratched along his thighs, and no small amount of spit across his skin, and Colryx’ cock twitched into its full majesty.

She smacked the rock-hard monster against her cheek. “Not bad.”

Colryx gritted his teeth, no doubt with some pithy remark at the ready. Blair sunk her nails deeper into his skin and watched the indignant demon tense. With a low chuckle, she roughly dragged her tongue up his cock. She pumped her and along his length – her fingers barely fitting around his girth – working the spit all over his cock. She could be gentle when she wanted. But this boy looked like the kind who needed to be worn down now.

Locking eyes with Colryx, Blair wrapped her lips around his tip and swirled her tongue. Stroked him with both hands as his hips jerked, trying to shove more into her mouth. So desperate already? Poor thing didn’t stand a chance. She dropped down, sucking on his balls, teasing every inch of smooth flesh with clumsy patterns and quick flickers. Worked her thumb against that oh-so-sensitive spot just below the head as Colryx struggled to keep his composure. Every ragged breath sent a powerful thrill through Blair, spurring her on as that monster cock twitched in her grasp.

“Don’t blow too soon, love,” Blair said and swallowed half his length in one go.

Colryx hissed, throwing his head back as she sank deeper. Blair moaned around the thick shaft in her throat. The bulge in her neck pressed on her leather choker. She worked her way back up and slammed herself back down, loud, wet gagging filling the room. Rough and hard and fast, Blair fucked her face with the incubus’ cock, forcing more and more of it inside until she could press her lips to his base. Until she could watch Colryx’s face contort and his body writhe under the pleasure. Both hands slipped around to squeeze his firm arse, and his legs trembled on either side of her.

She pulled off to snatch a breath of air and buried her face in his balls. Colryx bit his lips as a low whine escaped him – a whine that only made Blair all the more eager. Sucking and slurping and groping whatever her hands could find, working out which spots got the most noise out of her new toy. Blair swallowed him down again, the wet noises filling her ears, saliva dripping off her lips and down her chin, pooling at the base of Colryx’s shaft and rolling down his balls. Balls she gave a good, firm squeeze against her palm.

A hand wandered down between her legs to stroke at her still-sensitive cunt, working in circles around her clit as she bobbed along that massive cock.

“Oh, fuck…” Colryx groaned, “Mm, I should’ve guessed this was your true nature.”

Blair cocked an eyebrow and pulled off him. “Oh? That right?”

“Don’t be so shy. I’ve met many like you, who could never- Hah!” Colryx jumped, the ghostly chains rattling as he squirmed. Blair pressed her fingers harder against his anus, running in slow, methodical circles.

“Sorry, I missed that last bit. Try again?”

“I-I merely meant that-” He gasped as her digits sunk inside him.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never tried this before?” She stroked him slowly, thumbing his tip and palming his balls as she worked. Stroking along those inner walls until all that came out of Colryx were cute hitched breaths. His thighs trembled, and Blair’s smirk grew big and cruel. Gotcha.

“Ah!” Colryx squealed, a thick drop of pre-cum oozing from the tip of his cock.

She slowed down, sitting upright and lazily working her fingers. “I didn’t say you could finish.”

“Y-you-!” Colryx bucked his hips. “How dare you leave me like this?!”

Blair pressed on his prostate and grinned viciously as everything tensed. “I’m sorry, love, I missed that. Do you wanna try again? Politely?

He whimpered as she slowed down to what must’ve been an agonising pace. Her thumb traced along his tip, teasing out another bead of pre-cum. Oh, he was twitching so much! “Please… let me finish.”

“Oh? You want me to make you cum?” Blair scoffed, “You don’t get to ask that. You get to sit there and be my adorable little toy, and you cum when I say you can cum. Understand?”

Colryx snarled, glaring down at her until a quick few strokes brought him back to a shivering wreck.

“I asked if you understood, Col. Don’t keep your Mistress waiting.”

“Yes, mistress!” He cried.

Blair wore her victorious pride like a fucking medal. She licked her lips and looked her toy right in the eyes, watching his panicked expression as she slowed everything to a stop.

“Good boy,” She said and swallowed his cock in one go.

Colryx squealed beneath her as Blair rammed her head down his shaft. Her muffled moans filled the room as she greedily slurped and drooled on his massive prick, taking the entire length down her throat like it was nothing. She curled her fingers inside him. Palmed his spit-soaked balls and squeezed just enough to keep the danger present. And Blair got to watch his façade collapse as she sucked – got to watch all that haughty contempt melt into submissive, broken pleasure. She closed her eyes and revelled in the frantic noises he made. In the way that he quivered and mewled. In how his cock twitched frantically against her tongue. Down to the hilt, flicking out past her lips to tease those balls. Spit dripped down her chin. Blair was sure her make-up was running, but fuck, it was worth it.

Her little toy made a sharp hiss and a low groan. Blair felt the twitch in her mouth – the sudden pulse ripping up his cock and down her throat. She pulled off as the first few spurts hit the back of her tongue. She jerked him off, her mouth wide open, milking him for every last drop as it splattered over her face. As thick, scalding hot ropes of demonic cum covered her cheeks, her lips, and her tongue. Fuck, the taste! Not just bitter and salty but almost warm and spicy too. Blair hammered Colryx’s prostate, determined to get every last drop out of him.

The last few dribbles oozed over her fingers. Colryx collapsed onto the sofa, staring listlessly up at the ceiling as his chest rose and fell. As Blair wrung the last pathetic beads of cum from his cock. She let herself catch a few breaths – breaths laced with the smell of sweat and sex and absolutely stinking of spunk. She lapped up what she could from around her lips and gulped it down, fingers tracing the filthy feeling travelling all the way to her stomach.

“Mm…” Blair sucked her fingers clean. “Not bad at all.”

“Not… bad…?” Colryx panted. Blair snapped her fingers, releasing his arms from their shackles, and he slumped further into the now-slick leather.

“Don’t take it too hard, love. That’s pretty good coming from me.” Blair stood, catching a glimpse of her ruined face in the window. Yeah, her make-up had run, and now thick dollops of cum oozed down her neck and over her collarbone. Blair bit her lip; she always looked best freshly fucked. Speaking of which…

She ran her hands along Colryx’s thighs. And shoved his knees onto his chest.

He looked up at her, wide-eyed with hair clinging to his sweaty face. Blair chuckled as she straddled his upturned arse and thighs, running her hand along his still rock-hard cock. Thank you, demonic stamina. She purred, tilting his shaft up to press on her stomach. “Got another round in you?”

Blair didn’t wait for a response; with a quick lift of her hips, she shoved Colryx’s tip to her folds and slid down his shaft. A long, low groan escaped as she sank further, the girth stretching her needy cunt apart. Oh fuck, that’s what she needed! Blair held a hand to her torso like she could feel his cock through her skin, filling her all the way past full and into over-stretched bliss. She rolled her hips against his, feeling that fat demon cock press on every inch of her walls. With the bonus of seeing Colryx shudder and whimper as she clamped around him. Blair blew him a kiss and slammed down hard.

The sofa creaked under them both as she rode him. Propping up on her tiptoes, bouncing her hips and holding onto his flailing ankles and calves for support. She moaned and rocked atop him, squeezing herself around that wonderful cock. Colryx’s tongue had been keen and dextrous, finding every nook and cranny to tease her to the edge. This was raw, brute force pounding into her, and she fucking loved it. Having the cute toy that cock was attached to helpless beneath her definitely helped, though.

She grinned down, locking eyes with him as she dragged her nails along his taut stomach. As she reached around and smacked those arse cheeks. His newly freed hands dug into the cushions, holding on for dear life, his eyes half-shut and his mouth open in a permanent groan. Blair walked her fingers up his body and shoved them into his mouth. The good boy sucked on them, his tongue curling around her digits and all the way down to her wrist. She shuddered – fuck, yes, she was going to need to use that tongue again soon.

Her rhythm grew wilder with each bounce. Harder, faster, the pressure mounting all too quickly in her core. She leaned down, holding onto Colryx’s thighs, pounding down on him. Fucking him senseless as his cock hit every fucking note in her screaming, desperate cunt. Her thighs threatened to give in, but Blair forced herself to keep going.

“Come on, Col,” She growled, “That all you got for me?”

A spark of defiance came back to those golden eyes. Clawed hands grabbed Blair by the hips, sinking into the firm flesh of her pert arse. Blair laughed and pushed herself back into those palms. Clamping herself around him as he kneaded her buttocks.

Her legs trembled with every impact. Her breath turned shallow and ragged as her heartbeat thudded in her ears. Blair groaned, wriggling atop Colryx to revel in the growing pleasure, riding him again and pushing herself closer. Almost there – like a growing tension in her stomach, just waiting to be released! She closed her eyes and bit her lip. Her rhythm went wild and uneven. She could feel Colryx twitch inside her and feel him shudder with every bounce. Blair curled her fingers around his throat – gently, just enough to remind him who got to cum first. Of who was in charge. Of who owned him.

Just! One! More! Blair’s eyes rolled back as the first wave hit, as pleasure crashed over her body, sending incredible spasms through her. She screamed, forcing her hips to move – to wring out every drop of pleasure from her toy – snatching shaky breaths as her legs gave way. As a white haze burned through her and flooded her mind. All the tension released at once, and she melted atop Colryx, rolling her hips in lazy circles as the aftershocks sent shudders up her spine.

She dimly felt him pulse inside her. Felt his cock twitch as his mouth hung open in a low groan. Cooing, Blair ran her hand down her sweat-slick stomach, pressing against her womb as the exhausted demon slut pumped her full of his hot, thick cum.

“Good boy, you waited for me,” She panted, ruffling his hair.

When Blair’s legs finally started listening to her again, she slid off Colryx’s cock, a small river of cum oozing down her inner thigh. Fuck, how did he still have that much in him? Guess those balls weren’t just for show. She let his legs flop back to the floor and crawled up him, pulling his limp head into her crotch. He got the message quick enough, his tongue snaking out to lap away every drop of cum splattered across and inside her sore but thoroughly satisfied cunt. She purred, grinding against his face, holding onto his handlebar-horns while that ticklish tongue cleaned her up.

Blair begrudgingly moved down to sit on his stomach – as much as she wanted to go for another ride, her body had its limits. But this’d do for now.

She cupped Colryx’s chin in her hand and flashed a smug, sultry look at those golden eyes. “So much for all that bravado, huh? I should’ve guessed this was your true nature.”

He couldn’t even muster a glare – he just turned away, his cheeks darkening as she chuckled. God, but he was fucking cute like that. All dishevelled and sweaty and submissive. It was almost enough to get her motor running again. Though, maybe one last ride on that effeminate face wouldn’t hurt…

Her phone buzzed insistently on the coffee table. Sighing, Blair shuffled off her new seat and snatched it up and grumbled as she checked who had the fucking balls to call her this late.

Blair rolled her eyes. Mum, of course.

She leant over and gave the shivering remains of Colryx a kiss on his cheek. “I think I’ll summon you again sometime, cutie.”

With an absent-minded wave of her hand, she flicked him back into Hell, nothing but a puff of sulphurous smoke and his last indignant shout to remember him by. She strutted across the apartment, cum still dripping off her face for all the world outside to see, and finally answered her phone. “This’d better not be about the bloody inheritance again…”

It was always about the bloody fucking inheritance.



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