A story I originally posted on 10th January 2013. Here’s the synopsis and prelude. Sharing soon…



As a fatherless family get involved with the sexual activities of a Satanic cult, they discover the pleasures of incest, sadism and non-consensual sex. In the course of their involvement with the occult, they find out that the devil is real and his devout believers use sex as a way of corrupting young and old alike – to draw them into a hellish world – where the end game is for their eternal souls.



Sandra had been a widow for two years. After the accidental death of her husband, she was forced to, at 42 years of age, make ends meet as a single parent. They had some savings and the insurance payout meant that they had something to fall back on. Sandra had two children, Sally, the youngest was ten, and Stephen, the eldest was eleven.

During her marriage; against her husband’s strict religious beliefs and a pious life of church and abstinence; she had always felt an alignment with darker forces; and had pursued a secret interest in witchcraft and magic lore. She can’t be sure, but she dreamed of sex demons, soon after which she became pregnant with her first child. It happens again with the result being a second pregnancy. Could it be purely a coincidence? Now that her husband was gone, her sexuality had turned from a rather privately kinky and bi-curiosity to highly perverted and hyper-sexuality. She masturbated continuously, looking for new thrills. It was through the Internet that she furthers her dark fantasies; and by a chance visit to an occult shop she found others with similar interests. They convinced her to join their Satanic sex and encouraged her to involve her own children in her debauched bedroom activities.

As the pendulum swung from devout Christian wife to incestuous occult whore, she saw a new beginning, a faith and a new god to kneel before. What was once fantasy and dreams was rapidly became a lusty, sordid and wicked reality. The devil was real. Hell was a real place. And she wanted to feel his evil cock between her legs. Her young and impressionable children quickly learned to enjoy the newfound ritualistic pleasures. Were they really the offspring of her pious dead husband or half-demon children from her perverted sexual fantasies?


  1. My pedo cock is dripping precum reading these story, I so so hope that the children are from the dark master lord God satan, I hoping he in her dark dreams she opened her holes up the the dark prince and his perverted lustful demons and very thing wicked to breed her with the children of satan and not her pathetic husband, she yearn for a satanic cock and serpent tongue between her legs and satan came to her to give her a son and daughter yummmmy

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