Feature Writer: GarySix

Feature Title: Shadows In The Dark 

Published: 03.06.2023

Story Codes: Satanic 

Shadows In The Dark


The train out of Grand Central was unusually on time as Molly Martin boarded. It was Friday, her early day from work. The Barton Consulting Group offered key employees one leave early day a week. This was only Molly’s second month working as a research consultant for the company and she had already established herself as an up-and-coming staff member.

For Molly, life was good in nearly every way. She was highly paid and favored at work, her husband Josh worked as a software engineer, made good money, but traveled a great deal to service clients. They recently celebrated their two-year anniversary.

Molly hopped off the train in Westport, a plush, upscale town in Connecticut and home to many celebrities. She walked toward the parking lot when she heard her name called out. The voice was familiar to her. It was Ben Washington. On occasion, Ben worked with her in the office.

She found him easy to work with and more than easy on the eyes, he qualified for ‘hot’ on every level. They tackled the more challenging research projects and were known in the company as highly skilled and dependable. As coworkers they were slowly getting to know each other. Molly never worked with a black person before coming to Barton after earning her MBA. Ben was also in the MBA club.

“Molly, can you join us for a drink?” Ben called out, practically hanging over the bar’s balcony.

Molly smiled with a wave indicating she would come over and she crossed the street.

“I didn’t know you were out early,” Molly said as she sat down, carefully adjusting her too short skirt.

But Molly knew full well that her legs were nothing short of outstanding. Long, perfectly shaped and proportioned. She crossed her legs and her black heels glistened as the sunlight glowed in on the balcony.

In fact, she had always been acutely aware of her outstanding beauty. And she used it to her advantage often. She had that thing about her, sexy, appealing, desirable, a kind of erotic aura around her.

And like the Eagles’ Song lyrics from ‘Lyin’ Eyes’ City girls just seem to find out early, how to open doors with just a smile, Molly could open a door with her eyes and anything else that showed on her body.

That intense beauty drew her to sexual encounters in her younger years and continued especially through college and the unbelievable frat parties, where she and Annie were thought of as sluts.

They even had a bet as to who could fuck more guys in a seven-days contest. They never figured out who won. Not even her husband knew that she had spent a few years in sex addicts anonymous. Once settled in her seat, she swept her long sandy blond hair back over her ears.

“Can I get you something to drink,” Ben asked, then added, “Oh, sorry Molly this is Henry Johnson, and this is Kendra Marks, longtime friends of mine. They work on Wall Street.”

Molly reaches out her hand to shake theirs.

“Nice grip there, Molly,” Henry said.

“Wall Street, and I thought we had a high-pressure job,” Molly said, laughingly.

“Well, the pressure’s off. Now it’s time for a drink, what’s your pleasure?”

Looking up at Ben, “Can I have a glass of Cabernet?”

“Be right back,” Ben said.

“Well, Ben has raved about your work. He tells us you have a real knack for research,” Kendra said.

“Really?” Molly responds with some surprise.

“Yes I did say that” Ben’s voice casts from behind as he places the glass of wine in front of Molly.

She thanks him.

“Hey, we make a good team,” Molly adds.

Ben brushes off his shoulders in a brag.

“Facts are facts.”

They all laugh. Henry lifts his drink offering a toast.

“To your teamwork.”

A round of cheers echoes out.

Following a few minutes of shop talk, Henry and Kendra stand to say a few parting words preparing to leave. They all trade handshakes and Kendra hugs Ben.

As she starts to walk away she turns and says, “I’m not surprised that you’re gonna make it big at Barton … after all you are one of the biggest guys I know.”

She actually blushes as she says it, winks and tongues across her mouth as in delicious!

The words are expressed in such a way to be provocative but both Molly and Ben are clear on Kendra’s reference. In a moment Henry and Kendra depart.

“Wow!” Molly lets out.

Ben seemingly looks coy and says, “That gal had too much to drink. Good thing Henry is driving.”

“So … you and Kendra … you —”

“We were together a lot in senior year at college.”

“So, are those two a thing now?” she asks.

“They were.”


“It’s complicated. They were married,” he says.

“I’m intrigued now.”

Molly was really more intrigued by Kendra’s coy comment but decided to let it go.

“You mean they’re divorced?”

“Separated. They’re tryin’ to work things out. Kendra doesn’t have a filter, let’s say. She blurts things out and sometimes it doesn’t come across the right way. Sometimes she doesn’t really care how it’s taken. You must know people like that.”

“I’ve met a few,” Molly says.

“Anyway, let me get you another drink.”

“I shouldn’t … but what the hell, sure!” said Molly, “I’ll be right back … powder room.”

As she walks into the bathroom, one of the stall doors open and Kendra walks out.

“So, staying for a few more drinks with Ben?”


“You do have eyes …  he is one hot black man … you gotta admit,” Kendra says, “And he’s still a bachelor.”

She winks.

“Ben is a really attractive guy … almost too much so. Too bad I’m married,” Molly said.

Kendra washes her hands at the sink and Molly enters a stall. Kendra walks near the stall door.

“Keep in mind, you’re the one that’s married. But he isn’t … that’s the point isn’t it. He knows you’re married, he’s a big boy,” she blurts it out and laughs as she walks out the door.

When Molly returns to the table, Ben slides the second drink over.

“Are you okay, Molly?”

He can tell she is in deep thought.

“I just ran into Kendra in the restroom. She’s really odd. Your comment about her was exactly right … no filter.”

She takes a sip of wine.

“What did she do now?

Molly is reluctant to say anything. She’s just … odd … I don’t know.”

Molly, I apologize if she said something to offend you. What happened? I can see something’s going on.”

“No big deal.”

“It’s a big deal to me if she insulted you … I like you. You’re a friend.”

Molly realized that the wine was taking hold. She hadn’t eaten lunch and was feeling a little buzz.

“Out of nowhere she tells me that I’m married but you’re not. That was some point she wanted to make. But I think she just drank too much.”

“Like I said, she has no filter. Sorry.”

“Not a problem, she’s entitled to her ideas. And really, she didn’t upset me at all.”

“I feel better about that.”

“You don’t need to be sorry at all. I mean, it’s not like she wasn’t telling the truth.”

“Meaning?” Ben asks.

“Meaning you are an eligible bachelor and would be a great catch,” S=she offers a pensive laugh, “But I better wait a while before I drive. I should have had something to eat before all the wine.”

“Well, you can’t drive right now, but the least I can do is buy you dinner. We can order right here.”

“I’ll take you up on that.”

Ben waves down a waitress and they order dinner. The waitress leaves the table and phone rings.

“Oh, sorry I need to take this.”

“Go ahead,” Molly assures.

He stands and Molly, surprising herself glances at his crotch. There isn’t much room in those pants, she thinks and quickly stops staring. Ben smiles at her while listening to his caller.

She isn’t sure if he caught her staring at his crotch. She isn’t concerned about it, it was a natural response she told herself. But her mind retorted as to why she hadn’t been inclined to check out his package before. Just then Ben sits back down clicking off his phone.

“Sorry about that. It was Hollister. We will be working on the Bragston Group account this week. Not sure if he was congratulating us or warning us.” Ben laughs and Molly joins in.

“Aren’t they our largest client.”

“Indeed, indeed, he responds with a proud smile. You know, we are a damned good team.”

Molly lifts her glass in response and takes the last sip.

Ben walks Molly to her car. Again he apologizes and she assured him there was no problem.

Ben hesitates for a moment then asks, “Would it be okay if we did this again some time? You know, just have some time to talk and relax? I mean we spend so much time working hard and —”

Molly cuts him off.

“I enjoyed it. You don’t need to explain. We will do it again. I’m glad you asked…any time. Have a great weekend.”


As she made the short drive to her apartment she couldn’t understand why she flirted with Ben as she started her car. I enjoyed it? I’m glad you asked … any time? What the hell was that about, she thought.

Even more surprising, she couldn’t stop thinking about the comments Kendra made. There could be no doubt whatsoever that she hinted at sexuality plain and simple.

Both her comments about her being married and him being a bachelor and the reference to him being big. Kendra’s comment about Ben being one hot black man could be affirmed by one look at him. But she had never thought of Ben that way. Well she didn’t dwell on it anyway, she assured herself unconvincingly.

They simply worked well together. But deep inside she feel a small shutter. The sexual compulsion she had fought so hard to overcome in sex addicts anonymous (SAA), well, she couldn’t allow that back. She was a married, responsible woman now. She heard the echo of the group’s motto so many times, over and over, it remained intact in her mind:

Recovery was possible for most of us only when we accepted the fact that we were powerless over our addictive sexual behavior and that we were incapable of changing without help from outside ourselves.

Many of us came to this realization when we started attending SAA meetings. In that setting we heard stories similar to ours and realized that recovery from our malady was possible. We learned through the SAA Fellowship that we were not hopelessly defective.

She tried and tried to get Annie to join the group to no avail. Annie touted the notion and was actually proud of it, a self-proclaimed slut for big black cock, kinky and no limits filth. She pulled into her assigned space and walked to the elevator to go up to the apartment.

Walking to the bathroom, stripping clothes as she went, opened the bathroom door and turned on the shower. She felt amazement that these thoughts were continuing to swirl in her head. It was relentless. Thoughts she had buried were pushing her to escape and she knew it. All because of a simply after work drink. How could this be happening she asked herself.

As she showered she not only couldn’t stop the barrage of thoughts, but she sensed a tingle in her, moving delicately from the top of her legs moving up into her crotch. She placed her fingers against herself and suddenly stopped herself. Moving her head directly under the shower head. It did no good.

What was happening? She began to feel a sense of guilt. She had nearly masturbated herself to thoughts of a black encounter, and Ben’s face was on it. She blamed it all on the wine. Yes, that was the culprit, the wine. She decided to lay in bed and read a book, knowing Josh would be calling her.

Soft rock played in the background. To her astonishment, Ben came into her thoughts again. He’s big, Kendra had stressed. Big! Molly had been well aware of what people often said about black men. That they had massive pricks. And Annie would know since she did more black guys than could be counted.

Then she recalled the conversations in the dorm when Annie bragged about having had sex with a black student and how it hurt with what she called pleasure-pain of his mass. Then there was the thrill of the very taboo –a white woman spread open contrasted under a black body moving in and out of her while she…Molly stopped.

These were thoughts she hadn’t recalled since leaving college only two years ago. She realized she was again touching herself and it was moist, and it felt wonderful. Her index and middle fingers captured her clit. It had swollen. The phone buzzed with Josh’s call, but the juices fountain-ed out of her and wet the sheets.

Josh would have to wait. She was writhing like a snake, she spread wider and could no longer hold it. The piss shot out in force wetting her, the phone, the bed and the floor. Molly didn’t care as she bathed in all the sexual energy.

“Fuck, that was amazing,” she exclaimed it, still panting.

The moment reawakened her to all she believed she had left behind to become a good person, a good wife and yes, even a good church woman. A cloud of dark, powerful energy had reintroduced itself. She could feel it. And she knew full well who it was.

All her efforts, all the sex therapy, all the self-control, the commitment to her marriage bed, in a moment no longer held her. It was Satan. He returned to claim Molly through the unholy pact she and Annie had begged Satan to give them, and he did.

Through his power he arranged to deliver what they had prayed to him for in their pact. Throughout college they had become the absolute queen slut whores, and everyone knew it including the professors, and a select few fathers and mothers of students. And now, the author of the darkest filth and debauchery and perversion returned to reclaim his slave.

So strong came the emotion that she felt her pussy lips tingling. She opened the side table draw and lifted out the rubber dildo. She kissed the head on it, spit on it and slid the head into her pussy and pumped herself relentlessly. Yet again she delighted at the explosion of juices, and proclaimed the words, the words of desire.

“Hail Satan.”

God, she thought, I haven’t said that in a long time. Exhaustion!

Molly fell asleep.


The Apple watch buzzed Molly awake. She glanced at it, eight o’clock in the morning. Overslept, and with good reason she thought. But the screen also reminded her that Josh called while she had been enthralled with deep emotions. She dialed him.

“Did you forget me last night?” asked Josh in a kidding voice.

“Of course not. I was exhausted and fell asleep.”

“Well I’m hoping to catch a flight back in the morning. If so I’ll be home by nine or ten, so stay awake for me.”

“Of course.”

“Love you.”

“Me too,” Molly added and clicked off.

At the moment she could smell urine, spotted and dry all over the bed. The visual look of all the filth turned her on again. She turned to grab her laptop and took it to bed. She needed more satanic energy and clicked on littlesally666, her formerly favorite place to share Satan’s filth, depravity and lust with others of like mind. But Molly had stayed away for two years and wasn’t sure the site would be up. There it was in all its satanic glory.

She smiled at it and read several posts which quivered her cunt lips. She knew full well that Satan gave her the power for multiple orgasms and that is what she pursued as she read. Her clit began swelling again, a physical experience she never had before Satan.

Her cunt lips would swell fat as if she used a vaginal vacuum. That was a feature every guy who fucked her turned on to, including her lesbian lovers. And of course it drove Josh out of his mind and just viewing it with her legs spread could make him cum long ropes of cum without even touching her. It was a feature for which Molly felt proud.

She enjoyed another orgasm and sacrificed all her cum and her thrill to Satan. Realizing now how much she missed him and all his glorious filth and evil. That became a major turn on for her, all the evil filth Satan drew people to. She worshiped Satan’s filth and evil.

Once composed Molly rose and removed all the bedding and her nightie and placed it all in the wash. She then sprayed the bed with a strong fragrance. Molly went to the kitchen sat, still naked, and hit the coffee brewer switch.

Just as the previous night, Ben came to mind. Big black cock, she thought. And that brought Annie to mind with whom she hadn’t spoken in nearly a year. Her last conversation held great intensity. Annie invited her to a threesome making Molly a fourth. The thought intrigued her but her therapy and her inner commitment to go the straight and narrow, turned it down.

Molly recalled Annie’s closing words as she hung up the phone, “Your loss, Molly, more for me.”

She had to admit it, Annie was not only her closest friend, but they were cut from the same cloth sexually. They had even satisfied each other in unique sexual ways. They loved each other in more ways than one. Molly missed her terribly, but until this moment, she denied it.

She held back the desire to call Annie numerous times the past year, frightened she would relapse and now she was married. Yes, she was married and had done just that; relapsed. It happened at blinding speed, in moments. Staring into her coffee she knew the episode last night was welcomed by her, with no hesitation.

She sipped the coffee and heard that unmistakable inner voice.

“No relapse, you never left my slavery,” Satan’s words were silky smooth and he continued, “You and me and Annie have a pact. The one you both be begged me for and prayed to me for. I granted what you wanted and I will have what I want in return.”

Molly knew Satan’s words were true. She had controlled her feelings for a time but never left it.


Molly had always loved hearing Satan’s voice, commanding her, guiding here, teaching her all the whoring filth that she and Annie so deeply desired. It thrilled her to be his slave in whore training. Satan held massive power over her and Annie, sexually. Yes the god of this world, the prince of the air, as she had well learned as a little girl in Sunday school.

How wrong those Christian teachers were, she learned by experience. Satan offered much more than they could imagine including flexibility in the way he addicted and enslaved people.

Nothing had ever satisfied her like her active and willing whore training provided by Satan who had taken a personal interest in her and Annie, although she never understood why. There were so many people in the world that Satan could attract, yet she and Annie were selected personally to be his whore pigs.

It was a life she walked away from, a whoring friendship with Annie had been over, so she thought. Now the attraction became so strong and so intense she realized it was exactly what she wanted all along. But now she was married to Josh who knew nothing of these things.

He was good in bed but now she had to admit it wasn’t enough. Not now. Not with being reawakened to what she once was, what she is, what she desperately needed to be, a shadow in the darkness deep in the sewer of blasphemy and depravity.


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    1. Hello Ms Toni and Can you and me get to know each other and Talk about anything you want and I am looking for a woman that loves being Satan and His Horny Demons and I would love to get together with you and all your friends and family

  1. Great start of a story of how we might stray from Satan, but he keeps calling us back even stronger. Hail Satan

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