Sex With An Evil Twist by XP – Non-Fiction

Writer: XP

Subject: Sex With An Evil Twist

Link: Email LS666 / 30.12.2022

Sex With An Evil Twist

Can anyone offer Alberto some advice on how to move forward — as he is willing to do anything to win Satan’s favor?


Hello, how are you? I am writing to respectfully ask for your help.

I read your blog

I would like to learn all about Satan. I want to give up everything that the fucking useless Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ stands for. I want to be able to be corrupted in body and soul. I am willing to do anything to serve Satan, but I have little time on this path and I don’t know how to perform the rituals, could you help me? I thank you for your time I hope I can deserve your help.
Hi Alberto
Thank you for writing to me. It is an honor to be asked to help; unfortunately, I am a writer, not a practitioner of Satanism. I believe in “free will” and have no dreams of an afterlife like heaven (or hell) — and live my life for today.
What has always intrigued me is how “Christians” become fixated with the idea of a super-being that is supposed to judge them — and if they are “good” little boys and girls — they will be rewarded with an eternity in paradise. What a load of manipulative crap!
I love the “idea” of Satan — not as some weird character with horns and a forked tail (though I am drawn to dark occult imagery) — but more of a personification of all my perverted and depraved sexual fetishes … And by bisexual nature is inspired, by this, to desire “sex with an evil twist” …
How about you? XP

4 thoughts on “Sex With An Evil Twist by XP – Non-Fiction”

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