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Author’s Notes: (This is the first of a planned series of short stories. The themes conveyed don’t interest me that much personally, but I had the idea and went with it anyway. A word of warning, it gets pretty brutal, so if you have a weak stomach you may want to stay away. None of the characters are based on real people, and none of this can actually happen.)

Scared Stiff – Nightmare


Judy Anson awoke with a scream, unable to control her fear as her breathing refused to slow to a normal pace. Her nightmares were becoming odder and odder with each passing night, each one seemingly darker and more terrifying than the last. This one felt so real to her, so familiar, yet she could not place how.

She had been walking alone in a dark building, barely able to see her surroundings as she passed through the halls and into the many rooms. She knew that someone or something had been chasing her, and that she needed to run as fast as she could to get away before she was caught. There seemed to be no exit to the endless hallways, only dead-end rooms that only served to slow her down.

She had reached a room with a window finally, only to see that behind it was a solid brick wall that blocked her way out. Turning to face the door once more, a shadow lurked in the doorway and laughed at her. This time, she thought it had finally had her.

The sun was finally starting to come up when she laid in her bed panting in fright. She felt a little relieved that she had once again awoken at the perfect time, but there was no chance whatsoever that she would attempt to fall back asleep tonight.

She sighed to herself, “Judy, you need to stop thinking about such stupid things.”

She arose from her bed still shaking terribly and walked to her washroom to splash some water upon her face. Turning on the tap, she felt the cool water upon her hands and bent her head down to receive her waking dose. She could now see her face in the mirror, her beautiful 29 year old, model of a face. Her olive skin was as clear as could be, but her wavy dark brown hair was in a complete mess about it. Her eyes were dark and alluring, but so very tired looking at this moment. She had a body most would die for, a small and compact frame with the most heavenly of assets to match.

“Why do you do this to yourself, Judy?” she stared into her own eyes. How could she let such little things bother her when she had the whole world in her grasp?

Later that day, Judy visited her therapist for her weekly session. She had been dying to talk more about her nightmares since the last time they had met, for they had only just begun back then.

“You say he was about to grab you…” Dr. Leslie Fishel asked.

“Yeah, but it was too dark to see his face,” Judy replied, her Mexican accent was only noticeable to those who listened hard for it.

“Do you think perhaps he finally caught you this time?”

“Uhm… I suppose. I don’t remember feeling anything but I was so stricken with terror that I may have…” she trailed off. “Why?”

“Well, often when people are having nightmares like this, when a certain thing or person is chasing them, they usually stop when you let yourself get caught. It’s like your mind is trying to tell you something, but you won’t let it because you’re too afraid,” Leslie crossed her legs.

“Like what?”

“Well, let us assume you were finally caught last night. This figment in your mind was prevented from getting its message to you because you were overtaken with fear. Maybe tonight that message will finally be delivered to you.”

Judy considered this a moment, “You mean I have to have another nightmare to fnd out?”

“Perhaps, perhaps not. What you really need to do right now is relax. Do whatever you do to get a good night sleep and maybe in the morning you’ll be able to figure out what it is you need to face here. Our dreams tell us a lot about ourselves, you know. If you keep running you’ll just end up torturing yourself.”

Judy nervously twiddled her fingers, not knowing what to say.

“Oh,” Dr. Fishel looked at her watch. “Time’s up. I hope everything goes well. If not we can talk about a few optional sleeping drugs next week,” Leslie stood up from her seat and stretched. Judy reluctantly left the comfort of her own chair and bade the good doctor goodbye before heading off to another day of photo-shooting.


Judy laid on her back as she delved her smooth and slender fingers deep inside herself, feeling the satisfying friction send the usual chills up her spine as she began rubbing slowly. The doctor had suggested that she find some way to relax before sleeping tonight, and she was going to take her advice.

She focused hard on finding a fantasy, trying to decide whether to let it be a familiar face or something entirely new. As her fingers began to summon her slippery juices from within, she made the quick decision to think about her dear friend, Alex. Alex was an older gentleman, about 35 or so. He was the genius cameraman behind many of her modeling photo sessions, and she trusted him with all her heart. Alex was also gay, therefore making the fantasy an impossible achievement, but all the more interesting to her aching love hole.

She pictured his fingers diving in and out of her as he moved closer and closer to her. She moved her left hand up to her breasts and began caressing them, one by one. Now her juices were beginning to flow, and her fingers explored deeper and deeper into herself.

“Alex…” she whispered softly to herself. She knew he would have been able to say all the right things to make her feel safe and comfortable, his touch would send electric currents through her entire body.

She brought her wet hand up to her mouth and sucked each finger dry of her wonderfully scented mixture. Grabbing her rubber dildo from beside her, she slowly placed the tip inside her vagina, picturing in her mind the older man piercing her love canal.

In and out she pushed and pulled, each penetration representing a powerful thrust of Alex’s penis in her mind. Her thoughts of him got her so excited, though she could never understand why. He was not a great looking man, nor could she ever feel anything for him, nor he for her. There was just something about the fantasy that made her cum so easily, every single time.

“Ung,” she bit her bottom lip as she worked her favorite toy faster. “I’m going to cum soon,” she moaned quietly, imaging her man was there to hear it.

“Me too,” she imagined him saying. “I’m going to pull out,”

“No!” another audible gasp escaped her lips. It was then that she would reach around his back, and caress the back of his skull with her soft palm as she kissed his neck.

“We can’t,” Alex would wail in frustration. She knew he was right, she could never bring a child into the world when she could never be with his father.

“I don’t care,” her words now very clear in the room. “Cum in me, cum inside of me, Alex!” her orgasm began to overtake her as her body began to shake with the familiar tremors throughout.

Her mind started to ease into darkness as she pictured him pouring the contents of his tool inside of her furthest depths. “Oh!!!!!!!” she strained.

It did not take long for Judy to fall asleep after her relaxation period. She took a sleeping pill to be safe, but consciousness seemed more willing to escape her tonight than it had in a long time. Just as she had expected, she was now dreaming once more, only this time things were very surreal.

Her surroundings were all in black and white like an old movie, and she was seated at a small table inside an old fashioned diner. She looked about her, and a man could be seen at the entrance walking slowly towards her.

“It’s you, isn’t it?” she spoke drearily.

The man’s trench coat collar hid his face from her as he met her at the table, only his eyes were revealed. “It is.”

“Why have you been chasing me? What do you want?” Judy lashed out at him.

The man stared at her a few long seconds before answering her, “To scare you.”

“Scare me? But why?”

“I know… all of your fears,” his voice was husky and deep.

“That’s not answering my question!” Judy yelled.

“Hahaha,” his laugh was fake and evil in its execution. “No?”

Judy stared into his eyes in confusion, not knowing what it was that she was supposed to understand by all this.

“Wh…who are you?” she stammered.

“Those who have seen my face call me the dream virus. Those who have not seen it… Soon shall have the pleasure,”

Judy stood up in defiance, “What do you want!? Do you want to rape me? Kill me? Hmm?! I’ll let you do whatever you want, just get it the fuck over with so I can get on with my life!”

“Hahahahaha!” the man laughed through the collar. “Eventually I shall do both… if you are lucky, angel.”

Judy had had enough of his mindless threats. She lunged forward with her hands to strangle the cranky bastard, but he disappeared before her very eyes and she fell forward onto his chair. It was then that she felt herself falling out of the dream, and all became blank once more.

When she opened her eyes again, she was frustrated to find that she was still dreaming. She was all tied up in a small little shack, her hands and feet tightly bound to a tall standing cross. She felt helpless immediately, unable to free herself from her Christ-like pose on the stake. The windows in the shake were too fogged up to see anything outside, and it was too dark to see much of anything else around her.

An annoying cackling sounded from the darkness as a hunched figure seemed to move in the distance.

“Who’s there?” Judy called.

“Hehehehehe,” the voice cackled on. The figure emerged into sight as he struck a match and lit his lamp. He appeared to be a very old man, somewhere between 80 to 100 years old. His face was worn as can be, and his skin looked to be drooping off of his ugly old head. “Just an old man, deary,” he laughed to himself.

The light revealed to the two strangers that Judy was completely naked on the cross, her beautiful skin lit up the room with its charm.

“Please, get me down from here,” she requested.

“Mmm, of course, dear. But how did you get up there?”

“I don’t know, just please, help!”

The raggedy old man hopped his way closer with the lamp held his in one hand. He crept up to the back of the cross and climbed his way over a few random objects to find his way to the top. Whence he got there, he slowly untied the roped that held her to the cross, starting with her feet.

Judy fell to the ground with elegance, then quickly covered her private areas with her limbs as the old fellow stumbled back into view.

“Thank you,” she stood embarrassed.

“You are very welcome, my dear. Why don’t you sit on the bed over there and I will make us a nice cup of tea,”

“I’ve really got to be…” Judy started to say, but her heart sank when she saw the lonely look on the poor old fool’s face. “I… I mean, I’m kind of in a hurry. I guess I could stay a few more minutes if it can be done quickly,”


Judy climbed up on top of the bed in the corner and waited while the old man fetched their drinks, and to her surprise, it was really quite comfortable.

“Here we are,” the man appeared in the light by the bedside with two small cups in his hands. Just as Judy reached out, however, the most terrifying sensation crawled up her limbs all at once. Looking down, she could now see vines emerging from the mattress below and wrapping themselves tightly around her wrists and ankles. She screamed at the suddenness of it all, alarming the old man so much that he dropped the tea cups to the floor with a crash.

“Help!” she squealed as another vine squirmed around her tiny waist. The old man could only stand and stare in amazement at the odd scene before him. Judy moved from side to side, struggling with all her might as the dreariness of this world seemed to become more and more real to her senses. She could feel, see, and hear everything so clearly now, even the odor of the ancient old man beside the bed.

The old man breathed heavily, it seemed to the girl he was panicking.

“Please!” she wailed as her constraints held firm in place.

“I… I will,” he moved closer in astonishment to examine the binds. It was then that he saw her beautiful pussy in full view, noticing its absolute perfect form. “Oh,” he looked at her scared face.

“They’re tight, you’ll need to cut them this time!” Judy warned.

“Uh…” he moaned to himself as the dirtiest of thoughts raced through his mind. There was nothing she could do, and there was only one thing he wanted at this moment. “I will, precious, I will. I just need… a moment…” he placed his wrinkly old hands upon her thighs, moving them slowly up and down.

“Stop! What are you doing!?” she cried.

“Shh,” he tried to calm her as one of his fingers began tracing the outline of her entry point, and then slid sensually inside of her.

“STOP!” she screamed aloud now. “Stop it! Don’t fucking touch me, you old fucking creep!”

“Oaw,” the old man rubbed her clit, dazed in the heat of the moment as she continued her cries of hatred. His face moved closer now to her glistening hole, his corroded old tongue stretched out of his black-toothed mouth and into her moist flesh.

“Ung! Stoooopp!”

His mouth now sucked her juices, juices she knew should not be flowing at the sight and feel of such a disgusting creature like this one, but were. “Mmm,” he moaned as he swallowed all she had.

He was not able to take it any longer, he needed to be inside of her.

“Pleeeheeeheeease! Don’t!” Judy cried tears of helplessness. The old man shoved his pants to the ground and crawled between her legs, lining his small, disgustingly ugly stub up with her most perfect vortex. “Ahhhhhh!!!!” the small prick entered her and she immediately felt the bumps of the old rod scrape against her insides. The skin had hardened and died on pieces of it, it felt like scabs breaking off inside of her. “Stoooooooooppppppppp!”

“Oh,” his ugly old mug was only a foot above her horrified face. She squirmed at the weight of his oversized belly as it forced her down harder onto the bed. He humped and humped, defiling her mind and body alike.

“Please!!” she cried harder, realizing that her resistance was futile.

“I’m… I’m going to cum!”


“Going to cum inside you! Going to…”

“NAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” Judy threw a fit as the man began to unload his ancient load of semen inside of her inner walls. “Unnnggg!” the combination of the sensation and the gross image of his poisonous contents inseminating her actually turned her on to the point that she began to orgasm and convulse as she continued to be filled up.

“Oh. Oh.. Ohhhh…” a few more weak thrusts and he was finished. Judy’s orgasm subsided as well and she remained beneath his body, crying over the putrid act that had just taken place.

She was still crying when she was whisked away to a new environment, naked as she had been before. Her surrounding told her that she was in the midst of a beautiful garden, one so great as the tales of Eden. She reached down to feel her vagina, it was indeed still drenched in rotted cum.

Almost hysterical in her humiliation, she ran through the garden of gigantic trees and shrubbery aimlessly, crying all the way. She would not allow any human to come near her this time. She wanted to run forever, but was stopped very quickly upon seeing the most humongous flower she had ever laid her eyes upon in the middle of her pathway.

“Oh my…” her mouth whispered words of astonishment.

Before she could even think to react, the many vines of the flower came alive and grabbed at her unsuspecting self, exactly as the ones on the old man’s bed had. These vines however were more like tentacles, however, and they were much stronger and faster.


“Ahhhhhhhh!!!” she screamed loudly to no one.

The tentacles lifted her from the ground by her ankles and held her up high. Her cries became louder as before, and more rapidly. The head of the flower did not react well to these loud annoyances, and it was then that a tentacle shoved violently into her mouth and plugged her sounds.


The tentacles all held her in place, making it once again so she could not fight them. The one in her mouth began moving deeper and deeper as it thrusted itself into her watering mouth. She was bent backwards by the positioning of these forms and the largest one prepared itself for entry into her already soaking cunt.

Judy screamed with her mind as she watched in terror, the largest tube dove swiftly and brutally inside of her and immediately began fucking in and out, deeper and deeper.

“Mmmmm!” her muffled cries were still a bother to the flower. The long tentacle cock in her mouth lunged itself further, now pushing its way down her soft sucking throat. It gaggled her terribly, her eyes watered and she ached to choke on oxygen. It pulled back after a couple dives and allowed air to pass through once more, but after a few seconds of attempted coughing, it dove in for more.

The one in her widening pussy was now pushing into her stomach, going way past what she thought was humanly possibly and was now stretching her womb to the threatening point of destruction.

Through watered eyes, she could barely see as her stomach moved upwards, the tentacle was trying to protrude its way through her stomach to the outside. It hurt so bad, her mind screamed for it to stop. Suddenly it did, and pulled back.

She felt it in the back of her mouth first, a steady stream of cum being launched down her throat. She tried to choke and gag, for it was all too much, but it kept coming. Then, the largest tentacle, having almost left her body, thrust all the way up to her midsection and exploded inside her organs with gallons of the same mixture. The tentacle in her mouth emptied and left her to choke as she felt her insides being filled up completely of this plant’s cum.

“Kuk, kuk, kkukkk!” she coughed. Her stomach was now getting bigger and bigger before her very eyes as each new thrust meant another huge load of seed entering her ruined form. It’s getting too big, she thought to herself in horror. She felt as though her insides would explode at any moment!

She at last could take no more, and the tentacle contracted out of her body as a waterfall of thick juices came flowing out of her pussy. She felt as though she were a second or two away from her last breath, but the darkness would only lead her to her next stage of debauchery.

When her senses came back to her once more, Judy was laying unbound on a cold, long table. She was still barely able to move after her last sexual encounter, and was now beginning to realize the table beneath her was smothered in a sheet of deathly ice. She rolled to the side to try and see around the table, but went too far and slid completely off, landing in a pile of jagged icicles that cut into her soft skin along her left side.

She wailed in pain, and her body shook at the cold sensation of the freezing air. She appeared to be in an ice cave, naked and alone.

“Help… me…” she cried to no one. She was beyond relying on herself to get out of this mess now. Never before had any of her dreams been accompanied by such real excruciating pain. Her once nearly perfect body was now defiled beyond recognition.

“I told you I know your fears,” an echo boomed off the walls around her.

“Why are you doing this!?” she begged through her final tears.

“Because I can,” the voice faded away.

“Nooooooo!!!” Judy screamed at the top of her lungs, unable to bear anymore of his sick games.

Half expecting what was to come next, she looked down at her feet where the ice beneath her began form over them. She tried to remove her hands from the ground but it was too late, and the ice had frozen her in place. The ice continued to run up her legs slowly.

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