Satan’s Temple – Non-Fiction

Writer: adept-666fan

Subject: Satan’s Temple

Link: Tumblr / 14.10.2021 / Reposted by mandyveronica


Satan’s Temple

Black candles burning … Satan invoked … Sigils drawn … my flesh and soul in His altar … An offering is made in the Master’s Name. I have given you, Satan, my life force, My blood spilt for your victory.

Come into me as I open myself, Your essence consumes my soul. I am yours… forever and eternally. How could I love anyone more than you … it is not possible … I live for you.

My body is yours to make your will manifest, My mind I have given for you to create what you desire, My spirit proclaim your glory, My soul is my ultimate sacrifice to you, my Lord and God, whom I love.

Satan, fill my mind and transform me, His Darkness penetrate my soul, and I grow in her light. Your presence surrounds my flesh,  I am never alone. With kneeling before your altar I have made eternal oaths that can never be broken May Satan always be glorified in everything I do.

Satan, I am your temple. I feel your presence increasing within me. You anoint me with blood And when I drink it, I drink you.

I praise you eternally, Lord Satan, Prince of Darkness, Ancient Serpent, Eternal Antichrist, Father of sin and evil. You are  powerful and majestic. With obedience and submission I embrace your Darkness, your Darkness lights in me. With you, I have all I need.

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