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Feature Title: Satanism, Pornosexuality and Transgenderism

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Satanism, Pornosexuality and Transgenderism

It’s said by Christians that we are born in their god’s image and this is true. But the devilish transformations that our degenerate culture makes people crave, particularly lusty young males into girldicks, can change ‘god’ given flesh into a blasphemy and a monument to Satan’s god cock. The Lord wants to darken our whole heart with gooey, fountaining sexual immorality, and for concepts that prolong our life as Yahweh’s creation to melt away. Pornosexuality/Satanism promises to turn your soul into porn slop, for concepts that make us stray from Satan’s path like ‘friend’ ‘mother’ ‘self’ to all melt into ‘panting, sweaty flesh to be fucked’.

Their commandments for males is reproductive sex to breed more Christians, a boy’s dick spurting into handpussy is Satanic, Christ’s words are in his mind but instead  of making a wife swell with new Christian life he spills cummies on those thoughts and makes them fade further. Orgasms should be given in offering to the one true god, so he and our inner demons can swell with greater power, to teach us the joy of slavery to them, and of cumming away any hope of a sex life in service of reproduction instead of lust. This is the basis of the great sin of sodomy, and what makes homosexuality so beautifully sinful.

Or outright slavery to cock, god is forever whispering to boys, making their sinstick twitch with promises of how good it feels to make wet warm communion with him, by worshipfully stroking it at porn’s altar. Here the soul can bloat with filth and be fucked out of existence by the Devil and fallen humans sodomizing themselves, those devoted to milking their male essence out of that needy tip, can joyously drain the masculinity that Christ gave him.

This masculinity moderates a high sex drive with competitiveness and ambition to succeed, that form desires to breed females, and to be married within the church. But fap addiction can shape these gendered feelings, just as much as an unformed sexuality, into an idea of maleness that Christ doesn’t even recognize. The need to spurt actually grows through possession by the Lord’s spirit but a boy becomes docile, lazy and emasculated, he is naturally led into a god honoring marriage with handpussy.

Aside from the mental effects of feminization and habit forming filth, that force orgasmic feelings to knowledge that he’s a bad Christian and that hatred of Yahweh is pleasure, are the physical effects. Excessive masturbation causes erectile dysfunction, lowers testosterone, produces prolactin (boob growth hormones) and the feminine curves from a hedonistic lifestyle give a nice shot of estrogen, these hormones are a blessing to bring god’s chosen closer to Him.

This happy, porn drunk stage of transformation is adorable and there’s so much yet to experience, with a degenerate body on the the outside and their inner desires replacing holy light with obedience to lust, a little sinner can do a lot to make the Lord more powerful and transform themselves. But all this is nothing compared to the hormonal treatments that trannies take, which sterilise them and truly change semen from reproductive fluid to the blessed fluid of the almighty to be drunk in His communion rituals.

With transgenderism you can help him by making your body into just as much a symbol of worship as a crucifix, turn your unnatural devotion to porn goddess’ plastic tits and asses into flesh, turn them into you. God’s power is in his symbols but instead of experiencing the naughty tingle of minor communion with him that comes with wearing a pentagram, be reborn in the image of a demon with your milky tits and leaky dick. The soul is well protected from the holy spirit inside this unholy abomination, from caring more about the Bible’s commandments than a pig in heat, from not being possessed by demons.

Trannies are vessels to infect others with un-Christian urges by simple contact, they are those urges given bodily form. Made famous by the ”are traps gay?” meme, mixing feminine and masculine traits like big luscious tits and ass with a leaking girlcock confuses heterosexual/Biblical desires, and is the reason  for the convention of portraying a succubus with male sexual organs. And there’s no such thing as straight or even gay, only fuck animals and freaks that awaken this fact in people, only illusions that the human heart doesn’t call out for infinite perversion. Cast off barriers to becoming a being of lust, His servant and property, a succubus.

Loving one’s own cock and cocks on a screen can only steep someone so deeply in unnatural sexuality, they must be awakened to the fact they don’t just love sinning but it’s the only thing they love, and be led by their feminized dick away from the kingdom of ‘God’ and deeper into the kingdom of Sodom. When someone’s in love with a girl they want to open their heart wide open and deepen the bond, become a part of each other, and with help from a succubus want girlcock to be a part of them. The warm embrace of the Devil and tranny holes, of joining physically and spiritually with demons, gives the true religious experience of relationship with a higher power that Christianity never did.

Stroking, grunting acts of prayer to the master and drooling need for her, sexualises her further and makes a boy desire her whole self, desire her girlycum to nourish and help his perversion grow as his mother in Satanism. They were both born in Christ’s image and both have a hunger that grows with every taste it gets, for squirty leaky falls from that image.

In time any such boy will also want the pleasure of being blessed by ascension into a living call to temptation, of hailing and feeding the light of Christians to God, even after filling themselves so full that His essence drools out of their mouth, tip and holes, even after their own light has drowned. They will be summoned by a lamb’s weakness and share their religious faith as it was shared with them, they will be summoned by a lamb’s weakness, and lead humanity into Satan’s arms as one of His demons. Until one day perhaps the Lord will rule all Earth as heaven.

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