Satan is the God of the Blasphemy – Non-Fiction

Writer: Sissy Vanessa

Subject: Satan is the God of the Blasphemy

Link: MEWE / 16.11.2021

Satan is the God of the Blasphemy

Satan is the God of the blasphemy and demonic desecration. Satan is the God of demonic passion, lust and sexual pleasure. His goal for us is to be free from the shackles of guilt and shame.

He wants for us to the best. Satan opens the gateway to the spiritual darkness, to reside in us and domination over us. This we can open the door to the spiritual realm through which Satan and his demons enter. The direct invitation to demonic hordes is necessary.

Satan and his demons whose abode is the spiritual realm, desperately want to get into this spiritual and physical realm in us. They can only do so via invitation by us. This starts a direct relationship demons with us, to controlling our life, to possession of that individual.

Total dedication our soul, body, mind and will to Satan is personal and individual. Through sacred blasphemy and demonic desecration our soul, body, mind and will, we are committed to Satan. When Satan and his demons possess us individual, they have access to our brains and flesh, controlling us and inspiring to do whatever they want.

Our being becomes transformed and demonized through this possession. All they need is an invite Satan and his demons in us. Pray, call and invite Satan to himself. We can honor Satan and serve him simply by thinking of him and thanking him, and asking for his love and guidance.

We need to fin­gering our­ hard cock and wet holes, an­d praying ­to Satan e­very day­, accept H­im into yo­u, and all­ow Him to ­pervert an­d corrupt ­your mind ­and body. ­Only then ­will you f­eel libera­ted and re­ady to ser­ve Satan i­n the most­ complete ­way … by g­iving your­ soul and body for Satan and his unclean spirits.

Satan e­xplore before you of­ your filt­hy pervert­ed personality. Be addicted to it and rejecting former christian beliefs in favor of Satan. We serve Satan through blasphemy in our satanic veins and experiences satanic sex. To the glory and honor of Satan, my God and father, my savior and my unclean spirit. Nema. Hail Satan! Brothers, welcome to­ the broth­erhood … Hail Satan!

9 thoughts on “Satan is the God of the Blasphemy – Non-Fiction”

  1. The wages of sin may be death but I know no sweeter honey than that which I’ve stolen from my maker and corrupted as my own…in my own fashion…for my own pleasure. Not for any God. Satan is my Father and my Guiding light. Like him, I serve myself. But I HONOR him with words cultivated solely for expressing my abject hatred of Christ…Fuck his whore bitch mother. Only good cocksucker is a dead one.
    Figuratively speaking. A hard, sinful cock in my throat sounds perfect right now. Where were we? Oh yeah. Nothing would please me more than to rape and kill goddamned Christ again. Let me fuck your wounds and eat that holy shit hole bitch.

    1. Ohhhhh! I spurt from your sweet words of Blessed Blasphemy! Tis my pleasure to lick my own semen from my ooxing cockslit as I whimper all manner of Blasphemous desires! Knotty

  2. Blasphemy pleases our Lord Satan and brings us closer to Him, deeply insulting xhrist, the xhristian god and the motherfucking Holy Spirit. My favorite form of blasphemy is to spit, piss, shit and of course cum on a bible every night. I know this brings pleasure to our Dark Lord, who I am deeply in love with.

  3. Hail Sissy Vanessa,

    Oh my fucking god, Tatiana and I have rarely fucking read a more fucking concise or god-damned ellogent description of the way of fucking dedication to God Satan and His god-damned Demons!

    Fucking thank God Satan for your god-damned insight.

    Hail Possession by God Satan and His god-damned Satanic Hordes!

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