SATAN is the god – Non-Fiction


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Feature Title: SATAN is the god

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SATAN is the god

SATAN is the god of blasphemy and demonic desecration. SATAN is the god of demonic passion, lust and sexual pleasure. Your goal for us is to be free from the shackles of guilt and shame. He wants for us the best. SATAN opens the portal to spiritual darkness, to dwell in us and rule over us. We can open the door to the spiritual realm through which Satan and his demons enter.

Direct invitation to demonic hordes is required. SATAN and his demons, whose abode is the spiritual realm, desperately want to enter this spiritual and physical realm within us. They can only do so by invitation from us. This initiates a direct relationship with the Demons, to control our life, for the possession of that individual. Total dedication to our soul, body, mind and will to Satan is personal and individual.

Through Holy Blasphemy and Demonic Desecration, our soul, body, mind and will, we are committed to SATAN. When SATAN and his demons own us individually, they have access to our brains and flesh, controlling and inspiring us to do whatever they want. Our being becomes transformed and demonized through this possession. All they need is an invitation to SATAN and his demons in us.

Pray, call and invite SATAN to yourself. We can honor SATAN and serve him simply by thinking of him and thanking him, and asking for his love and guidance. We need to pluck our hard cock and wet holes, and pray to SATAN every day, accept it into you, and allow it to pervert and corrupt your mind and body. Only then will you feel liberated and ready to serve SATAN in the most complete way … giving your soul and body to SATAN and his filthy Spirits.

SATAN explore before you of your dirty perverted personality. Be addicted to it and reject old Christian beliefs in favor of SATAN. We serve SATAN through blasphemy in our satanic veins and experience “Come to me SATAN, fuck me SATAN, get in me SATAN, eat my soul, burn me, destroy me, kill all holiness and innocence, chain me to porn and masturbation let me run and control my life keep my dick wanting more, drive away the damn spirit from the dead Jewish cunt, fuck the pussy, devour me.

5 thoughts on “SATAN is the god – Non-Fiction”

  1. I love this story so much because it is True !!! and Shows His power over Christians and how to simply ask for His power,

    1. True happiness is best magnified through the practice of sharing that which pleases you with others that are open to experiencing the joy that you exhibit. The trick is in opening others up to forsaking their fears by degree. We all sin. We all enjoy sin. By leading others to engage in continuous ‘minor’s sins we grease the wheels to slip into something a little less comfortable for them but ever closer to the wickedness that dwells in ever increasing glory within our own hearts. Leading others to prosper for themselves the increase of their sinfulness is the single greatest pleasure aside from the fullness of Satan himself within us.

  2. Hmmm so true I love it. Just wished I could totally commit to sexual sin 100% as I vacillate between sin and goodness way to much. Keep up to good words of lust, sin, and blasphemy

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