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Published: 03.08.2020 / RELIGIOUS FETISH

Story Codes: Erotic Horror


This was crazy! Absolutely crazy! Carla and I had sex in the most unnatural way possible; woman and woman. It was the most divine and evil thing I’d ever done in my life. She had made me orgasm so many times I lost count…I’d never had so many orgasms. I had to wonder, was there truth in what she opened me up to? Am I a Satanist? Nearly 40 years of Christian upbringing and church made the guilt well up within me and I couldn’t even look at myself by the time I got home.

This late in the evening, I didn’t want to think about it. It was nearly midnight by the time I got home and getting from the car to inside my house was a challenge. Carla had done things to my vagina – excuse me, pussy – that I never thought were possible and I could hardly walk. The things she did and the things I did and the things I said…I really shouldn’t think about this stuff. I came home to a quiet house with only the kitchen light left on. Being exhausted and tired, I grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed upstairs.

Rick’s door was open so I peeked inside. Despite the blasphemous and evil things I declared while Carla was licking my pussy to orgasm, my motherly instincts kicked in. As I watched him sleep, I was of two minds. The motherly part of me wanted to hug and tell my son it would all be ok and time heals all wounds. The new demon Carla awoke within me wanted to beat his worthless ass where he lay; thinking this made my pussy moisten. My god I was getting horny again, but my conscience won out and I merely left him to sleep off the day.

Getting to my bedroom, Tim was already asleep and snoring. I didn’t want to attempt sleeping next to such a loud person so I changed into something light to sleep in and headed to the spare bedroom. Getting in bed, dozing off slowly to the sound of silence. But the events of the day had my mind racing…could I actually do the horrible and evil things I exclaimed during sexual bliss? As I thought about the deliciously evil exclamations I made to Carla, my pussy got more and more wet. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep without having one more orgasm to complete my day.

As I buried my fingers in my pussy, I had horrible thoughts. I thought of smothering my sleeping son. I thought of torturing his weak body. I thought of fucking him in his ass with a dildo. I thought of making my husband a cuckold and castrating him. I thought of fucking other, more powerful men in front of him and destroying his manhood. I thought of Carla and I having ritual lesbian sex in front of my husband and son…sacrificing one or both to Satan. These thoughts came in quick succession and my orgasm – a powerful one at that – came shortly after. Could I actually do it?

By the time I rolled out of bed, both Tim and Rick were gone to work and school respectively. Checking my phone, I saw I had a message from Carla:

C: Did you dream of me?

Me: I don’t know…I slept so hard I don’t remember any of my dreams. What about you?

She responded pretty quickly…

C: After cumming as much as I did, I too slept hard. Are you struggling with guilt?

Me: Yes. I don’t want to.

C: It will pass. Think of the glorious time we had yesterday. That awaits your every moment when you fully accept Satan.

Me: I don’t know if I can do what I said I want to do.

C: Hmmmm…how about a trial run?

Me: What do you mean?

C: Meet me for lunch on the corner of 4th and Harden St. at noon and we’ll chat.

Me: Ok…see your sexy ass then. 😉
C: See you then sweetie!

Noon…having a few hours to kill I made a cup of coffee and enjoyed my morning. Normally I would get the house in order and do all the stuff a suburban mother would do, but not today. I finished my coffee and headed to my room to get myself together. Stripping naked, I looked at myself in the mirror…I need to get in shape. Carla is a statuesque woman; I have to strive for that. So, in an effort to match her beauty, I got in the shower, shaved my legs and then my pussy. I’d never done that, but it felt wonderful. The shower felt wonderful. I felt wonderful.

I had half a mind to get dressed in something smutty, but opted for a rather plain but sexy look of jeans and nice shirt. Did my hair and nails and headed out the door. I knew the cafe Carla was talking about so I set out on the thirty minute drive. When I got there, Carla was already there; she’d gotten us a table outside which was great as it was a lovely day. As I approached, she stood up to greet me…seems the jeans were a good choice as they’d hide my wetness. She was dressed similarly in jeans and t-shirt but the shirt was straining to contain her tits. I had a looser fitting shirt, not a t-shirt, but my C-cup tits looked small in comparison. I was greeted with a very tight hug and beaming smile.

“You made it!”

“Why wouldn’t I?” I laughed a little.

“Wasn’t sure if the guilt would keep you away.” My god she was gorgeous.

We had a bit of small talk and ordered our lunch. Carla wasted no time getting to the topic that was the elephant in the room.

“What do you think of Alex?”

“Your mom’s boyfriend? Why do you ask?”

“He’s one of us.”

I had to think about this for a second. Alex seemed like such a nice man and Heather seemed so happy. Heather and I had been friends for a while so this was making me want to run or to orgasm, I just couldn’t decide on which one.

“How do you know?” Dumb question.

“We’ve been fucking for a while now. Do you remember what I said brings me the most delicious orgasms?”

“How could I forget! Wait?! Are you saying you want to destroy your moms will to live?” Being outside, we had a little bit of privacy but I still had to look around and asked that question a little softer.

Carla just smiled deviously at me. “I can’t wait to feel the pleasure. She absent mindedly made the statement as she rubbed her nipple…I wanted to suck on that nipple badly. I also couldn’t believe what I’d gotten myself into.

“So what does this have to do with me?”

“You said you weren’t sure. How would you like to do a little trial run?”

“How so?” I was getting wet.

“Next week, you and I head to moms when Alex is there and have a little fun.” She was grinning at me and I liked it. “I have access to a potion that can knock a person out cold. If you want to see if you can go through with it, come with me next week.”

I was conflicted. The moistness between my legs was getting worse but my logical brain was screaming at me to run as far as I could from this woman…the moistness won out. I just stared at her. Heather is a good friend of mine; this would be a betrayal of the highest order. I just kept staring.
“Seeing as you are still here, I guess you like the idea. Think about it…the control…the power…the orgasms that will follow. All yours if you only say yes.” She grinned that evil grin again.

“I…I’m not sure I can do it.”

“You can. And you will. Your pussy is wet just thinking about betraying one of your best friends. I can’t tell you how exquisite the power rush is. If you can follow through, you can do anything you desire.”

I just sat there thinking…could I do it. The monsoon that was erupting between my legs was telling me all I needed to know.

“Ok…what will I have to do?”

She just grinned…”Just follow my lead and do what I tell you to do.”

I was flush. I could feel my heart beating a mile a minute and no matter how much I rubbed my legs together, I couldn’t quell the itch between my legs. Luckily, the waiter brought our food right about then and I welcomed the distraction. We ate and chatted about other stuff but what this demoness was going to have me do was never far from my mind. After we finished lunch and began to part ways, Carla held my arm as we walked; we had parked near each other. Having her head on my shoulder and holding my arm, she began to speak again.

“This is going to be a wonderful experience for you…that I can promise.”

“I’m so wet right now…do you want me to take you home again?”

“No. My car is right here. And besides, you have some serious thinking to do over the next week.” She then spun and faced me. I couldn’t help but look into those pools of sin that were her eyes.

“You are so beautiful.”

“You are so fucking sexy.” With saying that, she kissed me hard and long. I don’t know if there was anyone watching and in that moment, I didn’t care. Thinking back on it, I imagine a man or boy jerking off to the scene as it must have been hot from outside our little bubble.

“Go home, Samantha. Think about the bliss you are going to experience. Rub that delicious pussy of yours and think about sucking my cunt while you do. I have things to do this week but will be in touch.” With that, she turned to her car, got in and drove off. I think I stood in that parking lot for 10 minutes before I could do anything. I was hooked on this girl for sure.

The next few days were a mixture of highs and lows. Moments flew by but others dragged on. When I wasn’t focused on any one particular task, I was focused on Carla. My weekly routine was only slightly disrupted, the only major difference being that I was more disconnected from Tim and Rick. I wasn’t sleeping in my marital bed, was a bit of a recluse from the two of them, and didn’t want to be bothered by them. Both knew that when I got in a mood like this, just leave me alone. This time however, I wasn’t coming around like I had in the past; they were both on their best behavior and I was enjoying the power I held over them.

So much so, that I was constantly watching porn and reading stories of Satanism. So much so, that the more I read and watched, the more I wanted. So much so, that I was beginning to really believe I could get what I really wanted…the suffering of my husband and son. In all my 40 years, I had never been much on masterbating; but this week I was making up for lost time. I was insatiable and the more deviant my thoughts, the more magnificent the orgasm. Fuck this was incredible.

Carla had texted occasionally throughout the week, but it wasn’t until Sunday (of which I skipped church) that she told me to be ready around 4 PM on Monday as it was time. I came when I read that. But I still had a nagging in the back of my head. I was very nervous…what if something horrible happens…what if it goes wrong…what if I’m found out…all these questions running amuck in my head. But the biggest question was, could I do it? Could I follow her directions without question? Only one way to find out I guess.
We met at the same parking lot near the restaurant. Carla told me to get in her car and she would drive to Heather’s. When I got in the passenger seat, she leaned in and kissed me passionately grabbing my pussy at the same time. I just accepted her and loved it. She broke the kiss as abruptly as she started it.

“Are you ready?”

“I’m so nervous.”

“Don’t be. This is easy.” She then handed me a vile of powder. “When the time comes to refill the glasses, put this in moms drink. It will knock her out.”

“Just knock her out?”

“Yes. She won’t die or anything. Knocking her out just gives us the opportunity to play.”

I was wet and confused. I wanted to feel the power. I wanted to have the control. I wanted to be evil and depraved. But could I do it? The drive wasn’t long and we arrived at Heather’s before too long. We both checked our make up and Carla turned to me:


Deep breathe and exhale…”Yes.”

When Heather answered the door, I couldn’t make eye contact with her. I also saw that Alex was there; now I was really nervous and I couldn’t look at him either. Carla carried on as if there was no plan in place to do anything other than visit her mom. My heart was pounding in my chest. After a few quick general hello’s and all that normal stuff, Carla burst open in conversation.

“So, mom! Samantha and I were talking last Sunday, and she really wants to get more involved with the church. We spent the week sort of going over some of her options.” I don’t know that we did, but I certainly was learning a thing or two.

“That is so wonderful, baby! I’m so happy you are taking to the church’s mission!” Heather then looked at me but I didn’t really notice, “So what do you think you want to start doing?”

I snapped out of my haze. I didn’t realize I hadn’t been looking at Heather, I’d been looking at Carla’s legs and wanting to plant my face between them. I then realized Heather was talking to me and I looked up and smiled.

“I’m not really sure yet. Carla has presented so many options in the last week that I’m not sure which of the Lord’s tasks I want to take on. I’m excited to get started though.” Options. I didn’t feel like I had any. All I wanted was Carla’s pussy in my face and as I thought of that, a new evil entered my mind. Cheating on Tim with Alex. Getting another man’s penis in me. Listen to me…penis…really Samantha?! It’s a dick…a cock…a rod. The evil welling up within me was getting me very wet.

Heather I think then asked, “What options have you thrown out there?” I was only partly paying attention.

It was Carla that then took over the conversation and began to babble about holy missions of the church and what-not. I was only partly paying attention. About this time, we’d all finished our drinks that Alex had brought out and I realized it was time to see if I had what it would take.

“Would anyone like a refill?”

All three said yes and I noticed a quizzical look on Alex’s face. He seemed to know what was going on but not all the details. So I headed to the kitchen. Time to face my future.

I immediately poured myself a half a glass of wine and gulped it down. I then refilled all of them and grabbed Alex another beer. I reached into my bra, where I put the vile or powder Carla had given me, and held if for a second. Moment of truth. I knew once I did this, there was no going back and I’d never be the same. It felt like an eternity to make the decision…once again, my logical mind and my pussy battling for control. And once again, my pussy won. I poured it into Heather’s drink. The three of them had been chatting while I was gone and I distributed the drinks. Then I waited. And waited. And waited. Did I pour it in the right glass. I hoped I did. I hoped I didn’t pour it in my own. I was starting to panic a little inside. I just kept looking down at Carla’s legs. I then noticed Heather sort of move. Except she didn’t move, she fell over on Alex. Oh my fucking god! I had done it and was hornier than ever…I felt so alive! Betraying one of my best friends in order to sate my base desire of orgasmic bliss. I sort of snapped out of my haze.

“Is she out?” I asked the question with excitement and absent-mindedly licked my lips.

Carla was grinning at Alex with that evil grin of hers…that devious glint in her eyes she simply moaned confirmation. She then put the glass down and stood up, never breaking eye contact with Alex and began to undress. Seemed Alex knew what to do and did the same. His dick already stood hard and way bigger than Tim’s. It was Carla that again broke the silence.

“Alex, I’ve been working with Samantha on her calling to the Lord.” She gave a sly smile and wink, “Our Lord, Satan that is.” She giggled and looked at me. “Get up and get naked, Sam. This is your initiation into the sexual bliss you’ve been seeking.”

I got up and Carla helped me strip. Alex must have been in heaven.

Carla sat back down on the couch and spread her legs. Her pussy dripped heavily from lust and looked delicious. Carla looked at me and and commanded me to kneel and begin eating her delicious pussy. I was so wet and horny and feeling such power I didn’t need be told twice. I got down on all four in front of her and buried my face in her glorious pussy. Carla grabbed my head and smashed my face right into her wicked cunt. I loved it! I heard her talking but was so focused on pleasing her, not everything was registering.

“Fuck yes! Suck on my clit! Enjoying the view, Alex? I bet you’re wondering what the fuck is goin on…Oh Fuck!!!” She just orgasmed. “Seems Samantha here has a hidden side to her. She’s been unfulfilled in her faith and family and wants to commit delicious sin for her new Lord and Savior…my Lord…FUCK!” A second orgasm. “Seems she wants to embrace Satan and live a life of fulfillment for herself…mmmmmm…by the way, Alex, her pussy won’t fuck itself.”

I was so focused on Carla’s pussy that it didn’t register what Carla had just said until I felt Alex kneeling behind me. For a brief moment, I was about to object. But just as my desire to sin was wetting my pussy, my logical brain was rewriting itself. In seconds I remembered why I was here. What I was doing this for. Instead of objecting, I got even more wet in anticipation of a hard dick in my pussy. I wanted this. As soon as Alex shoved his dick in, I locked down on it with my cunt. This was absolutely delicious sin I was committing and I loved every fucking second of it!

Carla continued. “Samantha has told me some of her dark and perverted little secrets over this last week. Seems she’s a little disappointed in her life. No love, no excitement, no thrill. She wants to feel alive, so I set up this little meeting for her to see how great Satan can be. Oh Fuck!” She just had another orgasm. Fuck she loves being evil! “Truthfully, I wasn’t sure she would do it. But, as soon as mommy passed out over there, I knew she wanted to be a bad little girl…in fact, I think she needs a little spanking, Alex.”

Just as before, I heard it but it didn’t register until Alex’s firm hand smashed down on my ass. I’d never been spanked before but I think I was going to like it…a lot.

“Samantha has been telling me how she is disappointed in her weak, useless son. She’s ashamed of what he’s become because he isn’t a man…he’s weak and she is shamed by him. FUCK!” Carla was really getting off on this whole scenario. “So, as you fuck her pussy like a real man should, I’m going to tell you what we are going to do to her worthless offspring.”

Oh my god! In this moment of new experiences, I almost forgot my end goal. Doing this evil upon others and in particular upon my husband and son. The thrill of all of eating Carla’s pussy and having Alex’s huge dick in my soaking cunt combined with the power I will have over others made me orgasm like I never have before. I must have squirted a gallon of girl juice all over Alex’s dick. When I did, he smacked my ass again and I could only moan in pleasure. Carla continued.

“We’re going to kidnap him. Hold him in a cell somewhere and let Samantha degrade and humiliate him as she desires.”

Fuck! I was going to do it! I had to do it! I wanted to serve Satan and feel this power forever! Fuck God! Fuck the church! Fuck all that is holy! I only want to live to feel pleasures I have denied myself for decades. As I thought all these things, I squirted again on Alex. I don’t know if he liked it or not as his next smack on my ass was hard one…stung a little actually. I didn’t care. I wanted to explore all that Satan had to offer. I reluctantly removed my face from Carla’s pussy…I had to exclaim to the world what I wanted and who the new me was. I was reborn.

“I want to do it! I want to sacrifice my worthless son to Satan! Hail Satan!” Samantha was drunk with excitement; she was looking at me with such pleasure in how she’d brought me from the light to the dark. My goddess! I would never deny this woman and she knew it! “This is bliss! Cheating on my husband! Lesbian sex! I want it all!”

I put my face back in Carla’s pussy. As I did, I thought of something I would never allow Tim to do. I didn’t want to remove my face from Carla’s pussy so I just yelled it.

“Your dick should be lubed up enough to fuck my ass now! Do it!”

The second it left my mouth, I squirted again. The degradation and evil I was experiencing was glorious. It was then I felt Alex’s wonderful dick leave my pussy and line up with my ass. I could only relax knowing it was going to hurt but I also knew it was going to feel wonderful. I reached back between my legs and felt his balls…they were tightening up for sure. He was close. I’d pitched my head up a little so I could see Carla. She started talking again.

“She also wants to watch us fuck mommy!” Carla giggled again. Alex fucked me harder. I got wetter. “She wants to lube up her ass for you so you can fuck her ass as well.”

Did I? I didn’t have to think long on this…yes I fucking did!

“What do you think, Alex? Should we let her?” Alex had been pounding harder and I was getting closer to another orgasm myself. I could feel him lurch his hips forward and suddenly he came in my ass. Somewhere, deep in recesses of my once christian brain, I riled in disgust. That woman that was me, she was disgusted. This new, powerful woman, was delighted and loved the feeling of another mans dick emptying his balls in my ass. This was sadistically wonderful and the last of my christian self was gone forever. I was a new woman and shuddered under Alex. As I looked up at Carla, she rocked her head back and came hard as well…we had all cum together and the orgasmic power we all possessed filled the room with electricity.

We were all in the glow of post-orgasmic delight. Alex’s dick was still hard and still in my ass. I was working hard to gain some semblance of consciousness as I’d never been fucked like that. It was Alex that started talking.

“I’ve never fucked your mom in her ass.”

Carla looked at him quizzically. “I never would have thought that. I figured she was sexually active enough to have done anal.”

“She says it’s unholy.” Carla laughed and Alex just smiled. I was still an absolute wreck.

Carla then spoke, “That actually gives me a much better idea. Maybe we give her some ‘wine’ and by time she comes to, your dick is in her ass and her face is in my pussy.” She was very excited at this idea.

“It would be a lot more fun if we exposed to her that we are fucking before she passed out. That way, when she wakes up, she’ll realize it wasn’t a dream.” Alex barely finished the statement and Carla was all over him. She was truly evil and loved it. I could only look at the two of them with awe and admiration. Their desire to do evil upon others, especially Heather who was a wholesome woman of God, was something I wanted. At this point, my friendship with Heather was over. She would only be there to serve my desires. I will enjoy tormenting her. Carla broke my thought train.

“I fucking love it! Sam! We have to clean up a few things! You can start with cleaning Alex’s dick with your mouth!” I didn’t need to be told twice. I wanted that dick in me again. I don’t know what Carla then did but Alex must have liked it because he grabbed my head and began pumping hard. Tim’s dick is small and I can still breath when I do suck his dick (which isn’t often), but it was a little difficult with Alex. I then heard rather than saw Carla.

“I know you are wondering what I did…don’t worry about it. Just a little spell to help with our goal. A week from tonight, we do it! It will be a glorious moment for us and for Satan! I cannot wait! Cum with me, Alex! CUM FOR ME!”

As she said this, Alex came and I about blew my head off. He shoved his dick hard down my throat and I choked…cum exiting out my nose as I couldn’t take it all. I fucking loved it and his dick didn’t soften at all. Carla got down next to me. We both knew what to do and looked up at Alex for a moment then Carla began to lick his cum from my face. I got Alex’s dick out of my mouth and Carla and I let him slide it between our mouths for a while. This was so deviant and evil I almost came again.

Carla then looked up at Alex. “For the glory of Satan…”. She and I kissed and then we cleaned up and got the room ready for when the worthless bitch Heather would wake up.


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