Feature Writer: Cesare / 

Feature Title: Sacrifice

Published: 13.01.2001 / The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Story Codes: MC, Transformation, Demonic, Erotic Horror, Incest, Reluctant

Synopsis: Two sisters caught in a sinister web of evil


It all started simply enough, when I look back at it. I was out for my post-sex walk — a way to try and even out the passion by relaxing and taking in some air. As most men I had ever been with had generally rolled over and gone to sleep after the deed was done, this also got me out of the house and away from any desire to throttle such insensitivity.

But most importantly, it also got me away from the judgemental looks my sister gave me after I’d had a romp. She was eighteen, in her last year of school, only two years younger than me and quite wise to the ways of the world, but our morality systems clashed on a fundamental level. Whilst I was — well let’s be blunt, I enjoyed sex a hell of a lot, and get a lot of it — she was far more of a prude. She’d had some boyfriends in her time, but they’d never got very far. She had proclaimed that, as a good Christian girl, she was waiting until she was married before she losing her virginity. Thus, although she tolerated the adventures that Brian, my boyfriend, and I got up to in the next room, she did insist on being very judgemental about it all.

Anyway, after a particularly involved mid-afternoon session with Brian at his place, I was taking a short stroll in the woods before heading home. Autumn was just beginning to set in, and the leaves crunched heavily underfoot. I was quietly daydreaming when I realized I’d made a wrong turn—I now had no idea where I was. Up ahead of me was a cave that I’d never seen before, despite having lived near these woods for the whole of my life. It appeared to have been previously covered up by a rather large weeping willow, which had now toppled over, exposing the previously hidden opening.

Intrigued, I pushed past the last remnants of the willow, and stepped inside.

The cave was quite shallow, but was well lit by small cracks in the ceiling, where the sunlight streamed in. It was fairly nondescript, apart from one decisive facet. Etched into the cave floor was a faint but distinct pentagram, which appeared to radiate a faint but malevolent energy.

As I soon as I had noticed it, I couldn’t pull my eyes away. There was something alluring about it, some attraction that I couldn’t dispel. I could feel my nipples begin to ache slightly as I stared, as the attraction became more and more … sexual in nature.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t resist. With slow, faltering steps, I approached the pentagram. Tentatively I placed one foot inside the etching, and held my breath.

Nothing. I grinned to myself. I wasn’t usually superstitious—it was only some markings on the floor after all! But, even so, I still lifted my other foot and placed it inside.

Everything changed in a split second. The atmosphere charged immensely, and I found myself both incredibly aroused and unable to move. I was caught by something, wholly immobile, and on the brink of orgasm. Out of nowhere there appeared a … figure. I was barely able to see him, as he was on the edge of my vision, and I couldn’t turn my head. But even, so, I could tell he was male. There was something about his presence that was pushing me even further towards orgasm. He appeared to examine me for a few seconds and then spoke in a quiet, measured voice.

“Excellent. You will make a delectable addition to the succubi, once a few changes have been made.”

With that, he waved his hand, and I began to come — free to move again, I collapsed onto my knees as the most powerful orgasm of my life hit me, and went on and on.

Driven wild with pleasure, my hands began to caress my body, feeling the soft contours of my flesh underneath my clothes. Eventually, despite my best efforts to fight, one hand was in my pussy, pumping away.

It was my bra that snapped first, as I writhed in the pentagram and began to metamorphose. Soon my crop-top also began to strain as my breasts swelled rapidly. The ends of my jeans rode up my calves as my legs grew, and sagged around my ass as it rounded and became perter.

My mind was similarly changing, buckling under the strain of this orgasmic assault. It was filling with visions of men humping my breasts and my ass, of eating out women, of torture and domination and far more twisted things. My personality and my memory were eroding away, being replaced with SEX. I was no longer sure who I was, or what I was doing here, only that I needed to dominate, to serve him, to have SEX, in any way possible.

My conscious mind screamed — soon I would be wholly overwhelmed, warped in both body and mind and no longer myself. I needed to make one last effort, or everything was lost.

Summoning every ounce of mental will left, but still caressing my now magnificent breasts, I managed to croak

“No, not … me. Sister … virginal … pure. Far greater … prize.”

Instantly, the metamorphosis ceased. The sex receded, and I returned. My body returned to its less impressive form. I was frozen again, but at least I wasn’t doomed to become a succubus.

He spoke again.

“Very well. Bring her to me, or you will take her place … and more.”

He disappeared, and I could move again. Shaking, I staggered to my feet and ran out of the cave.


“Why are we doing this exactly Helen? What have you got hidden out here?”

Jane shook her shoulder length wavy brown hair and looked around in a bored fashion at the rapidly darkening woods. I scanned the trees for that willow, knowing she’d get bored soon, and want to leave.

“C’mon, let’s go home.”

And then I saw it, just at the other end of the copse. My heart froze. Could I really do this. But then I remembered his threat, and the way I’d almost lost myself. I was too scared to back out now.

“No! Wait! Here it is. Come on, it’s just inside.”

I pushed back the fronds, and entered the cave. It was in the same state as when I’d first found it, and the tension was still arousing. Jane stepped in warily, gasping, I guess, at the sexual heat within.

“This is weird …”

I ignored, and instead grabbed her unresisting hand and led her to the pentagram. Wordlessly I pointed to it. She instinctively drew back, shaking away my grasp.

“I don’t know Helen, this is bad … There’s something very wrong here. I want to go.”

I couldn’t wait any longer. I was sure that my breasts were slightly more swollen than before, and the visions were beginning to come back. I could almost feel the dick ramming up my ass. I had to act, or be lost forever. Roughly, I shoved her into the center of the pentagram.

There was a bright flash of light, and she screamed. I watched, horrified and once again rooted to the spot, as she took my place.

First, she was spun to face me, her tear filled eyes imploring for help as the malevolent forces began to work on her. I could she that she was becoming turned on despite her best efforts, and soon her hands were roaming over her body. One began to fondle her bud-like breasts, and the other soon found its way to her pussy, urgently plunging in and out.

She continued to stare at me whilst doing this, her eyes slowly glazing from the pleasure that was washing over her. Soon, her muscles were tensing in anticipation of the coming orgasm, and there was an almighty flash of light.

When I had recovered sight, I saw that she had been trapped in place by invisible bonds, and that her clothes had disappeared, so that stood spreadeagled, forming an x. Slowly, her breasts began to swell, growing rapidly from their teenage pertness to a far more globular, enticing size. Her legs grew as her waist cinched, and her entire body became far more pert, rounded, sexy. Her hair turned jet black, and her olive complexion whitened until it was almost chalk-like.

The changes completed, she was released, and collapsed on the floor. She looked up at me, bewildered by what had happened, beseeching my aid.

“Helen … help me, please. Please, help me …”

But I couldn’t. She was gone now, and there was nothing I could do. Not that I would have wanted to — it was either her or me.

Her hands began to fondle her new, improved body as she was built up to another orgasm. She tried to fight, but couldn’t, as she was steadily being lost under the waves of pleasure, of SEX.

“Please … Helen … pleeeaassee…”

Her head jerked back as she once again hit orgasm, screaming a last desperate cry before she was swallowed up forever.

When she looked back at me, I knew my sister had gone. Her brown eyes were now an iridescent jade, and there was a cold mocking intelligence behind them. She grinned wickedly at me, and plunged her finger in her pussy before slowly drawing it up her belly trailing her cum along her flattened stomach. The finger was drawn up between her ample bosom, over her neck, and up to her mouth, where she sensuously wrapped her tongue around it and licked her pussy juices off it. She winked at me.

“See you later sister.”

And then she vanished.

I collapsed on the ground and wept.


After a few hours lying in the cave, curled up in a tight little ball trying to convince myself that the last day had never happened, I eventually picked myself up and staggered home. My mind was racing. What was I going to tell my parents? Did I even need to tell them anything? No-one had seen us leave together — it would be better if I just feigned complete ignorance, and that Jane would eventually be just another missing person in the police files. It would be sad, but I’d avoid any blame for her disappearance.

Having geared myself up for the inevitable worry and eventual remorse of my parents, it was a horrible shock to have Jane answer the door to me. For a moment, I thought the experience in the Cave was all a bad dream, and that she was just my uptight little sister, but then I looked at her eyes. They were of a brilliant jade hue, and I knew that I hadn’t been dreaming.

She smiled at me, and suddenly lunged forward and kissed me, holding me close to her with an unholy strength. I fought against her with all my might as her tongue began to lovingly caress the inside of my mouth, but as she continued, so I felt my struggling become weaker and weaker, as my limbs became heavier and heavier, more and more leaden. At the same time, something was happening in my mind. My excitement (albeit involuntary) at being kissed in such a seductive fashion was also ebbing away, being replaced by a grey … nothing. After a few minutes, I was hanging limply in her arms, my mind a leaden slate. She broke away, and let me collapse in the doorway. She smiled again.

“Well, there’s no way any man is going to go for you now sister. I’ve never seen such plain Jane. And I should know — I was one.” She cackled to herself as I slowly strained my neck to look at myself.

The body I had spent twenty-one years developing had wasted away to nothing. My delectable breasts, once the envy of the College, had faded to nothing. My hipsters hung loose, their means of support being no wider than a man’s hips. My whole frame had shrunk and my olive skin had faded to a dull pink, newly covered with pockmarks. I ran an experimental hand over my left nipple. Nothing. Greatly disturbed, I ignored Jane’s malicious sneer and headed for my pussy. Nothing. I had been reduced to asexuality — my greatest joy stripped away from me. I collapsed in hopeless, numbing despair.

My eyes rolled up to look at her—my once sister now augmented with my sexuality to become almost inhumanly attractive. Her raven black hair framed a perfect face, with her full sensual, red lips and those jade eyes highlighted perfectly by her pale complexion. Her hourglass figure was accentuated by the ripe breasts that stood proudly from her chest unsupported, and which were hardly downplayed by the plunging neckline of her black mini-dress.

She stood at least six foot tall, her delicately sculpted legs long and tapering into almost erotically attractive feet. After having posed to give me a long look at her, she swept her hair back majestically, and roughly yanked me up by mine.

“Come, my darling sibling. It’s time that Brian gave us a call.”

She roughly led me over to the phone.


The doorbell rang, and my heart shot into my mouth. I had secretly hoped that Brian would somehow have worked out that something was wrong, but there was no reason why he should have. There had been nothing in my manner that would have alerted him — Jane would not allow it. And now he was in grave danger.

Jane flashed a look at me, and I opened my bedroom window.

“The door’s open.” I yelled “Come up to the bedroom.”


I slumped onto my bed. I could hear him coming up the stairs. The next game was about to be played.

The door swung open. Brian looked at me in stunned horror.

“Helen … what happened?”

Jane strode into his field of vision, and immediately got his attention.

“I happened Brian. Hello.”

Brian gulped, and I could see he was standing fully to attention. That was rare. Usually I had to do some work on him to get him that excited. She was still wearing all her clothes.

“My God Jane. You look …”

“I know. And I want you Brian. Right Now.”

She beckoned, and he advanced hungrily, his sexual excitement plainly obvious. He didn’t even give me a second glance. They locked together in a passionate kiss, clasping each closely. I had to stop this — he was obviously in great danger.

“No Brian!” I screamed, “Please stop! She’s evil! Please Brian!”

They disengaged, and looked towards me. Both of them looked upset. Jane turned to Brian.

“I think it’s about time we shut her up, don’t you Brian?”

He nodded, and grinned evilly, before slowly advancing towards me.

Roughly, he grabbed me from the bed and pushed me against a wall. Close to him, I saw that his brown eyes had become a lot greener. He bent down on his knees and began to lick my feet. Bewildered, I was confused for a moment before I noticed that I was losing feeling where he had licked me.

I looked down, and saw that my feet had petrified. He was turning me to stone! Obviously he was now in Jane’s full power. Screaming and flailing in vain, I felt my whole body go cold as Brian moved his way upwards — past my knees, my retarded genitals, my man-breasts and up to my neck. Finally, he kissed me on the mouth. The screaming stopped, my mouth locked in a permanent O. Upwards he moved, my eyes succumbing, but still working, and similarly with my ears. I was a living statue — immobile and unfeeling, but doomed to watch Jane continue with Brian.

And continue she did. Whilst Brian had been dealing with me, she had stripped out of her clothes, revealing her flawless body. Brian looked at her hungrily.

“Now you may pleasure me Brian.”

Obediently he did so, for at least an hour, alternating caressing her with his hands and his tongue without removing any of his own clothes. Finally, she relented. She kicked him off, and back arched gently to accentuate herself to the fullest, she purred.

“And now you may enter me.”

He tore off his clothes with wild abandon, ripping his t-shirt and his trousers in the process. Soon he stood before her naked, and to me, far more muscular, hairy and … primal than before. Certainly his cock was far more engorged than I had ever experienced. She opened her legs and he thrust inwards, pumping in and out with vigor. Neither seemed to be concerned with caressing or lovemaking. This was penetration, pure and simple. Jane lay on her back, smiling with pleasure, whilst Brian grunted in a more and more bestial fashion.

There was no denying it. As he continued to thrust into her, Brian’s remaining consciousness and intelligence were being sloughed off like a butterfly’s cocoon. With every stroke he was becoming more and more raw and sexual, and less and less the man I knew. By the time he finally came, there was nothing of my Brian left. Instead, there was a distillation of brutal male sexuality. Jane gave him a final kiss and tousled his hair. She turned to me.

“He’s mine now — what’s left of him at any rate. He only lives for sex now. That’s his only motivation. All his memories, feelings, opinions have gone,” she smiled wickedly, “But he’s damn good at it.”

She walked over to me, still naked.

“He could be yours you know. Serve me, and I can return you to what you were—make you better. You can be my trusted lieutenant.”

She rubbed a hand against my stony cheek.

And I was back. I could move again, I could feel my sex drive return. I was intensely aware of being in a room with two incredibly sexual beings. My nipples ached, my pussy dribbled. It was so tempting — endless pleasure, no more pain, no more responsibilities. No more guilt.

But I couldn’t. I’d avoided this once before, and I would do so once again. What was more, this time, I would be under my sister — in more ways than one. I fought off the temptation and shook my head.

Instantly it was over again. I was back to being asexual, but I wasn’t a statue anymore. Jane looked at me in a pitying fashion. She shrugged.

“Alright. Let’s have a party.”


I watched despondently from the corner of the living room as my best friends arrived one by one. Each time it was the same — Jane answered the door in her mini-dress, and my friend was shocked. But after they had been yanked inside the house, all of their complaints ceased.

They seemed unaware that this was anything other than a gathering of my friendship group, and that Jane was anything but a close friend. They all ignored me. That wasn’t the only thing that changed about them. By the time each had entered the living room, the women were significantly bustier, and the men apparently better endowed. And they all looked horny as hell.

Soon they were all there—Caroline, Louise, Laura, Tim and David. Only Brian, currently docile in the bedroom, and myself were missing. They sat around and chatted, occasionally caressing themselves over their clothing. Jane came into the room and clapped her hands to get some attention.

“Okay people. Let’s play a game. How about, “Truth or Dare”?”

There was general agreement, and soon the game was in full swing. Jane sat and listened as the others played it out, until it was her turn. She turned to Tim, and he chose a truth.

“Okay. Tim, have you ever wanted to see a lesbian experience?”

Tim smiled. That was an easy one.

“Oh yeah.”

Jane looked at him, and waved her hand at him, and then at David.

“Get up.”

They both did.

“Remove your clothes.”

The others watched unconcerned, as they did just that, demonstrating their increased masculinity. Jane addressed them both.

“And I bet you’ve both watched porno films and wanked off to them as well, haven’t you? Shooting your load for brainless bimbos. Well, you’ll enjoy the next show, I can guarantee that.”

Both Tim and David let out a low moan. Rapidly, their bodies began to metamorphose, their dicks shrinking away, as huge breasts sprouted from their chests. Their figures changed, as did their facial features, until two identical beach blonde bimbos stood where they had once been. They both giggled as they toyed with themselves. They saw each other, and were soon splayed on the floor, groping at each other with wild abandon.

Jane turned back to the others, all oblivious to the horrible violation and debasement of Tim and David. She addressed Louise next.

“Louise, you’ve always had a secret crush on Caroline, haven’t you?”

Louise nodded. I heard a gasp, and turned to see Caroline turn bright red. Obviously, Jane had released her, and she could now see clearly.

“But, she can’t be perfect can she Louise? Surely, you must have some fantasy about her?”

“Oh yes.”

Caroline backed away from the group, but tripped over the writhing bimbos, landing flat on her back.

“Firstly, she’d have much larger breasts,”

On cue, Caroline’s dress ripped apart as her new breasts forced their way out. Caroline was sobbing now.

“Please, Louise, no …”

“And she’d have a long snake’s tongue,”

“No!! Louisse!!! Pleasssssseeee!!!”

Caroline flailed about as her new tongue slid out of her jaws. I glanced at Louise. Her once blue eyes were glittering green.

“And a tail of course.”

The reptilian tail pushed itself out from her panties, caressing her new breasts.

“And of course, she’d be completely under my power.”

The struggling ceased. Louise’s new servant slowly got up, and then knelt in front of her.

Jane turned her attention to Laura.

“And what shall we do to you?”

I for one wasn’t going to stick around to find out. Having recuperated for a while, and with Jane concentrating on other things, I decided it was time to make a break for it. Quietly I slipped away from my once friends, and out of the house.


After what seemed like hours, I got back to the cave where it had all began. Now there was no trace of the malevolent presence, or the sexual heat that I had noticed on the previous two occasions. It was just a cave, although the pentagram was still there.

Exhausted, I crawled into the pentagram.

“I’ve changed my mind.” I cried out, “Save her. Take me instead.”

There was no reply. My voice echoed oddly in the cave, but that was the only sound.

“Surely a voluntary soul is worth much more to you?”

Again nothing. I tried one last time.

“Damn it! I could be so much better!”

There was a gentle rustle, and a flickering light illuminated a hazy figure. He was holding a parchment out to me, with a pen in the other hand.

“Very well,” he said, in a voice of quiet evil, “Your sister returned and her work undone for your voluntary agreement to serve me. Sign here.”

I hesitated for a second, but I steeled myself, took the pen and signed away my soul.

“Thank you.”

There was a flash, and Jane, back to her sixteen-year-old self lay, jeans, t-shirt and all. She looked at herself, examining herself closely, then slowly turned to look at me, tears welling in her eyes.

“Helen … I … Oh no…”

A wave of ecstasy washed over me, as I felt my heart stop in my chest. I could feel my morality fall away, my conscious falling at the wayside. But I was not to be a plaything, as Jane ultimately had been, a pawn. I was to be an actor, in control of my own destiny, free to serve my master as I wished. With a thought, I reformed my body, myself, my being. An ebony sculpture, purest inhuman jet black, I turned to my terrified little sister. I pointed one finger at her.



She writhed in mental anguish for a split second, and then she returned, the ivory perfection of her hourglass figure as sharp as before. Her jade eyes glinted in the flickering light as she knelt and kissed my hand.


I smiled. This would be fun.


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