Ritual To Prove Worthiness by Serinity Zenunim

Writer: Serinity Zenunim

Subject: Ritual To Prove Worthiness

Link: LS666 / Email / 28.01.2023

Ritual To Prove Worthiness

I am writing this as my dual self, as I now am comfortable with both sides of me. So for the most part will be using me and us. We have become one, my inner demoness and I.

So we have finally realized that our place may actually be serving sexually. We have reached out, and feel made contact with a few spirits or demons. When we do it seems the same, while asking for knowledge of the unknown, or to be able to see things unseen or even seeking help with maybe divination or tarot and such it always ends up the same.

We start by using Enns and music and such to try and contact those who may help us find our purpose and yet it always defaults back to one. We will start by chanting and calling for those we feel are our guided. We feel close to the four Queens of Hell, but also as the four Queens of prostitution. We have always had lust in our heart and soul. But it has gotten darker and shall we say, dirtier.

We have been writing stories and scenarios and told many times you become part of what you write. We now find ourselves going into a semi trance and being guided by those we have called as we write. Also has become a point where what we write almost works as a sort of hypnosis as what we write enters as minds. So again we start on one path and as we call the queens we then find ourselves calling Satan himself.

And each time we start to get this erection that ,while normally it is, well normal. But when he is called it seems to have a bend downward as if pointing to the abyss. We start to feel the tingles in our now small boobs and nipples.We began this obsession with the sacred prostitute a while back and the more research we do the more it seems like a perfect place to be. Who else could get to live out their lust as a purpose?

So upon researching what we feel is the proper role of said prostitute we cane upon this conclusion, a prostitutes main nob or goal is to use their body for pleasure, but the pleasure their partner wants. This could consist of things you would never even think of, but done without question.

We read that the sacred prostitutes would give their earnings as an offering to Aphrodite, or Inanna or even Ishtar. But what of one who does it not for the money, maybe the offering is in fact their body. We have talked to many who profess to follow satanism or Satan and each with their own ways.

I was given a few ideas of rituals and ceremonies from something simple with a candle and just a small drink offering , to someone telling me I needed to use blood or shit to draw a brimstone symbol on my chest and such. I was told that to full give would be to ot only grow boobs but have my penis removed as a sign of desecrating what was made to one telling us that to truly be satanic would be to have breasts and penis.

We decided it was time to take the final plunge as we called upon the queens and Satan. We first bought what is known as the demon dick dildo as it would represent the demon himself. When it showed up we used it in the shower, while our wife who is a Christian was in the other room. But what made it different was the fact that each time I used a toy in the manner could always feel the pressure when sliding it into us.

This time we called for it to become part of us and for the beast to enter us through it. It went in easy as if it belong inside and was part of us. What a wild feeling as then it was like it took over and we were not just sliding it in and out but shoving it hard.It felt like something entered me as well.

So to move forward we felt the calling but it was like we were being asked if we were worthy to be a prostitute. Then these dark nasty ideas came across that said maybe an initiation to see if am willing to do as master says. I had this memory pop up when a man asked me years ago to meet but did not want me to clean out before he fucked me. We figured he did not mean it and then as he started to fuck me he knew. He told us we were no slut as a slut would have done as told and even if it meant sucking his shitty cock. It kind of blew our mind as we wondered.

Now we are sitting and wondering about using poppers again and maybe weed and had a few people mention meth, but are we up to it? Then it came to a night where again asked my place. A voice told us it would test us. It said it needed to see if we are willing and it starts with poppers again. We got our poppers and that night hid in our bathroom/ritual room and took a few hits.

We saw our reflection blur and felt tingles. The next morning after the wife left we had a few minutes so took just a couple more hits and asked what they wanted from us. We started to picture the demon that is hidden and git hornier then ever before. We started to actually pinch our nipples and smack our ass and the body and face in the mirror looked like a disheveled prostitute.

Our hair was a mess as just woke up and our little breasts and all. We asked for relief and were told the next day,but not our way. That night kept getting this idea of shit and how the one person talked about using it to draw on me and how we used the toys in the morning without cleaning out too well. But what the hell was this idea of using shit as a sex plaything or what have you. We had this wild scenario but as the night went on had second thoughts as it was nasty and messy.

The morning came and was up even earlier as if to give us time to do this. We told all those involved, Satan, the queens and anyone else who Satan called to be part of it. We grabbed the demon and poppers and a plate and got a shot of whiskey.We went into the bathroom and closed the door so the cats could not enter and we were alone in the dark. We stand in front of the mirror and start the Satan Enn chant as we take a couple hits of poppers.

We read how to get in tune with the abyss you should try walking barefoot in the grass and such because it would allow the energy from below to come into you. Our bathroom is a mess as it has our cat boxes so never walk in there barefoot. But we got the call and it was about if we followed orders. We went in naked as to allow full access to our body and maybe energy from below.

We are standing there as we ask for a true sign if he comes. Our face started to turn red and lips black in the mirror, and then very small horns as we for the feeling that since we do not know how he looks this would show he was with us. Then we called on the Queens as we looked in at our toilet seat that had a plate on it. We got horny so asked for permission to have sex with the demon and if he would inhabit it and go into us as it penetrated us and become one with us.

We were told it was going to be his way this time and we looked in the mirror as our face changed a few times. Then in the glow our breasts looked feminine.We had our wax melt candle and at one point turned it off as if to be in his world of darkness. When we turned the candle back on we looked at the plate.

“Is this for real? Are you sure?”

We then went and crouched over the plate as all of a sudden we had to go. We smelled it as we then pulled the plate from under us and asked again. We then ran a finger between our shitty cheeks and fingered our fuck hole. It was like the shit was our lube. We did one then two fingers and then stuck our fingers in the plate to re-lube.

We then felt our body getting hot. We then stuck our fingers in and rubbed it on our nipple and then the other. We could smell it and almost puked. We now can feel the squishy mess between our cheeks and see the shit on our nipples and while disgusted we were getting hornier. We wanted the demon inside.

We are now standing in front of the mirror asking if this is what they wanted. But then he told us he wanted to fuck us. We took a few more hits of the poppers and then took three fingers and scooped a little shit and squished it between our cheeks. We then slowly and methodically, as we chanted, used the shit to draw a pentagram on our belly. We even took the demon and rubbed the head across it before.

We rubbed our hands slightly clean on my ass as we grabbed the poppers and stared at the demon in front of us. Then it was almost like the pentagram was warming up as we bent over and grabbed our demon. We took another hit and leaned so we could see our face as we rubbed the pointed head between our cheeks in the mess. We were about to give up control as we found the hole with the tip and shoved.

There was no slow and soft as we shoved it as deep as we could in the messy hole. As we paused we cannot tell you what we saw in the mirror but it was like our eyes were black as oil. We slid it back out and shoved a few more times to feel the soft mess. We had it inside for a few minutes as time was running down before work. We stood there with this demon inside our messy fuck hole with shit on our body and just about froze. We then were guided backwards to our sink which is on the other side.

We backed up til the demon was pressed against it and we pushed onto it. The sink sits a little lower but enough for us to do something. We stood on our toes til the demon was on the sink and we were sinking down onto it. We hit that second doorway to that special place and we got hot. We started to rock and bounce a little as we felt that point enter the place. We then rocked on it and then bounced as best we could as we fucked our demon.

We sat there in a trance like coma as it was inside our womb. After just a few minutes it was time as we stroked til we shot for him and then stood up. We looked across as it looked like our reflection was smirking at us.The only thing that was part of the plan that did not happen was we shot in our cup and then pissed in it and was going to put a shot of whiskey in and drink it.

We apologized as time was running out and we had a big mess, including standing in our tub to try and clean our body. But what we got back was the last step will be done by someone he chooses as we will be having someone cum and piss in our mouth. But what got us most was that we read when you break through you smell smoke and once entering the abyss you will smell sulfur. Well, even after cleaning many time we smelled shit the whole day as if he was reminded us what we did.

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