Feature Writer: ptpl_guy

Feature Title: QUEEN OF PARADISE 3

Published: 25.10.2017

Story Codes: Shemale

Synopsis: Couple checks in seashore resort and get lots of surprises / The continuing saga of a couple’s weekend getaway


Queen of Paradise 3

Michele stepped off the elevator and headed down the hall toward his and his wife’s suite. He felt so feminine, the feel of nylon covering his legs to his mid-thighs and when he walked, the feel of nylon rubbing up against nylon. The newness of his lace garter belt straps that crossed his bare skin before attaching to his stockings; his silk panties and bustier that seemed to exude electricity with every step he took. The way his dress moved with him, the feel of openness and air flow under his dress, he was mesmerized with the feminine mystique. He wanted Michele to feel this way all the time; his cock was beginning to strain under his gaff.

He could not help but look at himself in each hallway mirror he passed. Adjust his wig, purse his lips, reposition his dress, look down at his pretty high heels, Maria is going to be very surprised at what a good job Miss Stephanie did he confidently thought to himself. He was at the suite door. Time to make final adjustments on Michele he reasoned. Here goes he thought as he swiped the card through door lock and strode into the suite. He smiled as he thought to himself to see the surprised look on his wife’s face.

His smile turned to a stunned look of disbelief, “What the fuck!!” There in front of him was his naked wife straddled across Mark’s naked body on the couch. Maria was sliding up and down on Mark’s erect cock with one of her tits in his mouth. Their passion was so intense that neither noticed the husbands entrance.

“Oh hi, honey,” were Maria’s first words. The words were said so calmly and with such nonchalance as if her husband had just come in from the store and she was making a cup of coffee. She slowly lifted her body off of Mark’s still erect bareback cock and she quivered a little as the thick head exited her vagina. She stood there for a second looking at her husband before saying “Oh my God, I almost didn’t recognize you. Miss Stephanie has really lived up to her word.”

“wha wha whats going on?” was all the crossdressed husband could stammer out. As soon as the words left his mouth he realized what an awkward position he must be in. Here he was, the husband of this beautiful girl and he was dressed like a two-bit whore, bright red lipstick, nylons, high heels and slut wig. Not a strong position to be demanding answers he thought to himself.

Maria could see the confused look on her husband’s face and simply said “Oh you mean this?” as she used on hand to gesture to mark and herself. Mike could only nod his head; he was still quite in a fog.

“Well, you see, Mark and I went to Miss Stephanie’s to see how the transformation was going. He used his master key to open the door and once we were inside we heard voices and moaning coming from the bedroom.” Maria reported matter of factly.

The crossdressed husband could see it all already. The only question now was just how much had they see. His worst fears were about to be realized.

“Oh, honey you wouldn’t believe it. It took a while for me to realize that that was you on your knees sucking what I assume was Ms. Stephanie’s cock. She did such a great job on you I really didn’t recognize you. That lingerie you were wearing, the makeup, the wig and the nail polish. I was starting to get excited.” She again stated very matter of factly.

Michael was now feeling very embarrassed, he wanted to run, to hide, to be anywhere but where he was right then. His wife had caught him sucking another person’s cock; whats worse a complete stranger had seen him sucking cock as well. It wasn’t supposed to have happened that way. “I was just acting, like playing a part, you know, for the contest.” He offered up in almost a panicked voice.

“Acting? Acting my ass Michele, right, that is what you want to be called now isn’t it Michele? Don’t deny it! Mark and I both heard it. Isn’t that true Michele? That is your girl name isn’t it?” Maria demanded of her husband.

Michael thought to himself, it was all true. His wife did leave a little opening. His wife did say “girl name.” He had to agree with her but he hung on to the hope that somehow there was still a real man inside him somewhere. “Yes, it is true,” he mumbled with his head down.

“What? What did you say, Michelle? Look at me when you answer,” Maria demanded.

“Yes, that is my girl name.” As the words left his mouth so did the idea that any semblance of manhood.

“Well anyway Michelle, there was no acting going on there. You were really into sucking that cock. “Does “Skull fucked,” or “Suck every Bubba cock on Railroad Ave.,” or “I wanna be a scum bag cum guzzling slut whore,” Ring a bell,” Michelle,” Maria stated with a smirk on her face.

He was doomed. Obviously, they had missed the part where Miss Stephanie had instructed him to be like that. It was acting he told himself. Why can’t his wife see that? “Yes, but it really was acting, to win the $5000.00,” he insisted.

“You said it your self, you’re a natural born cock sucker. That was not rehearsed or scripted my dear husband that came from the heart,” Maria said with affection. “Isn’t that right Mark,” she asked.

Mark’s cock had gone soft by now but Michelle could still see the shining wetness of what must be his wife’s pussy juice glistening on his cock. As Mark went to speak, Maria went over and sat on his lap, and put her around the back of his neck. “Yeah Michelle, I have to agree with your wife. There was no acting going on there. That was the real deal. You are certainly a natural born cock sucker.” Mark said affirmatively.

Maria continued, “and when Miss Stephanie started to blow her load, the first blast all over your face, then jammed down your throat as she pumped to completion, that’s where I lost it.” As she was saying this she began to wiggle in Mark’s lap. Maria and Mark were aware of the stirring of Mark’s cock but poor Michele was clueless.

“For Christ’s sake Michele, when she saw her husband’s face splattered with cum and guzzling cum from Miss Stephanie’s transsexual cock she dragged me out of the suite by my cock and dry humped me there in the hallway. She came so hard and wet it soaked us both.” Mark added with a laugh.

It was all true Michael thought to himself. From the eyes of an outside observer, he was a crossdressing, cock sucking, cum guzzling slut. And that Mark, while not actually saying something untrue Michael knew he had no respect for him and everything he said or did had the intent of demeaning and humiliating him. The only saving grace Micheal though to himself is that his wife left when she did. God forbid she saw what he and Miss Stephanie did after that. How would he have explained that as part of the contest?

Maria could see the downtrodden look in her husband’s face and tried to soothe him. “Michele, please don’t be upset with your self. Honestly Michele, it really turned me on. Seeing my husband transformed into a beautiful woman. Seeing you there in that stunning lingerie and sucking cock and swallowing cum like any other real woman would. Knowing that underneath all that makeup silk and polish was my husband. It was just too much. I needed a cock inside of me immediately and well Mark was the nearest one.” She said with a laugh.

“You’re not upset with me for fucking Mark are you, baby,” Maria queried?

What was he gonna say, yes I’m upset with you for having heterosexual relations while you just witnessed me having homosexual relations with a transsexual? He had just got his face cum plastered and skull fucked. He could not say yes. He was grateful for what she had not seen. As he answered “no,” he thought about how curious it was that Miss Stephanie had assured him just minutes ago that women get turned on by seeing homosexual acts. How did she know? She must be very much in tune with sexual things.

“Oh, thank you baby doll, I love you,” she exclaimed. “Can you take your dress off so I can see your lingerie again? It’s so sexy to see you in them.” She continued. “Right Mark,” She added?

“Oh, absolutely Maria, like I said earlier your husband has the body most women would die for. The proof of that is standing right in front of us. If you didn’t know she had a cock you would swear she is a woman and a beautiful one at,” Mark said quite manly.

There it was again. That indirect dig. That poke at him personally. Michael hesitated.

“Oh, please Michele, please,” Maria said in a false begging tone.

As Michele slowly reached around the back of her dress to the zipper he had a feeling that if he did this some things in his life were going to change. A second later the dress hit the floor.

“Oh my God, that is sooo hot baby! Err I mean Michele.” Maria exclaimed. “Turn around for us Michele, let us see all of you,” Maria instructed. “Come on Michele, if you were just acting with Miss Stephanie you can do a better job here,” she commanded. “I want to see Michele, the runway model, I want to see you prance around here like you were a Victoria’s Secret Model,” Maria demanded!

Michele decided to embrace the moment. Possibly, if he did a good job of modeling his lingerie his wife would think that yes it was all part of winning a contest. He paraded back and forth in front of the two of them. With each pass, he put out more and more effort into the role of being Michele. He was trying hard to ignore the fact that his wife and another man, who she had just been fucking, were sitting naked right in front of him.

“It’s remarkable Mark isn’t it,” Maria exclaimed? “If I didn’t know Michelle had a cock I would swear she was a runway model,” she added.

“Absolutely!” Mark exclaimed. “But I think Michele would rather have you refer to her cock as a boy clit, it’s more appropriate for your husband, don’t you think,” he finished with?

“Oh you’re right Mark, I’m so sorry Michele, you have a boy clit, not a cock,” Maria said apologetically.

“Oh, that raises another question Michelle, what did Miss Stephanie do with your boy clit? It doesn’t look like you have any manly features down there.” Maria queried.

There it was again, the look of complete and utter humiliation on her husband’s face. Maria sprung into action. “Michelle, stop this now! You are my husband, I love very much and of course, I know, you have a penis between your legs!” Maria exclaimed.

“I was trying to compliment you and the work Miss Stephanie did! It is amazing and no one could ever tell.” She added.

“Now pull down your panties and let’s have a look!” Maria commanded.

Michelle slowly put his fingers in the top lining of his lace panties and slowly pulled them down to his mid thighs. At first, Maria looked confused. Her head cocked to one side then the other. “Come closer, Michelle.” She ordered. Michelle moved to within a foot of the two of them on the couch.

“Oh my fucking god, Michelle what has Miss Stephanie done to you? It really looks like you have a real woman’s pussy.” Maria exclaimed in shock. There in front of her, her husband had what looked like an artificial vagina. Had she not looked closely she would have missed the fact that it was molded flesh-colored plastic sheet with his cock tucked underneath and somehow not readily visible to her anchored in his ass.

There it was again. Were the two of them humiliating him or were they supporting him in his role Michele thought to himself. He didn’t know. He felt very embarrassed with his behavior.

“Honey don’t be upset, I love you and am very proud of you,” Maria broke the silence. “Besides, your costume and actions are such a turn on to me, now pull up your panties and no more of this nonsense.” She added.

Some of the embarrassment started to subside. Maria raised from her position next to Mark on the couch and walked toward Michelle. “Michelle, practice makes perfect so let me show you how a real beauty queen walks.” She placed her hands on her husband’s hips just below the garter belt.

“Michelle, winning this contest will be a matter of exaggeration.” Michelle began walking forward and his wife was behind him pressing with her hands on his hips indicating which direction his hips should be moving in. “That’s it, Michelle, chest out, back straight and throw those hips side to side,” Maria instructed.

After a couple of trips back and forth in front of the couch, Maria said; “Now do it on your own, show me how the next Queen of Paradise struts her stuff.” Maria returned to her position on the couch next to Mark and Michelle did as instructed and very convincingly paraded back and forth in front of his wife and her lover for several minutes.

“Excellent, Michelle, excellent!” Maria praised. “You see, practice does make perfect there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with your walk.” She continued. Michelle felt some of the embarrassment and feeling of humiliation melt away. His wife really did understand this was all just a game and a way to win a contest he thought.

“Now as far as practice goes, Michelle, I think there is something else we need to work on.” Maria offered. Having had his confidence somewhat restored by his successful runway walking practice Michelle was eager to continue. “Ok honey whatever you think I need to work on.” He answered with an enthusiastic smile.

“Ok baby, so far I have only seen you suck the cock of a female and while technically a cock is a cock I think you need to practice on a real man’s cock,” Maria stated matter of factly. The smile on her husband’s face disappeared in an instant. He knew exactly where she was going next with this. “It is quite different sucking a man’s cock I think,” Maria added.

Maria looked Mark straight in the face and with the most caring and helpful voice she could muster asked Mark if he would mind Michelle practicing his cocksucking skills on his cock. Mark replied, “of course she can practice on my cock anything for the cause.” “She can suck on my cock until she is blue in the face errrrr in her case white on the face,” he added trying not to break out laughing.

Maria had spent the last twenty minutes trying to build up her husband’s self-confidence in embracing his feminine persona and comments like that were actually funny but were not what Michelle needed to hear if she was going to get him to start sucking Mark’s cock. “You’re a pig Mark,” she exclaimed while playfully slapping him on the arm. “Now you apologize to Michelle right now,” she demanded!

“I’m sorry Michelle, your wife is right we all want to do our part to help you be the next and best Queen of Paradise,” he said sincerely as he parted his legs.

Maria gently took her husband’s hand and slowly motioned in place in front of Mark’s parted thighs. “It’s ok baby, it’s just us,” she said as she gently pulled he husband to his knees in front of Mark’s cock. “Just show us what Miss Stephanie taught you but this time do it on a man’s cock,” Maria coaxed.

He knew right away that he was in a no-win situation. Maria had layed it out very clearly. If, as he claimed, what Maria saw with Miss Stephanie was just acting then he had to do it. He had no choice. He positioned his lingerie-clad body between Mark’s legs and reach for his cock. Once he did this, his wife curled up next to Mark on the couch as if the couple was settling in to watch a good movie.

Her husband was now in full Michelle mode mentally. He instinctively first kissed the head of Mark’s penis with his ruby red lips and immediately licked the underside of the head. He was surprised at first, but then strangely turned on when he tasted the familiar sweetness of his wife’s pussy on Mark’s cock. This would make things easier he thought.

Mark’s cock grew quickly in his mouth, he must be doing what Miss Stephanie had practiced with him correctly. Mark’s cock was bigger and thicker than his and this initially concerned him but the continued taste of his wife’s pussy on his cock melted the concern away. He looked up at his wife and Mark and saw them gently kissing while Mark was caressing her breast.

Maria noticed he husband’s upward glance and look on his face. “Oh, Michelle you are so beautiful; my god you are turning me on,” she whispered to her husband. “How does it feel Mark? How does your cock fell in Michelle’s mouth,” Maria asked? Having learned not to humiliate her husband, for now, Mark answered: “She is wonderful, absolutely wonderful.” “Please, Please don’t stop,” he added.

“Michelle, do you hear that? Mark loves it, you’re doing an excellent job, my love,” Maria added is the best convincing voice she could muster. “Let me see you deep throat him ok? I am sure the judges will be looking for that skill in the competition, right Mark?” Maria asked.

“Oh absolutely Maria, deep throating and holding it is a very very important skill that must be demonstrated if one plans on becoming the Queen of Paradise,” he answered with authority.

“Ok baby, you heard that and I saw you deep throating Miss Stephanie so I know you can do it. I love you, honey, do this for me, baby,” she pleaded. “I am soooo turned on by you right now, you can’t even imagine,” she offered.

Michael was now in full Michelle mode. The encouragement from his wife and now even Mark seemed to understand that this was just acting he thought. He focused on Miss Stephaine’s instructions on how to deep throat. Plenty of lubrication, timed breathing, mouth and throat alignment were all going through his mind.

Michelle took Mark’s cock out of his mouth a few times and licked around the base and spit on his cock a couple of times to get the correct lubrication for the upcoming deep throat attempt. Maria had already been excited and her pussy wet but seeing her husband in complete cock slut mode caused her pussy to flow. When Michelle finally took the plunge and engulfed Mark’s entire cock in his mouth, his red lips up against Mark’s pubic bone Maria screamed: “Oh my god Michelle, Oh my god Michelle you are a deep throat queen!”

Even Mark let out a load “Ahhhhh” as Michelle slowly came up from her plunge to the base of his penis. Michelle looked up and saw the frenzied excited look on his wife’s face and the look of pleasure on Mark’s face and decided to really put on the show for them. For the second time in as many hours, Michael had completely given himself into his feminine alter ego.

Michelle’s mouth and throat now easily took Mark’s cock to the base. When Michelle’s head was down, Maria gestured to Mark to place his hand to Micheel’s head. Mark needed no second invitation to do this and knew exactly what Maria was suggesting.

Michelle felt his hand and after several deep throats thought it was a nice showing of affection and encouragement. Wrong! The next time Michelle’s lips hit the base of Mark’s cock and then started to return he felt Mark’s hand stiffen. It was not easy down easy up as it had been for the last several minutes. Mark was now holding his head in place with his cock past his tonsils.

Michelle began to gag and Mark eased his grip. As soon as Mark’s cock cleared his lips, she began to gasp for air. “Remember Michelle, you must deep throat and hold,” Maria reminded. Michelle thought to himself, he should have know better. Miss Stephanie had instructed. When the blowjob machine starts cumming you have to be able deep throat and hold to win. This was no different.

Michelle continued in stride, kissing, licking, stroking Mark’s cock. When he did deep throat he made sure that his timing and breathing were synced. He promised himself he would not be gagged again. “What about balls Mark, do they need attention,” Maria asked.

“Well like you said its all about exaggeration, so, technically no but when being judged for style the more scrotum licking and testicle swallowing a contestant does the higher her style point,” he answered.

“Did you hear that Michelle, we want to win this, don’t we? Let’s get into the full acting mode and show me what you are going to show the judges to win tonight,” Maria barked. “If you do a really good job I may even join you and share Mark’s cock with you,” she added.

To Michelle, the thought of his wife joining him in sucking Mark’s cock was enough to legitimize the whole dressing, cock sucking, cum swallowing and other degrading acts. This was going to be a couple’s thing. Something he and his wife would join in together for their mutual pleasure. So what if he was dressed like a girl, it was just between them so what difference did it make.

Soon, Michelle was in full sensual cock sucker mode. He wasn’t just mechanically following the lessons Miss Stephanie had practiced with him. No, not at all, he wanted his wife kneeling next to him and sharing Mark’s cock. Oh, what a turn on it was going to be. Both of them licking, kissing and sharing the same cock. And the reward, what a moment that was going to be. His cock strained in his gaff imagining Mark shooting cum on both of their faces.

The sensual cock sucking approach was working on Mark. His cock was as hard as he had ever felt it since he started blowing him. Soon he tasted the familiar but distinct flavor of pre-cum. Mark was getting close. Maria had intently been watching Mark’s cock and facial expressions. She did not have the benefit of tasting pre-cum that her husband had in gauging how ready Mark was to ejaculation.

But as usual, a woman can sense these things in a man or at least Maria could. “Can I share his cock with you baby,” she pleaded with her husband. “Please baby, please baby I want some cock too, can we share,” she begged as she lifted her husband’s head off Mark’s cock?

“Yes baby, yes, let’s share this beautiful cock, I want you to have some of Mark’s huge cock baby,” Michelle answered as he shifted over to make room for his wife.

“Ok baby, I want it too,” Maria panted as she slowly rose. Here it come’s Michelle thought to himself. His wife was going to share sucking a cock with him. How much more intimate could a couple get than to both have the same cock in their mouths. The afternoon was all worth it now.

What happened next left Michelle in a fog. His wife had stood, lifted one of her legs over both of Mark’s, turned her back toward Mark and lowered her dripping vagina onto Mark’s pre-cum soaked rock hard cock.

When the fog cleared, Michelle did not find his wife kneeling next to him, she was not kissing, licking and sharing Mark’s cock as he expected. What he saw was not two inches from his face was his wife’s pussy with Mark’s cock already partially penetrating it. The first thing he felt was his wife’s hand grabbing his hair and firmly pulling his face into the pussy cock conjugation.

“Oh thank you, that you baby for letting me share Mark’s cock with you,” were the first words he heard and those words were coming from his wife’s mouth. “Oh god baby, lick my pussy, see how what you have done to me. See how much you have excited me. Please baby lick my pussy,” Maria begged.

It really didn’t matter what Michelle did. Maria had him by the head with both hands and was grinding her dripping pussy up and down his face. He could feel her wetness, smell the unmistakable essence of her sex in the air. “Open your mouth, Michelle, you promised we would share Mark’s cock,” She demanded.

Michelle thought to himself, isn’t this where I walked in. The difference now is that not only is his wife fucking another man but he is kneeling right in front of the two of them and he was about to join in. In the heat of the moment, somehow he felt his cock start to stir under his gaff. Somehow this was turning him on. Two inches away from his wife’s pussy being filled by another man’s cock.

His wife had seen his have orgasmic sex with a transsexual so in his quick calculus of cock both sides would now be balanced. He embraced his Michelle mode that he had a couple of minutes ago before the fog descended on him. He stuck out his tongue and began to work on his wife’s clit. It was quite a unique feeling to him. He could feel Mark’s cock expanding his wife’s pussy every time he entered her.

“Honey keep sharing Mark’s cock, please let’s keep sharing,” Maria moaned as she looked down and pulled Mark’s cock out of her dripping love hole and put the head to her husband’s lips. Michelle did not need any instructions. He knew exactly what his wife expected of him and he complied. He took some solace in the fact that Mark’s cock was completely soaked in his wife’s pussy juices.

“Give it back Michelle, don’t be a cock hog, I want it back in me,” Maria playfully said to her husband. Michelle has licked all his wife’s pussy juices off Mark’s cock by then so he took the shared cock and guided it back into his wife’s quivering cunt. Now, when Mark would out stroke his cock from Maria’s pussy, Michelle would lick the cock from the base to whatever was not left in his wife’s pussy and then continue up to her clit.

Each piston-like stroke of Mark’s became more and more direct and ramrod-like. “Oh my fucking god Mark you are so deep in me, you’re going to tear a hole in the back wall of my uterus if you’re not careful,” Maria cried in extasy. This turned Michelle on all the more. His wife was getting pounded out like never before. He could tell she was getting ready to orgasm by the flood of juice running from her pussy.

Maria’s hips soon started bucking. This was the start of her vaginal orgasm. “I’m cumming, oh my god I’m cumming,” she screamed. The bucking became involuntary, her pussy was on autopilot now. This had a cascade effect on Mark, he could feel her vaginal walls throbbing and he could hold back no longer.

“Oh fuck Maria, oh fuck I’m cumming now,” Mark cried. With that Maria could feel Mark’s already swollen cock head swell even more as he thrust into her deeper than he had ever gone before. She could feel the first blast of cum from his cock. It was like someone turned on a firehose for a few seconds inside her cunt. This sent her into another vaginal orgasm, twice as powerful as the first.

Michelle was on his knees slurping and swallowing all his wife’s sweet pussy juices as fast as he could. Mark was pumping deep and furious now. At one point in time, Maria cried, “baby he is so deep, he is pumping baby makers directly into my ovaries, I hope I am not ovulating.”

When Mark heard that he went nuts the thought of impregnating another man’s wife was too much for him. He reached around in front of Maria and pinched both of Maria’s nipples as hard as he could. This sent Maria over the edge, she screamed in extasy and had no control over the clitoral orgasm that ensued.

She must have squired several ounces of female ejaculate onto her husband’s unsuspecting face. It hit him with such force his head was knocked backward. Maria’s body quivered uncontrollably. If one didn’t know better they would have thought she was having an epileptic fit. Maria’s ejaculations, gyrations, and screams lasted for another thirty seconds.

She collapsed backward resting her back on Mark’s chest. Michelle placed his arms across Mark’s spread legs and rested his soaking face and head an inch or two away from his wife’s pussy that still had Mark’s erect but slowly softening cock buried deep inside. Not a one said anything for several minutes.

Maria sensed that Mark’s now flaccid penis was about to slip from her pussy. As Mark’s fuck tool began slipping out she repositioned her hips so as not to allow her cum filled love canal to leak out. With a gasp, Maria said, “Oh Mark that was wonderful.” Mark reached around and gently cupped her breasts and kissed her on the side of her neck.

“Michele you were fantastic too,” Maria said, not wanting to have her husband feel left out. “If you clean off Mark’s cock really well I will have a reward for you, Michele. “Would you like that honey?” She continued.

Michele nodded in the affirmative and Maria placed her hand on her husband’s head and drew his mouth toward’s her lover’s cum and orgasm covered flaccid cock. “Oh that’s a good girl my Michele,” Maria praised.

“We need new nick names for ourselves Michele,” Maria stated matter of factly. She continued, “since I have been filled with cum by both you and Mark today, my new name shall be cum dump slut and since all I have seen you with lately is a cock in your mouth, you shall now be called cock whore.” She smiled contently as she looked down and watched her husband clean Mark’s cock.

After a couple of minutes of watching her husband obediently clean Mark’s cock, she said, “now don’t forget his balls, Michele, oops, I mean my little cock whore.” Michele turned his attention to the pair of balls right under his chin and began to slowly and methodically clean them with his tongue. As Michele cleaned Mark’s balls, Maria had taken two throw pillows off the couch. She placed them between her husband’s knees and the base of the couch.

“You have down well; are you ready for your reward you little cock whore,” Maria asked her husband? Without waiting for an answer, Maria told her husband to lie on the floor, on his back and head on the pillows she had just placed on the floor. Once her husband had complied, Maria stood, turned to face Mark, dropped to her knees and planted her cum filled pussy directly over her husband’s face.

He knew what his wife expected from him. He had done it earlier that morning. The only difference being, he was now eating the cum of another man, a man they had just met, out of his wife’s pussy. Although, this had been fantasy pillow talk for a little while and now here it was in the flesh. This is just role play he convinced himself. There is nothing wrong with it. He and his wife were just living out a fantasy. He opened his mouth and extended his tongue.

“Now get it all my little cock whore your cum dump slut wife would not want you to miss out on your reward,” she said teasingly. As she spoke the words, Maria reached down with one hand and slowly spread her pussy lips with her index and forefinger. Although Michele knew what to expect, he was not prepared for the flood that followed.

In an instant, his mouth was filled with Mark’s cum. He had to swallow before he choked. In the brief second, it took to swallow, he could feel Mark’s cum accumulating on his lips and starting to run down his cheeks. He quickly opened his mouth and began to let it fill again. It didn’t fill as fast now and he was able to catch his breath and regulate his breathing. He hadn’t even used his tongue up until this point.

Eventually, Michele got himself into a rhythm, he was no longer drowning in Mark’s cum. His tongue, lips, swallowing all working in unison to clear and clean his wife’s pussy. He acted robotically unaware of anything other than his mouth on his wife’s pussy.

This gave him think to reflect. “Different faucet, same water,” Miss Stephanie’s words. This was the second time today he had drank from this faucet. While clearly, it was water he was drinking there was something just the tiniest part different than the water, his water, that he had drunk earlier that day. Maybe it’s like the difference between Coke and Pepsi he thought. You can always recognize it as soda but there was something different.

While Michele had been in his daze of creampie cleanup, he had not noticed his wife had begun to play with Mark’s cock. At first just playful little shakes but when his cock began to respond she became more deliberate and began to stroke him. Once fully hard, he stood and his once again erect cock was perfectly level with Maria’s mouth.

When Michele came out of his fog he looked up to see his wife sucking on Mark’s fully erect cock. He was surprised that he had been so narrowly focused on his wife’s pussy that he had not noticed Mark stand up. But secretly he was amazed that this man could recover so quickly to a full erection and inwardly ashamed because he knew he could not.

“Oh my little darling cock whore Michele, I see why you enjoyed Mark’s cock so much,” those words uttered by his wife brought him back to full reality. His wife was greatly enjoying Mark’s cock. “It’s so big and so hard and so fat, I hope I can fit it all down my throat like I did with my pussy,” she added. With all of Mark’s cum cleaned from her pussy, Maria repositioned herself so that her husband’s tongue was now focused on her swollen clit.

Things were building to a frenzied state. Maria’s stroking, sucking and licking was growing in speed. She didn’t need her husband to lick her clit anymore as she was literally masturbating herself with and on his face. All Mark could do was to tell Michele how lucky he was to be married to such a wonderfully talented girl. “Can I cum on her face Michele,” Mark asked.

Maria answered, “Michele is a properly mannered girl and would never talk with her mouth full,” as she pushed her pussy lips into her husband’s mouth. She continued, “you are the man and as such you are entitled to cum anywhere on me that you want baby doll.”

Michele thought to himself for a second. Those were the exact words Miss Stephanie had told him. Is there some secret girl code that Miss Stephanie was trying to let him in on. His wife had not hesitated to tell Mark it’s the man’s choice. He had never done this with Maria himself. He had never been aware that men can cum where ever they please and the women like and accept this from their men.

Soon, Mark pulled his cock from Maria’s mouth and started to forcefully stroke the mammoth organ. When the first blast of cum hit maria on her left cheek just below her eye she screamed in extasy and immediately began orgasming on her husband’s face. He was now struggling to breathe and his wife didn’t care. This was about her at the moment. She continued to orgasm.

“He came on my face honey, he fucking came on my face,” Maria screamed. Mark wasn’t done. Next, he took aim at her throat and blasted that. Then her tits, then back to her face. When all was said Maria’s face, neck, tits, and chest were cum splattered. She was quite surprised how much he was able to ejaculate on her body given that he had just filled her pussy.

Mark leaned over and whispered something to Maria. Maria was still recovering from her orgasm but shook her head in the affirmative and raised a finger indicating that Mark should wait a minute. “Oh, Michele, you have had so much cum and pussy juice in your mouth I bet you would like something to drink, right,” Maria asked. Michele made some kind of noise but it didn’t matter what he said, the answer for Maria was always going to be “yes.”

Maria reached down to her husband’s mouth and with index and forefinger opened his mouth. She could only guess where her urethra was but that didn’t matter. Her first blast of piss hit her husband in the nose and she quickly adjusted to piss in his mouth. Michele’s initial shock at the stream of warm yellow liquid hitting his face was all the time Maria needed to position herself to pin her husband’s head between her legs, the floor, and the couch.

“Open your mouth you fucking whore,” Maria demanded of her husband. The two hand played watersports before and he had drunk his wife’s piss in the past but this was a whole different level. He had little choice but to comply. “Your the cock whore and look at me, the cum dump slut, Mark has plastered me in so much cum what am I to do,” Maria questioned.

As if rehearsed, Mark took his softening cock and aimed at Maria’s face. He began pissing and systematically went back and forth, up and down over her body washing his cum toward the drain that was Michele’s mouth. This was going to send Maria over the edge again. Michele began to taste and swallow the cum piss mixture and tried to struggle but his wife’s hold was too strong. Maria didn’t know how this was possible but she began ejaculating while she was still pissing in her husband’s mouth.

Maria had initially lavished in the piss being sprayed on her body using the sperm as a liquid soap and the urine as the water she acted like she was showering in luxury. Rubbing her rock hard nipples with the piss cum combination. She was in heaven. When both Maria and Mark had emptied their bladders Mark stepped away. Maria now used her hands as a squeegee to scrape remaining cum and piss into her husband’s mouth.

When Maria was done she got up and joined Mark. He had a towel ready for her. She kissed him as she took the towel and the two dried each other off. Maria’s husband was left in a puddle of piss and cum. His lingerie was soaked. His hair was soaked. His makeup had all run. His fake lashes were falling off. “I think we should add ‘piss mop’ to your husband’s nick names Maria,” Mark said.

They both laughed out loud. Michele looked like a two dollar whore. The type slut you would find under the Belmar Boardwalk at 3 am. Michele was a mess. Mark picked up the phone. The first call was to Miss Stephanie explaining what had happened to her poor protege. The second was to housekeeping.

Michele tried to stand. The puddles of piss, his slippery leather soled high heels and his urine soaked lingerie made this impossible as he fell flat on his face back into the puddle of piss. Mark and Maria both howled in laughter again. Again, what a pathetic site he was. Maria slapped Mark playfully on his chest and said, trying not to laugh again, “Now, stop that Mark, it’s not nice to laugh at poor Michele, after all, she can’t help it.”

Mark, again kissed her, said something about looking forward to tonight and left the suite. Maria went over to her husband, who was still struggling to get up off the floor and said, “come, dear, let’s get that wet lingerie off you and get you back up to Miss Stephanie.” She lead her husband to the bathroom and assisted in removing his bra, corset, garter belt stockings, shoes, and gaff.

She put the lingerie in the sink and run some hot water on them in attempt to rinse the piss and cum out of them. “My God, that was wonderful honey wasn’t it?” Maria asked in all honesty. Michele did not answer right away. Maria could sense that her husband was not sharing in the extasy of the coupling. “What’s the matter, baby?” Maria asked again, in as caring a voice as she could muster.

“I don’t know baby,” was his response. He paused, “here I am dressed like a sissy faggot, sucking a stranger’s cock, who the fills your pussy with his cum, and then the two of you piss on me.” He added. “I felt like I was the third wheel,” He concluded.

“Oh honey, don’t ever feel like that. Don’t be jealous of Mark, you are my husband. I love you. Mark is nothing more than a sex toy. He is a human dildo; I could no more have feelings for him that I could for my vibrator,” Maria comforted.

“But those were real orgasms you had,” he said with some despair.

“Of course they were baby, first of all, watching you sucking Mark’s cock was such a great turn on I almost exploded right then and there, then, when someone puts a cock inside of me, be it real or fake, it ain’t coming out until I get off. What else would the purpose be?” She questioned.

“But I didn’t feel involved in it,” was his response.

“Oh my God, honey how can you say that. You were the central part. Besides sucking his cock, when you went down on me with his cock inside of me was pure extasy. Feeling your tongue on my pussy and knowing you were also licking Mark’s cock and balls was the ultimate turn on for me,” his wife quipped.

The two of them had fantasized about this exact scenario many times in the past he thought to himself. The scenario had played out exactly as they had talked about, except that their fantasies never included the cross-dressing part and the pissing part in the same fantasy. He felt less uneasy but still, something seems disjoint.

Maria sensed this and took him in her arms and held him tightly. “Honey this weekend is for and about us; if at any time you feel uncomfortable with anything and I do mean anything, you let me know and we’re out of here, I mean that I love you,” she comforted as she kissed him gently on the lips. Maria could feel his tensions ease and his cock begin to harden.

“let’s take a shower together and get you all cleaned up for Miss Stephanie,” Maria said with a smile. Michele nodded as Maria guided him toward the shower. Maria reached into the bathroom vanity and pulled out a box, “look, baby I got this soap downstairs, the salesperson said it was great for freshly shaved skin like yours,” she said with excitement. She quickly opened the box of estrogena soap and hopped in the shower.

She treated her husband like a king for that shower. Lathering Michele’s body all over. Paying extra attention, first to his chest and then to his groin. Mark could feel the soap was different immediately. His chest tingled. Miss Stephanie hadn’t shaved his chest but he paid no attention to this as his wife now had his hardened cock all lathered up and was stroking him with some determination.

“Does that feel good baby, I love it when your cock gets so nice and hard,” Maria whispered in his ear.

And feel good it did. Michele was replaying the last hour in his head. It wasn’t so bad now that he thought about it and after when all was said and done it was him and his wife here in the shower. Possible it was the tingling feeling around his cock where hair was removed or the sexy, naughty actions his wife was whispering in his ear as she stroked his cock thick in the estrogena lather but his cock was harder than it had been in recent memory.

Maria could sense his coming climax. She whispered to him that it wasn’t fair that she got to see him with another man. He was reminded how much it had turned her on. She told him she would return the favor. She would find another woman and make love to her in front of him and then have him join in. This was too much for his erect cock and swelling balls.

Maria could feel her husband’s tightening ball sack and quickly dropped to her knees in front of the ejaculating cock. “Yes baby give it all to mama,” she demanded as she held his cock about two inches from her lips. She made sure every spurt hit its target. When done, she stood and kissed her husband square on the lips and let his cum flow right back into his mouth. “Swallow for me baby,” Maria screamed in joy.

They rinsed, dried off, and put robes on. Must have been the cold room from the air conditioning that made his cock go limp so quickly Michele thought to himself.

“Well, let’s get you up to Miss Stephanie so she can work her magic and I’ll get ready down here,” Maria said to her husband.

He left the suite and headed toward to elevators. On his way, he passed the room service cart. The girl pushing was a beautiful blonde and she couldn’t have been more than sixteen years old judging by her physical features. Summer help he thought to himself. Her name tag said, Phyllis.


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