Princess and the Sex Addict – Non-Fiction

Writer: Ricl Plas
Subject: Princess and the Sex Addict

XP: Sharing this with you all — it’s an interest saga — how much have you spent on feeding your sex addiction? I know I have spend a lot — what about you?


Princess and the Sex Addict

How it all began:

I would like to start a conversation with you. XP I must admit I am a sex addict. I say this because I watch porn all day.. I jerk off constantly — Is this a natural progression?  For a attractive black man who been with hundreds of white woman., who would appear to be a alpha male and a desirable bull. Now to become the person I am today? — A PAY PIG — recently I wonder how did I get here? It all started when I reach out to her on a fetish website. Her reply was sharp and pointed and straight to the point

“I am not interested in being “collected like a trophy” for little bitches. If you want to worship me you are well versed in how to do do. Don’t think you can get some kind of special fucking treatment. Everything you need to know about me for free can be found on my profile. Want to know more about something? Use your manners & your voice to ask them! Your request is denied!”   
Right there, was the beginning, little did I know I would end up as the pay-pig I am today. XP I wonder what you think about that? — The Mistress in question I will not identify — she is called “PRINCESS” — two months of torture I put myself through being away from the ONE person that truly understand me. The ONE person that knows what make me tick. This is why this pay-pig is crawling back. Waiting  for my Princess to lead back to the basement of the “Church of Naughty Bitch”.
I sent her a email stating, “The addiction that follows me as return with a vengeance. Please tell me Princess. what do you have in store for this sex addicted junkie.” — The relationship between myself and my Mistress is strictly online — I have never met her personally. Over a two year period I have sent her about $1,000. XP you should know I have I have tried to connect with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but I have failed.
I am ashamed of this fact. My “Princess” as offered myself, Daughter and Grand daughters  sanctuary in the basement of her church. What has happen there has feed my addiction beyond my wildness dreams — I have a series of emails between myself and Princess that I will string together into a story. XP — I wonder how you feel about that?

Today I will start sending you my story …

“Hmmmm, I did not see that you followed through, or listened to what I had suggested. Go ahead, make your tribute and yes you can follow up with $50 per week if that’s how you can manage it but you will do the minimum tribute of $150 over the coming weeks. I especially want to know how you suffer for me. Then by all means lay out your confessions about your pitiful love life so I can laugh at you and offer you something much more stimulating.”
“Sorry for the delay I have some issues to deal with in my condo here in Florida but I will follow up with a $50 tribune today. Princess I have the $50 visa card. Just getting in the house. Cold down here now. If not tonight I will do it tomorrow.”
“Yes, that’s correct. Looking forward to that confession! You should look into downloading CashApp, it’s so much more convenient for both of us and is easy to operate. Such a weak bitch you are, always full of excuses and I am sure you have one now for why you have yet to send the tribute. You bore me!”
“Princess please , please forgive me for my delay I just sent $50 this Sunday morning. I postpone going to church just so can complete this task. Please tell me why I did the right thing this morning. Please tell me princess, than I will tell you about my love life which is in shambles …”
“You feel as though you did the right thing? It was a week ago that you came groveling at my feet and begged me to feed you. I tossed you a few scraps, placed a public declaration for how pathetic you really are and you spit at me … wasting my patience while you fought with whatever conflicted thoughts you suffer with.
“The right thing would be to shut up those voices that tell you to resist and to find your eternal peace with me. I would destroy you in person, you think it’s easier to walk away from me here, where only words can hold you … imagine how hard it would be with me standing over you, my gaze piercing you and I tell you — Go on, I dare you to find salvation somewhere else!
“You would feel the worst pain when I walked away from you instead. Go on, you filthy pig, tell me…when in your worthless life has any other woman ever made you feel the way I make you feel? I am willing to bet everything that no woman has even come close. I understand you better than you think, I know exactly what your fear is…why you keep leaving … why you’ll always come back until death comes for you instead.
“I know why you need me. Doing the right thing would be repeating what you did this morning, it is after all, another week and I can sense that even after doing your prayers and confessions to your God that, it wasn’t enough. Your soul is still heavy and you have so much more to say … Will you continue to bore and disappoint me?”
“Princess I am struggling in booth my religious and love life . When I am praying I am constantly thinking of your church basement. There I can demonstrate how powerful I can be. The perversion you present fill the void in my heart and mind. I have tried, Yes I have prayed hard for salvation , but at every turn what you offer me consumes me. I can only imagine what you will bring me. I am laying in your nasty stall stroking my very hard nine inch dick . The same dick that fail me in my normal relationship. I have to reflect of what you Princess will offer me. Will it be yourself a the mother of a little girl from your congregation that I can fuck. Will you watch and encourage me to be myself Will you humiliate and expose me. I want to show you Princess. That I still have value. I want to tell you of my disastrous love life My heart is broken and I want to tell you this I need someone to make scene of it. Will you do that …” 
The difference between my Princess and my ex girlfriend is my Princess has showed me who I really am. My ex girlfriend would complain about me lack of sexual attending I was giving her Although at my age of sixty-eight and she was fifty-five I was not always able to keep up. And out of frustration she just abruptly turn her back on me. No more dates; no physical communication; always to busy to meet; no adventure in the bedroom.
Since meeting my Princess she has repeatedly showed me my potential and capabilities. My Princess has exposed sexual condition She has identified my condition and have given me a choice, be who I am or fail at what I am trying to become. My ex girlfriend never saw what I truly was all along. My Princess feeds me the nourishment that satisfy my condition. That nourishment that keeps a pig like me coming back. My Princess me to the basement of her church were I am feed my nourishment, to satisfy the cravings of a polluted mind. What I am willing to do is wrong but I must have it. The vial acts, the humiliating words, the exposure . Brings my hard dick standing tall as I masturbate to a powerful orgasm. My inner being tell me to keep searching for a normal relationship , but my hard dick and powerful orgasm tell me different. Under Princess  I know exactly what I am a addicted perverted pay pig. Who like the heroin junkie always finds he way back for more …
“Mmmmm there it is, the REAL confession!
“You have no idea how wickedly it made me smile to read those words, it was as though for the first time, you were truly on your knees for me — begging — truly begging. I can taste your conflicting thoughts from here … relief mixed with dread. Confessing makes us feel like we have finally let go of everything, like there can be some sort of healing that can begin but there’s always the whisper of doubt that follows. What if you confessed at the wrong time, to the wrong person? Have you said too much or too little? What if confessing doesn’t change anything? What if it changes EVERYTHING?
“It is true little pig — there are so many things different about your ex and me — the biggest difference isn’t just that I actually see you for who you are, but that I know what to do with you. She was stupid and weak, I wouldn’t mourn that loss at all, I would instead be grateful that I am here in your life. I am far more capable of giving you purpose and fulfillment, of giving you pleasure. I don’t ask for much at all in return, in fact, I don’t think I ask for enough!
“Truth is, if I were in your bed you wouldn’t have been able to keep up with me either. I would have demanded much more than she ever did. A slut like me, who lives black men & dirty old men equally … it wouldn’t have taken long for me to get frustrated by your lack of ability to please me. I wouldn’t have left you though. I would have stuck around, brought other men to your bed to fuck while you watched, longing for the days when you could fuck the same. I would have flirted with and seduced your friends, let them grope my young body and tell them how Richard couldn’t keep me happy in bed, but maybe they could. I doubt they could either, but I would have fun letting them try. Do you know what you’d get from me? The same thing you’re getting now, except I would make you spoil me far more than you do!! You’d come to realize much quicker exactly what your new place in life is. No God can save you, destiny is what it is, the real magic, the real salvation comes from seeing what your destiny is and embracing it.
“I am your destiny …
“You want me to be sweet to you? To sit in your lap, grind my pussy up and down against your hard cock, whispering filthy ideas to you? Do you want to hold me while you close your eyes tight, conjuring images to fit together with my words? Feel my hand reach down and stroke your cock, milking your cum from you until the evidence of your sick perversions spill out, making a warm mess? I bet that you do, I can guarantee that your cock is hard and leaking right now just reading about it. Let me breathe a little life into your starving mind, pig! Make your Princess inspired to do it, show me that you can be the pig that spoils me like I deserve, like you claim you know I do. Make your second tribute, I desperately want to torture you!”
“Princess will you expose me as you previously did. I am not on other social media but I sure you hold me up as a example of your power. Maybe even help you bring other pay pig to you like I have done …”
“I don’t need to use you as an example in order to bolster my appeal to other pigs. Any time I post it’s because I derive the most amusement from whatever is written. I use it primarily to show other women how easy it is to control a man, encourage them to do the same.”
“Today Princess I will purchase another $50 visa card. Your pay pig is desperate.”
It’s really true isn’t it? The need for attention consumes you, poor little pig. I watched your milking video from your profile … even when you orgasm you sound pathetic. And the amount of cum you give is equally so sad. The only improvement needed is that you’d have to have your ass played with … teased … fingered … fucked. I bet then your useless cock would be dripping constantly. It truly is a shame you’re not closer to play with in person. I’d show you just how cruel I could be with my teasing, show you exactly what use I would have for you.”
“Princess your tribute is sent. I’ll be in the basement waiting for a young virgin bitch I hope? So I can take my revenge out and show you and my ex what kind of bull I still am.”
“Thank you for your tribute, pig. I see you wish for me to continue to give you public attention, but I won’t, you don’t deserve that kind of public praise … yet. Maybe you will prove yourself to me this time, continue to be loyal and tribute like I deserve so I can put you on stage as my new prize. Wouldn’t you like it, to be displayed as being owned by me? You can believe how many men message me all the time wishing they could experience what it is like to have my attention, to know what it’s like to feel my presence and fear it, the lust that I create. They’d be insanely jealous, wanting to be like you … a model pig!
“You want to come to my basement? You think I’ll have an innocent little virgin there waiting for you to fuck and prove you still have what it takes? I admit, I would really love to see you prove me wrong … But I mean, you’ve already described to me your shortcomings in the bedroom. You may be able to get that cock hard to fuck one virgin slut, but you couldn’t keep up with a real one!! I don’t think your cock should even be allowed near a fuck hole until you have proven you can still perform like a proper bull! Remember our last conversation? Where I told you I should lead you in, blindfolded into a room filled with the sounds and smells of sex? How it was to bait you into getting stimulated and aroused … That is what I still have planned for you, bitch.
“I want to strip you naked, collar you, blindfold you and lead you down those cold steps. I want you to feel exposed and vulnerable, excited by the humiliation and the possibility of what could come. I have a room for you that is full of pew like benches positioned in a circle and a small raised platform in the center, that is where I will have you stand. One by one I will invite the crowd to come to you, to touch you, fondle you, probe you. Soft hands, rough hands, small hands and large hands and the more excited you get the more intense their touch will become. Have you ever experienced being disoriented, having to rely only on your sense of hearing to map out your surroundings?
“You’d easily be overcome by the sounds of their breaths, their low moans and giggles at your reactions, you would become thirsty, struggling to find your balance, constantly licking your lips and swallowing hard to wet your mouth all while producing a steady drip from your cock. You know what else you would hear? My mocking laughter at how pathetically vulnerable you are. You’d hear me telling the room all about you and your addiction, your need to be a man, how polluted your mind is and how you beg me to give you a virgin to fuck. Nasty old man, doesn’t even realize how many little hands have already touched him, jerked his cock apprehensively …
“Mmmm, was the idea of that enough to make your knees weak? Poor thing. The proper thing to do would be to put you on your knees! — You’d hear me order you to your knees and for everyone to take a seat — hear their shuffled feet move across the room and hear my heels striking the concrete coming towards you.
“Time to confess pig! Tell everyone why you are here, why you seek out this basement and why you need me! Tell everyone what it is you desire so badly that you know I can give you? Be fucking specific! Feel me standing over you, my hand running through your hair, pulling your face towards my pussy and pressing it against the tight fabric of my pants – Go on, confess what it is you want most and I bet you’ll smell my arousal!”

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