Feature Writer: VicD /
Feature Title:  Preacher’s Wife: The Aftermath /
Published: 05.12.2011
Story Codes: Bisexual, Incest, Blasphemy, Fuck yeah! /
Characters: Juliana Estrada (6 years), 
Jeffery Stuart (8 years)


Preacher’s Wife: The Aftermath

The Littlest Witness

“Please don’t cry.”

The boy tried a soothing smile, but failed. A handful of parishioners remained in the pews around them, ogling the bedlam around them, but most were now running freely through the little white church.  Juliana stopped sobbing and turned toward the boy, perhaps the last sane person here. His voice dropped to a whisper in the din of slapping flesh and cruel laughter.

“…If you cry, they’ll only make it worse for you.”

Two rows up, a boy she knew vaguely from her first grade class was struggling with his parents.  She couldn’t understand his jerking motions.  They were forcing him to drink from a silver flask while onlookers laughed and pointed.  Juliana clutched the collar of her t-shirt and watched as the boy finished the flask.  He then began vomiting. His parents laughed even harder and his father lifted his limp, tear-soaked body off the ground by both wrists, displaying him for the crowd. His mother grabbed the boy’s little white shorts and pulled them down while the he struggled, his slurred protests ignored.  Juliana got a look at his tiny pale butt before the mob closed in mercifully blocking her view.

The six-year old girl made a strangled noise, covering her little mouth with both hands.  She looked in astonishment from the reveling bodies on the altar to the little boy standing near her and back again.

“Why? Why are they doing t-t-this?”

An older woman in a dark blue dress was gleefully snapping digital photos of all the depravity. She caught the girl’s face in her viewer and got three shots.  Her mouth turned up in a smirk at the innocent’s distress. Juliana’s face was beautiful, her large eyes wide under a mass of dark, wavy hair.  Her pink t-shirt was too large for her, the shoulder torn above a yellow butterfly print.  The woman with the camera had seen her come into the New Church with her mom and an infant. Alone now though, she thought, just her and some boy from town.

She approached them, perhaps to give them some foul suggestions, when the naked boy broke free from the crowd and ran clumsily to escape.

“Oh, no you don’t,” she shouted, scooping the nude little sprite in her arms, returning him to his drunken parents.  The reveling crowd surrounded them again and the sounds of spanking rang out with a fresh round of tears.

Juliana looked for her mom again through the noise and smoke, hopping up and down in that nervous fashion young girls have. She was fighting panic and was losing.

“It’s going to be okay,” Jeffery lied.  “Just keep quiet and they’ll leave you alone. They might just… make you… watch.”

She surveyed the scene, shivering beyond comprehension.  The congregation had crowded the altar after a fiery speech by Pastor James.  Juliana hadn’t understood it, but the crowd’s swarming had frightened her, despite her mother’s strange good cheer.

At the pastor’s direction, the people began breaking things and laughing.  They tore pages from the big Bible and trampled them under foot.  The mean pastor had gestured to a silver cup of Hosts, which the crowd fought over, spilling the contents on the ground.  An older woman hiked her long skirt up laughing. She let out a stream of piss on the scattered wafers and the crowd laughed like it was the funniest thing they had ever seen.

It was then that the pastor lifted his black robe exposing his throbbing penis to the crowd. It was the first erect penis little Juliana ever saw and she was stunned and fascinated.

“Please help me,” she said to Jeffery.  “I can’t find my mommy.”

The eight year old took little Juliana by the hand and they wove through the animalistic crowd.  A clutch of big kids was crowded around the baptismal font.  They were laughing and smoking with a bare-breasted woman.  A high school girl blew skunky smoke at them and it made their eyes water.

“Is that your mommy?”

“No,” she said coughing.  “She has dark hair and has the baby. Let’s keep going…”

But they lingered wide-eyed.

Grace, the preacher’s wife, had stripped to the waist.  She stooped before a girl who was propped up, sitting lewdly on the font.  Completely nude, she had her spindly legs spread as wide apart as they would go.  The preacher’s wife had lathered the girl’s cunt with shaving cream and was humming as she ran the razor over her. The naked girl’s eyes were red as cherries as she watched her own debauchment.  The other kids stood in a ring shouting filthy taunts through the pot smoke.

“There,” she said with finality. “You’re bare like a little slut girl now.  What do you think?”

Laughing and running her fingers over her smooth labia, she screamed to the onlookers.

“I’m a little slut girl!  Who wants to lick my bare cunt?”

Three of the boys lunged in and started licking so forcefully that she almost fell off the marble stand.  Her tiny perfect breasts heaved with laughter.  White shaving cream ran in rivulets down the front of the baptismal collecting on the embossed cross below. Grace fingered herself through her skirt, thrilled with how easy it was corrupting these youths.

Little Jeffery and Juliana moved on.

“Why are they getting naked in this church?”

“I’m not sure,” the boy said,” but since my folks started coming here two months ago, they make my sisters and I go nude in the house.”


“Yeah, and we have to sleep in the same bed.  I didn’t want my sisters to see my hard pee-pee, but they keep playing with it whenever I fall asleep.”

The boy considered his little blue shorts.  There was a small tent there and he wiggled it with his fingers, his mouth twitching.

“Mom and dad like to take pictures of them playing with my pee-pee…  It’s weird…”

They had been slowly wandering through the raucous congregants toward the altar. It would be hard to miss what had been done on the far wall.

Juliana saw that the large cross had been lowered almost to the ground.  Hoss, the teenage son of the preacher was naked and tied – wrists and ankles – in a Christ-like pose.  His piercings glittered in the harsh light. His thick erection bobbed leaking pre-cum.

A line of parents had formed beside the cross.  They were slowly filing past the blasphemous scene and the acoustics allowed Juliana and Jeffery to hear every word. The next in line was a thin, grinning young man.  He knelt before the naked Hoss and addressed him.

“My bitch mother won’t give me money.  She says I’ll just use it for drugs. What does Jesus want me to do?”

The tattooed teen smiled as the man reached up and slowly stroked his hard cock.  He moaned with pleasure and then answered.

“Jesus wants you to gather a bunch of your friends and break into her house!  Ransack the place and steal whatever you want!  Make sure to tell her that she’s a dried-up cunt and should off herself!”

The crowd convulsed with cruel laughter, so hard that the candles nearby guttered.

“Thy will be done,” the man shouted!  He gave the teen’s cock a single lick before moving on and the next woman in line kneeled down.  Jeffery saw her and turned hopefully.

“Is that your mother,” he asked?  Juliana just shook her head no.

“My husband won’t come to church with us, Jesus,” the woman said rubbing her huge, bared breasts.  The crowd roared ironic disapproval.

“What am I to do with a heathen like that?”

“You are commanded to keep holy the Sabbath,” Hoss said with a smirk. “If he can’t be persuaded, then your marriage is annulled!  We’ll send some of the high school kids over to your house and let him know he’s not welcome any more. Maybe they’ll rape him with a candlestick… but first… Jesus wants you to ride my dick!”

The hot blonde backed toward him as the crowd cheered. She wriggled, getting just the right angle to accept his rock hard cock.  Her eyes rolled up as she started rocking her hips against him.

Slap, slap, slap.  Their flesh joined under the lights as she pistoned back against the teen boy.  The smell of her wet sex permeated the air.

“Oooh, I’ve never fucked the son of God before,” she purred, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

“Uhh… Uhh,” the boy grunted straining against the ropes that tied him to the cross, “I’m gonna fucking cum in you… and you’ll have the grandson of God!”

Hoss bellowed out as he came rope after rope of his blasphemous cum inside the married woman.  She shuddered, pulled away from him and began lapping at his deflating erection.  The watching children gasped as the next man in line joined her.  Together, the adults bounced his huge penis on their tongues until it was erect again.

“Good job,” Hoss sneered.  “You know God won’t hear your prayers unless my cock is rock hard!”

The man and woman lapped up her vaginal secretions, hooting with dark pleasure as Juliana tugged at Jeffery’s sleeve.

“There!  There’s mommy!”

He turned and saw a beautiful dark haired woman at the altar.  The resemblance was unmistakable. The preacher stood beside her and they seemed to be chatting amiably with a cluster of folks. Juliana ran to her mother calling out and he trotted behind.

“There you are, sweetie. Where have you been?”

Juliana went to hug her mother, but recoiled to see that her tube top had been pulled down to reveal her nipples.


Juliana looked to her left and saw that Manny, her ten-month old baby brother, had been laid on the altar, his diaper discarded.

“Mommy?… I can see your boobies.”

Rhonda, the preacher’s adopted daughter, elbowed her dad and crouched down to Julie’s level.  Her smile made the girl very wary.

“Aww, honey, there’s nothing wrong with showing your boobies.  God loves when you show them in public.  Here, look!”  She lifted her t-shirt showing her tattooed torso and pert little breasts.  James leaned in behind her and cupped them sighing contentedly.  He ran his fingertips over her areolas and smiled back at Juliana.

“Go on,” he whispered, “give your mommy a hug.”

The girl was scared, but she did it.  She held out her arms and allowed her mother to hug her.  Juliana was strangely soothed feeling soft, exposed skin. Her mother smelled sweetly of moisturizer and it made the girl smile.  Rhonda and her dad seemed to find this bonding very amusing.

“See mommy, your little girl loves your huge tits,” Rhonda said as she turned to kiss her father. They savored the taste of the vodka they had been drinking, their lips parted reluctantly.  The incestuous pair locked in lustful gaze.  James added, “You should both be naked, yes?”

Julie’s mom hesitated, but just for a moment.  She pulled her top off and shucked her jeans skirt.  She stood by the altar, naked, breath hitching, arms in gooseflesh, and faced her little girl.

Juliana looked down at her little t-shirt and then over at Jeffery who stood nearby.  Though only eight, he had an unmistakable look of lust.  He looked over the mom, staring openly at her creamy, mocha breasts and then back at Julie. He nodded yes, his mouth slack.

Juliana seemed inspired by this and began an awkward little strip tease.  The adults were pleased and shouted their encouragements.

“Go Julie!  Go Julie!  Go Julie!”

She removed her oversized shirt, cupping her little hands over her nipples.  She then threw her hands out shouting “Ta-Dah!” like a party magician.  The adults applauded and the stunned Jeffery even clapped too.

With a deft move, she dropped her little shorts exposing a bare little cunny.  Jeffery grinned and looked away bashfully.

They were interrupted by a startled cry from Manny on the altar.  James kissed his daughter one final time and turned to whisper to Julie’s mom.

“Bring her close… I think she’s ready.”

Julie’s mom grinned, a nasty shudder traveled down her body.  The movement rocked her beautiful mammaries.  The crowd seemed to thicken and hold its’ collective breath.

“Julie, honey… you know the difference between boys and girls, right?”

Juliana nodded wide-eyed, staring at her baby brother’s exposed penis.

“Julie… this… this is the most sensitive part of a boy and you… you need to know how to handle it.”

Her mom put one hand her daughter’s shoulder and reached between her son’s legs with the other.  She began gently stroking the boy’s little penis and Juliana gasped.


She was puzzled by the reactions of the adults around them. They looked on and smiled.  Julie watched rapt as her mother gently flicked the boy’s shaft until it began to grow. Those closest leaned in for a better look at this quiet molestation.

“Here, sweetie…”  Her mom adjusted the baby on the white altar flax cloth.  Then she took Julie’s hand in hers and brought it toward the toddler’s penis. Her hand only shook a little.  When the little girl touched her brother’s tiny erection, she recoiled giggling.

Her mother smiled and guided her hand back again.  This time she kept it there, feeling the warmth of the little infant boner.  She smiled up at her mom.

“It feels funny,” she said nose wrinkling.  The adults all chuckled knowingly.

Pastor James watched for a moment then reached in and guided the little girl’s hand.  He guided her into a slow, frigging motion. After ten or so strokes he removed his hand and let her do it on her own.  The girl moved a bit too fast but the Pastor reached back and steadied her little fingers again.  Little Manny began cooing at once.  She looked smiling from his angelic face to his penis and back again.

“He likes it,” she said and indeed he did.

Her little cunt, tickled and fluttered in a pleasant sensation that she couldn’t describe.  Jeffery bent in to watch his new friend closer. He unconsciously fingered his own little boner in his shorts.

Emboldened, the girl decided to try something she had seen before done by the parishioners.  She wrinkled her nose, and bent between the baby’s legs.  The adults held their breath as she planted a loving kiss, a kiss right on her brother’s penis.

“Good Julie,” her mom said weak with pleasure. “Try licking him.  But gently… he’s just a little boy…”

Julie remembered their cat at home and tried lapping the boy’s boner in a similar fashion.  She laughed as his boner snapped back after she swiped it with her tongue.  She kept licking as the boy’s penis got more and more rigid.

“What’s…” Jeffery started, dry-mouthed.  “What’s it… taste like?”

“It’s good,” Julie said.  “Here… you try it.  He really likes this treatment…”

The adults cheered when Jeffery bent and licked the boy’s boner too.  Soon, the kids were taking turns licking the baby with Julie’s mom occasionally bending in to tongue the boy herself.

“Do you promise to lick your brother every day when I change him?”

“YES, MOMMY!” Julie squealed with delight and tongued the boy’s tiny balls.

“Mommy?  Does this make me a… a little slut girl?”

“Yes, yes, my baby is a little slut girl!”  Her mother wept tears of joy and swept her up in her arms.  Julie nuzzled her mom’s huge breasts and never felt so alive in all her six years.

At the pastor’s direction, the naked girl was stood on the altar to scream to the crowds.


She opened her immature vagina and the crowd went wild.  Looking down, she saw her friend Jeffery dropping his shorts and shirt and scrambling up on the altar next to her.

Pastor James took a drag off a laced joint that someone had passed him and then helped steady Jeffery on his feet.

“And what are you Jeffery?”

“I’M A LITTLE SLUT BOY!  SLUT BOY!” He shook his little penis and danced in a circle singing. “SLUT BOY! SLUT BOY!”

They were both covered in a thin layer of sweat as they gyrated.  Their innocent, spindly bodies gleamed from the nearby candles.  Cell phones came out and flashes snapped as the naked children danced and fingered their immature genitals as the adults clapped a steady beat.  The foul suggestions came in a flood and the kids were dizzy with the attention.  They kissed spontaneously, the boy’s little boner quivered with excitement.

They cheered as she licked the eight-year old’s penis.  They cheered when he licked her six-year old slit.  They cheered when the girl’s hymen was broken, broken by her smiling mother with the long end of a lubed crucifix.

Next Sunday, everyone agreed, would be even better.



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