Prayer of Satanic Masturbation – Non-Fiction

Writer: satanichomo

Subject: Prayer of Satanic Masturbation

Link: TUMBLR 18/01/2021 / Posted by: Satanic666mo

Prayer of Satanic Masturbation

“O Magnificent Satan, Bringer of Perverted Delights. Look upon my naked body as I lay down to praise You. See my thickened phallus – shiny headed and throbbing.

See my firm nipples – ready to be teased and tortured See my risen testes – full of seed to be split in Your name.

See my protruding tongue – licking my lips in anticipation. Your lust is rippling through my brain now, before becoming orgasmic waves crashing on the shores of my very being.

Behold – my breathing changes to please You – I joyfully praise. You as I approach what must be achieved in order to satisfy You.


Optional ending to prayer — Say HAIL SATAN until you cum – place some on finger and eat and then say:

“Father Satan, I partake of this living sacrifice, now dying for Your pleasure. I pledge that I will praise You with increasing energy when You next call me to repeat this joyous action. HAIL SATAN!”

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