Piss on and piss off God – Non-Fiction


Writer: Koruptdsoud

Subject: Piss on and piss off God

Link: Tumblr / 16.04.2021


Piss on and piss off God

Discover what you are like … without religion in your life.

Even the whore mother knows that religion is a cancer that eats away at your soul, sentencing you to a living death sentence. Obey his word, follow these commandments, thou shall not do this, and thou shall not do that. Fuck that! I love to piss god off. He can threaten me with hell all he wants because I embrace my damnation. So stop living in your fears and untether yourself from their bondage and religious tyranny. Live your life on your own terms, NOT theirs. Our Maker and Father meant for us to be free to indulge and enjoy all earthly pleasures. Fuck religion and enjoy this journey. You will never regret it and you’ll never look back! Hail Satan !! 


12 thoughts on “Piss on and piss off God – Non-Fiction”

      1. So it is! I’ll happily drink it to demonstrate my commitment to Our Lord and Lady.

        1. Hail George … I have drunk the sacrament of Satan since I was eleven years old … hail His delicious delights

          1. I would love to drink your wine. Either straight or with vodka added.

          2. Hail George … urine is Satan’s sacrament … don’t you think?

      2. Hi XP. I agree, mixed with southern comfort. I wish there was some way you could develop a powerful private chat room where we could meet, exchange perversion lust depraverty pictures and rituals and experience. This could help us to develop more perverted love of Satan and Lilith. The corruption of families children especially children. As I believe,Satan said, children and families are keys to lust depraverty and perversions and the keys to hell and him. Hail Satan and Lilith.

  1. Ron you are very correct children and families are the way to pleasure and lust, love young bald sweet pussy and extra sweet bald cocklets yummy yummy, lick it hard and finger the ass pussy mmmmm tongue fucking the very wet bald slit as she pulls your head in harder say lick me daddy lick me harder, please please please, I’ll suck off your cock daddy like mommy but much better I promise daddy please grind your mouth and lips on my fucking slut cunt lips daddy, yes satan wants us to open the blessed family to destroy there faith in God and focus on porn and lust of all forms so the very young children can grow up knowing what sexual perversions is mmmm
    Wickr hccp

    1. Hi Ray, I totally agree with you. You described it wonderfull . Wish I could share with you 😊. Especially yummy 😋 babies being fed Satan’s juice, and introduce families in to the lust depraverty and perversions. MY acknowledgement to you, and the good work you are doing. Hail Satan and Lilith and Hekate.

      1. Hail Ron … I love piss sex … I love dedicating it to Satan … to Lilith … to Hecate

    2. Hail Ray … daddy’s cock gets very hard when little Ray is around

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