Feature Writer: EvilDana

Feature Title: Patterson Photography 7

Published: 28.08.2022

Story Codes: Lesbian, Reluctant, K-9

Synopsis: Two young friends find true lover. One finds a passion for bestiality.

Patterson Photography 7

Jessica Reeves is a typical high school student. Smart, caring, liked, and honor roll every year. She just turned eighteen and is starting her senior year. She’s loving the senior life. She has always been into school activities. Standing at 5’6, one hundred and sixty-five pounds, long sandy blonde hair, and 34c. She loves being a girl and girly things. She is an only child. Her parents are lesbians. She came from a sperm donor, her parents knew.

Her parents are very well off. Her mom is a lawyer for a big corporation and her other mom is a doctor. They live in a house that’s very nice and in a great neighborhood. They belong to a country club and several social clubs. They are very liked. They don’t hide the fact that they’re married but don’t go around bragging either.

Jessica gets home from school and as usual, she’s at home for several hours alone. Doing her homework and then starting up her computer to check her email. When she was about 13, her parents sat her down and told her about the “Birds and the bees.” They also told her what some men would love to do to her, if given the chance. Warned her to be careful on the internet and don’t open emails she has no idea where they came from.

Then one day, she was looking at emails and messages from her friends. She saw an email that was from a photographer. The title said, “All of your friends seem to like this.” Jessica sits there and is thinking. After a few, she opens the email. She doesn’t hear that her hard drive starts really going crazy. Jessica has no idea she just downloaded her first virus into her computer.

Jason, the photographer sends out emails, like this to find models, for his underground videos he makes. Finding people and uploading to different sites, after he gets them into it. He is downloading everything from her computer and even getting into the house’s wi-fi system. Finding her parents’ accounts and information. Jason finds everything about Jessica as she just sits there looking at the screen. He even turns on her webcam without her knowledge. He sees her smiling at the screen.

A few moments go by and the email opens.

“Hello,” the subject said, “Hi, I’m Jason Patterson and I am looking for high school students for several projects I have. You can make some extra money and have so much fun. I can help you also with your senior pictures and any other pictures you are wanting to have down. Just email me and I’ll get back to you.”

Sitting there reading it. Jessica opens the message box and types a reply to him. Telling him who she is, and she has always wanted to try modeling. Little does she know Jason has already seen her. Even her pictures in her cell that’s on the WiFi system at the house. He’s seen her pictures she’s taking and even the nudes as well. She thinks no one ever has seen her nude. Now, that has changed.

She hears a ding. A new email. Smiling and opening it, not thinking about anything. Jason has replied. Reading it, Jessica smiling as she reads it.

“Hello Jessica Reeves, thank you for letting me know you’re interested in being a model. I have several projects going on right now I need help with. I would love to meet you and talk to you about what I am working on and see if you are interested in trying anything. When would be a good time for you? If you have any friends that might be interested, please give me their addresses. Love to talk to them too.”

Jessica smiles while reading, which Jason sees knowing she’s hooked.

“Hello, thank you, I can meet this afternoon or maybe tomorrow after school. I would love to meet up with you and see what you can offer,” she types. Send it and wait.

Jason replies and says, “How about tomorrow afternoon?”

Jessica sends back, “Give me your address.”

Jason sends his downtown studio address.

“See you then,” Jessica replies.

Getting off her computer, started fixing her make up and then changing into a pair of leggings and a nice top. No idea, Jason is watching and recording her doing it. Picking up her car keys and id. Walks out of her room. She’s heading to meet some friends. Jason looks through her computer to find out. She’s going to college to major in elementary education. He says it perfectly and knows she wants to be a teacher.

The next day at school, she told her best friend Myia Jackson. Telling her about going to meet him that afternoon and seeing where it goes.

“You might not want to go by yourself,” Myia says.

“You might be right,” Jessica agrees. Jessica talks Myia into coming with her.

Myia is eighteen also. She’s a mixed race girl. Standing at 5’5, one hundred and twenty pounds, and 34b cup bra. She has very curly kinky hair. Her skin is very tan. Being part black and white, her skin is so sexy and tan. Myia has no interest in being a model but wants to support Jessica. Jessica thinks the day is going so slow and keeps watching the clock.

When 3:30 PM got there. Classes over, all the students leaving the school in droves. Myia decides to ride with Jessica, and they head for downtown. The help of GPS and a little bit of luck with one-way streets, they find Jason Patterson Studio. Parking on the street and having to walk a little way, after feeding a parking meter, they walk on the sidewalk. Noticing this is not on the best side of town.

“Thank you for coming with me,” Jessica tells Myia.

“Anything for you babe,” Myia says smiling at her best friend.

Walking, they notice the looks they get from some people around. This day at school, they wore very tight skinny jeans, and nice pull over tops. The tops are snug and low cut, showing off the sizes well of their breasts. Their flip flops make sounds as they walk and walk into the studio — Taking a deep breath — Jessica pushes the door, and she and Myia walk in.

“Hello, you must be Jessica,” Jason says, smiling while greeting them.

“Yes, how are you,” Jessica says smiling, giving him her hand.

“It’s so nice to meet you,” Jason says, shaking her hand.

“Who is this beauty,” Jason says, turning to look at Myia who is smiling at his comment.

“Hi, I’m Myia Jackson, I just rode with Jessica,” Myia says.

“Oh, I’m so glad you did,” Jason says, holding his hand to Myia.

Myia gives her hand to him, and they make small talk. Jason knows who Myia is. Looking through Jessica’s computer and remembering who she is. He’s even seen nude pictures of Myia that they have taken of themselves. He has found out Myia’s parents are lesbians too.

“Why don’t you two walk this way. Maybe we can take some photographs,” Jason says.

Jessica and Myia walk as Jason holds open the door for them. As they pass through Jason watching their asses in the tight jeans. Thinking to his self they will work out great.

“Oh, I’m not here to have any photos done. I just rode with Jessica,” Myia says.

“Oh, that’s okay,” Jason says. He’s thinking to himself, “We’ll see.”

Jason walks them to an area he has set up for a “Rainbow” shoot. Their eyes looking at everything taking it in. Jason tells them

“I have a client that wants a shoot for lesbian teens. Teens coming out and being accepted. How would you like to help me out Jessica,” Jason says. Jessica smiles asking,

“How could I,” Jessica asks.

“Well, standing by the rainbow flag and posing for me,” Jason says.

“I can do that, sure,” Jessica says.

Jason has Jessica stand by the flag and smile. Taking several photos, then letting her see them.

“You’re beautiful,” Myia says as she sees them.

Jessica takes it in smiling.

“Myia, why don’t you join her for a few? You two are friends, right?” Jason asks.

“I’ve never posed for anyone before,” Myia smiles.

“It’s okay, just stand with her,” Jason says.

Jessica says, “Come on, it will be fun,” Jessica tells Myia.

Myia walks up with Jessica in the light. They stand side by side with the rainbow flag. Jason starts taking pictures. Flashes going off. Jason notices Myia’s tan skin shining so nice.

“Turn facing each other and hold each other’s arms,” Jason says to them.

They turn facing each other. Reaching up and holding each other’s upper arms. Looking at the camera smiling.

“Look serious,” Jason says.

They do. Taking several photos.

“Why don’t you two give each other a hug. Wrap your arms around each other,” Jason asks them.

They smile and do so. Both girls’ hands rested on each other’s lower backs. Hands just at the top of their jeans. Flashes going off.

“Now look in each other’s eyes,” Jason says.

They look at each other. Flashes are still going off as Jason takes lots of pictures.

“Now, tell me, how good of friends are you? Would you be up to trying something,” Jason asks them, as they look at him.

“We have been friends since kindergarten,” Myia says.

“Okay good then, let’s try this. Face each other and look into each other’s eyes. Slowly lean in closer and closer. Then let your lips touch. Just a light peak,” Jason asks them.

They look at him then at each other.

“Okay, I’m in,” Jessica says.

“Okay, I guess so,” Myia says, as they face each other.

“Place your hands on each other’s backs and rub up and down the backs,” Jason says to them.

Jason starts taking pictures as they move closer and then it happens. Looking in each other’s eyes, they lean closer and closer to each other. Then their lips touch. Lightly. Then over and over.

“That’s it doing great to keep it up,” Jason says.

They keep light peaks.

“If you’re okay with it. Kiss a little longer and harder,” Jason asks them.

“Let your hands roam more. You know, like you’re getting into it, and enjoying it. Close your eyes,” Jason asks as he keeps taking pictures.

Kissing harder, their lips really kissing now. Jessica’s hand lowers over Myia jeans over her butt. Neither one is slowing. They act like they really like this. Myia hands go lower over Jessica’s butt over her jeans.

“Pull her into you,” Jason says.

They both do it, not knowing who he was talking to. Jason reached over a while ago and started a video to film this.

“You’re both doing so well. Myia, reach around and rub Jessica’s stomach,” Jason asks.

She reaches her hand around and rubs. Jessica is still holding Myia’s behind.

“Now girls,” Jason says softly.

“Myia when I say so, lift your hands up over Jessica’s breasts. Hold them and squeeze lightly. Then break the kiss and tell each other how much you love each other, and how you want to come out and let the world know,” Jason says.

Still taking still pictures as the video is recording.

“Okay now,” Jason says.

Myia’s hand slowly works its way up over Jessica’s breasts. They stop kissing and looking into each other’s eyes.

“Oh Myia, I love you so much,” Jessica says.

“Jessica, I love you so much too. I have for years,” Myia says.

“Yes, me too ever since we were little,” Jessica says.

“Yes, I don’t care who knows,” Myia says.

“That’s wonderful girls. Now when I say so. Kiss again and Jessica, reach your hand around and rub Myia’s crotch off her jeans,” Jason says.

“Now,” Jason says.

Kissing, Jessica slowly moves her hand around from Myia’s ass to her pussy, over her jeans.

“Oh God baby … I want you so much,” Myia says.

“Oh, yes baby I want you too,” Jessica says.

Jason films as Jessica rubs Myia’s crotch more. Both girls were moaning and breathing hard.

“Okay when I say so, turn to the camera, place your faces together and smile. Then say your names and that today is the day you’re coming out,” Jason says.

“Now,” Jason says.

Kissing, they stop and face the camera. Not noticing it’s a video camera. Smiling,

“I’m Jessica Reeves,” Jessica says.

“I’m Myia Jackson, today is the day we’re coming out,” Myia says,

“We want the world to know. We love each other,” Jessica says.

“That was great,” Jason says, as he steps back.

The girls stand there, arms around each other still. Jason can tell, that really worked them up too. Myia’s hand is still on Jessica’s breasts too.

“I have always wondered what it would be like with another girl,” Jessica says.

“Yes, me too, I have wondered that too,” Myia says.

“I guess you two have something to talk about tonight,” Jason says smiling.

They look at him smiling. Slowly letting go of each other.

“That was great, I’m sure my client will love it, you might make some money off that. What would happen if anyone knew that about you two?” Jason asks them.

Both girls’ gasp.

“Oh God no, I’d die,” Jessica says.

“Me too,” Myia says too.

Jason tells them, “Thank you for helping, I’ll be in contact later.”

Smiling, Jessica says, “Thank you, that was fun.”

Myia smiled too, agreeing, “Yes kind of fun too.”

She says smiling at Jessica.

“I can tell you this. If you two wanted to pursue what you’re feeling right now for each other. You can walk into that room there (pointing) and take off your clothes and walk to that couch. I can give you a special treat for yourself. A video for you two to keep and watch whenever you like,” Jason says.

Lying knowing he will sell the video and make bunches of money.

“Oh, I don’t know?” Myia says.

“Me either. A video?” Jessica says.

“For you two to keep and remember the feeling,” Jason says.

Looking into each other’s eyes. Smiling, thinking.

“I’ll try it,” Jessica says smiling, biting her lower lip.

Myia’s eyes get so wide looking back at her best friend.

“You mean, you and I make love, here, now, being filmed?” Myia asks Jessica.

“Yes, let’s make love now,” Jessica says. Myia looks at Jason.

“You sure no one will see this,” Myia asks Jason.

“I swear no one else is here. I’ll go into the other room,” Jason says, dodging the question.

“Okay, let’s do it,” Myia says.

She and Jessica hold hands, walking to the room. Jason watches his monitor, films them stripping. Such slim and tight bodies of teenagers. They will have no idea, they will really be coming out today, to the world, he thinks to himself. He walks to the other room, and he waits. He can control the cameras from there too.

The door opens and Jessica and Myia look out. Looking to see if anyone was around. They push the door the rest of the way open and walk out. Both nude as the day they were born. Pussies, so smooth and bare. Walking to the couch holding hands and sitting on it. They see the lights shining on them and the red lights of the video cameras pointed at them.

“Well, we’re going to do this,” Jessica says looking at Myia as they both smile at each other.

“Yes, I do love you Jessica,” Myia says

“I love you too Myia. I have for years,” Jessica says leaning over hugging her nude best friend.

Hugging hands roaming over each other’s backs. When they hug, their breasts pressing together.

“Oh, this feels so right,” Myia says.

“Yes, so right, you feel so good too,” Jessica says.

Looking into each other’s eyes, they kiss. Long, tender, deep kiss. Their hands rubbing each other’s backs. Then Myia’s hand reaches Jessica’s breasts. Cupping them. Making Jessica moan deeply. Myia leans her head down to one and takes the nipple into her mouth. Then switching to the other one.

“Oh God babe, Yes, Oh God yes,” Jessica says moaning, closing her eyes.

Holding Myia by her hair to her breasts. Myia kisses her way back to Jessica’s lips. They embrace tight, kissing. Jessica starts kissing Myia’s neck and then to her breasts. Taking turns with each nipple.

“Oh God girl, that’s so good. Don’t stop,” Myia moans, whilst holding Jessica’s head to her breast.

“You don’t see anyone do you?” Jessica asks while she’s nursing from her best friend.

“Right now, I don’t care who sees or knows about us,” Myia gasps deeply.

“I have always wanted to try this,” Jessica moans.

Kissing her way to Myia’s belly button. Then lower to her pussy. Opening Myia’s legs open. Smiling up at her best friend smiling back at her.

“Help yourself. My pussy is all yours,” Myia says smiling down at her best friend.

Jessica opens Myia’s legs and smiles seeing her pussy. Leaning in and kissing the lips and licking her clit.

“OH MY GOD, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS,” Myia tenses up gasping.

Leaning her head back holding Jessica’s head to her pussy.

“Take my pussy baby, take it, it’s yours now,” Myia gasps, moaning so loud.

Jessica keeps licking so tenderly and taking Myia’s clit into her mouth. Sucking it, then licking it. Myia started to feel something within.

“Jessica baby, I’m going to cum. Oh God baby, yes don’t stop,” Myia moans moving her hips to Jessica’s mouth.

Then it happens. Myia had an orgasm right then. On camera too. Something so sweet and special between them. So many will see it. Neither one will know or not until it’s too late.

Jessica kisses her way up to Myia’s mouth and kisses her lips. Myia reached around Jessica’s ass holding it and pulling her to her. Jessica starts rubbing her pussy on Myia’s pussy. Myia leans back laying on the couch. She pulls Jessica up on top of her. Jessica hips rocking like she’s fucking Myia. Myia wraps her legs around Jessica and holds her as they hump each other. Soon, they both scream, tensing up and having the biggest orgasm ever.

Calming down, Jessica gets up and turns around. Straddling Myia’s face. I’ve wanted to try this for so long. She sits on Myia’s face. Leaning forward, laying on top of Myia and Jessica starts licking Myia pussy again. They moan breathing hard in their first sixty-nine together. Soon they have another orgasm.

Turning around, they hold each other. Loving the special time, they have shared. Laying on the couch. Neither one knows they have just done something that many will enjoy watching them do.

“I take it you two love each other so much now and in a different light,” Jason says, stepping out and clearing his throat.

“Oh yes,” Jessica says smiling.

Her arms around Myia still holding her tight.

“Yes, it was so nice. I love Jessica in a whole new light now,” Myia says, looking at Jessica and kissing her lips.

“Well, you two, look so much in love now. Will you two be dating each other? Will you come out yet?” Jason asks them.

Knowing they have no idea the cameras are still filming them.

“Yes, oh yes,” they both say at the same time.

Holding each other.

“I’m proud to say, I’m a lesbian,” Myia says.

“I’m proud to say I’m a lesbian too,” Jessica says

“Well, when you’re ready you can go get dressed. I’ll get your SD card ready for your private video you made today,” Jason says.

They lay there smiling as he walks off. Getting up they hold hands walking back into the room putting their clothes back on. When they walk out, Jason is there putting lights up. He smiles at them as they walk up holding hands still.

“You two look like you’re so much in love. Here is your SD card,” Jason says, giving it to Jessica.

“Thank you for this today. We had no idea we felt this way,” Myia says.

Thank you, it was my pleasure to help,” Jason says. He watches as they walk to the door and down the street. Walking slowly and holding hands. Just like new lovers.


A couple of weeks go by. Jason thinks of a way to use Jessica to get her into another video. He has someone that makes K-9 films. Jessica would have the right look with a dog. His friend could put it out on a national market, they could make so much, even get Jessica to do more. So, Jason calls Jessica.

“Hello” Jessica says, answering her cell.

“Hello, Jessica, this Jason at Patterson Photography. How are you doing today?”

“Oh hello, I’m good thank you,” she says to him.

“Jessica the reason I’m calling is, I showed your pictures to a friend of mine. He says you have the look he’s looking for. He’s doing an ad and thinks you would be perfect for it. Do you have any plans for Sunday afternoon?”

“No, I don’t. He really thinks I could have a look for it. What’s the ad for?” Jessica asks.

“Well, it’s for the ASPCA. It’s a short video for dog adoption. Do you think you would be interested?” Jason asks.

“Yes, sure I would love to try it. Thank you for asking me,” Jessica smiled, talking to him over the phone.

“Do you know where the animal shelter is over on Purdue Street?” Jason asks.

“I think so, either way I can find it,” she tells him.

“Okay, meet them there Sunday around two,” Jason says.

“Thank you, I’ll be there. Do I need to bring anything?” Jessica asks.

“Do you have a snug fitting summer dress?” he asks

“Yes, it’s blue,” Jessica says.

“Wear it. The man with the ad wants nothing under if you could. No bra or panties. He doesn’t want any lines at all. He can explain more later.” Jason says, hoping she falls for it.

“Oh okay, I understand, I’ll see you tomorrow around two.” Jessica says.

“Great, see you then,” Jason says, and they both hang up the phones.

The next morning, Jessica gets up and showers. Shaving everywhere on her body. She’s never liked hair on her pussy and feels so sexy with it being smooth. Fixing her hair and makeup. Put her blue summer dress on. Smoothing it out and looking at the mirror and thinking how nice it does look without any panty or bra lines. Slipping her four-inch blue heels on to. Getting her purse, cell phone, and keys. Walks out to her car and drives to the animal shelter.

Pulling up and parking in the parking lot. Jessica notices so many cars parked there. Getting out feeling the lower half of her dress flowing with the breeze. Her heels click so as she walks down the hallway to the front door. Her hair down her back walking to the door. Seeing the closed sign. Standing there thinking what to do. Jason walks out and sees her with the light behind her. The dress, see thru then showing her body off. Jessica looking and about to turn away, Jason opens the door.

“Hello, Welcome Jessica, come on in,” Jason says and opens the door for her.

“Thank you,” Jessica says and steps in.

Looking around and no idea, Jason could tell she wasn’t wearing anything under the dress, from her walking with the light behind her. Looking around as she stands in the lobby.

“You ready to get started?” Jason asks her as he leads her to the back.

“Yes,” Jessica says and looking at the wall pictures as they walk to a room.

Walking into it and notice lots of lights and video cameras. There was a chair in front of the lights and a padded bench to the side. Lights all on them. Large mirrors on the wall. Taking up the whole wall.

“Just walk into the room. Look around some. Then walk to that door and look out. Turn and slowly, like you’re looking around, walk to the chair and sit on it and cross your legs. When we let in the dog. Call him over, uncross your legs, and sit on the edge of the chair. Pet him and play with him. Tell what a good dog he is,” Jason tells her. Jessica smiled, taking it all in. Jason walks out with Jessica and as the door clothes she turns walking back in. looking like she just got there. Video is filming now.

Walking into camera view. She does what she was told to do. Walk around the room, and then look out the large door. (No idea to her. That shows off her body through the dress). Turning, walking to the chair, and sitting on it and crossing her legs. After a few minutes, a door opens, and a black Labrador walks in. Wagging his tail and walking right up to Jessica.

“Hey boy, what a good boy you are,” she says, calling him over.

Petting his head. Uncrossing her legs and moving up on the edge of the seat.

“Oh, my you’re so handsome.” Jessica says, smiling at him.

The dog licked her bare legs and tried to move under her dress. She is smiling thinking it’s nothing to it.

“Jessica, pull him up to you and pet his back,” a voice came from somewhere.

Jessica moves him straight up to her and leans over rubbing his back. She opens her legs some as she moves. His snout starts moving up her dress between her legs.

“Oh God, hold it boy,” Jessica gasps, pushing him back smiling looking around embarrassed.

“Oh, that’s okay Jessica. Let him do that some. Show how you really love dogs and want to make him happy. Say how you want to take him home for doing that,” the voice said.

As Jessica slowly opens her legs for him again. He goes back licking up her legs to her crotch. Jessica gasps as she feels his tongue on her bare pussy.

“Oh my God. I might have to take you home,” Jessica moans sitting there moving her hands to her sides.

Nervous, but letting the dog lick her. She started to feel something. It is feeling pretty good to her. Opening her legs more.

“Jessica, unbutton your dress,” the voice says.

She looks around, her fingers start undoing her dress. Slowly her breasts come into view. Opening her dress. Breathing deeply, looking around, not sure if she should be doing this. She looks down at the lap licking her.

“Oh God this can’t be happening,” She moans to herself.

“Jessica, take your arms out of the dress and stand up. Walk to the bench and lay face down on it,” the voice says.

She looks around and stands up leaving her dress laying on the chair. Jessica walks to the bench with the lab at her sides. Laying across the bench. She feels it keeping her hips up. Gripping the handles, she looks back and up into the large mirror. The lab starts licking her pussy and asshole from the back. She moans some now. Moving her hips to the dog.

“You’re doing a great job Jessica,” the voice says.

She feels the bench move and lower her some. Then the dog jumps on her back.

“Oh my, Boy what are you doing?” Jessica asks him.

Then she feels what he’s doing. She feels his cock bump over her asshole and then slide over her pussy lips.

“Oh hey, got a problem here,” she gasps.

Then the cock hits home. Pushes into her pussy.

“Oh, I, Oh, Hey, Whoa, Oh God,” Jessica stammers, gasping feeling it.

The dog starts fucking her. Jamming his cock in and out of her so fast. The way she’s laying on the bench. She can’t get him off her or stand up.

“OH, oh, oh, oh God,” Jessica moaned, gasping, looking at herself in the mirror.

Looking at the dog on her back and his hips working her pussy. She lay there being his bitch. She starts to feel something. No idea what. She has no idea he’s working his knot into her. Locking her to him. He starts to cum’s in her. Feeling it. Taking over her, she has an orgasm right then. The light changes and she can see many men watching her from behind the mirrors. She gasps having an orgasm and there is nothing she can do about it.

Laying there, breathing hard, looking into the eyes of so many men. The dog’s knot slowly goes down. He pops out and gets off top of her back. He walks off and starts to lick himself clean. Jessica sits up on the bench and takes it all in. All that just happened.

“Jessica please step in here. Leave your dress,” the voice says.

Jessica stands up and walks out the room in only her heels. Jason opens a door for her. She steps in the room. It’s the one on the other side of the one she was in. So many men were looking at her.

“Gentlemen, Let me introduce you to Jessica Reeves. The newest bitch who has just done her first doggie film,” Jason says.

The men all stand and clap for Jessica. She stands there smiling, Kinda embarrassed, but saying thank you.

“Jessica, these men want your autograph. You’re going places,” Jason says.

“Okay,” Jessica says and starts walking around the room signing her name to pictures of her.

She feels hands rubbing her legs, thighs, ass, and other places on her body. What will happen next?


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  1. Oh yes, WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT! Jessica is such a sexy dumb teenage slut. I expect she will satisfy all those men. Please carry on this story and tell us all about Jessica plunging into the deepest depths of depravity.

  2. I think this is probably the best of the Patterson photography stories, what girl could resist a beautiful labrador

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