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Story Codes: Lesbian, Incest, Young

Synopsis: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a young girl and older women. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.

Parochial School Girl 2

One of the days I was picking Mary up from school, I was sitting on the steps to the entrance to the Immaculate Heart High School and saw Mother Superior Bernadette coming to the entrance to supervise the girls getting picked up after the school day. I thought about my own first days at the school.

I was going to be a boarding school student for the first time in my life. The only girl I knew well, was going to attend Immaculate Heart was my best friend Judy, but she was going to commute to and from school.

I was going to be living in a dorm with 30 other girls. The dorm was divided into cubicles with two girls per cubical. They contained two twin-sized beds, two small desks, two small wardrobes, and two footlockers. There was very little privacy. In those days, Sister Bernadette was a rather young nun that was not only a teacher, she was the form mother for the new incoming freshmen girls.

I was not only intimidated by my new surroundings I was cowed by the other girls because they were all much bigger than me. I was so tiny for my age that I slept in my childhood crib until I was 12-years-old. Oh, the rails had been removed, but I was still embarrassed to let my friends see that I was sleeping in a crib. I was frightened by the loud talking of the other girls.

The first night I was to sleep in strange surroundings. I was upset and when I went to bed, I couldn’t stop crying. My roommate told me to keep quiet, but there was no stopping. If anything, I got louder. Soon, almost all of the girls were telling me to keep quiet. There was enough commotion that Sister Bernadette came out of her room.

She followed the sound of my sobbing to the right cubical. She on the edge on the bed and asked: “I know that you are lonely and upset with your new surroundings. You are disturbing the other girls. I think you should come to spend the night with me.” She stood up and pulled me to my feet and led me to her room.

Her room was also spartan: a twin bed against the wall, a desk, a simple wardrobe, and a nightstand by the bed. There was a lamp on the nightstand and a couple of books beside the Bible. She had been in being when the commotion had gotten her attention, she wore a simple baggie white cotton gown that was held up by a drawstring around the bodice. I was wearing a nightgown that was a little large for me.

I may have the physical development of a 14- year-old but I was no bigger than a 10-year-old. She had me get into her bed and she pulled the drawstring and turned out the light. I barely noticed that she pulled her right arm out of the sleeve, as she put her left arm under my neck, as she pulled me against her warm body.

She whispered in my ear: “Would you feel better if I allowed you to suck on my breasts?”

Her question surprised me, and rather than say anything I simply took the nipple of her right breast into my mouth and started sucking on it like a baby. She used her right hand to rub my back soothingly. That was the beginning of my sleeping with her every night. I got the reputation of being the favorite and some additional animosity.

My sucking on her breasts, led to her pulling up my nightgown off and masturbating me to an orgasm. The first night she pulled the covers back and spread my leg to go down on me … it frightened me so much that I actually pissed in her face. I feared that she would be upset with me, but she assured me that it was alright. She was happy to swallow my pee just to get to please me. I learned from her how to please a woman.

At that moment Mother Superior Bernadette interrupted my thoughts by asking me: “What are you waiting for Deborah?”

“I’m here to pick up one of your students.”

She gave me a knowing look: “May I ask which one of our girls are you picking up today?”

The same girl as last time, Mary Johnson.”

She had the look on her face, as she thought about who I was thinking about. Then her face smiled as she said: “Small blonde with a captivating smile?”

“Yes, I fell in love with her when I saw her at a bus stop in her Immaculate Heart uniform! She brought back warm memories of my days here!”

At that moment the bell rang, and very soon the doors flew open and there was a rush of teenage girls heading for their waiting rides home.

My dear friend Mother Superior Bernadette and I had to stand back out of the way to void the rush. When Mary emerged from the administration building, she was excited to see me. She jumped up and flung her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth.

Mother Superior cleared her throat before saying: “Miss Johnson do you think it is appropriate to be greeting someone in public in such a manner?”

“I’m sorry Mother, I am just excited to see Deborah!”

“I would prefer that you not be so demonstrative on the school grounds. I think we should go to my office for a talk.” The way she made the statement left little room for negotiation.

When we entered her outer office, she told her secretary that she was not to be disturbed as she escorted Deborah and me into her office.

Her office was impressive: the walls were wood-paneled with bookcases a large carved desk with dark leather office chair and there were two leather chairs facing the desk and a diamond tucked leather couch against one wall. Mother Superior Bernadette had us to have a seat on the couch.

She pulled one of the chairs close to the couch and took a set. She asked Deb “How much have your told Mary about your school day here?”

“I haven’t told her anything that would embarrass anyone.”

“I assume that you have seduced her though?”

“Yes, Mother Superior Bernadette. I met her at a city bus stop on Vermont Ave. I knew she was an Immaculate Heart student because of her uniform. I even asked if you still were at school. She was the one that told me that you were the Mother Superior now.”

She turned her attention to Mary, “Tell me the truth child. Do you enjoy having sex with Debby?”

The look on Mary’s face told me that she was shocked that her Mother Superior would as such a question of her. She stammered: “Yesss…Yes, I love her very much.”

Bernadette gave me a look that carried the message to show her. I placed my left arm around Mary’s back and used the finger on my right hand to turn her head towards me by her chin and kissed her on the mouth. While I was kissing her, I placed my right hand on one of her small breasts. I gave her little tit a genital squeeze.

Mary was uncomfortable being molested in front of the Mother Superior of her school and blushed. She placed her left hand on top of my right hand but she was not strong enough to pull my hand away. Having demonstrated that I was in charge I started unbuttoning the blouse of her uniform. Once I had opened four of the buttons, I pulled the blouse open to expose the white slip with the delicate white training bra underneath. I slipped my hand into the slip and bra and pulled her breast out for Bernadette’s benefit. I toyed with the nipple until it was obvious that Mary was fully sexually aroused before I leaned over and sucked on her breast. Judging by the look on Bernadette’s face she was enthralled by the sight of the young girl’s alabaster pink tit being sucked on by her former student.

Mother Superior Bernadette started feeling her own breasts with both hands. Her eyes glazed over before she reached up and pulled the straight pin from the black veil and carefully folded and draped it over the back of the chair.

A nun’s headdress is called a veil, though several items make up the headdress. The bandeau that the black veil is pinned to. The coif is the close-fitting white cap that holds the headdress in place. The wimple is the traditional medieval white piece that covers the neck and cheeks. Then she removed the white wimple by untying the laces on the back of her head and pulled off of her head and placed it on top of the veil. That gave Mary her first look at a nun without a veil covering the head.

Bernadette’s salt and pepper hair cut short and was wet and matted to her head by the veil. Only seeing a nun’s face makes it hard to estimate their age but seeing the whole head made it easier to see that she was obviously over fifty-years-old.

The next thing she removed was the Guimpe (a heavily starched white cloth covering the neck and shoulders). She had the crucifix and the belt with her Rosary attached. The central piece of the habit was the black woolen tunic that long-sleeved varmint that pleated garment that reaches the ground. By the time Bernadette removed the tunic, Mary was surprised to see that the only thing the nun had on was the comfortable black oxfords and black ankle socks.

Mother Superior Bernadette still had a nice figure, though her breasts sagged because of the long number of years not wearing a bra. Not being vain she didn’t shave her body hair, so there was plenty of dark underarm hairs protruding from under her lowered arm, long side her breasts. There was also, an abundant amount of pubic hair on her vulva, with a trail running up to her navel. There was some hair on her legs and forearms. Mary might have been repulsed by all of that hair but I found it very erotic.

Bernadette knelt before Mary and spread her legs before pulling the teenager’s panties out from under her butt and free of her legs. Mary was unable to close her legs because the nun was between her legs. The nun pushed the short-pleated blue and gray plaid skirt up around her waist and admired the young blonde-haired pussy. Bernadette moved her face close to the girl’s pussy and smelled the ripe musky aroma of the teenager’s pussy.

Mary was distracted by my sucking on her little breasts and her person of respected authority between her legs sucking on her pussy. She was squirming around in a sexual frenzy. It took her a long time to achieve an orgasm but when the orgasm swept over her body it left her shaken and exhausted. When the two of us sat up Mary’s body went limp.

Bernadette was in a state of sexual arousal that was animalistic lust. She sat in the couch next to Mary and she placed her hand on the back of Mary’s neck and pulled the girl over and forced her face into her hairy pussy.

While Mary was busy sucking the nun’s pussy, I pulled her short shirt up and panties down to her knees and was licking her pussy and asshole from behind. At that point, I was the only one that had not had an orgasm. Shortly after Mary and Bernadette had an orgasm both of them turned their attention towards satisfying me.

They positioned me on the middle of the couch with my head resting on the back of the couch. Bernadette on my right and Mary was on my left. They took turns kissing me with their tongues while they were massaging my breasts. As the two of them turned their attention to sucking on my tits they were both vying for the privilege of stimulating my pussy. They spread my legs open. Bernadette eventually settled for masturbating my vagina. At first, she was just using one finger to masturbate me, but she kept adding fingers until she actually was fist-fucking me. At the same time, Mary settled on stimulating my clitoris. She even managed to get her head down there to suck on my clit. An orgasm overwhelmed me. My body spasmed like I was having an epileptic fit that left me totally relaxed by the time I recovered. As much as we hated to bring this to a conclusion – it was time to leave.

We had to gather up our clothes and get dressed. Mother Superior Bernadette walked us to my car and we said our goodbyes to each other before Mary and I left the school. I had to drive Mary straight home. Before we got out of the car, we used a little Purell (hand sanitizer) to neutralize the pussy smell on our hands and faces.

Mrs. Johnson insisted that I stay for dinner with them. Mary went upstairs to change clothes and I made use of the first-floor guest bathroom to wash up before dinner.

Mrs. Johnson served a delicious home-cooked meal of a pot roast with the vegetables cooked in the same pot. It was a pleasant evening and Mrs. Johnson insisted that I call her Gwen. At the end of the evening, as I was saying my goodbyes to Mary and her family, Gwen invited me to go to lunch together the next day. I felt obligated to accept her invitation. We agreed to meet at the Taix French restaurant on Sunset Boulevard at noon.

I was a little anxious that night. I felt it again, as the hour to pick up Gwen and take her the Taix’s restaurant. When we arrived, I gave the valet my car keys and we were seated in a booth and we enjoyed a nice meal. The conversation was learning a little about each other. We told each other where we were from and schools. Eventually, she brought up the fact that she knew that I was fucking her daughter. I was forced to admit that I was in love with her daughter.

What came as a surprise to me as she leaned close and asked: “Is Mary a good fuck?” When I recovered, I assured her that Mary was one of the best lovers I have ever had. When we finished eating, we drove down the hill on Park Avenue to the north end of Echo Park Lake. We sat on a bench across the street from the Angelus Temple.

I was telling Gwen that it was the Four Square Church and Bible College founded by Aimee Semple McPherson. While we were talking and watching the ducks on the lake, we happened to admire a couple of girls that were obviously college students. We admitted that we were getting horny, and it was getting close to the time to pick up Mary from school.

Mary was surprised to see her mother waiting with me, but she greeted both of us with hugs and kisses. We took her to my duplex where we could be comfortable. As we were opening the door to my home, Judy came walking up the walkway with a bag of groceries in her arm with the keys to her duplex in her other hand.

“Hi Judy,” I said, “Why don’t you come over and join us for coffee?”

“Sure, let me put the groceries away,” she answered.

As soon as we were in the apartment, I brewed a pot of coffee, of course, Mary preferred a soft drink. By the time the coffee finished brewing Judy joined us in my apartment. I introduced Judy to Gwen and Mary.

When I went on about how Judy and I knew each other since we were in pre-school the look on Mary’s face showed her animosity towards Judy. I ushered everyone to gather around the dining table and gave Mary a soft drink and filled three mugs with coffee.

The subject of sex quickly became the subject of our conversations. Mary listened to the three of us lament our dissatisfaction with our past relationships with males. Judy and I admitted that we had a long-lasting loving friendship dating back to the days we were checking out what was in each other’s panties. Our confessions inspired Gwen to join in and tell us about her own sexual exploits with her female friends.

Gwen told us that she had a long-lasting sexual affair with her own mother’s younger sister that started when she was as young as eleven. She told us about her having sex with a few of her close friends while their children were at school. Then she turned her comments to Mary. She told Mary, “I have known for several weeks that you are having sex with Deborah.”

Mary was uncomfortable but couldn’t deny the truth of her mother’s comments. Gwen assured her that as far as she was concerned with her having a sexual relationship with older women or her girlfriends and classmates.

Mary got over her shyness and reticence quickly and wanted her mother to tell her more about, what her and her aunt, had engaged in. Gwen was reluctant to talk about her past in front of us. Mary persisted until her mother told her about how she has worshiped Aunt Rebecca and when she had her first period while visiting her aunt. Rebecca had cleaned her up and told her all about sex before she sucked her pussy. After that, she showed me what her pussy looked like. I asked her aunt if she could suck her pussy. Of course, her aunt welcomed Gwen’s efforts to satisfy her orally.

The conversation was serving to inflame all of our desires. I suggested that we move to the living room where we could be more comfortable. Judy and I sat in the two chairs we reposition to face the couch. Gwen and Mary sat together on the couch. Gwen placed her left arm around her daughter’s back and as she leaned over to kiss her on the mouth, she placed her right hand on Mary’s left little breast.

Mary’s eyes flashed between Judy and me because she was embarrassed having her mother playing with her tits in front of a stranger and me, but it was also sexually stimulating. The longer the foreplay went on the more Mary became aroused. It wasn’t long before she wasn’t thinking about the eyes watching her.

It was quite a show watching Gwen taking her time undressing her daughter and herself. Judy and I were removing our own clothes while slowly masturbating ourselves. When they were both naked Gwen knelt on the carpet between Mary’s legs and started licking her pussy.

Judy couldn’t resist the sight of Gwen’s tits and butt sticking up in the air. After all, the sight of her pussy and asshole were too inviting. She knelt on her bare knees behind Gwen and proceeded to rub her face in the woman’s pussy and asshole.

Watching my naked best friend licking the beautiful pussy and ass of Mary’s mother was more than I would resist. I got out of chair and stood by the couch and leaned over their bodies to kiss Mary on the mouth. Mary was moaning when I ended the kiss to lick and suck on her little breasts. Mary started having mutable orgasms. I enjoyed watching her have her orgasms until she recovered.

She was looking up at me with those big blue eyes. I kissed her again and mounted the couch and squatted over Mary’s head. I lowered my pussy down to Mary’s upturned face. I crouched over so that I could watch Mary’s eyes as she licked and sucked my pussy. After I had an orgasm, I realized that Judy was the only one of the four of us that had not been satisfied,

I pulled Judy up and sat her on the couch next to Mary and invited Gwen and Mary to join me in making love to Judy. Mary knelt on the floor and sucked Judy’s pussy while Gwen and I sucked Judy’s tits. When Judy achieved her own multiple orgasms Mary turned her attention to her mother’s hairy pussy. By the time we were finished, it was well past midnight. Judy invited Gwen to spend the night with her. Mary and I retreated to my bedroom to spend the night clinging to each other.

We slept late and slowly got up and washed up and got dressed before Judy and Gwen joined us for breakfast. Over breakfast, we discussed our future relationship.


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