One of the “Usual” Questions – Non-Fiction

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Subject: One of the “Usual” Questions

Link: Tumblr / 21.10.2021 / Posted by Maidintheshadows

One of the “Usual” Questions

Today I received the above photo with what I call a “usual” question attached to it. “What immediately comes to mind when you saw this photograph?”

My response:

I see three wives in my church who wear the mask which presents them as devout, morally upright persons who would never dream of engaging in any sexual sin and would be quick to be there to endorse actions which would enhance and increase some type of moral boundary where, in the end, the three wives would be able to lord it over the “offender”; while at the same time they are sluts and whores at heart, willing and able to engage in all manner of sex and depravities at the drop of a hat because, at heart, they are weak willed, have sexual secrets and can’t say “no” in those situations where they are not among members of our church or their friends and family where they put up their front or wear their masks.

We present ourselves to our world each day wearing a mask. We hide our feelings, purporting to feel good when we feel bad. We lie to another saying their dress is cute when we think it horrible, that kind of thing.   But the mask extends to those around us. We want them to see and perceive us as we want to be seen, not as we are. We women do it all the time. We dress conservatively, but our lingerie, scent and makeup borders on if not is whorish. We strive to stay aloof and “professional” while at the same time seek to be appealing, desirous and “wanted” by men and women also.

Most will see the photo as three masked women walking around in underwear in order to appeal to men’s prurient interests. I see much more than that, and smile. When you see two women in a room, one in a form fitting rather short dress and another in a business suit with a loose blouse, skirt and jacket, who is the one who is more interesting and more open to frequently fucking whoever at any time? It’s most often the woman in the business suit,  the wife who dresses conservatively. How do I know this? My experience as a pastor’s wife and a devotee of the Dark Lord. I intereact with women like these all the time at our church.

Ave Dominum Tenebris.

2 thoughts on “One of the “Usual” Questions – Non-Fiction”

  1. How is this resonating with me…how am I on this site….totally turned on and overwhelmed by the stories filled with sensuality and lust…if people knew!!

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