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Feature Writer: Brother Luthorius Grand Warlock Of The Devil’s Cabal / High Magister And Demonic Scribe

Feature Title: Occult Satanism 6 – The Honorian Alphabet And Its Use Within Malediction

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Occult Satanism 6

The Honorian Alphabet And Its Use Within Malediction

Throughout the Grimoire MALEDICTION there will be Workings which employ the use of the Honorian Alphabet otherwise known as The Theban Alphabet and The Alphabet Of The Witch. This Alphabet Of The Dark Witch is one of the most powerful of those utilized in Magick along with the Enochian, Malachim and Celestial Alphabets.

It has always been my favoured Arcane Script to Work with in Occult Practices and Works much better with Darker Occult Arts than the other Alphabets mentioned here. Workings such as The Black Candle Of Demise, The Nailed Heart Hex, The Crib Seal Of Protection, The Sent Hexes And Their Incantations,

The Warlock’s Curse and many other Black Arts employ the Writing of Magickal Verses in Arcane Alphabets. The Use of such a Alphabet is highly effective in sending Enchantments, Hexes and other such items to those you seek to harm or influence, the receipt of such an Enchantment or Curse immediately alerts the recipients mind of something strange, some part of the recipient – at least on a subconscious level – will know that this is of Magickal origin and their mind will immediately feel threat and be opened to that threat.

The fact the sent Hex etc is written in Magickal Alphabet and that it will unreadable to the recipient will open their subconscious even further as their rational mind fails to come up with the explanation it naturally seeks. This state of affairs all aids in placing the recipient of the Hex/Enchantment in an open and weakened state for the Black Magick to Work.

When passed or sent Workings are delivered in this way using The Alphabet Of The Dark Witch it is important however that the first person to touch it will be the intended victim, the first individual to unfurl the Parchment on which the Working is written will receive its force be it as a Benediction or a Malediction.


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