Occult Satanism 1 – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: Brother Luthorius Grand Warlock Of The Devil’s Cabal / High Magister And Demonic Scribe

Feature Title: Occult Satanism 1 – The Aeon Of Shadow And The Aeon Of Fire

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Occult Satanism 1


Welcome to the Manuscript OCCULT SATANISM: THE BLACK ARTS OF OLD WORLD SATANISM REVIVED, this is a brief Introduction to this Manuscript and the Grimoire ‘MALEDICTION’ which is contained within it. Malediction is a Grimoire of tremendous Power forged over 36 years from a multitude of sources both physical and spiritual. It is a journey back into the Unholy past of Devil Worship,

Black Witchcraft and Infernal Sorcery, a time when the Arts of Black Magick and Satanism were truly malevolent and of the darkest formulas of Occult Science. Times when Witches attended the Sabbat of the Black Goat, defrocked Priests uttered Latin Verses over Black Masses and Poisoners merged their Magick with Sorcerers to end the life of their enemy.

I speak of the Dark Age of the Witch-Trials, the Black Majesty of Renaissance Satanism and the insidious Workings of Devil Worship practiced in centuries long ago. This Manuscript and the Grimoire MALEDICTION which is unveiled within it is more of a discovery than a book, it is the equivalent of discovering an old Dark Age Grimoire in some broken down mansion unused for many decades and opening it to find the shadowy Rites and Dark Arts which have been hidden from sight for centuries.

This is no exaggeration, the Dark Workings of this Manuscript have been pieced together through years of research into many areas of Dark Occultism, through past life journeys during meditation and direct Seership and Invocation practices with the Demons of Satan’s Hellish Legion including the Dark Lord Himself.

Many of the Workings in the Grimoire MALEDICTION also draw on the forces of Planetary Magick and the Kamea Squares associated with it to form powerful Sigils derived from the Names of the Demons themselves, these Sigils are of immense force as the Name of a Demon holds the true essence of its dark Infernal Power.

The Grimoire also makes use of the The Alphabet Of The Dark Witch (more popularly known in Occult Circles as The Theban or Honorian Alphabet) to form Hexes, Evocations and Charms of ineffable force harnessing the Demonic current of Hell’s Infernal Legion.

This Work has taken years to finally be formed into the Manuscript that shall be unveiled here — it has been a Work which has taken its toll on many levels and at times taken me to my limits mentally, it is my hope now that those who come to explore its material will find that journey worthwhile.

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  1. I am going to remember this story from now on, Amazing, Sexy, and Sensual. I love same sex.
    Hail Devine Goddess Lilith!

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