Feature Writer: Dicky Dick /
Feature Title:  My Twin Sister /
Story Codes: Anal, Boys/Teen Female, Hardcore, Incest, Virginity, WS /
Synopsis: Dark Fantasy /


My Twin Sister

It was a hot sultry summer day, and I was in my room playing the computer games. I wasn’t concentrating on the shooting down the digital monsters on the screen, as my mind was all focused on the area between my legs, where I had a huge hard-on, and was lazily pondering whether I should masturbate it off.

Then suddenly there was a knock on the door, and before I had a chance of saying “come in” the door was thrust open and my twin sister Nicole stepped into my room. She was wearing a black slip, a present she got a week ago from one of our aunts for her fourteenth birthday, that hid neatly her 32 AA cup-size breasts, and a red velvet skirt with a zipper in front that was reaching almost to her knees. She looked tanned and healthy (she was a captain in a soccer team) and she was beaming at me with her innocent-girl smile.

My hard-on got bigger when I imagined my twin sister’s naked tits, her tight shapely butt and trimmed pussy. I’d seen her slender body naked a few times, in the shower, and in her room when she was changing, so I knew, what was underneath her clothes. Nicole immediately saw what was going on between my legs and her smile broadened and transformed into a mischievous grin. She said, “I want to show you something today. Something my boyfriend has showed me the other day.” She pointed at my hard-on. “Something to do with it.”

I blushed. Her boyfriend Gleb, a nerdy boy with curly hair and tall lanky body, had been, unbeknownst to him, my sworn enemy for being an abductor of my sis’s attentions. But at the moment I was gaping at my sis and imagining what she had in mind. We’d done some fooling around before, not much, mostly play and games, some touching, some pinching, nothing sexual: she just never seemed to be interested in doing more. But now looking at her resolved face I felt that she was in earnest to do something bold, to trespass the boundaries she’d set up.

I sat immobile, my heart pounding, my limbs frozen up. Impatiently Nicole grabbed my hand, pulled me up and led me outside the room. Silently, I put on my sandals and followed her down our back lawn. It was a Monday early afternoon and our parents were at work. Our parents’ property is connected to the deep ravine that in turn opens into the Natural Preserve. We walked down the forking path, through the thick foliage, into the pine forest. There was a wide path by the Mink Brook — a mountainous creek barely ten feet in width and a foot in depth — where joggers jog and dog-walkers walk their dogs. We crossed the path, took our sandals off and waded through the brook at its shallow end, knee-deep, and went deep into the forest, towards a secret nook, which Nicole and her boyfriend had discovered on their joined expeditions.

I didn’t dwell on what would follow once we’d reach the secret nook. I was just watching the flexing muscles of my sis butt, totally galvanized by its symmetrical beauty. I craved to strip her skirt off and grab them and knead the two spheres in my hands. It was very hot and humid and I was sweating and panting. I brushed off mosquitoes and scratched my arms where they’d bitten me.

Finally Nicole stopped. We were right in the middle of nowhere, in a tiny flat opening, with pine trees all around us, and a vagabond arm of the brook a few feet away floating quietly. “No one will disturb us here,” Nicole said. I swallowed. I was scared, and my dick had lost its build-up and was flaccid now. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea. Whatever Nicole’s idea was.

Nicole lowered down and sat on the grass that was strewn with pine needles. She spread her legs, knees up and lay flat on her back using her right arm as a pillow. “Nice in here,” she said. I sat down next to her. I looked at Nicole’s midriff, slim and tanned, and the erection was coming back to me. I needed some coaxing though. My sis had always been the brave one; I’d always stood in her shadow. That’s why she had a boyfriend and I had no girlfriend. “I’ll be your girlfriend, Dave,” she read my mind. That’s what the twins do, read each other’s mind just like that.

“Take off your shirt, it’s hot in here,” Nicole said matter-of-factly. Obediently I peeled my T-shirt off and wondered if Nicole could see my pulsating heart through the ribcage. She did all right. “Hey, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” she said softly. She touched my hand lightly and then suddenly pulled me down and I fell on her, crashing her with my weight. She giggled and kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back. And kissed again. And we were rolling on the grass kissing each other, our tongues exploring the caverns of our mouths.

I grabbed her shirt, her birthday present, and did what I’d wanted to do in my room, yanked it right off of her bod. She was still giggling when I press-weighed her palms to the ground with my hands and began to kiss her milk-white breasts, where her bikini had hid it from the sun. Her nipples were dark pink and had two tiny hair sticking out of its circles. I pinched on her nipples with my teeth and sucked on them, like a toddler. I let go of her arms and kneaded Nicole’s breasts, cupped them and sucked them more. They were firm and could fit in my hands. Emboldened I licked on them, slowly taking my tongue up to her shoulders and her armpits. Her armpits weren’t shaved and they were sweet-smelling of sweat. I licked her sweat off from both of her armpits and my mouth felt bitter, yet the smell and the taste of her sweat drove me even wilder. I unzipped her skirt. She hoisted her butt up and I pulled it down.

Underneath, Nicole wore a black thong. She was still giggling and showing no resistance. I looked at her flat stomach and a shallow round bellybutton. I looked down at the nexus where her thighs met. Her thighs were narrow, almost boyish. I held the strings of her thong in my hands and slowly lowered it down. I gaped at my sister’s pussy. It was so little, so trimmed, so snugly. It was the embodiment of everything pleasant as long as it has a prefix “so.”

Nicole stopped giggling and said, “Today we’re gonna fuck. Have you fucked before?” I shook my head. I took off my jeans shorts and my boxers and was snuggling against Nicole’s body, my skin tingling, as my thigh was pressing against her thigh. We were both naked. And all alone. I felt secure. Meanwhile the initiative was switching to my sister. I had no experience and I let her take on from there.

She took my dick in her hand and began to stroke it, first lightly, then faster and faster. She was listening to the intensity of my groans to guide the pressure of her grip and the speed of her stroking. She was fine-tuning her hand-job according to the music of my ecstasy. In the end her hand-job was as tailored to my body as that of my own. She released my dick then. I panted hard. This was a hell of a start.

Nicole took me by the shoulders and shoved me down. She held the shaft of my dick in her hand and lowered her pussy towards it. I stared right at her little pussy, which was parting its lips to enclose my throbbing dick. Her pussy was hot and it eagerly swallowed my dick, or rather sucked it in, inch by inch, until its entire shaft was entrenched inside her lubricated space. “Now pump,” my twin sister ordered.

And I pumped. Her pussy was a perfect fit to my dick. It was as if they had been created for one another. And they were. The brothers weren’t allowed to fuck their sisters. They called it a “taboo.” The most forbidden thing in the world. It was forbidden precisely because it was the best thing in the world! I didn’t know it, couldn’t know it, until that day. I was losing my virginity with my twin sister and there was nothing like it! It wasn’t just that I’d never done it before, never had sex, I felt with every cell of my body that it was much more than just that.

I was fucking my twin sister, or rather my twin sister was fucking me. She straddled me and pumped at me. My dick went in and out, in and out, setting my body on fire. She was bobbing like a spool of threads on a sewing machine, her hair in disarray, shrieking like a banshee. I was weak, weak all over, when she pulled out and lay on her stomach. “Fuck me from behind,” she ordered. Two bubbles of her butt were standing out like two vigilant guards. I grabbed them and stroked them and licked and sucked and drooled on them with my saliva. Then I parted her butt cheeks and plunged into her pussy from behind.

I was bumping against her ass as I fucked her, fucked her and fucked her, having lost any touch with reality around me, forgetting who I was, who it was I was fucking. Only Nicole’s groans reminded me what was going on. The fucking was simply divine. Our bodies had the same structure, the same height and weight. When I looked at Nicole, I looked in the mirror. Only that her facial features were landscaped into a female face. Our bodies were the same body, of the same person, only of two genders that had been splintered at birth. In copulation we re-united again, and this re-unification, after fourteen years of separation, was a feat of unearthly ecstasy.

“Take it out,” Nicole ordered. I followed her order blindly. I lay on my back and suddenly her butt cheeks were plastered over my face. I began to lap at her pussy, the pubic hair, the lips, the clitoris. Her pussy juices intermingled with her taste. Nicole raised her ass up and a heavy stream hit me on my face. For a second I was baffled, but then I realized that my sister was peeing on me. Instinctively I opened my mouth wide and drank her urine. It was very salty and bitter and pungent, yet looking at where it was coming from I drank it all down enjoying every droplet of it. “Show me your index finger,” Nicole said. I showed my index finger to her pussy and she squirmed a last charge of urine on it.

“Now stick the finger into my asshole,” Nicole ordered. But it wasn’t so easy. Her asshole was tight and it refused to accept my finger. I pushed it, pushed it with all my strength and the walls of her asshole parted and swallowed my finger. Her sphincter contracted and she screamed. I wigged it in. After a pause, Nicole said, “Now do the same with your dick.”

I pushed my dick into her asshole. Her asshole looked and felt so small I doubted that I’d fit in. But since she could shit out a turd, then surely she had enough space to have my dick coming in from the opposite direction. I shoved it in, fearing I’d tear my sister’s asshole. She was screaming, but not from agony. “No one fucked me there,” she managed to say. “It feels so good.” I made a final plunge and I was all in. I began to pump her, harder and harder, every move in her asshole was an effort, but such an ecstatic one.

I don’t know for how long it lasted. My dick’s gyrations intensified, sperm flooded into it in waves, and I felt light and unanchored. I was drifting off into orgasm. I held my sister’s butt cheeks, and the mere touch with its perfect globules exploded my body and I began to cum. I came in spurts and spurts and they never seemed to end. I screamed as I filled my sister’s ass with my cum. Finally I pulled out. My sister turned over and lay on her stomach. She wiggled her butt and farted. It was a loud, stinky fart, and my sperm came right out of her asshole. I wiped it off her ass with my fingers and stuck them into Nicole’s mouth. She licked my fingers, eating my cum.

I took my dick in my hand and directed it at Nicole. She knew what was coming and she smiled at me. I peed on her face, on her tits, on her pussy. I peed all over her pussy and then some more. I lowered myself down and we pressed against each other and kissed and rolled all over the clearing. Then we ran and jumped into the brook. We splashed until our bodies turned blue – the water in the brook was freezing. We returned to our secret nook and fucked again. Nicole’s pussy couldn’t wait to have me inside of it again.

It was a match forged in heavens.


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