My Prayer To Him by Morezhail – Non-Fiction

Writer: morezhail / Satanic Altar 

Subject: My Prayer To Him

Link: Tumblr / 26.02.2023

About Author: Infernal blessings to you all and may the black flame burn strongly in our satanic souls. This is an online satanic altar I setup to give adoration to Satan. If you have — any images, videos, songs or prayers — that Satan would adore, please add them by clicking on offerings to Satan. Ave Satanas _\m/ Morez | Gay theistic satanist | 35 | Dedicated since May 2012 | My role = gatherer | Feel free to ask me anything

My Prayer To Him

Hail to you Satan. Hail to your glorious cock. Hail Satan, Lucifer our Lord. I send a prayer to thee, watch over me and guide me while I go out amongst the Christians — I will fervently seduce, corrupt, and bring them to your service. Through the use of my body I will tempt them with my cock, ass, tongue, bring them to you through sodomy or any type of perversion. May the wonder and power of Satan flow through us today. May he enhance our bliss, our pleasure, our sexuality. May he empower us to do his work and bring others to share in his glory. Praise Satan!

Here are some powerful satanic audio clips

1 thought on “My Prayer To Him by Morezhail – Non-Fiction”

  1. Great post about going out and corrupting Christians and bring them to Satan. Wish I could listen to your audios, but I quit Tumbler when they started to restrict content. Thanks for doing your work corrupting the innocent and posting this. Hail Satan

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