Feature Writer: PheonixWrites

Feature Title: MAGIC MADNESS 2

Published: 02.07.2020

Story Codes: Supernatural, Transformation

Synopsis: A grateful cat girl and another run in with Lady Silvia.


Magic Madness 2

It’s been a few days since lady Silvia has been to Tyrell’s shop. He assumes he won’t be seeing her again after her expansion fiasco. Tyrell sits in the back of his shop mixing some ingredients together over a fire. He hears the bell above his door ring, causing him to jump. He gets up from his seat and walks to the front of the store. At the counter is a beautiful cat girl with white hair. Her ears twitch as he walks up to her.

“Hey Lizzie, how’s your mother doing?”

“She’s great! After I gave her that medicine you made. Her fever broke and she’s able to get out of bed.” Lizzie smiles as her tail whips from side to side. “I cant thank you enough… Here I made you this.”

Lizzie lifts her arms and sits a basket on the counter. The basket is full of fruits and vegetables.

“Thank you, but you don’t need to do that. Your mother …” Tyrell is stopped mid sentence by Lizzie.

“If it wasn’t for you my mother could have died. Not to mention you helped her free of charge … If you wont accept the basket …” Lizzie shifts her weight and begins to blush as she makes eye contact with Tyrell. “Maybe there’s something else I can do to show you how grateful I am …”

Lizzie walks around the counter. As she reaches Tyrell, she gives him a kiss.

“Let me thank you properly.” Lizzie winks and she drops to her knees behind the counter.

Before Tyrell can stop her Lizzie has opened his pants and pulls his cock out. She admires it as she holds it in her hand. She looks up to Tyrell and smiles before putting his cock in her mouth. She sucks on the head of his cock and begins taking more of him into her mouth and throat as he gets hard. Tyrell grips the counter top as Lizzie continues to service his cock. Tyrell begins to moan as Lizzie sucks hard on the head of his cock. She pulls it out of her mouth. The popping sound it makes as she does echoes through the store. She begins to lick his head, shaft and testicles. Tyrell let’s out another low moan as his knees start to get weak. Lizzie takes his testicles in her mouth and caresses them with her tongue. She uses her hand to stroke his cock as she sucks his testicles. The sound of her slurping and sucking drive Tyrell wild. A drop of precum drips from the tip of his cock. Landing on Lizzie’s wrist. Tyrell drops his head as Lizzie moves from his testicles and back up his shaft. As she reaches the head of his cock, he begins to twitch.

“Not yet.” Lizzie says with a purr before licking the drop of precum off of her wrist. “Hopefully no one…”

Before Lizzie can finish speaking, the door to the shop opens. The bell above the door dings, causing Tyrell to look up. He tries to slip away but Lizzie has other plans. Her tail wraps around one of his ankles and she grabs his cock. Tyrell stops in his tracks as Lizzie takes his cock back in her mouth. Tyrell attempts to keep a straight face as an older woman approaches the counter.

“Hello… Mrs. Hinge, I’ve got … those roots you … asked for.” Tyrell gets out what he can without moaning.

“Oh, honey you are the best. I know I can always count on you. Are you feeling okay though honey? You didn’t go through a lot to get them did you?” Mrs. Hinge smiles and sits a small coin purse on the counter.

Tyrell forces a smile as his legs begin to tremble. “I’m just a little tired, that’s all… Let me get those roots for you.”

Before Tyrell can reach down for the roots Lizzie reaches up with them in her hand. Tyrell quickly grabs them and slaps her hand back down. He hands Mrs. Hinge her root with an awkward smile on his face.

“Ah, I see you’ve hired some help. Hopefully they will help enough so you can get some rest.”

“Yeah… She decided she wanted to polish the wood behind the counter today … If she keeps up the good work, I will get her started in the back once she’s done here.” Tyrell smiles.

Mrs. Hinges taps the counter. “Well you keep up the good work down there young lady. I’m off to work Tyrell, thanks again honey.”

Mrs. Hinge leaves the store. As the door closes behind her Tyrell doubles over on the counter. He can’t take much more of this. Lizzie continues to suck as the door opens again. Tyrell lifts his head to see Lady Silvia prancing into the store. Her guard enters behind her. She makes it to the counter and turns to her guard.

“Please wait outside for me. I shouldn’t be long.” Silvia turns back around to Tyrell.

The guard marches outside. Tyrell tries to keep a straight face as Lizzie continues to suck his cock behind the counter.

“What’s wrong with you? Your face is strange today … You aren’t letting that slime have it’s way with your cock are you …” Silvia makes her way around the counter.

As Silvia rounds the counter, her jaw drops. She is shocked at the sight of Lizzie on her knees with Tyrell’s throbbing cock in her mouth. He can’t hold back any longer. Tyrell let’s out a deep groan and begins to cum. With every throb more cum pumps into Lizzie’s eager mouth. A smile of satisfaction stretches across Tyrell’s face as he finishes. Lizzie swallows all of Tyrell’s cum before putting his cock back in his pants. She crawls from under the counter and stands up.

Silvia stomps her foot. “You dirty bastard … Did you use some magic on her to make her do this?! … I can’t believe you.”

Lizzie licks her lips as her tail caresses Tyrell’s chest. “It’s not like that Lady Silvia … I guess you could say, I’m just a grateful woman.”

Silvia groans and points to the door. “Ugh … Just leave …”

Tyrell crosses his arms in front of him. “You can’t just barge in here and start kicking people out of my store.” He looks to Lizzie with a smirk on his face. “We had some business to attend to in the back. Feel free to stop by later Silvia.”

“No, it’s okay Tyrell, she obviously has some important matters to discuss with you. I will come by tomorrow so you… I mean, so we can handle that business we have.” Lizzie winks at Silvia before giving Tyrell a kiss and taking her leave.

Tyrell turns and watches as Lizzie gracefully leaves the store. Something about the sway in her hips as she walks away always catches his attention. Now if only he could get Silvia to leave or change her attitude towards him.

“So what is it that you need Silvia? This better be good too.”

“Look, I need something to make men more attracted to me …” Silvia shifts her weight. “You’ve got to have a pheromone or a powerful aphrodisiac, right?”

“Might I suggest an attitude adjustment. If that’s not an option though… I might have something that could help.” Tyrell chuckles.

“Very funny Tyrell. I didn’t come here to be talked down to. I came for a service.” Silvia begins to get angry.

“Well then, there’s nothing I can do for you then.” Tyrell begins to turn away from Silvia.

“Wait … ugh, fine. Look, my parents are wanting me to get married.” Silvia drops her head.

“And you want to use a pheromone to make a man want to marry you?”

“Kind of, the idiots that come for my hand in marriage end up ogling my mother over me… Her breasts are pretty large and she’s always wearing something that’s too small…” Silvia sighs. “I want them to pay attention to me, not my busty mother.”

“Wait, is that why you wanted your breast bigger? To compete with your mother?” Tyrell doubles over and begins to laugh.

“Yeah … yeah … I know … Look I’m just trying to get married and away from this shit city.” Silvia sighs.

“Alright… but let me explain something. I’ve tweaked this pheromone. You can wear it like perfume or leave it uncorked and out to cover an entire room. It’s a mix of alraune nectar and some essence of truth. So only those attracted to you will be affected. Or I’ve just got some diluted alraune nectar I can sell you … but every man within a good distance will come flocking to you.”

“Oh… That second option could be fun… So what’s essence of truth?” Silvia leans on the counter anticipating an answer.

“It’s a rare herb. Alone it will make you honest to a fault. When mixed with alraune nectar it makes you equally honest… but with your sexual desires.” Tyrell reaches under his counter and grabs a box.

He sits the box on the counter and opens it. Inside are multiple vials. Silvia picks one up and begins to examine it. As she does her guard opens the door to the store. Silvia jumps and drops the vial onto the floor. It shatters into pieces. The liquid in the vial vaporizes and the fumes flow through the shop. Silvia turns to the door and sees her guard. She quickly fans her hand to signal him to keep waiting. She turns back to Tyrell with a smile on her face.

“You break it, you buy it …” Tyrell’s chuckle is cut short as he realizes he made a mistake.

Tyrell looks at the box and realizes he sat the wrong product out. She wasn’t looking at the pheromones to attract men. She had been examining the pheromone that attracts women. By the time Tyrell has noticed, it’s already too late. The pheromone is so effective Silvia goes from complaining that it’s not working because Tyrell isn’t confessing his love and all over her. To telling Tyrell how much she wants his attention as well.

“The last time I was here it frustrated me so much that you didn’t pay more attention to me.” Silvia pouts “You checked out my breast but I was hoping you would have checked out a little more.”

“Yeah … you’re not alone there …” Tyrell laughs.

“What?! Was someone spying on us last time?” Silvia now has a puzzled look on her face.

“Ugh … Not really … Don’t worry about it.” Tyrell shrugs it off.

“Oh … okay … Well seeing as we are alone … You should check out the rest of me.” Silvia begins to smile as she lifts her dress slowly.

Silvia exposes herself to Tyrell. He gets a full frontal view of Silvia’s lace thong. From what he can see her pussy is bald and already dripping wet. Silvia continues to hold her dress with one hand as she starts to caress her breast with her other hand.

“Alright, you win! It’s only fair seeing as you cock blocked me earlier.” Tyrell motions for Silvia to come behind the counter.

She drops her dress and makes her way behind the counter. “Cock blocked… No I just didn’t want Lizzie to have all the fun.” Silvia bends over and turns to Tyrell. “Now it’s my turn.”

Silvia shivers as she lifts her dress back up. Exposing her ass in the lace thong she is wearing. She shakes her ass at Tyrell and motions seductively for him to come to her with a single finger. Tyrell doesn’t hesitate. He walks up behind Silvia and gives her pale ass a smack. Leaving behind a red hand print. Silvia gasps from the spank and let’s out a soft moan. Tyrell smiles to himself as he pulls Silvia’s thong down and let’s it fall to her ankles. Her thighs glisten from her juices that didnt soak into her thong. Tyrell pulls out his cock and caresses Silvia’s pussy with the head. Silvia shivers and her body is instantly covered in goosebumps.

“Stop teasing me already, I want to feel you in …inside me …” Silvia trails off as she feels Tyrell penetrate her.

Tyrell thrust deep inside Silvia. She bites her lip and grips the counter top. As Tyrel begins to thrust faster, she throws her head back. Tyrell grabs Silvia’s waist and pulls her back on his cock. As she takes all of him, she reaches orgasm. Tyrell continues to fuck Silvia, harder and harder. Tyrell reaches forward with one hand and grabs a handful of hair. He pulls hard as he thrust deep. Silvia let’s out a gasp and begins to moan loudly. Tyrell uses his other hand to magically lock the door to his store. Tyrell continues to pull Silvia’s hair as he thrust deep inside her, over and over. Until her legs begin to tremble. Tyrell pulls out and helps Silvia lay down on the counter. With her legs spread Tyrell leans in and starts eating her pussy.

Silvia lets out a moan and reaches down to Tyrells head. She doesnt stop him, she grabs handfuls of his curly hair and pulls him in closer to her pussy. Tyrell slips his tongue inside her pussy as she pulls him into her. Her moans intensify as Tyrell continues to fuck her with his tongue. He can feel her pussy squeeze his tongue as she has another orgasm. The taste of Silvia’s cum drives Tyrell wild. He pulls his tongue out of her pussy and turns his focus to her swollen clit. As he does Silvia let’s go of his head and pulls her breast out of her top.

Her breast may be small but she enjoys having them played with. Silvia begins pinching her nipples and pulling them. As she reaches orgasm again, her thighs begin to squeeze Tyrell’s head. He pulls his head from between her legs and licks his lips. Tyrell smiles as he penetrates Silvia with his cock once more. She throws her head back and lifts her legs to his shoulders. Silvia begins to moan as he thrust deeper and faster. Tyrell’s breathing intensifies as he gets closer to orgasm. As he does Silvia places her tiny feet on his chest. Just as he is about to cum she extends her legs. Forcing Tyrell to stumble backwards. As he does his cock throbs and streams of hot cum fly through the air. Some lands on Silvia’s feet and toes while the rest lands on the floor in between them.

“What the hell was that about? We could have avoided this mess.” Tyrell shakes his head in frustration as he catches his balance.

“Regardless of my true feelings … I’m not trying to get pregnant.” Silvia sits up and slides off the counter. “Oh and I’ll take two of those bottles of pheromones.”

Tyrell puts his cock back in his pants and snaps his fingers. A mop and bucket slosh into the room. The mop begins to clean up the mess the pair left behind. Tyrell adjusts his clothes as he grabs the right vials and sits two of them on the counter. Silvia smiles and drops a stack of gold coins on his counter. She blows him a kiss before leaving the store.


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