Feature Writer: PheonixWrites

Feature Title: Magic Madness 1

Published: 15.06.2020

Story Codes: Supernatural, Transformation

Synopsis: A young sorcerer has taken a break from his adventures.


Magic Madness 1

The city of Trunish is large and very diverse. In the shopping district there’s a small shop that’s run by a young sorcerer named Tyrell. After becoming the sorcerer he has spent many years developing his magic and skills for mixing potions and such. After some traveling the young sorcerer has decided to take a break and open a shop.

Most of Tyrell’s customers buy medicinal items or magic tools. Some seek more intimate objects. At first the request for growth serums or aphrodisiacs made from the pollen of a certain plant female made him uncomfortable. Until he saw the money people were willing to pay for them. Now these items have become regular sellers.

Like most days Tyrell had customers here and there. As his day comes to an end he prepares to close his store. A soldier in full armor enters the store and stands by the door like a century.

“I’ve paid my tax already …” Tyrell belts out from behind the counter.

Before he can say anything else a beautiful young woman steps in. She makes her way to the counter with a smile.

“I’m not here to collect a tax. I’m in need of something …” she gets closer and whispers, “I need a growth serum …”

The woman lays two gold coins on the counter. Tyrell picks them up, turns around and walks through a door behind him. He comes back to the counter a moment later with a small vial of purple liquid.

He leans in and hands the serum to her. “Apply very little to the area you wish to grow. The more you add the bigger it will get.”

The woman nods and leaves the store. Her guard follows close behind her. Tyrell snaps his fingers and the door locks behind them. He waves his hand in the air and the light in the shop fades. He yawns and heads through the door behind him. A set of stairs to his right spiral up into what is now his living quarters. He works on a few items at a work bench and eats a bowl of stew he had cooking. Finally he lays in bed for the night.

The next day, almost as soon as he opened up the shop, a guard enters again. Followed by a person in a cloak. The guard steps in front of the door and locks it. Before Tyrell can say anything the person in the cloak removes their hood. It’s the woman from last night.

“What’s this about? Being a sorcerer isn’t a joke if you guys are here to start something I will finish it.”

“And you will have the wrath of the Lord of Trunish raining down on you.” The woman angrily blurts out. “That serum you gave me worked a little too well last night.”

“Wait you’re the lord’s daughter, Silvia?”

“Yes I am … and you need to fix this.” The woman exposes her breast.

Tyrell’s eyes pop open. “Oh wow … I tried to warn you, a little goes a long way.”

Tyrell cant take his eyes off of her expanded and engorged breast. Silvia quickly covers herself up.

“Stop staring at my breast and fix this now!” She demands “Or I will report you to my father.”

Tyrell crosses his arms in front of him. “Alright … alright … No need to get angry. I can fix this … but, you might not like it … follow me”

Tyrell turns and walks through the door behind him. Silvia looks back at her guard and nods. The guard returns the nod as Silvia follows Tyrell into the back of his store. They enter a dark room, Tyrell snaps his fingers and a lantern hanging from the ceiling ignites. The light spreads through the room. It’s full of extra ingredients for potions, items he’s made and did not sell even a few things he’s found during his travels. Tyrell goes to the far wall and grabs a small box. He approaches Silvia.

“Alright the serum I gave you is a growth hormone that’s full of potent magic. What I have here is a slime …” Tyrell is stopped mid thought.

“That’s it, I’m reporting you to my father. I’m not going to let a slime have it’s way with my body. You must be an idiot.” Silvia goes to leave.

Before Silvia can make it out of the room she doubles over and begins to whimper. She braces herself against the wall. Tyrell comes over and helps stand her up. To his surprise her breasts have grown even bigger. Now they are bursting out of the cloak she has on.

Silvia looks at Tyrell with a scowl on her face. “Fine, I will let the slime consume the magic in my breast.”

“You sure? I am an idiot. What if this doesn’t work?” Tyrell chuckles as he opens the box.

A blue slime slithers to the edge of the box and flips to the ground. Silvia looks down at it with a puzzled look on her face. She goes to open her mouth and the slime lunges towards her breast. It lands on her chest and begins to spread around both of her enlarged breast. Dissolving her cloak as it touches it, causing it to fall off and expose her body. Finally it has enveloped both of her engorged breasts. Through the slime Tyrell can see her nipples get erect. Silvia’s legs begin to tremble.

“Wha …what is … this thing doing to me?”

“It’s removing the magic from your breast of course. If you’re starting to get aroused that’s normal. I will leave you to it. Feel free to enjoy yourself.” Tyrell smiles and leaves the room.

“It’s sucking on my breast so much. He could have warned me it might arouse me like this.” She drops to her knees as she is overwhelmed with the intense sensation of pleasure.

Silvia tries to stand but falls flat to the ground. She clenches her legs shut and rolls to her back. No matter how hard she fights she can’t stop herself from letting out a moan. The slime attached to her breast grows bigger and its color begins to change. As it does the sensation of pleasure intensifies. She can feel herself getting wet. Her legs slowly slide open on the floor and her hands get to work. She begins to rub her swollen clit. She lets out another moan as she reaches orgasm. That’s not enough, She continues to rub and penetrate herself. She lays on the floor legs wide open. Her fingers working overtime as if her life depended on it. She orgasms again and again. She lays there in her own mess, legs and arms trembling.

Tyrell walks back into the room carrying a large vase in one hand and a cork in the other. He looks to the floor and sees the puddle of cum and sweat that Silvia is lying in.

“You really made a mess of yourself. Looks like the slime worked though. Hold still so I can take it off of you.”

Silvia lays on the floor motionless as Tyrell approaches with the vase. He taps its side and the slime is sucked into it and off of Silvias breast. Tyrell shoves the cork in and sits the vase on a shelf behind him. It begins to rock from side to side. As if it’s trying to escape, until finally it stops. Tyrell helps Silvia off the floor; she’s panting and quivering. He snaps his fingers and a chair forms out of thin air. Silvia sits on the chair and begins to catch her breath. Tyrell hands Silvia a small bottle.

“I … I … don’t …”

“This will help you regain your strength. That slime consumed some of your life force as well. This will help you recover …” Tyrell tilts her head back and pours the liquid in her mouth. “It’s going to be 10 gold for the service.”

Silvia swallows and scoffs at Tyrell. “What … am I … supposed to do about clothes … that slime dissolved my cloak.”

Tyrell snaps his fingers and a cloak appears. He reaches out to hand it to her. She snatches the cloak and wobbles to her feet. Her legs are still trembling as she walks to the front of the store. As she reaches her guard she says something to him and then heads out of the store. The guard removes a coin purse from his waist and tosses it to Tyrell. The guard nods and leaves the store.

Tyrell let’s out a sigh as he puts the money away.


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