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Writer: Scarletarose

Subject: Lilith

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Demonic goddess of love, unity, beauty, life, rebirth, sex, fertility, motherhood, battle, empowerment, retribution, wisdom, inner-strength, Illumination, mysteries, spiritual initiation, the night, and the Evening Star

Some of her titles: Mother of AllElit of the Deathless Light, Red Goddess, Red Queen, Dark Mother, Queen of the Night, Lady Beyond the Burning Horizon, Mother of Abominations, Night Mother, The Dark Sun, Mistress of Night, The Fire-Hearted, Mother of Life, The Evening Star, Queen of the Solar and Lunar Spheres, and Bride of the First Light

Rulerships: Due to Lilith being a multi-faceted goddess (a deity of many sides), no amount of words could do this goddess justice, for she is of a vast many things, and is very paradoxical. This is due to her being an embodiment of the Queen of Heaven, which allows her to be highly complex and with many rulerships and names. Because of this, Lilith is so immense and vast that she is indescribable, making her one of the most powerful deities of our universe. Overall, Lilith is the Queen Mother of Hell and she is Love itself. She is both the glory of dawn and the mystery of the night. She is the raging wild fire and the fire of warmth. Yet despite being connected to both light and darkness, Lilith is primarily the queen of night; the Lady whose dress is adorned with every star in the heavens. She is the burning darkness, the goddess of the Dark Sun- the solar eclipse. She is the mysterious one who whispers in darkness, and sings to the flaming dawn. Other than being an embodiment of the Queen of Heaven (the supreme goddess and formless, feminine counterpart to the Source), she is one of the three main goddess of life for this planet, along with Tiamat (the creator of Earth’s lifeforms), and Gaia, the Earth.

History: In the Zohar legend (taken from Mesopotamian beliefs), Lilith has more than one mythical origin: the commonly known in which she was the first human who turned into a demon, and the other where she and Samael began as one being before splitting in two. The latter is closest to the story she shared with me. She tells how Lucifer, the first-born god, had sacrificed half of his essence in order to have a twinflame. From this, his essence was embodied by the Queen of Heaven and became Lilith, who emerged from the Mother’s divine light. All the gods who saw her were in awe. Lucifer and Lilith fell deeply in love and soon married, there is no love that can match theirs as it flows through all creation. She is a duplicate of his divine essence (as Lucifer is connected to the Source) and shares in his unmatched beauty and wisdom.

Lilith was born as a goddess of unequaled beauty and splendor and rules alongside Lucifer in their kingdom in Hell. Together, they have had many children whom are all beautiful and benevolent. She is the radiant Evening Star and is utterly perfect in every way, known throughout all history in many forms and names (as with all other deities). Despite what the Zohar began saying, Lilith does not actually harm children and instead seeks to protect them. This was a misconception due to the night-demon, Lilitu (part of the Mesopotamian “Lilin” group of Lilitu, Ardat Lili, and Lilu) being merged with the goddess Lamashtu. Lilith and Lilitu are connected in essence, but Lilitu only has a small fragment of Lilith’s energy. She is one of Lilith’s dark aspects of rage that splintered from her when she was thrown into Hell and her home was destroyed; but she has never killed children in this minor persona.

In ancient times, Lilith lived with Lucifer in their kingdom for hundreds of millions of years before the Usurper, Jehovah, took over the Earth and cast aside the other gods. Jehovah was an Aeonic deity (a creator god) who sought to claim the Earth and the Throne of the Universe as his own in order to gain more power. Lucifer began a rebellion against him with Lilith and many other gods, but all was in vain. After a horrible battle, their kingdom was destroyed by Jehovah, who then cast them into the nightmarish land of Hell. The gods who were banished to Hell had their essences change to become more dark and intense (which is why they developed dark wings and horns). Now as demons, Jehovah taught his human followers that these ancient gods were evil tempters and had them become known as their opposites (Lilith as infertility when she is life/motherhood, Lucifer as lies when he is truth, Mammon as greed when he is generosity, Beelzebub as gluttony when he is health, etc).

In Hell, Lucifer and Lilith are the High King and Queen of their kingdom where they live in a desert wasteland of eternal twilight. There are some oases and flower gardens here, surrounding the dark castle where they live. There are grotesque scenes of corrupt souls being tortured in the distance and also an isle where Lilith tortures all the people (especially the monks) who lusted after her. Despite what many believe about Lilith, she hates being sexualized and does not represent loveless lust. She is a goddess of sex that comes with love and respect, of being appreciated and treated like an equal. She enjoys the pleasure of sexuality and also the ability to bring new life into being, so she is connected to both of these aspects. Lilith despises people who lust after her and disrespect her, especially since she is married. She is also not a succubus nor the mother of the succubi race; this was said as a confusion of mistaking her as being the same as Lilitu.

Element: As the Cosmic Mother, she is connected to all, but is strongest with Fire, Akasha, Air, Water, Unity, and Void Colours: Red, wine red, black Sacred Number: 7 (represents the divine Mother) Day of Week: Friday

Appearance: Lilith is a beautiful and slender woman with very long wavy black hair, black-red eyes (sometimes violet), fair skin, regal but gentle facial features, red lips, elegant black horns, and large black feathered wings. She has a very classy and sensual taste in fashion and often wears wine-red or black dresses with fancy jewelry. Her voice is very soothing and calm, but radiates power.

Personality: Lilith is the Dark Mother who is deeply motherly, elegant, mysterious, charming, alluring, sophisticated, compassionate, wise, intelligent, and courageous. She is perfect in beauty- outside and in, and is full of incredible wonders. Lilith values truth, justice, illumination, self-empowerment, and free-will; no one can bring her down and she does her best to empower others as well. She is truly incredible and perfect, a radiant star of enlightenment and eternal love. Though she does indeed have a darker side, for during battles, she is terrifying and annihilating. She destroys all in her path and hates all corruption. When her family is harmed, she becomes monstrous in appearance with blood-red eyes, razor-sharp teeth, large claws, and has black tendrils coming from her body as she seeks to tear apart anyone who did her loved ones wrong. She is normally gentle, but is sadistic towards those she hates and indulges in her blood-lust against them. Lilith can be very dominating in these circumstances; her fury could shake the very earth.

Lilith also tends to view even monstrous-looking beings as beautiful. She is the enigmatic Matron of the Night and the unknowable creatures that would easily terrify humans with their appearances, as these she also views as her children and cradles them in her shadowy embrace. She loves many things, especially rose gardens, stars, the hours from dusk to dawn, classical music or opera, masquerade balls, romantic poetry, luxurious libraries, elegance, complex mind-games, chess, gladiatorial combat, and sword-fighting. Lilith also tends to love dangerous or frightening animals that most people tend to hate; she sees the truth in them and fully accepts what they are. She is deeply nurturing yet is fully prepared to attack anyone who provokes her or her loved ones. Thus, red is her favoured colour since it represents many complex things that she corresponds with, such as love, eroticism, passion, fury, life, death. Lilith is the beautiful red rose with thorns, the fearsome mother, and the merciful queen.

As Queen, Lilith is greatly revered and praised in Hell, for she is viewed as the ultimate and most perfect goddess. She is highly intelligent, compassionate, and loves knowledge; she strives to know everything. Her mind is vast and incredibly beautiful, and she deeply enjoys bestowing her knowledge unto others. As she represents rebirth, she is a goddess of the life that comes forth from death, signifying how one must “die” in order to be reborn stronger and gain Illumination. Lilith also stands to uphold justice and freedom, so any form of cruelty or oppression is never tolerated by her. Those who are tormented by the treacherous and cruel can call upon Lilith for her vengeance.

Her enn (for meditation or devotion): Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach

What she can do: Lilith is an incredibly vast and powerful goddess who can help with many different things. Though one thing that she will refuse to help with is love spells, since she is strongly against forcing someone to “fall in love” with you. This is against her values of free-will and true love.

Devotional Actions: Vent to her of your troubles and love her, for she values your love more than any material object. Lilith also deeply values when her devotees gain new knowledge, wisdom, and when they undergo spiritual awakening/evolution. Additionally, fill yourself with knowledge, stand up for yourself and others, gain courage, and be a warrior in the face of adversity. Like Lucifer, she also strongly advises her followers to study the Abrahamic texts so we can fully understand their deceit and oppression, and also how most of their myths were appropriated from polytheist religions.

Offerings: Red wine, rosé, champagne, pink champagne, pomegranate juice, lemonade (especially rose lemonade), cherry limeade, rose tea, hibiscus tea, sweetened black tea, sweet coffee, chocolates, chili chocolate, liquor-filled chocolates, honey, caviar, spicy food, lamb or goat meat, curry, chicken hearts, sweet apples, pomegranates, strawberries, figs, cherries, chili peppers, tarts, baklava, knafeh, seductive perfume, Midnight Dahlia perfume, Fiore del Dragone perfume, fancy jewelry (especially antique), silver rings with garnet, red roses, black dahlias, spider lilies, bleeding hearts, dead roses, garnets, rubies, onyx, obsidian, black pearls, animal bones, menstrual blood, masquerade masques, black high heels, swords, daggers, black feathers, snakeskin, quality make-up products, rose lotions, red silk, red or black lingerie, black antique plumed fans, red candles, antique jewelry boxes, hand-held mirrors, antique combs, artwork, devotional poetry, star maps, the Evenstar necklace, dragon statuettes, and figurines of animals she likes: lionesses, snakes, and spiders. Incenses: rose, myrrh + rose, vanilla + rose, Queen of the Night + rose, (all of Lilith’s incenses are needing to have rose as part of the scent since it responds to her own frequency)*no pork offerings (she detests filth) 

*Statues of Lilith can be of either Aphrodite painted red or a female angel statue (as long as it’s not too Christian), with body painted red and wings black.

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  1. Thus is known as truth except that when she came to me a little while ago (month or so) she explained that Samuel and her were cut apart by the “angel” and the dragon removed. She was upset and wondered the plains and valley’s of the earth. She reiterated she IS the mother of mankind. She loves humour and loves hearing from her children – do talk often.

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