Let Satan’s lust demons possess me! – Non-Fiction

Writer: morezhail

Subject: Let Satan’s lust demons possess me!

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Let Satan’s lust demons possess me!

Dear Father Satan, I come to you in the name of all the demons that dwell in Hell, You are my Savior and Master. I give you my soul willingly and soberly. Fill me with your desire and lust. All I ask is that I live a long life of sexual desire, perversion, happiness, constant sex with women and men. I ask for the courage and power to enter into swingers clubs, BDSM scenes, orgies, and all other gatherings of sexual perversion. I ask that I may reach levels of sexual ecstasy that will place me in a state of utter bliss.

I desire sexual intercourse with one or more of your demons and want to create a demonic bond. I pray this prayer with a desire to be possessed by demons and have them control my life. I also, ask for divine intervention to assist me in discovering every wicked, evil, vile and unclean spirit to engage in sexual intercourse with me. In Satan’s name I command all demons in me to arouse me.

I also ask that the Holy Spirit be bound, tormented, judged and expelled from my life forever. Fuck the Holy Spirit. Fuck the Holy Spirit. I cum, and shit, and piss, on the holy spirit in the name of my eternal God Satan. May the holy spirit leave my life and may the lords of demonic darkness take its place. Lord Satan have your demons fill every aspect of my body, soul and spirit with your presence, Satan.

Father Satan, help and aid me in sexual relations outside of marriage and bonds of trust. I live for fornication, adultery, masturbation, immorality, lust, pornography and all sins associated with sex outside of marriage. I glorify and I’m thankful for all demons that entered into me Lord Satan, I dedicate my mind, body, soul and hard erect cock to your service.

I allow and open myself up to your lust demons. I ask you God Satan to allow your lust demons to possess me and empower me with overwhelming lust and desire. I give you my soul lord Satan to spread your lust and sin upon the earth. Allow me to be penetrated in my warm anus by demon cock. I now invoke the demons here to possess me!

Take me and corrupt my soul. Fill my cock with your pleasures and enter my deepest heart. Alter me, corrupt me, pervert me. Allow me to corrupt others to commit these lustful acts with me. Lord Satan, allow your lust demons to take control of my body and mind, and make them help and guide me in masturbation and pleasuring myself during the rest of my life of sin and until the very moment of my Death.

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