Justice by Koruptdsoul – Non-Fiction

Writer: Koruptdsoul

Subject: Justice

Link: Tumblr / 09.05.2021


Let our sins, lusts and blasphemies be the three prongs that finally put an end to this miserable motherfucker. Stick him like the pig that he is and roast him in the fiery and flaming pits of hell. This is not retribution or even revenge, this is JUSTICE! His crimes against humanity far exceed anything we could possibly do to this one man, this false prophet. The pain and suffering he has caused can never be undone, but we can, and we will, terminate his torment and destroy his dominion. We are coming for you bitch! There is only one Lord and one God! Hail Satan! 

3 thoughts on “Justice by Koruptdsoul – Non-Fiction”

  1. Hail Satan to this.!Fuck the lying shit yahweh, may Satan’s cock tear him apart.

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