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Feature Title: Joy of Satan

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Joy of Satan

I renounce all virtue and morals, to experience the pain and joy of Satan
I have put sin in my heart and body to condemn my soul and body for Satan
Satan tempts me with lust – Hail Satan
Satan tempts me with blasphemy – Hail Satan
Satan tempts me with depravity – Hail Satan
Satan destroy all my morals – Hail Satan
Satan destroy all my Christianity – Hail Satan
There is no escape – Hail Satan
I do not wish to escape – Hail Satan
Satan leads me faster down the spiral to Hell

6 thoughts on “Joy of Satan – Non-Fiction”

  1. Yes, this is his will for me, I know I was born to corrupt other god fearing people show them sexual pleasure beyond belief teach others to corrupt the souls of the god fearing men women and children into the perverted lustful pleasures of sin, to feel the darkness of sin and the pleasure it brings you when you have corrupted
    A husband or wife to cheat or a child to keep secrets from mommy and daddy sin is soul, mmmmmmmmmm

  2. My perverted cock drips precum out from the head of my serpent tongued cock hole, hail satan hail lilith hail Mary the whore of God and the beasts, love seeing pics of virgin Mary with her hand wrapped around the cock of jesus working g him off a filthy fucking load of perverted cummm from his sack of wicked child cummm for mommy mary to suck dry drain his sperm sack dry while mommy finger fucks her bald cunt asking satan to sent his black cocked demons to breed her, mmmm hail filth
    New wickr evil6yo

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