Feature Writer: Magicwrtr
Feature Title: Jezebel’s Tale / Chapter Six
Story Codes: Supernatural
Synopsis: Training, Skirmish


Jezebel’s Tale / Chapter 6

Jezebel woke up the next morning and felt wonderful. The aftereffects of the fight and power breakthrough seems to have passed. She throws on a silk robe and she lets Sandy and Scott sleep in a little more.

She heads into the kitchen and starts a pot of coffee. In the living room she starts with some stretches and does her katas for the first time since she was a teenager. Surprised by a few errors she takes a deep breath, centers herself and starts them again.

After successfully getting through a kata she starts it over while tapping her power and sheathing her arms in flame, controlling the fire to not touch her flesh. She finds out this is extremely difficult as she missteps. Doubling up on her concentration on her Kata moves the fire gets away from her and burns her hand.

“Crap,” she mutters to herself as she realizes it will be hard to both fight and keep control of her fire, much less attack with it. She knows she can blast someone with fire, but with no control she would burn up her energy way to fast and that would be bad. She perseveres however and tries again. And again.

After an hour workout she has multiple burns on her arms and sore muscles. She quickly shape shifts the burns away and decides to take a break. She leaves her muscles to burn because healing that would undo the muscle memory.

She heads into the kitchen and grabs a coffee. She was still on the first cup when she felt Sandy wake up and felt the stirrings of lust.

She shamelessly hooked in and discovered Scott was getting a very nice wake up call. A wicked thought later and she fed some energy through the link and caused Sandy to rise toward orgasm.

Then she held her there almost tortuously, letting her slowly ramp up as her peak got higher and higher without being pushed over. She could sense the benefit to Scott as well as Sandy gave him a sloppy wet and very wanton blow job.

Jezebel didn’t really like the impersonal nature of a remote orgasm using magic, but since her lover was with Scott she thought it was kind of fun. Grinning impishly to herself she continued her remote torture, which of course would just make the pleasure that much better for Sandy in the end.

Jezebel felt Scott peaking so she gave Sandy a shove then removed her restraints. She clearly heard Sandy scream out, “Oh god.” At the same time Scott was shooting his load, she imagined it was messy as Sandy wouldn’t be able to control her body enough at this point to drink his seed.

She fed from Scott and Sandy to replace most of what she lost in the work out which caused her own orgasm, her juices running down her legs as she gasped in pleasure.

About a minute later when the moans died down Sandy strolled into the kitchen, her face dazed and covered in cum.

Sandy not being stupid figured out what happened and grabbed Jezebel by her hair and pulled her in for a rough kiss. She whispered in Jez’s ear, “My god that was incredible. Clean me pet.”

Jezebel replied, “Yes mistress,” then she licked all the baby batter off of Sandy’s face and neck, then kissed her, sliding her tongue between Sandy’s lips to share.

Sandy whispered, “Good girl.” Then turned around and headed for the shower, Jezebel following her.

They took a long shower together cleaning each other up. Jezebel knew Sandy only liked to play mistress; she switched it on for the bedroom, and only sometimes.

She found no disparity in her lover’s now very gentle hands washing her sweat soaked body from her earlier work out, not to mention her legs soaked in her own pussy juice.

Sandy got dressed and headed out to run some errands and Scott was passed out, he will probably sleep another 8 hours after all the feeding Jez had done.

Jez decided to head up to the club, see if her father, Tony or Jake was up to spar a bit. She knew she was lucky the other night and pretty much got a free punch at that angel, she could not depend on that happening again.

She was also pensive. She wondered if Tony or Jake would change toward her now that they knew she was part angel, she was actually not happy about it, so she wasn’t expecting anyone else to be. The prejudice and hate runs deep between angel and demon, her only hope was they knew her well enough as a person to overcome it.

She felt like a demon, that’s where she wanted to belong, she had no desire to get to know anyone from the angel side of her heritage, and to be honest with herself they would all most likely feel the same way so it was a moot point.

At least the full angels would, she did know a couple of half angels that aren’t too bad, but they will follow orders so she might be screwed there anyway.

The demon side of the equation made her sigh and her stomach roll a bit with apprehension. This is the side she identifies with and knew about. Yeah, there were already demons that she didn’t get along with, but that was mostly because they are assholes, dangerous escaped criminals from her home dimension.

They also pretty much had the live and let live attitude as long as you didn’t cross them, but it’s different now, they might go out of their way for a hybrid.

She had hope for the ones she knew, but she would have to see. Growing up here she has human friends and isn’t worried about those, especially Sandy.

Jez hopes for the best and walks into the sapphire club.

She hears Tony call out, “Hey angel, errrr, sweetheart.”

Tony covers his mouth and snickers while Jez glares at him. The glare of course is covering up her relief that she will not be shunned by this particular demon, but she will never allow herself to show that to this demon. He may accept a half angel but he would never accept weakness.

Unfortunately her bartender friend Jake is not laughing, he looks a little freaked out actually. Jezebel ignores it hoping it’s just nerves and the awkwardness will go away.

Sauntering up to Tony she smiles and says, “Angelic Succubus. Could life be any weirder? Talk about a contradiction.”

Tony laughs then gets out, “So what brings you by on your day off Jez?”

Jez sighs, “I have a feeling I am going to be in this fight whether I want to or not. No chance the angels will leave me alone now. I imagine some demons will decide I am an abomination and must die as well.

“I don’t really want to fight, I mean, sex demon, not really the violent kind, but I am not stupid enough to stick my head in the sand and hope it goes away.

“I was hoping to find someone to spar with. I know human martial arts and am quite good, if I was going against a human that is. I need help determining where I stand facing one of our kind, and hopefully someone to help me improve.”

Tony looks at me appraisingly, as if reevaluating his opinion of me, “Come back tomorrow, I’ll talk to your father about it and we’ll find someone to train you.”

Jez nods, “Thank you Tony.”

Jez then nods to Jake and heads out, worried about Jake’s attitude and hoping he will get over it. Heading back home mulling over the problem in her head, mostly wishing she was still in the dark about her heritage one of her aura pings comes back, and it doesn’t look good.

Two angels are approaching and she can sense they are about the same power as she is, angel wise at least. Guessing this is one of her new angelic powers but not wanting to face two alone, she walks a little faster.

This backfires as they speed up as well and catch up before she can get near any humans. She is not a coward but fighting alone just seems like a bad idea, especially against two opponents.

Jez condenses her muscles and toughens her skin in preparation of fighting then turns around facing the two angels. One of the angels has a smirk on his face, the other looks disgusted.

Raising an eyebrow she says, “Can I help you?”

The one with the smirk snickers and says, “You could stand still while we kill you, even without orders for a purge we wouldn’t allow an abomination like you to keep breathing.” His body is slowly surrounded by flames as he shrugs, “Although a little struggling could be fun.”

As the disgusted looking one closes in she feels him radiating hopelessness trying to make her give up, or at least keep her off balance. Luckily for her the angel’s power of broadcasting emotions doesn’t work any better than her succubus powers would work on him.

She snarls at the one coming for her and waits for his first attack, the martial style she knows uses leverage and the opponents strength against them. She feels the power of the other angel close in on her and immediately splits her focus, stopping, or controlling the heat around her so smirky can’t set her on fire.

Considering the trouble she had doing her katas and focusing on using magic at the same time this fight will be short, she has no choice but to end it quickly if she is to have any chance.

While smirky tries to burn her to a crisp the other angel charges in and comes out with a right jab quicker than she expected, she was however able to dodge her head to the side, grab his arm and flip him using his momentum all in one smooth motion.

She backs up a step and focuses on the other angel and pours power into creating her own fire, trying to light him up like a bonfire. At first it doesn’t work as he blocks her attempts and she is forced to pour more and more power into it.

Eventually he goes up like a torch but a wave of dizziness comes over her and she almost passes out. She used way too much power for that and can’t afford to use any more life force or she could die. Even if she only passed out she would be dead.

This took about two seconds at which time the other angel got up and more wary of her skill now but still determined to kill her. He feels out her style and abilities, never over extending again they danced around each other, each looking for an opening.

Jez is exhausted, it took too much of her power to do that, if she lives she will need to learn better control, or maybe tighten the focus of her attack? If she had power left she could easily destroy this angel, as he had no power of his own for fire.

The angel is much better at hand to hand then she thought, he was stupid earlier, completely underestimated her and giving her the time to take out the bigger threat. She just hoped she had enough energy to take this one out to.

He was going to kill this bitch, she just killed a very old friend, it took all of his control to not let his anger affect his fighting ability. He grudgingly admitted to himself that this girl was skilled and he needed use every ounce of his potential to win this.

Jezebel was quickly running down on energy and the inevitable happened, he caught her in the throat with a hand chop flowing through her now slow reflexes then stomped on her leg which snapped her knee causing her to go down.

The angel looked down at her, face twisted in disgust and rage as he spat out, “You will live long enough to regret killing my partner.” He proceeded to beat and stomp on her, breaking ribs, shattering her knee and causing other internal damage.

Jez knew she was dead, she was angry at herself for her stupidity in walking around alone, especially where she could be ambushed. Being a 24 year old girl in college was no excuse for stupidity and not taking precautions, she just wasn’t ready for this.

She started to hallucinate, swearing she heard footsteps coming up behind them. Then she heard a voice that sounded familiar, “What are you doing, I called you guys to get rid of an abomination to both our races, not torture her to death.”

Jez gasped then coughed up blood as she realizes it is not a hallucination, it is Jake from the bar, no wonder he couldn’t look at her earlier. She heard the angel’s voice answer, “This bitch killed my partner, she needs to suffer.”

Jez suddenly realized something in the fog of her pain, Jake was not an angel, and Jake also felt lust for her in the past, if he wasn’t guarding his thoughts against feeling lust, which is the only way to defeat her power, she might have a chance.

Jezebel focused as hard as she could through the pain and flung a connection at Jake, she felt his disgust at the fact she was part angel, but that lust was still there all twisted up with anger. She focused on the lust and anger bringing it under her control.

She did not fan it, or encourage it as she would someone she was casually feeding from in passing.

She did not ramp it up as she would to give a lover more satisfaction or to extend an orgasm.

What she did is the dark side of being a succubus, the side that inspired all the myths of soul sucking and evil. She was doing it in self defense against one who would have her dead, but she still cringed away for a moment, never having used her powers in this way before.

Then angry at his small minded racism and hatred she ignited that lust like a bomb. Jake screamed and fell to the floor, quite obviously having the biggest orgasm in his life, also his last.

She did not accept his flowing life force, nothing so gentle as that.

She reached in and yanked it out him viciously, pulling it inside her. Full of power, probably more full than ever before, she looked up at the angel who was looking down at her in horror and fear now.

She raised her hand and he burned in white fire. In seconds his body was nothing but ash blowing away in the slight breeze.

She was still filled with enough power to use shape shifting to fix her broken bones, a concussion and to stop the internal bleeding. She was however still sporting multiple contusions and bruising when she started getting low on energy.

She already regretted using that much power to burn his whole body with insanely hot flame, she could have killed him with much less, but wasn’t thinking clearly at the time. Determined to not be empty of power she left the rest alone.

She wasn’t sure what to do, tears filled her eyes at what she was forced to do to survive.

She felt unclean, dirty, wrong, evil.

She had never had the urge to use her power in that way, she always used it in a symbiotic manner and it felt right to her, now she was filled with disgust at herself, because way deep down inside….

She really enjoyed it.

She enjoyed ripping his life away, the rush of power and life felt way too good to her. She wanted to feel that again.

She shivered at the conflicting emotions within her.

Jez slowly started resuming the walk home, taking out her cell phone she called Tony at the club and filled him in. After answering his few questions she asked that he get in touch with her father. She needed training badly, and she needed transportation, she would not soon be walking to work alone again.

Luckily the apartments she lived in were mostly rented out to post graduates like her, so there was a good chance some emergency energy could be tapped.

She extended her senses throughout the complex and found two couples having sex, she sent encouraging signals through the connection to enhance their lovemaking and then fed as she directed most of the energy into shape shifting the rest of her bruises and scrapes were erased.

Once she felt better, at least physically, she started to withdraw her connections and the thought of ripping their lives away entered her mind for just a second. She resisted handily as she would never kill anyone unless in self defense.

‘Right?’ She thought to herself, unsure of the answer.

Jezebel started crying, feeling betrayed by her own power, the seduction of crossing the line at total odds with what she believed and how she lived her life. Wearily she stripped out of her bloody clothes and took a quick shower before falling asleep.


Jezebel moaned, slowly waking up to the feeling of stimulation. She was propped up on her side, Scott having not left yet because I fed so much he probably slept all day. He was holding her right leg up in the air, his face buried in her butt cheeks where his tongue was quite busy.

Immediately in front of her she saw Sandy’s pussy as she laid out in the opposite direction on her side, her tongue working Jezebel’s pussy. Sort of in a sideways 69 position.

Jezebel grabbed the leg on top and lifted it and dove in. She was enjoying the taste of Sandy as both her holes were pleasured down below. A short time later she and Sandy were having their first orgasm, pleasure rippling through their bodies.

Jezebel turned up the seductive and sultry when she purred out, “Your tongue feels good on my ass, but put something else in there would you?” She begged, “Please?”

Scott stopped licking as he registered what Jezebel said, he had never had a woman beg to be fucked in the ass before and the way she said it caused his cock to jump, he didn’t need to be asked twice, but maybe he could have some fun with it.

Jezebel felt Scott’s libido jump to a new level after what she said. Grinning in anticipation as Scott rolled her over so that she and Sandy were now in a normal 69 position with Sandy on the bottom.

Being prepared Jez reached over and tossed a tube of lube over to Scott without looking as she was busy teasing Sandy’s clit with her tongue. She felt Scott lube her puckered star with his fingers, sliding in one then a second to prepare her.

Being a succubus and in control of her body she didn’t really need that but she still appreciated his taking care. Sandy body was quivering below hers, as her clit assault started bearing fruit in quick multiple mini orgasms, Sandy’s moans and gasps being muffled against her pussy.

She started to finger Sandy to ramp up the power of the orgasms she was giving as she felt Scott get to his knees and place his head against her puckered star.

She heard Scott say, “You want this?” His voice filled with confidence.

She smiled and purred knowing what he wanted and turned her head to stare up in his eyes as she whimpered, “Please, I need it.”

Her eyes conveying raw lust she continued lowering her voice to a whisper, “Please, fuck my ass.”

She felt this affect him profoundly. She actually had to tamp his libido down a bit as he was in danger of spewing his seed before he got it in. Jez absolutely loved it, this is what her powers are for, to feed yes, but to give and receive pleasure, not to kill.

To read into her partners pleasures and grant them in exchange for the gift of life.

She moaned into Sandy’s pussy and arched her back, her body language clearly begging for it as he slid his cock deep inside her bowels while Sandy was licking her nub.

Her body shook with orgasm as her dark star gripped Scott’s member hard, not letting him move. When her body started to relax again she turned her head again toward Scott and said in her best slut voice, “Fuck my ass hard, I want my ass filled with your seed.”

Scott was enjoying the dirty talk but he was way to keyed up from it to tease anymore and started to pump away on her ass.

Jez turned around again and said, “That’s right, take your pleasure, don’t worry about mine, just use my ass, use my body.”

Jez felt Scott ramp up even more as he started pounding her ass as hard and fast as he could, taking her words to heart. What she didn’t expect was how hot it made Sandy and was surprised at the explosive orgasm that came from it.

Sandy’s powerful orgasm and Scott pounding into her led to her own explosion, her body tightening up, and her succubus ass milking Scott’s cock as he moved in and out. With both of them cumming hard and loudly gasping out Scott just couldn’t take any more and she felt him start shooting his load inside her ass.

Jez slowly licked Sandy cleaning up from her orgasm. She also felt Sandy licking put the sperm from her taint that was leaking out of her bum.

Enjoying the life she absorbed from both and smiling at the fact she was not tempted in the least to take more than what was given from these two.


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