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Here’s the outline written by SHELLSHOCK for REQUIEM 1 & 2


  • Samantha Druss: wife, devout, curious, girl-next-door good looks, like Elisha Cuthbert.
  • Henry Allan Druss: husband, preacher, outdoorsy but now more sedentary, weak-willed, like BJ Novak.
  • Angelique Volkova: Eastern European ascendancy, aloof, mysteriously beautiful, devil worshiper, seductive, like Rhona Mitra.
  • Sister Alice: young-looking, small bit fit figure, great body under the robes, like Sarah Hyland.


Scene 1: Couple arrive at newly vacated Parrish from their honeymoon. Previous priest died from natural causes and they were assigned to it. Anxious to start new life. Parrish is good shape, but seems to have been left unattended for a few months. Parrish has a few interesting artifacts, some relics and, supposedly, some saint remains (bones)

Scene 2: Henry starts meeting the parishioners, who are relieved to see a young priest. Gossips about old priest, became a hermit the last months, died apparently from stroke. Samantha starts cleaning the refectory, finds old books in Latin, alongside notes and translations from the old priest. Finds letters pointing to Angelique as related to the books. Henry starts working on Parrish duties.

Scene 3: Samantha becomes very focused on the notes and translation, looking at research paper from the priest. Dismisses request from Henry to help with youth guidance and bible meeting (Sunday school). First suspicions that is not very saintly, but notes on devil worship. Decides to track down this Angelique, and finds she has an art gallery. Goes to her. Angelique receives Samantha. Angelique tells Samantha that she obtained those books for the priest. Just after his dead, she received a new volume, Samantha asks if she can take it. She obliges, but demands she returns.

Scene 4: Samantha feels exhilarated when looking at the new book. Book is openly blasphemous, very detailed. Samantha becomes very exited and lustful. Henry interrupts Samantha, she feels guilty, and to distract, has sex with Henry. They never reach the bedroom, and end up fucking in a room near the refectory, Samantha sucks his cock (a first for them). At night, after another bout of sex, with cum dripping from her cunt, she keeps reading, arrives at a language she doesn’t understand.

Scene 5: Samantha returns to Angelique, she seems to openly see her lust, and inflames it with veiled suggestions. Uses artwork that seems pious, but her words make it seem sordid, sexual and lustful. Samantha takes courage and asks about the language, she says she is familiar with it, a tongue supposedly demonic. Samantha begs to be taught, but Angelique demands a prize. A cup from the church and a femur bone from the saint. Samantha refuses, but Angelique entices her to the knowledge and pleasure she will obtain.

Scene 6: Samantha feels thrilled at being at the church with that type of subversive mission. She fantasized she is a deviant worshiper hidden in the folds of the church, and finds pleasure in the secret meaning of her actions. She meets a young girl from Sunday school, who asks her questions, she stirs her into sinning, and hiding. Small lies. She feels exhilarated from that sinful act. Samantha steals the bone easy enough, but when trying to steal the cup, she is almost caught by Henry, getting ready for mass. She distracts him by blowing him off and leaving him to attend the church very horny, steals the cup and returns to Angelique.

Scene 7: Samantha returns to Angelique while mass is on, and gives her the items.
Angelique scoops up a little dollop of cum and licks it off. Angelique asks next time to bring her some more. Samantha feels horny but demands access to the forbidden language. Angelique replies she must be sworn to secrecy. She agrees, but a ritual must be performed. She is taken to the art gallery sub-basement (a secret location). There Angelique shows Samantha she is a devil worshiper and demands her service in exchange for knowledge. She agrees, is forced to piss in the cup and drink it, anally penetrate herself with the bone and swear service to the devil.

Scene 8: Angelique shows Samantha more books on the forbidden tongue, secret rituals. They end up fucking in the sub-basement. There Angelique coaxes Samantha not only to learn the forbidden rituals, but to corrupt his husband. She revels the old priest was in that path before his heart gave out while they were fucking in the altar. She finds it very exciting and readily agrees, also hopes to corrupt young children from the Sunday school.

Scene 9: Samantha wakes up next to Henry with renewed energy, and says she will set aside only some times for her studies and help with the parish. She offers to start Sunday school, teaching the young children while Henry does mass. The first class seems normal enough, but she is too sharing when she is asked about kissing, and encourages the children to try it at home between themselves. Henry is delighted with Samantha new vigor. She starts wearing more revealing clothes at home and church, flashing him sometimes. Some fun between husband and wife. She tries to make an habit of sucking him off before mass. Encourages Henry to piss on her, even though he is at first appalled and refuses.

Scene 10: Samantha’s seduction continues, she includes sexy outfits, enticing Henry to fuck her in the ass, and to lick her cunt. She waits for him after mass, masturbating naked on the refectory. Sometimes he catches her urinating on herself and masturbating, always inviting him for more. One night she shares a desire for her to fuck her while wearing the priest robes. He is reluctant but she convinces him. Following nights she role-plays as a girl seeking confession. Final night she dresses as a nun, and ask him to play the role of a deviant priest, seducing her. During role-play she entices him to the church nave and they end up fucking on the altar. Nearing climax, she entices him to say he is a satanic priest, perverting a holy nun into depravity. They orgasm together and she hails Satan, while playing with her husband.

Scene 11: During next morning, Henry is appalled, but Samantha coaxes him to keep the perverted game. She offers her holes to his pleasure, as his satanic priest must rape and corrupt the holy. She sucks him off and leaves. Soon she arrives at Angelique and without saying a word kisses her deeply, while sharing the cum load he extracted from her husband. Angelique performs a baptism of blood and urine, where Samantha proclaimed her allegiance to Satan. Angelique asks how is it going with her mission, and she recants her exploits, while masturbating.

Scene 12: Samantha is organizing a camping trip for the youth. Henry asks for help and she takes the chance to egg him to fuck a young girl or boy. Whenever Henry looks for some normalcy, Samantha plays the corrupt nun, ecstatic at helping the priest. Henry decides to stay, but Samantha asks Angelique to visit with the pretext of delivering some research texts. While there, Angelique tries to seduce Henry, leaving him lustful enough so when he finds the papers, he masturbates to them. Samantha, meanwhile is egging the children to play naked, and to perform oral sex. She tells them that they are special and they will share a secret. Organizes for the children to fuck each other while she prays to Satan and asks for power.
Henry is interrupted to receive a new member of the Parrish, a young nun from the order. Sister Alice

Scene 13: When Samantha returns, Henry introduces her to Sister Alice. She is the perfect doting wife, and helps Alice settle in in one of the churches guest quarters. At their home, while Henry delivers the papers, he asks what they are for, and she mentioned that she is continuing the research done by the previous old priest. He considers the subject a bit garish, and she counters saying that perhaps she will ask Alice for help, maybe she will like it and reveal herself to be a satanic worshiper, so her priest may fuck two holes. Henry tries to hide his pleasure but she coaxes him, egging him to fuck her in the ass. While fucking Samantha notices Alice is peeking through the door, she gives her a show, making as if she never saw her. She doesn’t says anything about devil-worship during the sex though.

Scene 14: Alice is helping Samantha and she keeps making small lingering touches, while on a break, Samantha slips her a potion concocted by Angelique. She becomes drowsy and suggestible and Samantha tells her to keep her voyeuristic pleasures. Samantha also tells Alice, while at that suggestible state, that helping Samantha is a good idea, that she should ask to help her, she wants to help her. During subsequent nights Samantha fucks with Henry and Alice watches she returns to her devil worshiping persona. Every night more and more lewd and vocal. During the days she keeps drugging Alice, making her more suggestible, making her horny for her, to see her as a dominant figure who she should always obey and when Alice says she is not sure as Samantha seems to enjoy role-playing as a satanic mistress, she warps that perception, making it something she desires.

Scene 15: Alice starts to masturbate to Samantha fucking Henry as a satanic worshiper, even as Samantha forces Henry to fuck her while Alice is hiding in the refectory. Samantha one night confront Alice, forcing her to her knees to lick her freshly fucked cunt, and Alice begs to serve her. Samantha says that Alice must recant her god and worship Satan, which she readily agrees. She performs a ceremony in the altar, while Henry is away and gives Alice a chocker with an inverted cross.

Scene 16: Henry summons courage and asks Samantha about her activities, and the research she is doing. Samantha shows her some progress, that the old priest was researching into devil worshipers, trying to understand them. Henry is concerned and Samantha soothes him saying that she feels it’s important work and she has found it very captivating.
Henry asks if this the research is what spurned her change in demeanor. Samantha replies that its possible, that she has found the satanic practices alluring, but has not strayed from God’s light. Henry is doubtful. Samantha coaxes him, showing him some rituals about satanic priests fucking the pure and corrupting them and recants their forays into role-play, questioning him if he didn’t enjoy it. Henry admits he has, but she should not toy with his faith. At night, Samantha comes to Henry dressed as a pious nun. She seduces him to repeat the first games, coaxing him into pleasure. Weak willed Henry submits, and Samantha says that perhaps it is not him that should corrupt, but her. She shows her cunt, shaved into an inverted cross, and demands Henry to submit. He kneels before her and licks her cunt, while she declares she will become a satanic whore, and she will make him submit.

Scene 17: Henry is readying for mass, and Samantha is egging him to worship Satan. He tries to hold back, but she opens her legs and he is hard, wanting to fuck her. She withholds his pleasure, saying that if he wants to fuck her, Henry will have to earn it. After Henry leaves, Sister Alice enters and the fuck while mass is going on. After mass, Henry returns, and presents to her the host he has not consumed. She takes it, shoves it in her ass, and then tells Henry he has lick it out of her and eat it. Henry complies. Next mass, Samantha is at the back of the church, tantalizing him with his naked body, Henry makes a sermon that seems to push their parishioners to sinning.

Scene 18: Samantha is at Sunday school, where the children are openly blasphemous. They all kiss Samantha in the lips when they arrive and openly rub their sex. Samantha says they have a special visitor and introduces Henry. He is shocked at the behavior but Samantha is whispering in his ear that this flock also needs guidance, rubbing his cock openly. The children act as if it were a common thing and a girl even asks to see and suck the priest. Samantha coaxes Henry lightly, but he refuses. She says pleasure should not be denied. Henry leaves.

Scene 19: Henry, confused, seeks some solitude from Samantha but stumbles upon Sister Alice. She appears as normal but when seeing his state, wants to comfort him. Henry doesn’t want to expose Samantha, as he feels responsible, but tries to dance around the issue, saying he is worried that evil has infected the Parish. Alice understand, says she has felt an evil presence too. When Henry feels encouraged thinking he has an ally, Alice reveals she too has felt it, and knelt and worshiped it. She proclaims she no longer is a Bride of Christ but a whore for Satan and her satanic mistress. She disrobes, leaving only the inverted crucifix choker and a showing a satanic tattoo inked on her mons. Alice entices Henry to fuck her and pray with her. Together they will rape the young-lings and offer some as sacrifice.

Scene 20: Henry leaves, the guest rooms, arriving at the church nave. There she finds Samantha and Angelique, both dressed as satanic worshipers. Angelique as a priestess and Samantha as a whorish bride. A children skull is in the altar, filled with blood and black candles. While Angelique readies the altar, Samantha goes to Henry, kissing him and saying they will be married, only this time under their true god. Alice enters, dressed as an evil nun, half naked and showing satanic motifs, while the children are arranges as witnesses and choir.
Henry, in an almost dumbfounded state is taken to the altar and there Alice sucks him off, while a young girl sucks Samantha. She eggs him to proclaim his worship to Satan and they are married by Angelique. An orgy with the children consummates the marriage.

Epilogue: Henry, now more assured in his demeanor, welcomes the young mothers to a special guidance group to be hosted by his wife, Samantha. She intercepts him before entering, kissing him and whispering how delicious the new study group is, and how anxious she is to have them all licking each others cunts in worship to Satan. He agrees, and leaves her, saying he is late to receive the new sister, now that Sister Alice has left to go back to the convent.
While walking, he muses the sort of corruption the convent will face, at the hands of Sister Alice, now a full-fledged Satan worshiper, eager for corruption of the pure nuns.

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  1. Outstanding! I’m really enjoying it so far and looking forward to the further installments. I love the ongoing theme of the corruption of innocence.

    Hail Satan!

  2. I just love anything to do with satan and nuns, I get hard dripping hard when I read this perverted work and dream about the young children being trained by satanic whores to service each other and the cocks and filthy fucking holes of unholy adults yummmmy

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    1. Thanks, your story is awesome, as usual …
      Shall i ask for more…? 🙂
      Do you write stories (like xpanther), is there a place we can find it?

      1. Hail V … this was an outline prepared by Shellshock, that help with the story development … I haven’t heard from Shellshock for a while – but that’s nothing unusual – we contact from time to time … he is great at pacing a story – which allows me the time to develop characters and interject details that make the narrative more compelling … Thanks for recognising him … Hail Shellshock … Hail LVST XP

        1. Hello XP, I read the outline prepared by Shellshock and the entire story of “The requiem of sin” – awesome.
          But in the post replay i was referring to ray’s own story about his mom teaching him … sick and wicked taboo things … 🙂

          1. Hail V … understand … and yes … I would love to hear Ray’s incest experiences too … XP

    2. Hail Ray … She was an important influence in your fall … she breed you for her incestuous tendencies … Where do you think Mommy’s influences come from? XP

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