I Will Obey You, Satan by Satan Master – Non-Fiction

Writer: Satan Master

Subject: I Will Obey You, Satan

Link: MEWE / 18.03.2023

I Will Obey You, Satan

I will obey you, Satan, and I will do everything you ask. Satan wants me to golly on the crucifix so I spat all over the cursed Nazarene — fuck Jesus, curse Jesus, kill Jesus, the loser from heaven. Satan stormed the gates of heaven and killed all the saints and then he grabbed Jehovah by his hair and ripped him off his throne.

Satan and his glorious demons from hell gang bashed Jesus Christ and dragged Jehovah and Yahweh out of heaven and they threw them into hell. Satan sat on the throne of Jehovah without any clothes. Satan was naked in heaven and that was perfect for raping the Virgin Mary mother of dirty sluts. Satan ripped off the habit of the blessed Virgin Mary, mother-fucking whore.

2 thoughts on “I Will Obey You, Satan by Satan Master – Non-Fiction”

  1. I too will obey The Great Satan, and revel in His Filthy Nakedness on the Throne of Heaven. Once He has tossed down and deposed the hated Christian God, we, His Souless Servants, will ejaculate and squeal in joy! We know that Satan is our Unholy God–His Black Cock the size of a stallion’s, and the volume of His Foul Seed measured by the gallon–and we have no choice but to serve Him, and give Him the sexual pleasure He deserves as the One True God. His Will is now our command, and we will hasten to do His Bidding! His Depravity will mutate our bodies until we are twisted in shape and mind and full of Lust, transformed into naked and hairless beasts marked as His Property. We will squat obediently at His Cloven Hooves and hold down the Virgin Mary as Our Dark Lord urinates on her naked body. We will lick His Piss from her nakedness, and masturbate like crazed animals until we reach orgasm and squirt our seed onto the Mother of Jesus. We will eat her flesh like cannibals, and then beg Our Dark Lord for Jesus, so we might sodomize him and then eat his flesh as well. We will beg Satan to sodomize us, and experience true joy when He mounts us from behind and rams His Black Cock up our ass, pushing ever deeper into our body until the huge mushroomed head of His Penis pushes out of our mouth, choking us with every mighty thrust! This is our reward for our submission and obedience. This is our reward for giving Him our souls. We are nothing but His Sex Animals, and we grunt and squeal as we serve Him in wickedness and depravity. THIS is what we wanted, and this is what we deserve!

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