I Was Drowning In Satan – Non-Fiction

Writer: Satanasfilia

Subject: I Was Drowning In Satan

Link: Tumblr / 27.01.2023 / Last night Satan came as a large, dark bull © 2023 by Satanasfilia is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

I Was Drowning In Satan

Last night Satan came as a large, dark bull. I bowed my head as he gazed at me with his fiery red eyes. Then I slipped out of bed and fell to the ground before him. By the sound of his hooves, I could tell he was drawing near me in the darkness.

I felt his warm breath on my exposed neck. He placed one massive, muscular leg between my thighs, and commanded me to rub myself on him. It felt awkward at first, but improved when I found a rhythm he seemed to approve of. In truth I was honored to be humping his leg, and soon began to wish he would penetrate me.

As if he could read my thoughts, I watched in awe as his bull cock rose and pointed directly toward my face. I opened my mouth to take it in when he began to urinate with great force onto my face. Far from being disgusted, however, I drank Satan’s piss in. The steaming hot urine dribbled from my lips, off my breasts and down between my legs. I was elated when I sensed it mingle with my own wetness.

Thoroughly drenched, my body began to shudder and mutate. I felt thick, ribbed horns sprout from my head. my skin became scaly and hellfire red like his eyes. my heart stopped beating and decayed away, leaving a dark, dusty chamber. I tried to tear my nightgown away. I was drowning in Satan.

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