I Do It For Satan by Ray

Writer: Ray

Subject: I Do It For Satan

Link: LS666 Comments / 29.08.2023

I Do It For Satan

I must admit I do almost everything unholy and deviant for Satan. I can’t think of any other spirit that would be happy with what I do other than the dark Master God, Satan, and Lilith

All the wickedness I do is from my dark perverted heart. All the sexual crimes are from my soul. All the husbands I’ve sucked off are from my dark will — knowing God didn’t want this to happen to the husband and father — but I tempted him with lust. Lots of lust.

All performed with my open mouth. With my expert tongue slithering up and down his ridged, cum-dripping, fucking hard cock between his legs. I could see all his guilt. I saw it as I stroked him. As I sucked him for Satan, turning him into a cock-loving-faggot.

Knowing that at the moment his wife and children are home doing family stuff — where he should be — but no. He was naked in some filthy old building with my tongue spreading his nice virgin ass-cunt hole, while I mouth-fucking his sweet ass-cheeks and reach around grabbing his cock and milking it hard.

I do all this for sexual corruption to destroy the family. With the hope that he turns his loving wife and teenagers into Satan-worshiping sluts. The whole time I’m stroking him off, I’m whispering in his ear.

“ Your wife is a hot cum-dripping-cunt. Your daughter would love some of your incestuous faggot cock, Daddy. You need to rape her when no one’s at home. Breed that sweet tight little soft wet cunt. Train her, Daddy. Train her to worship Daddy and Satan.”

While I’m deep-throating his hard cock, I pull out and tell him more.

“I want to cunt-fuck your hot son. I want to share him with you, Daddy. We can take turns pumping his ass-cunt full of hot sperm juice, Daddy, I think he’d love it. He’d want to start dressing like a teenage girl with long hair, nylons, and a very short skirt. His white-boy cocklet would be sticking out — hard and dripping with his cum while he parades for us both in his sexy platform heels.”

I think he is ready to start dating lots of faggot men. Especially the black ones.

“Daddy, you’d love to suck and fuck those huge black snakes. Daddy, your son can be with you, to clean up those filthy nigger cocks, after the hours of sexual perverted pleasures. Your femboi son will be a total slut. Watch him walk in front of you with his sweet soft ass-cheeks, barely covered by his skirt. Look at his lovely tanned legs. Get a glimpse of his swinging cocklet that drips with precum oozing out, whilst on the way to meet his new nigger lover for the night. Daddy, you know his new lover going to share him with all his nigger friends. Your new sexy daughter is dripping out between her legs. There’s so much precious boy precum. Think about all those animals he wants for the night, Daddy.”

It makes Daddy so fucking hard as he thinks about his little sweet boy on all fours legs, with his legs spread apart, mouth wide open — just waiting for the next bull to pump cum in his holes. Now, Daddy pulls over taking his son to the nigger house. He pulls his cock out and tells him to suck.

“And suck hard bitch, so you get to have Daddy’s first load.”

Then daddy goes down on the sexy twat cock and slurps serpent’s head and gets a mouth full of boy sperm juice. I do all I can for Satan — the best way, I know how.

3 thoughts on “I Do It For Satan by Ray”

  1. You Evil, Wicked Satan Worshipping, Taboo breaking, cock sucking Demon! I want these things you say, I have been in ABS watching vid loops while a faggot knelt, his mouth sucking my cock, while family is blissfully unaware how I long to see them here, sucking off strangers, taking cocks deep up assholes, licking spilt semen from the walls and floor while I whimper Satan’s Name.
    AHHHHHH< Ray, I cum in your honor, uhhhhh, fuck, fuck, cummmmimng! I tastes like manna from Satan!

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