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Feature Writer: Lucy Az, Draconian Priestess

Feature Title: I am Lucy

Link: MEWE /  15.03.2019 / Posted on her profile LucyAz

I am Lucy

Few of you take time to look into one’s profile. For those who do, know this:

I am born and bred for this time. I am trained in the tactical and strategical aspects of Spiritual warfare. I am not only Chosen, but I am Empowered for my calling.

I am a dark War Witch of the Left Hand Path who can sync and align all their energies and their leaders under one unified command. I can harness and amass power unfathomable by even my own people, and with this energy, I empower entire Legions that I oversee.

I am the daughter and High Priestess of Lilith. I come with Her authority and Her power. It is dark, it is primordial, and it is fiery.

I am merciful, patient, accepting, and loving to the seeking and the worthy. But to those that have oppressed, that have deceived, and taken advantage of the ignorant, I take out their leaders, drive their best warriors to their knees, and then take their sheep as my own.

I am responsible for:  Exposing the deception and inhumanity of the Hebrew god yahweh, the dismantling and mockery of the bible, the dismissal of any credibility of the Christian Jesus, and the overpowering of the filthy holy spirit. The complete dismantling of Christianity and making it a pathetic laughing stock.

I am Lucy, seed of Samael and bloodline of Lilith, and I am the game changer with Draconian power in its full measure.
My people know it and my enemies fear it.
The Dragon has emerged and I am one of the agents to bring it!


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